Sunday, 22 January 2017

A time of Healing

We never fully appreciate what we have, until we`ve lost something we`ve taken for granted.   This could be anything from a person, possession or ability, 

For someone who is active and creative, finding themselves unable to do what they have always enjoyed, is simply unbearable.  Boredom and frustration set in.  Emotions are running high.  

If it`s something physical that`s missing, then an alternative action needs to be found. This is not always easy to do.  This could man looking outside the box !

Since fracturing my left hand just before Christmas, all the visits to hospitals, x-rays and finally a cast (bright red lol ). I find myself having to look at different things to do.   I can`t knit or crochet but at least  can still write poetry.

So during this time of healing, I am going to work on my calligraphy and my poetry book.
If I have time I would love to find an editor for my children`s story book too.

So watch this space and see how I get on !!


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