Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cruel World

All I see is destruction around me
My eyes are blurred and full of tears
This beautiful world is in pain
So much trepidation and fears

What was once our green and pleasant land
Is a battle field for our nature
We kill all that is good around us
If we don8`t stop, there`ll be no future

All life is precious, we should be caring
Respecting creatures on our planet
Death isn`t the answer to our problems
We need each other, so don`t forget it!!

My first protest poem lol!!
© Lis Bull 2013

Thunder in the air

There`s a heaviness in the air
A weight bearing down on me
As if the clouds are solid
Full of lead and ready to fall
Darkness spreads slowly
Across the landscape
As a breeze picks up....

In the distance a low rumble
Then the heavens open
Torrents of rain lash down
Soaking the ground
Cleansing the earth

A great crash of thunder
Can be heard across the land
Followed by flashes of lightning
Illuminating everything

There`s thunder in the air......

The cleansing of the earth by a good thunder storm
refreshes everything, helps you to feel better !

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mysterious Ocean

This vast rippling cloth of ocean
Reaching out to all horizons
Flowing from beach to distant beach
With tides controlled by our moon
This living, breathing, moving sea
Ever changing, but always present
Its lulling rhythms ebb and flow
What ever happens, its consistent
But there`s a turbulent side
Raging, thrashing, waves crashing
Seas white crested, causing destruction
Blasting its way through everything
This is an angry foreboding sea
Dark churning waters, nothings safe
Hitting the coastland and beaches
With pounding wave after wave
This sea can be both raged or still
Wild, wonderful and wicked, so..
Be prepared, never take lightly
This mysterious ocean

I love the ocean, its waves and the mysterious depts.
I find myself drawn to its beauty, whether, gentle or enraged.

© Lis Bull 2013


Pain, misery, mistrust
Sitting silent from it all
Sad heart  fit to burst
The lull before the fall

The look of hate is so hurtful
Believing in someone isn't a crime
Silence can be so painful
Many tears before bedtime

Once the dreadful crime is done
Forgiveness should be there
Never finish a day with none
Love should be in the air

This is harder than you think
Perseverance should be done
A smile, kiss, hug or nod
Then all are joined as one.

Anger, pain and fighting should never go to bed with you, make up before you say good night!


© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Soldiers of the Forest

Dark majestic firs stand tall
Like soldiers ready for the war
Loyal, strong and steadfast there
Swaying, yet firmly on the floor

The ground covered green with ferns
Their long fronds protecting nature
Rustlings can be heard, though never seen
Scurrying around in safety, for sure

Standing in groups, like generals
Broad oaks look proud in their finery
Reaching out for all to admire
Dressed so smart in green livery

The forest is so full of wonders
Watch out though, you may need cover
Stand back, see nature at work
There`s so much to discover

Visited The Forest of Dean, and all the trees took on the mantle of soldiers,
its was fun to think of them that way.

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 26 August 2013

A dark place

Caught in a tunnel without any light
Which way to go without any sight
What direction, left or right?
Who is there to help me with my plight?

Sneered in a trap, that`s how I feel
Lost in this place, it`s so unreal
How can I cope, what`s the deal?
Need to be strong, nerves of steel

Walls are covered in dirt and slime
I`m just struggling all the time
Working my way out, through this grime
What`s the reason, what`s my crime?

Feeling my way, this tunnel is long
This my prison, got to be strong
Why am I here, I don`t belong
All I know is that this is wrong!!

There are times in your life when you feel you`re in a tunnel, trap or bad place and you don`t know why or how to get out.  This is how I felt when I wrote this.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Baking fun!

The fun of baking
Is in the making
Gathering everything up
Every bowl, spoon and cup.
Ingredients got
The oven is hot
So now let us begin

Weighing all it out
There`s no room for doubt
Mixing and beating
Get it right, no cheating
Folding together
Light as a feather
Let the cooking begin

While it is baking
No rest for the taking
Clearing up the mess
So we`re free from stress
The smell is so good
I`m glad that we could
Let the eating begin!

Having fun baking with the my daughter !


© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 23 August 2013

Miss you mum...

One moment you were there
the next you were gone
Ripped away from me
my tower of strength
always there at the end of the phone
now nothing there
just a dialling tone

Taken from me in a flash
no warnings given
no goodbyes
just nothing...

Who do I turn to now?
who do I ask?
now I have to stand alone.
The angels came and took you
they only take the best
to sit in God`s garden
and rest.

I have a sinking feeling
the tears just won`t stop
I know this is selfish
all I ask is, why not me?
You had everything to live for
you were always there for me
I wanted to be there for you
but couldn't
you went too fast
left me
to cope
on my own......

I feel you still in my heart
my soul is comforted
guide me from above
be proud of me
show me the way
to be strong and help others
I love you
I always will......

Miss you so much mum xxx

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wasted time

Standing in line for the till
Hanging on the phone to pay a bill
So much wasted time

At the station waiting for the train
Watching kids mess up your clean window pane
Too much wasted time

Puddle dodging as cars race by
Trying to juggle the best buy
Hate this wasted time

Pacing around `til the post is here
Yet wishing for the bills to disappear
Sadly wasted time

Praying for the kettle to boil
Wondering which seed`ll be first through the soil
And more wasted time

Will you be coming through that door?
So we can be together for ever more
Is this wasted time?

Was thinking about all the wasted time spend wishing, waiting and wondering, of all the things we could really do in those moments, waiting for your loved one is the worst but is that also wasted time ?

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013

An ill wind is blowing into town
It sends a shudder down my spine
Nothing is visible,  you just feel
Something's going to happen down the line

The air is starting to get chilly
There`s static in the atmosphere
The element of sheer fear is strong
Such tension can be felt everywhere

A cloud of dust is seen in the distance
There`s a deep rumble to be heard
A foreboding is felt by all of us
Is this justifies or just absurd ?

Some time trouble can be felt and not seen, you can not say why you feel it but you do.

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Life`s Pathway

The road may be long and windy
Some friends come and some depart
This is how its meant to be
You must always follow your heart

There`ll be rough patches on the way
So you must step forward with care
Your true friends will be there for you
Encouragement is always there

Don`t give up, it`s not an option
You are stronger than that, my friend
Through many tunnels you will travel
But you will get there in the end

So keep on going, never stop
You path is not set out in stone
Walk with pride, honour and a smile
Remember you are not alone

Everyone has a different path through life, some will cross over others and some will share their paths together for a while, we never know where we will end up, but we can help each other along the way.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 17 August 2013

First Love

The blush of true love blossoms
as eyes meet for the first time
wondering where this could lead them
for love has no reason or rhyme

a touch, a kiss, a cuddle
knowing they want to be together
Whispered nothings in their ears
they`d love each other for ever

planning a secret meeting
so their love can be explored
a tender stroke, a gesture
if mum knew, she`d be appalled!!

but their love could not be stopped
as they had to see it through
both had to be together
for their love, they knew, was true.

That first love is so exciting, mysterious and there is such a desire.  We have all been through is or will go through it some time in our lives.

© Lis Bull 2013
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What is mine is mine
What is yours is mine
I need it, I`ll have it
Don`t care, I`ll be fine

Your money, your love
Your house, you`ll see
You know that I`ll take it
It`s now all for me

I don`t just want you
I want all of you
Everything you have
You know what to do!

I`m very clever
You`ll have to give it me
I will take the lot
That`s how it`s meant to be

There was an item on the news the other day about a man you married a woman and took
possession of her and everything she ever had and everything she was entitled to.
She was left with nothing not even her dignity.  Sheer greed!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

Now you`re gone
Life`s not the same
An empty space
That has no name
Life goes on
Why, what reason?
Hard for us
Which ever season
Winter, spring
Summer or fall
We`ve been there
Through them all
What was down
Will rise up now
We will smile
We do know how
Memories stay
They make us strong
They stay with us
Our whole life long
Just going through some photographs and realizing
just how many friends and family members have passed away
Their memories are always will us no matter what and that makes them so special.


© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I love you very much father
I am your eldest daughter
But don`t really understand
Feel like a lamb to the slaughter

I tried to be what you wanted
Learnt all I could so happily
Moved out once I was married
Never rushed to start a family

You seemed happy once Jon arrived
Though things changed with Carolyn
Finding her autism so hard
You turned away, we could not win

What ever I did, Jane did better
I always felt like second best
I tried to prove that all was good
For the wicked, there was no rest

All my siblings had great jobs
While I remained a mum at home
Putting my children before me
But I always felt so alone

When mum was ill in hospital
I wasn`t really kept up to date
Felt isolated, uninformed
All I could do was sit and wait

Now mum`s gone it`s even worse
I phone as often as I can
You just chat about my sister
How's she`s doing now she`s a gran

All I want is for you to be
Proud and happy with what I do
The kids and I love you so much
Come on Dad, will you love us too?

There`s not much else to say really.

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wacky Racers

Give me the thrill for speed
Blurred scenery as we pass
Feeling the roll as we corner
The chase is on...more gas!!

Dashing through red signals
Dodging a bus and truck
My heart is pounding hard
Will we run out of luck?

Twists and turns, brakes screeching
Rubber tread left on the tar
This elation for speed
Feels so awesome by far

The sirens getting closer
The chase is really on
Driving into the sunset
This was a great bit of fun!!!

The thrill for speed gives such an adrenaline rush,
add to the equation the chase as well and it becomes awesome!
Chase films have a lot to answer for !!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 12 August 2013

Where did the love go?

I feel you deep in my soul
A part of me will always know
The tender love you gave me
Now I ask, where did it go?

Looked into your eyes once
Mesmerised by the sight
Now lust and bitterness
I see, doesn`t seem right

So when did it all change?
Why did it have to die?
We could of been a great team
But I`m left asking why

You had such tenderness
A soft whisper in my ear
Smiles that lit up your face
Now all I feel is fear

There`s nothing here for me now
I just have to be so strong
Turn my back and walk away
My path way is going to be long....

End of an era, a new direction, new people and new adventures.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bittersweet life
Sweet memories that hurt
What was once...
Happiness and friendship
Now finds that...
Freedom is caged
What was good...
Is now chained hell
So exposed...
After all the safety
Too late for love now!

Was set a challenge by my daughter to write a short poem
called bittersweet life.  This was the result and she loved it.

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 9 August 2013

The treasure Hunt

We`re going on a treasure hunt
There`s excitement in the air
What wonders will we find today
Let`s go searching with some flair

Stalking around the car boot sales
Hunting for an elusive bargain
Rummaging through all the stalls
Bamboozled by the jargon

The thrill of the hunt is on
Items seen, the haggling begins
To and fro the banter goes
In the end the hunter wins!

Love going to car boot sales and they are such great fun, it feels like a treasure hunt too!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eyes opened wide with wonder
Surprise and joy in the air
Anticipation of what might be
Wonderment now laid bare!
Little things in life that matter
A cuddle, smile or a gesture
It doesn`t have to be that much
As long as it gives pleasure!
Just a little ditty about joy, that came to me after watching
a small child`s wonder and joy from receiving a little bit of attention

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The BBQ Party

      Shopping `til we drop

      Laughter all the way

   And dancing
      Up the garden path

   Hungry kids
      Playing lots of games

Heat up
   Table laid
      Everything is ready

Food here
   Guests arrive
      Now it`s time to eat

All done
   Empty plates
      Now we can relax

Later on
   Walk the dog
      Playing on the swings

Great time
   Laughter heard
      Adults can have fun!!

Back home
   Tired kids
      Time to quiet down

Oh no
   Not a chance
      Here we go again!!

Many years ago my friends and I, along with all our kids, would have parties, bbqs and lots of fun.
We would have a bbq in the garden, then take the dog out and play in the park.
It was great fun, but the kids always said adults couldn`t have fun like they did, ( on the swings or down the slide)  Well we did and it was great fun too!!

© Lis Bull 2013


Bad karma returns to bite you
Whether for good or bad
You will never know when it will strike
Don`t wait around and be sad

Get up and repair any bad actions
Greet everyone with a bright smile
For all that has been, has gone
Jump, laugh and be happy awhile

Good karma shines through you
Like rays spreading out to everyone
Brightening up the lives of all
So enjoy life, go on have some fun!

Karma was a subject brought up while I was enjoying a latte.  It got me thinking and I jotted down a few odd words.   As a result of that, this poem was formed.  Not sure if its quite finished yet lol !

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Storm of the Heart

The rain is beating on my window pane
beating out the sad tune in my head
for nothing can be said or done
can not change this feeling of dread

drops of rain running down my window
like the stream of tear I`m crying now
wondering what`s really happening to me
to end this storm, please tell me how

darkened skies like the blackness I feel
gives a sensation of decaying
going rotten from deep within me
I`m left here bewildered and praying

can this pain subside start to heal?
will the rot cease to eat away my heart?
just like the storm,  only time will tell
as it rumbles on tearing the sky apart

Troubled times and stormy weather have the feeling they go together, ooops that sounds like the start of another poem !!,  Some times a storm clears more than tension in the atmosphere  this poem was one of those times.

© Lissie Bull 2013

Monday, 5 August 2013

Needing your support
Through the mists of all this pain
I feel your presence with me
Standing tall by my side
Preventing me from falling
The gentle words you whisper
Comfort my aching heart
I feel so weak from all this
Wishing you were still here with me
Why did the angels come and take you?
You were my tower of strength
Now I am just a pile of rubble
Guide me as I start to rebuild
A new life for my family
To stand tall and be proud again
Knowing that you will be there
Always in my mind, soul and heart.
Thinking of my husband as I struggle through a few rough patches
in life, I know he will always be there by my side


© Lis Bull 2013

Playful Pup

Don`t play with your food dear
don`t throw it up in the air
I know you need to learn to cope
but please do it all with care

it strengthens your awareness
it helps you keen your sight
but if you`re going to do it
then make sure you do it right

you young pups are so eager
to show off how you would kill
these snow-burrowing rodents
watching you is such a thrill!!

This poems was inspired by a photo of an Arctic Fox pup
in the National Geographical Magazine

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer Days

Sunshine and blue skies
Laughter and big smiles

Ice cream, sticky fingers
A memory that lingers

Bright coloured fabrics
And some cheery lyrics

Face paints and balloons
On lazy afternoons

With ice lollies dripping
Let`s go skinny dipping

Chilling out in many ways
Enjoying those summer days!

July is usually the start of summer holidays,
lazy days and just hanging around days. having fun and staying cool!!

© Lis Bull 2013