Thursday, 10 October 2013

Season`s Windows
The window of summer will soon be shut
Those glorious days in the sun
Walks but the river
Paddling in the pool
Lazing in the garden
Cooking on the barbeque
All these events stay with us
As the window slowly closes
And another one opens
Autumn is peeping through
Bring its warm colours
Reds, oranges and yellows
Once through the window
Autumn races around
As the leaves change before our eyes
A whirl wind knocking them off trees
Making them look bare and cold
Many fruits and nuts ripen
And the nights start to draw in
Autumn dances around
Having so much fun
In the setting sun light
Frosting mornings
Foggy starts
Your breath visible
There`s a need to wrap up warm
It won`t be long before Autumn has to go
Back through the window again
Closing it behind as another one opens
Who will be next to peep through?......
The summer is over and now Autumn is upon us, the seasons come and go
I`m sure it all happens faster as we grow older!!

© Lis Bull 2013

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