Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Guitarist 
A lovingly crafted guitar
six taut strings vibrating with sound
as fingers pluck out their rhythm
or dance over the frets
for music fills the whole room
a sense of well being is found
hands moving swiftly with each strum...
creating wondrous melodies
watching the pleasure of playing
feeling the music in your soul
from lovely lilting serenades
to lively jazz and rock and roll
if music is the food of love
then play on my dear musician

© Lis Bull 2017

Monday, 30 January 2017


Good Night
        God Bless You
                Sweet Dreams
Your Whole Night Through

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Good Night !

As you`re drenched in moon light
may your dreams be peaceful and bright
rest sweetly by the stars above
may tomorrow be full of joy and love

© Lissie Bull 2017

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Where`s my Internet?

I know we`re really lucky people
having internet, TV and mobiles
but we take it all for granted
when all is working, there are smiles

so when my system goes down
I worry, friends will be neglected
so find myself in such a panic
as I`m unable to be connected

rebooting, searching for my server
trying to get a connection found
I`m trawling through all the cables
not comfortable, sat here on the ground

the screen flickers and comes to life
maybe this time it will work for me
fingers crossed as I Google a site
yippee !  I can browse again happily !!

Our internet went down for a few days, a long with the television too.  Wow  it made such a difference to entertainment. I read a book instead.  How ever it is interesting how much it affects us when we lose it for a while.

© Lis Bull 2013

Found on hydrawise.com 

Friday, 27 January 2017

Jack Frost might freeze my ink
numb my fingers
so I can't write
but through the warmth of my heart
my pen will flow with passion.....

© Lissie Bull 2014

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Bright Red Cast

Tripping over the pavement edge
caused panic and mile long
that tragic afternoon 
when everything went wrong

falling flat on the concrete
slapping hard against the ground
streaking pain through the body
should of screamed, but no sound

so off to hospital
for treatment from the doc
x-rays and pain relief
a bright red cast, what a shock !

© Lissie Bull 2017

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Rope

Twisted rope
loosely entwined
coiled around its prey
tenderly tied
thick twine spiralled
wrapped up sweet and lovely
Is this for defence or protection?
all of it intricately twirled in place
twining seductively
curled deceptively 
touching skin
bounded together
closely bonded
this twisted rope

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Name verses for beloved pets.

If you would like a name poem for your pet, please message me for details. 


Beautiful feline
Unique in every way

Bouncy and full of life

Big eyes watching
Lays stretched out in the sun
Elegant in repose
Such a big part of our family

© Lissie Bull 2015


Slumbering cat
Quietly watching us

Usually curled up on my bed

Exquisite to perfection
Always purring for attention
Kitten like when she chooses 

© Lissie Bull 2015

Monday, 23 January 2017


A moment in time

is all it takes
to let my pen flow
and a lifetime
of memories
held dearly of you....

© Lissie Bull 2017

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A time of Healing

We never fully appreciate what we have, until we`ve lost something we`ve taken for granted.   This could be anything from a person, possession or ability, 

For someone who is active and creative, finding themselves unable to do what they have always enjoyed, is simply unbearable.  Boredom and frustration set in.  Emotions are running high.  

If it`s something physical that`s missing, then an alternative action needs to be found. This is not always easy to do.  This could man looking outside the box !

Since fracturing my left hand just before Christmas, all the visits to hospitals, x-rays and finally a cast (bright red lol ). I find myself having to look at different things to do.   I can`t knit or crochet but at least  can still write poetry.

So during this time of healing, I am going to work on my calligraphy and my poetry book.
If I have time I would love to find an editor for my children`s story book too.

So watch this space and see how I get on !!

My Magical Place.

There`s this magical place I love to go
steps of stone spiralling down below
mystical arches to walk on through
my secret place is hidden from view
strolling through its hallowed halls
with green moss slowly covering the walls
a cool atmosphere to calm the soul
as I relax here, yet stay in control
walking through tunnels, I love the sound
round and round as I descend below ground
walls decorated with arches and niches
a history hinting of wondrous riches
but deep in this place there`s nothing to fear
of bygone times that are found down here
enjoying the peace of this special space
my  mystical, magical secret place

secret hiding places are the best, full of mysteries and wonder.....

© Lis Bull 2017

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reflected Passions

With words reflecting the soul
the pen flows freely
dancing across fresh paper
painting pictures from the heart
and leaving a trail of passion......!

© Lissie Bull 2015
Image found on itsaneetasblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Friday, 20 January 2017

Nap Time

Oh for a little nap time
to curl up without a care
this looks like a great place
so tired, I`ll sleep anywhere

camouflaged among the cacti
while offering me protection
these little spikes are comfy
hiding me from detection

so as I slumber peacefully
where I can dream a lot
please let me sleep contently
in my little napping spot

(C) Lissie Bull 2017
image found on boredpanda

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Dog Tired

Tap tap tap on the keyboard
my paws are really sore
after all the work I`ve done
so I`ll sleep here not on the floor!

(C) Lissie Bull 2017

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, hat

Hedley Cullimore

Today is the funeral of a fellow stall holder at Hatherell`s Yard Market. Sadly we lost Hedley Cullimore in December.
Hedley was a wonderful character, willing to help anyoe. Always a cheery word and smile. He will be very much missed.
TRIBUTES have poured in for a beloved market stall owner in Chipping Sodbury after he passed away just before New Year, aged 71.
Hedley Collimore, who was well known in the community for his antiques stall in Hatherell’s Yard Market, died from a heart attack in the early hours of Thursday, December 29.
He had run the weekend stall at the market for the past two years, also making popular appearances as Father Christmas in the grotto there.He also dabbled in other businesses including owning a hotel in Bournemouth and even jumping in front of the camera with extra work in shows like Casualty.

A service for Hedley will take place at Westerleigh Crematorium on January 18 at 12.30pm, followed by a gathering at the Codrington Arms to celebrate his life.
“He was such a special guy,” said Lianne Abbott, owner of Hatherell’s Yard. “Always friendly and great to be around. We loved him, shop owners and shoppers alike.
“I think to him the stall was more social than business – he was always there to chat away with us, would be involved with fancy dress, and was a fantastic Father Christmas for the past two years.
“It will be really weird going back without him there. He was very much part of the yard and will be greatly missed.”
Following the announcement of his passing, many of his colleagues and customers took to social media to pay their respects, with tributes flooding in to the Hatherall’s Yard Facebook page.
Fellow market stall owner Katie Custard said: “What awful news, he was such a charming and excellent person.
“I used to look forward to seeing him for a gossip and a laugh every time I visited the market with my stall. He will be greatly missed.”
Boulton Spirit said: “I’m so terribly saddened and shocked by this. Lovely genuine and offbeat gentleman. We had such laughs every time I was at the market.
“Hedley, you will be so very greatly missed. I will raise a glass to you, lovely man.”
Describing Hedley as “a lovely man,” Geraldine Miller said: “Santa’s grotto won’t be the same without you.”
Richard Bennett paid tribute to “a really nice bloke”, adding that he would “miss his banter and all his innuendos about my plums! Rest easy old friend!”
Both Jon and myself, will miss Hedley, he was always there with advice, stories and a cheeky smile

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

  Thank You

   This is just to say thank you
    Happy to call you my friend
   Always up for a challenge
   Never a dull moment
   Knowing you've got my back

   Yesterday, today, tomorrow

   Our friendship is the best
   Unique in every way

           © Lissie Bull 2017

Monday, 16 January 2017

There are many influencial people in our lives....But the most influencial person for me was my mother. Today is the 6th anniversary of the death of my wonderful mother.
I know she is always in my heart, but I miss her terribly.


Sadness fulls my heart
Since that fateful day
I feel the loss of you
In every single way

Your wisdom and kindness
Filled my heart with love
But God took you in his arms
And carried you above

I miss our time together
Can't believe it's been this long
Know you're watching over us
And that's what make me strong

So on this January day
I remember my love for you
Holding onto memories
In my heart my whole life through !

© Lissie Bull 2017

It`s snowing outside.

Settled by the roaring fire
glowing embers from within
crackling as the logs burn
feeling the warmth on my skin

snuggled up on the couch
as the daylight slowly dies
cosy under luxurious furs
while flames mesmerise my eyes

outside the snow is falling
covering the world in white
feel safe and warm by the fire
as the day slips into night 

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found on pinterest

Sunday, 15 January 2017

This is a little ditty I wrote for a lovely couple as they moved into their new flat. If you would like a special verse written, then please contact me 

Lissie x

Treat each other with respect
then you'll never feel regret
always be caring and kind
thus creating peace of mind
together you'll never be alone
this will make your flat a home !

© Lissie Bull 2017

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Life`s new Path

Sat here with a beating heart
my emotions are running so high
tears welling up from deep within
after all that`s happened, I left to ask ...why ?

I`m really not your enemy
right now life can be so stressful
just want you to be safe and content
the next part of your journey is so special !

we can get through all this together
there is no need for us to fight
so let`s get the move back on track
your new home will work out just right.

© Lissie Bull 2017

Friday, 13 January 2017

Two Shiny Eyes

Two shiny eyes visible
through the swirling misty night
one reflected above the other
with the horizon in between
this brooding beast at rest
residing in its paradise

slumbering in this peaceful spot
just the sound of lapping water
undulating across the bay
this black and white atmosphere
so let this sleeping creature
rest on in its paradise

for as these eyes slowly close
passing on through the nightly arc
as darkness will slowly falls 
so as these two shiny eyes close
this slumbering beast lays still
asleep in its paradise.

© Lissie Bull 2015

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Good night little kitty
such a soft bundle of fur
dream all your sweet dreams
as you slumber and purr

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found on pinterest

Life`s Stages

There are many stages we go through during our life time, some of these are easier than others, but we all experience them in some way.  This helps to define who we really are !

From the cradle to our grave, we develope and cope with different situations that effect the way we react to life.  Families play a big part throughout these stages, whether its our parents, spouse or children. There are also many friends along the way, who come and go along our journey.

I have been through the parent and spouse stage, and now find myself at the children stage. They are young adults and becoming independent.  First one is ready to leave home and I find myself having mixed emotions.

Firstly the emotion of pride,  I am proud that we have come to this stage and that they are ready to branch out on their own and run their life the way they think it should be run. Proud that I have been a successful parent and hopefully equipped them with all that they need to accomplish this.

Secondly the emotion of sadness,  I am sad that this day has arrived and they are moving out of their home of many years. I will miss their company around the house, their music blasting out from their room, and all their clutter.  ( something I will get use too though ).

When I feel these emotions I take refuge in my poetry as it acts as a safety valve.  I can write about the feelings in such a way that it helps me to cope and then see this stage in a different perspective.  To look down on any stage from an angle that makes me see that it`s not as straight forward as I thought, there are many different angles to take into consideration for it involves more than one person.  Poetry allows me to step out of my world and into any world that helps me to cope. 

Once the poem is written, I have a chance to share it or hold it safely just for me....that lets me return to it when needed and as this stage developed, the poem can change into new emotions and helps me to grow with it all.

Poetry always flows with on going situations, moulding and transforming as life continues,

New stages, new beginnings, new emotions and new solutions.......New Life !


Wednesday, 11 January 2017


eerily shines the moon
as it follows along
the quiet country lanes
like a big bright gong...!

so close to earth
I could almost touch
catch and pocket it
something for me to clutch

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found on pinterest


Two teams race on to the pitch
their championship to won
striking out to score the winner
some people just call this fun !

© Lissie Bull 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Here comes the rain......

The skies darken over head
as clouds start rolling in
there appears much heaviness
you can feel it slowly begin

as air starts to change now
like a weight on my shoulders
as the first large drops of rain
makes the day seem colder

skies look so foreboding
it feels like the dead of night
almost claustrophobic
wow, it`s such an eerie sight

then the flood gates open
torrential rain pours down
thundering on the roof tops
making you feel all will drown

for me, curled up on my sofa
this is where I will reside
so let the stormy skies pour
I`m warm and snug inside.

© Lissie Bull 2017

Monday, 9 January 2017

Therapy of Poetry

Poetry is a powerful element of my life and a great comfort to me. Without my poetry, I would be lost. I write about life around me, events that influence or effect me. 

I find that when my emotions are stirred up through anger, stress or sheer happiness, it is the best time to write poetry.  The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the poetry.

When I`m enraged with an anger that wells up from deep within my core, I am moved to express this emotion by writing a poem about the thing or things that have angered me. 
It can be addressed to the person or persons that have caused this emotions or a poem about the anger that may help me to cope with it.  

When it`s about happiness, then the poem could express itself through a happy memory or even create a new memory.  Some times the topic can be influenced by a word or a colour, enabling me to write the poem about a subject that helps me to remember that happiness.

Some people have different ways of distressing, but for me it will always be through my poetry, just to be able to sit and write down exactly how I feel.

To be able to paint a picture of that emotion and how it effects me or my family, is a great way to see the problem from a different angle.  When it`s to do with a good emotion, it`s more about preserving that event for the future, a memory, something to look back on and know it was a positive moment in my life.

So, as long as I am able to write poetry, I will be able to conquer negative emotions and positive moments through my Therapy of Poetry.


Muffled World

Waking up to total silence
sense of bright deafness all around me
a world covered by a thick white blanket
that shines in through my bedroom window
muffling all the every day sounds
creating a stillness everywhere
a white cover
of cotton wool
all about me on this early morning

Stood on my back door threshold
surveying the white scenery that greets me
this world still wrapped in its duvet
that covers right to the horizon
auppressing the sounds from my senses
calmness from all the stresses
a white softness
of fluffy towels
comforting me this early morning.

© Lissie Bull 2017

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Cosy Evenings

Watching the roaring hot fire
glowing embers from within
crackling as the logs burn
feeling the warmth on our skin

snuggled up on the couch
melting into your arms
mesmerised by the flames
as I fall for your charms

as evening comes to an end
you hold me `til I sleep
nestled warm under the fur
I`m safely in your keep

© Lis Bull 2017

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Waking up to bright sun rays
brings a smile to my heart
for its a new beginning, new adventures
let my open record my memories
to fill my old age with love

© Lissie Bull 2015
image found on pinterest.com

Friday, 6 January 2017

Emotions and Fledglings

Life is hard enough before I add emotions to the equation !
I can be bombarded from all sides and at times I can feel suffocated 
Stresses, work load, family and general life all play a part in how I cope..

To be honest, I find that I can`t cope with it all the time. Like others I have good days and bad days.  One moment I feel great, on top of the world, but in an instance, that changes and I feel trodden down, over powered and then my mood drops to it`s lowest ebb.

How do you over come this, or at least cope with it all  ?    It is not easy as people do not cope with their emotions in the same way.  Not everyone finds it easy.

I am one of those people who takes things in a very personal way, I am emotional, caring and very easy to tears.  Why is this ? I am not really very sure but it seems to get worse with age.

However I feel some of it is down to losing too many family or close friends.  My husband Steve, parents, and some really close friends.  I treasure all who are close to me especially my kids.  These I want to hold on to, have them close to me all the time.

In reality, this is not possible, as they need to fledge and start their own lives in their own homes.  This is a real tough situation for me, but I know I have to let them go so they can do this for themselves.  It doesn`t make it any easier but in the end it will be really rewarding.   I love my kids so much as they are all I have left, in an ideal world, we would all live close to each other and always be around. Sadly life does not work that way.

The first step is always a leap of faith, and that doesn`t just mean the fledglings, but also the parents.  I have never had to go through this but know I will have to do it more than once.  All I ask is for consideration, communication and understanding. As a reward, you will receive help, kindness, support and all my love. 

So as you kids start to leave home and look forward to a new independent life,  spare a thought for the ones you leave behind, don`t forget them,  give them a call every now again, feel free to pop by and share a cuppa together or even invite them over to show them you are doing just great and that they should be proud of you always !

As all parents will go through this emotional time......it`s never easy.... but remember above all.....be proud of them and know they learnt from through you, they have reached this stage in their life because of all you have done and taught them.  

So be proud of yourself too  !