Monday, 31 July 2017

What are you thinking Mr Cat..?

What are you thinking Mr Cat ?

as you stare through the window pane
your eyes caught by an object far
concentration, anticipation
as you continue to watch
can see your face reflected
in the window glass
ears pricked forwards
listening to any sound
sitting perfectly still
and so aware of everything
if something moved outside
would you jump to catch it?
not sure about the glass
but sure that you will ask
"may I go out please"
just love you Mr Cat.....!
whiskers testing the air
eyes brightly focused
just love the way you watch
"may I watch with you?"
we can stare out the window
together we may study the world

Cats are so observant its wonderful to watch them watching the world ...!

© Lissie Bull 2017

Words and Roses

Sweet pale scented roses
spread across these old pages
full of words that tell a story
for life that`s lived in many stages

soft petals protected by thorns
perfumed fragrance all around
emphasising a sensitive side
tenderness that`s to be found

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found on pinterest

Sunday, 30 July 2017


Even after your death
the pain continues
seeping through my body
every bones and sinew

through hot fire and ashes
your memory lives on
though sadness remains
I know that you`re gone

please forgive my tears
for I find this so hard
missing your wisdom
can`t let down my guard

I`ll never forget you
now you dwell up above
wrap your wings around me
protect me with your love

© Lissie Bull 2017

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Heart`s Storm

The rain is beating on my window pane
beating out the sad tune in my head
for nothing can be said or done
can not change this feeling of dread

drops of rain running down my window
like the stream of tear I`m crying now
wondering what`s really happening to me
to end this storm, please tell me how

darkened skies like the blackness I feel
gives a sensation of decaying
going rotten from deep within me
I`m left here bewildered and praying

can this pain subside start to heal?
will the rot cease to eat away my heart?
just like the storm,  only time will tell
as it rumbles on tearing the sky apart

Troubled times and stormy weather have the feeling they go together, ooops that sounds like the start of another poem !!,  Some times a storm clears more than tension in the atmosphere  this poem was one of those times.

© Lissie Bull 2013
image found on mothersheritage

Friday, 28 July 2017

Silence of the night

through the colours for the setting sun
watching the shadows growing longer
as trees and buildings are silhouetted
by the darkness getting stronger

slowly the moon rises up on high
and shines so bold and brightly
the sounds of the night are heard
as the blackness speaks politely

quietness of night so refreshing
as the moon travels along its course
influencing all life below
your body clock to the ocean force

so as you slumber through the night
the world carries on without you
until the sun rising in the morning
shines on us the whole day through

love each day and night..!

© Lissie Poems 2017
image found on pinterest 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Nature plays tricks.....!

so the sun descends
creating wondrous colours
splashing across the sky
painting the horizon

through the light of the sun
all is silhouetted
causing different shapes
to flutter in the breeze

a long slender stem
it`s branches spread out wide
black against the setting sun
dwarfing the evening scene

as the sun disappears
its path leave such colours
from this tender angle
this stem is really grass

© Lissie Bull 2017
image taken by bluesgrass on DeviantArt

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The hide-a-way

There`s a kitten shaped hole in my wall
two small cosy circles side by side
just the right size and shape for a snooze
some where to snuggle up in and hide

nestled with this spot, a kitten sleeps
body touching the back of the hole
as its paws over lap the edges
tugs at my heart watching this cute soul

the sun shines brightly across the wall
though kitten is sheltered in the shade
four white feet bobbing in the sun shine
it`s all tired our after kitten`s played

with this kitten hideout, purpose built
for a creature that so needs to sleep
laid hidden from every ones view
sleeps soundly but can always peep!

Kittens and cats sleep where they feel safe and comfy......

© Lis Bull 2014
image found on pinterest

Monday, 24 July 2017

Pulsing heart held in limbo
deeply felt within this stone
passion radiating through
cradled in a rock like bone

this burning nucleus of life
trapped deep inside it's cold tomb
strata laid down through the years
forever in this place consumed

 © Lissie Bull 2017

Life Words

After losing my husband to cancer nearly ten years ago,  I found I couldn't talk to anyone, I froze and turned in on myself.   However, I was lucky enough to meet someone who felt that maybe writing down my emotions and feelings would help me to cope with the bereavement and let me open up and express myself.

So I took up my pen and started writing, all my emotions, feelings, my anger, my regrets and me fears for the future.  Through all this, I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel, a sort of salvation.   My poetry grew as I started to feel a little more confident.

Over the next few years, I was able to smile again,  even laugh. I was also able to help my children, understand what they were going through and start to be a mother again.

As poetry helped me and my family,  I would love to help others who have been through or are going through the same experiences, emotions and deep sorrow.  Let them find the joy of expression through the written words that flow from their heart and soul.

After much thought and pondering, I have decided that I would love to start a group to help bereaved people,  guide them and help them to pick up a pen and write down their emotions, fears, sorrows and even their wishes for the future.

Therefore I hope to apply for a grant to set up a charity that will be available to help people, when they are at their lowest point and unable to express their inner most feelings while they are going through a bereavement.  

If anyone has any advice or knowledge about applying for grants or setting up a charity, I would be really grateful for your help.

Many thanks


Time for bed.....

Good night, sweet dreams
the weekend is over
Monday`s around the corner
a new day to discover !!

© Lissie Bull 2017

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Her hand...

Pale skin, soft to the touch
with long elegant fingers
that caress so sensually
her hand tenderly lingers

© Lissie Bull 2017

Saturday, 22 July 2017


little green caterpillar
crawling about so slow
munching on the leaves
everywhere it can go

this little caterpillar`s
looking for somewhere to sleep
please take him home with you
to be your friend to keep

© Lissie Bull 2017

Friday, 21 July 2017

A silent wish....

Since you`ve gone, there`s no sound
just your presence all around
somehow I feel that you`re here
as your possessions bring a tear

half expecting you to walk in
wearing your great big grin
we use to sit down and talk
but all I hear now is the clock

your cologne in the bathroom
on the shelf by my perfume
your dressing gown has now gone
I`m left with my bed just for one

memories the house still holds
tightly tucked among it`s folds
what I would give to hold you
wishing this would happen too

oh my dear I miss you so
sat here as tears begin to flow
wish for a kiss to reassure me
oh how happy I would be

but that is just a wish
my little silent wish....

Everyone has wishes, I know what mine are at this moment.....Do you?

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found on pinterest

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Good Night

As the ocean reflects light
from a moon so bright
floating across the surface
with beauty and grace

it`s time to drift away
with dreams from the day
creating memories 
that last for centuries

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found on pinterest

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


This alert dragon
watches silently
if you upset him
he'll fight violently

with reptilian eyes
that see everything
and sharp pointed teeth
he knows that he's king

Spikes for protection
when threatened, will swell
hiding is futile
has a keen sense of smell!

nothing gets past him
no matter which way
this handsome young dragon
is the star of the day !!

(c) Lissie Bull 2017

Monday, 17 July 2017

Tender Elephants

Majestic motherly mammals
meandering along the trail
linked together like a chain
from their long trunks to slender tail

a mother and her young baby
are protected by the whole herd
tender touches coax the young one
throaty sounds of happiness are heard

emotional and tender creatures
caring for each family member
they mourn openly for their loved ones
elephants will always remember

I love being given challenges and a friend set a the task of writing about elephants and how they show emotions in three verses.  This is what I came up with.

© Lis Bull 2013
image found on

Fading Memories

Evening time brings memories
in the setting sun where we embrace
through all the colours of dusk
we kissed with tenderness and grace

I looked into your sweet eyes
and held you within my arms
this special place we cherished
where we found our lucky charms

Standing near to the water`s edge
feeling you so close by
though I may not see you now
you`re always in my mind`s eye

I still return to this spot
where memories are held for me
though the angels came and took you
you will always remain here free

© Lissie Bull 2014 
Image taken by Unkopierbar

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Life`s Voyage

Cast off into waters unknown

adrift in a small wooden craft
meandering in all directions
survival would be hard graft

a tall flimsy sail for power
sending the boat on it`s way
where will the winds steer me
as I float on through the day

my little boat tossed around
in this huge undulating sea
through deep enraged waters
would it take or leave me be ?

this boat journey is like life
never know what each day will bring
tossed on an unruly ocean
planning seems to be a silly thing

so as I travel across these waters
many adventures I will find
learning as I sail these seas
let home this ocean will be kind

© Lissie Bull 2017
image found of pinterest

Friday, 14 July 2017

Cosy Kitty

Snug as a bug in her bed
dreaming of having much fun
curled up in a little ball
until the morning sun

so cosy in her new bed
soft and gentle against fur
listening to kitty purring
wanting to stay close to her

sleep well my little kitty
dream on in slumber land
then awake well refreshed
knowing she has nothing planned

© Lissie Bull 2017

Chill time

Time to chill over coffee
meeting up with great friends
and hear all of their news
hoping this time never ends

over the aroma of a latte
letting my pen dance over paper
poetry begins to flow
words tell of the latest caper

the joy if painting pictures
using words from the heart
while sipping coffee with friends
just right for me and my art !

© Lissie Bull 2017

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sleep sweet, little cherub
dream on through the night
peaceful in your slumber
until dawns early light !

© Lissie Bull 2017

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Fairy Flowers   
(Hepatica nobilis)

Delicate flowers
so tiny and sweet
pale blue in colour
dancing in the breeze

with tall dark thin stems
swaying so gently
sprinkled with gold dust
from afternoon sun

they`re so beguiling
with their heads held high
petals unfolding
so pleasing to the eye

deep in the woodlands
sweet scent fills the air
as these fairy flowers
bob gently in the sun

© Lissie Bull 2014 
Photo taken by MartinAmm

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Sleeping swan

on this crisp sunny morning
just as the mist clears away
a sleepy swan slowly wakes
marking the start of her day

enveloped in her white wings
protected from the cold night
an orange beak peeping through
this bird is an awesome sight

a black beady eye watching
so aware of life around
waiting for the time to swim
as she moves without a sound

raising its head to the sky
stretching her wings out wide
slipping into the waters
no more need to sleep and hide                                                             

© Lissie Bull 2013                                                                                      

Crafty Crazies

Crafters support page
Ready to step in when needed
Always caring and kind
Friendly and approachable
Tireless in their endeavours
Year upon year they're there

Crazy about crafting
Reliability assured
Any time help is needed
Zesty enthusiasm
Interestingly helpful tips
Everyone working together
Such a fabulous page !

© Lissie Bull 2017