Thursday, 31 October 2013

The fearsome Dragon and the Young Knight

There was a low grumbling emitted from the cave
Outside the entrance were large rocks and many bones
Trembling, the young knight stepped forward. his knees knocking
It was so dark in that place and he feared the groans

He knew he had to enter and kill the Dragon
That much was fore told in the book of their great king
But how was he suppose to slay this mighty beast?
With just his sword, he needed to think of something

As he tiptoed forward he heard that sound again
It must be a very angry Dragon in there
The book told of many knights who had gone before
But none had returned alive, he was full of despair

Slowly he moved forward, step by step he entered
Standing there, he let his eye get use to the dark
He looked around and found many more bones scattered
With a lump in his throat, his quest he had to embark

This young knight started to walk further in the cave
It was very hard to see where he was treading
With his sword in hand he peered around the corner
Before him was the dragon, sat on his bedding

The dragon is not as big as he had first thought
Large scales and a long tail with a sharp point at the end
Its eyes were big and sad as if he`d been crying
The knight was so unsure, should he kill or befriend

Feeling in his heart that the dragon wouldn`t hurt him
The knight put down his weapon and smiled at the beast
It nodded its head and sort of smiled back at him
That instant they knew that the hostilities had ceased

From that very moment on, the two were great friends
The dragon showed him the bones were beasts of the wood
The young knight knew he wanted to help the dragon
Now he would tell the king that everything was good

So he devised a good plan that would save them both
The knight would slay the dragon and get his reward
The dragon would leave his cave by night and fly off
All would be happy and they would meet up abroad.

The plan worked and all were content for many years
But sadly the truth is that dragons out live knights
So he returned to his cave and resumed his life
Reaping mayhem and terror through the winter nights.

I have always been fascinated by knights and dragons and wanted to write a poem about them but with a twist.  I hope you enjoy this one.

© Lissie Poems 2014
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Pumpkins at Halloween

Oh my, there`s a pumpkin on my door step
in the light of day it looks very sad
so cold and dead, should I throw it away?
it has a face carved that makes it look mad

however when the night time comes around
it`s a different story, for it lights up bright
with an evil grin and sharp pointed teeth
makes you feel it`ll jump up at you and bite

but for me it`s the frightening eyes that stare
they appear to watch you where ever you go
will they turn you into a zombie now
as you try to go past that grotesque glow

but remember on this Halloween Night
with the Witches, Ghouls and Zombies around
that the pumpkin head is there to protect
all lit up to ward off evil abound.

© Lis Bull 2013

Its great to see all the different types of carved pumpkins around on Halloween Night!

Witches Coven

The witches are out tonight
swooping, soaring through the clouds
can`t you hear them cackling?
as they merge into small crowds

with sharp noses and beady eyes
scraggly hair and grotesque warts
they land their brooms in clearings
this their preferred mode of transport

each coven is complete now
a large cauldron is made ready
all thirteen witches around
as they hold their wands steady

eye of newt and tongue of frog
a thread from a dragon`s vest
webs from black widow spiders
for this spell will be the best

the night is so black and clear
that big round moon shining bright
for the witches` spell`s complete
so celebrate Halloween Night!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Meeting my Angel

I woke to find an Angel in my room
Stood there watching quietly over me
An aura gently focused around him
Was an amazing sight for me to see

Strangely, I wasn`t afraid of the Angel
For he appeared to be no threat in here
He smiled kindly but remained still silent
I half expected to see he disappear

This gave me time to study him closer
He was tall and slender, with long blond hair
His wings, though large, did not fill up the room
Light radiated as he stood in prayer

With a long flowing robe tied with a rope
He seemed to be hovering by my side
Barefooted and with eyes slightly closed
He stood there with his arms opened wide

I felt so protected in his presence
Knowing he would not let harm come my way
I closed my eyes and slipped back in to sleep
My Angel guards me  each and every day

I am sure we all have our own Angels to guide and protect us, they appear to us in different ways.
Never ignore them as they are there for a reason. Accepted them and you will be ok.

© Lis Bull 2013

Jack O`Lantern

Round face
Orange face
Staring out for me
Carved face
Lit face
Shining out at me
Gruesome smile
Cheeky eyes
Candles lit I see
Scary face
Pumpkin head
My Jack O`Lantern be.....

Happy Halloween!!

© Lis Bull 2013
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The pain of missing you.....

Looking at your photo on the wall
Remembering all the fun we had
before you were taken from me.
The Angels left me feeling so sad

Watching you fading before my eyes
Seeing you going through all that pain
Encouraging you as best I could
And all the time you didn't complain

Your eye sight diminished rapidly
So there was no more driving for you
Though becoming dependent on me
You were determined to beat this too

All of those hospital appointments
The over night stays, so hard to bare
Through this all with your family around
You never went without proper care

So it`s hard for the ones that are left
Only memories now that you`re gone
I feel you around me all the time
Wrapt me in your wings, I`ll carry on.

Going through some old photos I came across a lovely one of you
so I framed it and put it on the wall
Wow what a cheery photo it was and it boosted me so much.

© Lis Bull 2013

Survival adrift...

Pushed out to sea tragically
At the mercy of the weather
High waves crashing over
Swamped by the waters
Winds howling all around
No land in sight
Set adrift for eternity
Water, water everywhere
But very low supplies
Is that land I see
Or my imagination?
Praying for salvation
Need to stand on dry land!
So throwing caution to the wind
Frantically paddling
Want an end to all this
Abandoning the boat
Wading for the shore
Crashing to the ground
Feeling total relief
Now the next survival begins...

Life can feel like being abandoned at sea with nothing and trying to find land again
Paddling like mad, scared, heart pumping until an island is found to rest on, then the next
stage of survival starts.....

© Lis Bull 2013

 The Escape

Strong mug of coffee before me
 Steady swirl of steam ascending

Warming me as I sip it slowly
A good supply, never ending

                                           Waking me up, keeping me going

After the drive through the night

Escaping, leaving all the pain
I know what I had to do was right

Heart pounding, pulse rate running high
Forever watchful of what`s around
Frightened, not knowing the future
A sudden look, when I hear a sound

Must steady myself for the escape
There`s a need for me to get away
I know I`ve done the right thing now
This is the new start from today!

A good mug of coffee set you up for all the things that life
will throw at you, whether they are good or bad!

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

The October storm!

The window`s rattling from the wind
As the storm rages all around
The skies are black and menacing
Rain is saturating the ground

There`s thunder rumbling about
Lightning flashes across the sky
As the rain continues lashing down
The water table is getting high

With our sand bags at the ready
To stop the water seeping in
It`s slowly moving up the path
I really hope that we will win

Oh the thunders getting nearer
Followed so closely by lightning
I think the rain is heavier too
This is becoming quite frightening!

We have battened down the hatches
Need to see this storm safely through
It`ll pass over in a few hours
So there`s time to go make a brew

Sat waiting for the storm to pass
Think the rain is easing some what
The thunder rumbles for a while
For damage caused is quite a lot!

As time goes by the storm abates
The sky is becoming lighter
Looking out to check the carnage
The horizon is so much brighter

The storm was forecast for many days but thankfully not
as bad as they first thought.  Though we did get heavy rain and high winds
and of course the thunder too!

© Lis Bull 2013

Learn to say sorry
We all do things that we`re not proud of
A spoken word that was so unkind
A gesture that can insult someone
We carry on hurting as if we`re blind
Some people can be so forgiving
But others find it all so hard
Maybe now it should be us that stops
Before a friendship or partner is marred
Saying sorry can be the hardest part
But so rewarding at the same time
However, you really have to mean it
Or it`s looked on as yet another crime
So step aside and think it all through
Learn to say sorry, it`s the best way
Then be honest, truthful and sincere
And your friendships will be there to stay.
Saying sorry can be a very hard thing to do, so sometimes you have to `man up`,
be honest and just say sorry!

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Blood Moon

Travelling home tonight
along the dark lanes
through the countryside
heading home to the city
with my music playing loud
there`s a need to stay awake
my way is lit by the moon
a large beautiful red disc
hanging low in the sky
seen through the dark trees
feels like its travelling too
are we heading home together?
can almost see it`s face
on this clear warm night
it`s redness very visible
bobbing through the trees
as I travel homeward bound
to the bustling city limits
such an awesome sight for me
to see this red moon so bright

Travelling back home tonight, I was accompanied by a big beautiful red moon
It was a wonderful sight to behold. Made my journey home much more pleasant.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Black Leather

The sound of his foot steps
Across the concrete floor
Echoed through the warehouse
And chilled me to the core

He looked so raw and tough
Dressed in tight black leather
From his head to his boots
Will I hold it all together?

The creak of his jacket
Is a wonderful sound
As he walks through the door
My fears are unfound

There he stands all in black
Such a pillar of strength
Looking sleek and handsome
Can`t keep him as arms length

With a smile on his face
I leap into his arms.
With the smell of leather
I`m putty to his charms

Was listening to Black Leather from Guns and Roses
It just got me thinking  lol

© Lis Bull 2013

My lonely bubble! 

I feel so very lonely now
Though there are people all around

It feels like I`m in a bubble
Yet I`m anchored here to the ground

Everything here`s in slow motion
Though people are racing on by

This feels so strange stood all alone
Only me, my bubble and I

The world`s revolving around me
No one seems to notice I`m here

There`s no noise or recognition
Would be so easy to disappear!

Want to be free of my bubble

Join in with the rest of the crowd

Not to feel strange ever again
So please tell me that I`m allowed!
I was watching kids rolling around in giant bubbles across water and they could see the world but not touch it....


© Lis Bull 2013




Feel so alone, an orphan set adrift on a sea teeming with hate

No sail or rudder to guide me

No company to share my woes

I am a solitary figure floating aimlessly, sharks bait........

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

Nursery Rhyme Land

There`s a hole in my bucket
I knew it wasn`t there before
On my way with Jack up the hill
To fetch some water, t`was our chore!

Miss Muffet was going to join us
But she was scared off by the spider
Will miss eating her curds and whey...
She`s gone to the pub for cider

So we met up with the three pigs
As the wolf had destroyed their homes
Walked to market for a new bucket
Then had tea with our friends the Gnomes

Humpty Dumpty was feeling ill
He had fallen into a swoon
So we sent Puss In Boots to see
And he gave him a dish and spoon

Goldilocks was feeling lonely
The bears were away in Hong Kong
So later that night we all met up
And had a great big sing a long!

I got a tune stuck in my head, then this poem followed lol!

© Lis Bull 2013

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Bygone stream trains

The excitement of the journey
Adrenalin pumping through veins
Nostalgia from bygone days
The smell of he old steam trains

The whoosh of the billowing smoke
Clanking links of carriages
Red and black painted engines
Many dirty covered faces

Clickerty clack of the journey
As the carriages leave the station
Plumes of grey smoke trailing behind
As we race to our destination

The noise of the wheels on tracks
Whistle blasts as the train passes by
Love being taken back in time
To a different world, it`s such a high

Came across a photo of a stream train and it brought back so many memories.......


© Lis Bull 2013

Hate feeling like this...!

Snuggled up in bed,

Meds sat on the shelf

Wrapped in my blanket
Feeling sorry for myself


Snuffles and sneezes
Hankie at the ready

Nose red as a beacon
Not feeling very steady


Taste buds not working
So I`m feeling blue

Ears are all bunged up
I really hate this flu


23rd June 2013


Its June and I`m stuck in bed with flu,  this is so ridiculous !!


© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Light reflecting through the blue waters
The sea bed`s alive with bright colours
Red grasses along with yellow ferns
An ocean garden full of flowers

Fish swim amongst all the tentacles
Its a surprize there`s such a great array
A diverse mixture of marine life
It all feels like a living display

The waters undulating with fish
Swarming through the vegetation
Feels like paradise revisited
Colours, corals and some crustaceans

This beautiful tropical ocean
Is much more than a pool of water
Its a vibrant garden so full of life
Not something you would want to alter!

Our seas are wonderful and we should appreciate them more!


© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Life`s ideals

Something we should all bare in mind,
A little piece of humble pie

Is always a good thing to have,
With a forgiving heart nearby.


 This world is a harsh place to be

Brutality is all around
Some people don`t care who they hurt

Sometimes there`s no love to be found

So we share a cup of kindness

Forgive and help those that we can
A little can go a long way

At least that`s going to be my plan!


We only live life once, so we should make the most of it and respect all those around us.


© Lis Bull 2013

Blue Eyes..

Its cold out there today
For autumn`s here to stay

Wrapped up mits and scarf
Watching the children laugh

Trees have all changed colours
Leaves on ground like flowers

There`s a pile over there                                         Leaves raked up in the square

There`s movement I can see
Wonder what that could be

A pair of eyes stare out
I nearly gave a shout

Is that a tail I spy
Hiding all warm and dry

My little doggy friend
I`d better apprehend

Before he wrecks the pile
Though it would make me smile!

I love the autumn time
Now I will end my rhyme!!

A little autumn ditty!!

Photo by jollyvickie found on DeviantArt

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

 The Love`s Gone.....

Passion hurts when wronged
You whole world is turned up side down
Once all was harmony
Then you lose your sanity, your crown
The euphoria of love
Bares you up on a crest of a wave
Held high with such esteem
Only to be crashed against the rocks
Reality kicks in like a bitch
Drowning, struggling for air
As you plunge deeper into the abyss
Will this pain ever cease ?
Or are you destined to eternal damnation
The love`s gone, ripped away from your soul
Leaving you a shell of yourself.

Not sure where this came from, but emotions influence the way I write.
Feelings must be running wild !

© Lis Bull 2013

Our Earth..

When I think of life I look to the sky
Endlessly changing as it goes by
A bright moon by night

The heart being the sun shining so bright
Illuminating smile beaming with light
The life flow of the earth

Rising ebb of the oceans its cape
Flowing movements ever changing its shape
Fed by nature abound

Trees and greenery, Mother earth`s skin
Showing her healthy state from within
Sharing all her bounty

This our earth is a vibrant life sphere
Keep her healthy lest she disappear
Our Mother earth, our Life

Seeing the earth through photos beamed down from space as been
a real eye opener, I put a different prospectus on our world.   

© Lis Bull 2013

From small beginnings.........

From small beginnings great things can grow
At least that`s what my mother told me
A drop of water builds to an ocean
Or tiny seed to a flower of beauty

Never feel that you won`t accomplish
All the dreams that you wish to complete
For where there`s a will there`s always a way
That means your life is in for a treat

Everything has to start from some place
But where it will end, no one can tell
It`s never plain sailing for anything
That`s how we get caught up in the spell

For we learn as we travel along
Meeting many people, some we befriend
These influences may come and go
But the best ones stay until the end

So as you watch a rain drop falling
Or a seed grow into a flower
Consider how wonderful nature is
And life itself has so much power.

It never ceases to amaze me how things develop, from such small beginnings
Like an acorn that grows in to a might Oak tree.
Nature is so wonderful.

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thank you for my life.

This world we live in is a funny place

Far too complicated for me, you know
Want to see what`s happening in my space?

Then come along, see it all, watch it flow

There are so many people in my world
They come and go through out my life time

Some for day, others for much longer
And they don`t always see me at my prime


You can`t choose your family, just your friends
I am lucky with all that I have met

Remembering those from my childhood
To the present day and beyond, I bet!


It`s a mad, hectic, energetic life
With times of sadness and lots of laughter

And all I love and need around me, so
I`m blessed with happiness here after


31st May 2013

© Lis Bull 2013
This perfect spot

One quiet sunny afternoon
through the shafts of dappled sun light
drifting along this gentle path
enjoying the wonders of delight

a babbling brook nearby
meanders along its pathway
minnows, frogs and sticklebacks
can be seen all through the day

primroses and bramble flowers
birds singing their many songs
the warmth of the gentle sun
shows that everything belongs.

I went for a walk through some woodlands on holiday
and came upon this perfect spot. It was so calming,
I sat and relaxed in the warm sun light.

© Lis Bull 2013
Reflections of life

My Life is painted in words and pictures
Each part of it`s a chapter
No matter what I say or do
Every event plays a major factor

For what I see in front of me
Will affect me in different ways
The good times and the bad ones
Depending how me manage my days

 I may see things so differently
And that is good and right
For if we were the same as others
Who would help me with my fight?

As I grow older, so life changes
I learn from my mistakes
So when new challenges arise
I strike and claim my stakes.

In my twilight years, I reflect
Looking back over all I`ve done
Writing the last chapter as I go
My life has been full of love and fun!

Just a little reflection on life in general.
Plain and simple 

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Garden in Spring 

Blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds
as the heat beats down,  summer yearns
a siren sounds in the distance
melting away, as peace returns

pink blossom on the apple tree now
red tulips swaying in the sun light
everything is starting to come alive
butterflies dart around, what a sight.

yawning,  my cat stretches out it`s legs
dozing in the warm afternoon sun
It`s attention taken, as a bee flies by
jumping around, it pounces, what fun!

as the sun slowly starts to dip down
the shadows lengthen across the ground
fresh cut grass scent drifts through the air
a haven of tranquility is found.

Photos of my garden brings back memories of spring time and the new buds and bulbs
coming up.  Love to watch nature coming back to life after winter.


© Lissie Bull 2013

Red Rose

A rose, a sweet scented red rose
The essence of a true romance
Given as a symbol of love
Sending your heart into a trance

Petals wrapped around the center
Tightly sealed to protect its heart
As this new relationship grows
For this flower is a work of art

Sharp thorns protect this creation
From  all those evil invasions
For this beauty can mesmerize
Stop you dead on most occasions

As time goes on the flower opens
Releasing its entrancing scent
And revealing its sweet centre
Showing its exquisite extent

Once the rose is fully open
Its whole beauty is there for all
A true indicator of love
A red scented rose standing tall

                                                                                                    © Lis Bull 2013