Monday, 22 May 2017

I feel the call to lay my pen down
and surrender my writing to the night
allowing my dreams to take over
and paint pictures through emotions
for in the morn, I may write what I feel..!

                                                                        © Lissie Bull 2015   Image found on

Mysterious Ocean

A vast rippling cloth of ocean
reaching out to all horizons
flowing from beach to distant beach
each tide controlled by the moon
this living, breathing, moving sea
ever changing, but always present
its lulling rhythms ebb and flow
what ever happens, its consistent
but there`s a turbulent side
raging, thrashing, waves crashing
seas white crested, causing destruction
blasting its way through everything
such an angry foreboding sea
dark churning waters, nothing`s safe
hitting the coast land and beaches
with pounding wave after wave
this sea can be both raged or still
wild, wonderful and wicked, prepared, never take lightly
this mysterious ocean

© Lissie Bull 2017

I love the ocean, its waves and the mysterious depts.
I find myself drawn to its beauty, whether, gentle or enraged.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

It will soon be Father's Day
Why not give him a personalised poem.

My Hero....!

Father, my hero
you're one of a kind
protective and caring
always on my mind

my knight in bright armour
saving me from all harm
strong and determined
yet loving and calm !

© Lissie Bull 2017 

            Father, Dad, Hero
            always there for me
            teaching life's lessons
            heart warming hugs
            encourages me to dream
            reassuring me .... 
                                   I love you!

                         © Lissie Bull 2016
Steel Boundaries

the feel of cold steel

set out in the open
for what was once so hot
is now dead metal

tinged with flaked rust
from the weather
strong as before
ever standing

against the elements
longer than me
vegetation growing
swamping the steel

twisting round each bar
as it takes over
hiding boundaries
from the future

each pointed piece
poking through leaves
black against the green
soon to disappear!

crafted on a forge
shaped on an anvil
metal creation
stand the test of time!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Colours of Bereavement

A quiet moment to ponder
to think things through and see
the kaleidoscope of life
is bearing down on me

the colours that were first seen
after that dreadful day
were all so foreboding
like dark blacks and grey

a shaft of light has started
to peep through stormy skies
black begins to turn to blues
that`s what happens after someone dies

as despair starts to slip away
the colours change again
greens and reds begin to show
does this also happen to men?

anniversaries come and go
the light is getting stronger
colours twist and change again
more brighter tones stay longer

oranges and pinks now show
a smile upon my face
whites and creams are appearing next
and a spring is in my pace

if you could see me now, my love
you`d see a different person
bright colours all around me now
as I know that I can carry on.

© Lissie Bull 2010

Ten years ago today my husband Steve sadly lost his battle with cancer and slowly slipped away.  This poem means so much to me and was my first poem to be published.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Life goes on.....

This day is always an emotional one for me and my family.
It`s said that time is a healer, but each year the pain in my heart is still raw. 
Healing must take a life time, a way of reminding us that our loved ones mean so much.
This is year it is ten years. two digits, a decade since I lost my husband to cancer and my children lost their father.  Just thinking about it bring a tear to my eye.

I remember telling our children to take a good memory of their father and lock it away in their hearts, and when they were sad, remember that memory and know that their father would always be with them no matter how low they felt.

So much has happened in these 10 years and I am starting to feel my age. However, I am so proud of my wonderful children and all that they have accomplished during this time without their father. They have been through so much and still they continue to thrive.

It has been hard for me as I have tried to be a mother and a father to them all. I don`t know everything, but I have learnt so much along the way and I am so grateful for it too. 

There have seen exciting times too, three have gone or going through university and my eldest runs his own business. They have all developed in their own fields of interest, which is how it should be.  This makes me so honoured to be their parent.

For me, there have also been great changes,  I couldn't express my emotions, and someone kindly suggested that I wrote them down. As a result, I now write poetry and enjoy bringing poems to everyone I meet.  I would love to help other people who have gone through a bereavement, it really does help with the emotions.

There will always be a whole in my heart, for I miss Steven each and every day. nothing can replace that feeling of sheer loss, but to see my children grow in confidence and start the next chapter in their lives, help to soften the sadness. 

Though this feeling of loss will remain with me and my family, I know that Steven will always be with us, watching everything we do. I know he is also very proud of us and all that we have achieved and all we will achieve in the future.

Love and miss you always Steve 

Golden Owl

This little golden owl
is looking for a home
somewhere to be loved
so she doesn`t have to roam

with bright smiling eyes
she looking everywhere
so please say hello
and show her that you care !

© Lissie Bull 2017