Monday, 31 December 2012

Silence of the snow

A white blanket covers the land
Cotton wool over fields and lanes
A silence muffles everything
As stillness takes over our world
The sky feels so heavy above us
Waiting to release all its weight
The land sits warily below
To see what the heavens will do
Foot prints run across the landscape
As its owner tries to find food
A tail or an ear maybe seen
Through drifts as it goes scurrying by
An owl above hovers on the breeze
Its keen eyes looking for some prey
Against the bright white of the snow
Its meal can be seen so clearly
From the comfort of my window
I can watch the world silently
The wintery scene`s so beautiful
A wondeful landscape to behold

Chatting to my friends in the states, as they cope with all the snow, Im struck by it beauty and peace rather than the hassle it brings.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cat amongst the presents...

I see a little nose peeping through
All the wrapped presents under the tree
Pointed ears twitching through the bows
As your loud purrs are heard happily

It`s so funny to watch you pounce
Amongst all the torn wrappings
Your tail swishing as you jump around
The Christmas decorations and trappings

Tail in the air and your head on the ground
Bottom wiggling as you`re ready to pounce
Then there`s a flurry of fur darting by
As a bright coloured gift goes bounce

It`s funny to see all the fun you`ve had
Dashing and scurrying all around
But now you have tired yourself out
Looking through, there`s only a purring sound

Christmas is fun for us all and very amusing for our pets too.  I have two mischievous cats.  it`s so funny to watch them chase after all the presents and torn wrapping papers, until they tire themselves out and curl up asleep amongst the mess, purring  contentivily.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

True Christmas

On Christmas eve it was so cold
Like it was all those years before
As a couple tried to find a room
But they're only offered a stable floor

Amongst the hay and ox and ass
The saviour of the world was born
Laid in a manger warm and safe
Watched over by Mary, `til the morn

There were shephards in the field
All guarding their flock by night
When a heavenly host appeared
Telling them of the child, with delight

Leaving to visit the baby
Travelling to the little stable
Baring gifts for baby Jesus
Showing him love, as they were able

Mary takes this all to her heart
God has told her, he was precious
So as we gather altogether
Let`s remember that first Christmas

In this day and age, Christmas seems to be about presents, food, decorations and cards, but that was not how it use to be.  Maybe it`s time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus.

Merry Christmas to you all !!

© Lissie Bull 2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

New Tune

Sat here on my lonely step
Wondering what went wrong
The world is spinning round me
And I`ve forgotten my song

This tune goes on in my head
But the words are never there
Need a way to remember
Sat here in total despair

Move to a different step now
May help me think it all through
I want to get this right so
I can sing my song to you

It`s a very special song
And it means a lot to me
Just need to get the words right
For it fills my heart with glee

When I`ve worked out all the words
And the tune fits perfectly
I will stand on the top step
And sing to you happily

I feel I am stuck with an old tune in my head, this poem is about finding the words to an old tune to help me move on to new things. Maybe a new path to follow or a new phase in my life.  When the words are right, I know I will be able to sing my new song and move forward.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The daft side of Christmas

It must be Christmas time again
The latest toys are on the shelves
And the queues are getting longer
Santa`s lucky, he has his elves

Battling through the crowds again
Loads of shopping bags to carry
As I`m struggling with the car keys
Why can`t I have my own fairy?

Fought hard to put the tree up
Untangled many miles of lights
Wrapped presents sit under the tree now
Promising many joys and delights

Mistletoe hangs over the door
To catch the unsuspecting man
Carols played on the radio
As some snores are heard from nan

A jumble of cards on the mantle
Turkey`s nicely cooking away
The family`s crammed altogether
As we celebrate Christmas Day !

I love Christmas time very much, and I am pleased when Christmas day goes well.  However before that, there is so much going on and the stress and strain of the shopping, tree etc.  This poem tells that side.
Merry Christmas !

© Lis Bull 2012

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Season

Christmas time is here once again
It`s that wonderful time of year
Secrets, surprises and presents
Brings much merriment and cheer

The Christmas tree is looking good
Now decorated and lights lit
The presents bought and all wrapped up
Radio`s playing the latest hit!

The festive season is really here
Cards and goodwill are all around
Mistletoes hangs over the door
There`s laughter and joy abound

It`s great for all to come together
To be with friends and family
Christmas is a time for giving
Sharing presents under the tree

So the message for this Christmas
That we should show some love and care
Be kind and gentle to one another
It`s always good to give and share.

I love Christmas time and like other people it`s great to have the family together,  but there are people who can`t  and that is sad.  this poem is about giving and sharing not just asking and getting things we want.   Merry Christmas.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Birthday Wishes

My birthday wish is so special
A secret one for me to make
Close my eyes tight before I do
For once it`s make, it should not break

There are many things to wish for
Health, happiness and lots of fun
Maybe that necklace and earrings
Or that dress,  is a great one

It doesn`t matter what age I am
Love celebrating it this way
I`m excited to cast mine now
And make a wish on my birthday !

It was my birthday the other day, and my kids bought me a lovely cake. My daughter carried in to the sitting room with candle burning.   "Come on mum, make a wish ", I was told, so I closed my eyes, wished , then blew out the candles.  To be honest, I enjoyed this tradition and was reminded of my child hood birthdays,,,, good memories !!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Wintery Morning

I get out of bed and ready
Outside it`s cold and crispy
Wrapped up in coat and scarf
With gloves and keys in hand
The car is covered in ice
Encased in a layer of white
There`s scraping to be done!
It takes some time to clear
With billowing clouds of breath
The chore is now complete
Engine roaring, heater blowing
All strapped in for the ride
The car is steaming up!
It`s now time to set off
And explore the wintery world

I have had to get up early this weekend, and found the car all frozen over, fun and games to clear it, before we are able to drive off !!

® Lissie Bull 2012

Monday, 26 November 2012

Our memories

Our memories hold on to the past
So together we never forget
Remembering them for the future
For without them, we may regret

Our childhood always seemed better
Than our kids, as they grow up today
The carefree games and adventures
Were so real to us in every way

We`d be kart racers or explorers
Farmers, monsters and cowboys too
Our imagination knew no bounds
There was always something to do

The kids of today never do that
They`ve computers and mobiles to use
The only things to bug them now
Would be loss of internet or a fuse

So when we look back on our lives
Memories are so important to treasure
Make sure you create some to keep
For all to remember forever.

Going through some photographs of my childhood brought to mind all the good memories that I have, then I look at the way kids grow up today and I fear that they will have less memories than they should.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The virtual Battle

Hearing only one side of the chat
As you sit hunched up on your chair
Fingers flicking on your handset
With your eyes glued to the screen
A crash, a flash and a yell
As the enemy shoots you down
Shoot them, shoot them !!
You shout down the mic
As your team mate helps you
A muffled sound can be heard through your headset
Wow, it`s like another language !
As you fight your battle
With explosions flashing
The excitement in your voice
As your team is winning
In for the final kill !!
You scream out your victory
Then sit back in your chair
With a smug smile on your face
Now leaning forward again
To start your next battle
While chatting to your mate
In this one sided conversation !

Sat here working on my laptop while my son is playing on his xbox.  I find it funny listening to this one sided conversation as he battles with his mates to win the game.  The screen shows explosions and gun fire and he chats on.  It`s wonderful to watch.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Alone on my boulder

Siting on my boulder
As I dip in my toe
Hidden from the sun light
Watching the water flow

Bubbling over the rocks
Clear water passing by
Some vegetation stirs
Is that a frog I spy?

Shadows move in the breeze
While I sit here and stare
As a leaf floats on down
Lingering in the air

Fish weave amongst the weeds
Seeking food as they swim
Flickering their tails as they go
As if it`s just a whim

Trickling of the water
Gurgling over the stone
Peaceful meditation
It`s good to be alone.

I love to find a quiet spot, sit and listen to the world. Sitting by a flowing stream is so relaxing and I can rest and meditate without any distractions.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Time for peace

I shut my eyes tight
To keep out the light
The pain is so great
Wonder is this my fate?

For I have seen pain
And know there`s no gain
In fighting the war
Can`t take it no more

When all`s said and done
We don`t need the gun
I wish this would cease
For we need this peace

We must all be meek
Show the other cheek
To walk away tall
Before there`s a fall

To love one another
Sister and brother
We all must unite
And give up this fight

Wars are happening all over the world and it is so sad to see how people are effected.
Why cant we be more loving towards others.  Love conquers all.

Monday, 12 November 2012

When your plans go wrong

When all your plans go up in smoke
Feel you`re sinking into quick sand
The world has turned its back on you
Your happiness has now been banned

It has taken months of planning
With some flair and much ambition
Looking forward to showing us all
Hard work bringing it to fluition

On the morning of the day
You have a feeling in your gut
That everything`s not going to plan
You`ll end up falling into a rut

Piece by piece, it starts to unravel
As you see your plans fall apart
One problem leads to another
And you take this all to heart

Nobody reaslly know how you feel
For you force a smile upon your face
Your plans, they`ll have to start again
But for now you`ll be full of grace

I remember when my son make plans for a surprise. He wanted to show some friends something, and it looked like it was all going to plan, until the morning of the day and then it slowly started to unrabble.   This happens but if you can hold your head up high, you will be ok.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Little rocket

Snug in a box
Stored under the stairs
Waiting for the moment
I can join all the flares
When the day arrives
We`re brought into the light
To be opened and checked
All ready for the night
The bonfire is burning
Such a crackling sound
The sparklers are lit
As people gather around
Now that the box is open
Feel a little unsteady
For we`re set up in place
As the show is now ready
Lots of bangs and colours
As the sky is lit up so bright
One by one we are send up
Fireworks on Bonfire night.

It`s that time of year again, when fireworks are ignited and the sky is full of bright flashes of light.
Great bangs and whizzing flares along with laughter can be heard.  Bonfire Night is here.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Awakening Flower

From a tiny oval seed
Comes a small speck of green
With the help of the life sun
Its shoots start to be seen
Creeping up towards the sky
As this life seeks the light
Its slender stem growing
What a wonderful sight
Tiny leaves unfurling
To catch the morning ray
Showing off its beauty
As it warms up for the day
Then it`s sweet bud stirs
Like a tiny delicate cup
Reaching up to the sun
Its bright petals open up

Spring is one of my favouite times of the year, watching the earth come to life after winter.
Grass grows, and flowers burst into bloom. So many colours. Such a wonderful sight !

Friday, 2 November 2012

Remembering our loved ones
Will always bring a tear
Though it needn`t be through sadness
As there`s much for us to cheer

Our memories keep them alive
Through images and sound
Their laughter and happiness
Is echoed all around

Photos of the great times
The family spent together
Holidays and outtings
Will remain with us forever

Just sitting down and talking
Is so good for the soul
It helps us to think things through
Instead of hiding in a hole

Expressing all our emotions
Helps each and everyone
That our lives will be better
And its not wrong to have fun.

Having lost my husband to cancer and other close relatives  recently too, life has been quite sad and hard to deal with.  But as the time moves on, we are starting to piece our lives togther again.  Talking and rememberng our loved ones is good for us and as the laughter and smiles are creeping back again,  it`s not wrong to have some fun.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I am hurt to the core
You felt you couldnt trust me
I thought we were so close
Now I see this is how it`s to be

We had such a tight bond
But you couldn`t show me trust
I trusted you with my life
Don`t like being the sleuth

You just could of told me
Instead of your best mate
Am I so scary to you?
Now I`m in such a state

We have all seen so much
Supported each other through all
But now I feel so alone
I should leave, you may call

You know we were such a team
But you don`t trust me now
Maybe it`s an end of and era
Should I trust you, show me how?

Things happen to us that we feel we can not talk about, but are able to put down on paper. This has always been the case for me.  Whether its anger, orsheer happiness.   This is an exapmle of anger but there are also ones of joys too.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Jack Frost.....

My window is covered in ice
a white blanket engulfs everything
spiky branches silhouette the moon
as a mist can be seen all around
the howling winds swirl about
temperatures have dipped below zero
glistening spider webs span the plants
tiny foot prints across my path way
Jack Frost has been dancing here
he has left his mark for all to see

Its getting colder now as winter is tapping on my door
I remember stories of Jack Frost when I was a kid.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I`m on the brink of total despair
Everything is crashing down on me
Death is knocking loudly at my door
And all I want is to be set free

This great roar is getting louder now
All this pain and hurt is so unfair
Tried to do what`s good and right for me
It feels like no one could give a care

The light is fading by the hour
Total darkness starts to take a hold
Careful or I will get sucked under
Down into the depths so dark and cold

Please set me free from this torment
I`m drowning in my own salty tears
Someone take my hand and pull me out
Or I`ll descend to many nightmare fears

Not sure what to call this one,  I was feeling very angry, wounded and emotional when I wrote it,  Writing down my emotions really helps me to cope.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Half Submerged

With raised alert eyes
Watching the world
Waiting for its prey to pass by
Looking like an abandoned log
Hard gnarled skin, like bark
Yellow, green pupils staring
Laying in ambush for its meal
Ready to spring at anything
Willing to wait for hours
But when it sees its prey
Oh boy, can it strike fast
As it launches forward
With impressive speed
Then into a death roll
For the final kill...

I saw a lovely picture of a Cuban Crocodile laying in wait for its supper and was struck by its impressive stance.

© Lissie Bull 2015
Image taken by  manwithashadow 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The corridors are quiet
Windows all boarded closed
Plaster falling off the walls
Bricks and mortar all exposed

Many rotten floor boards
Gaping holes all around
Littered with much rubbish
Hard to find solid ground

There`s scuttlings I hear
Must be the rats or mice
I`m nervious to look around
As this place is not so nice

There was once beauty here
With laughter to be heard
Drapes, carpets and pretty things
To see it now, is so absurd

I hope this house can be fixed
Repaired at any rate
There can be such beauty here
Bring it to it`s rightful state.

With all this recession, it`s sad to see some of our heritage being left to rot away.  I was watching a news item and was so saddened to see the decay.  We have so much history.  The thing that get me is that these building should be restored and used and then we wouldnt need all the houses built on green land.  That`s my thought for today lol.

Sunday, 21 October 2012 there anything it doesn`t go with??

Heinz tomato ketchup
Good on everything
Such a rich taste
Nought goes to waste
Because it gives the meal some zing !!

Breaded chicken, that`s ok
On my beef burger too
It tastes so good
We knew it would
Have heard it even in a stew !!

Great on haddock and chips
Not bad with cheese on toast
Been here for years
So no more tears
But Never Ever on my roast !!

I was set this question by my son , and had great fun doing it too.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

For a friend.....

Best friend you could ever have
Reliable, trustworthy and true
Inspirational in all he knows
Affectionate and caring too
Never a cross word to anyone

Christian through and though
Optimistic with everything in life
Xtra special hug from me to you !!

This was done for a friend of mine for fun and Im quite proud of it too,

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Sparkling Haddock

Through the dark recesses of the deep
A flicker of light can be seen
With a swish of his long fan tail
Like a shiny sleek submarine

He swims through the mucky waters
Sun reflecting off each scale
He was the meanest haddock in town
Thinking he`s as grand as a whale

Because he`s so bright and shiny
All the fish put their shades on
Even when the moon was out
It felt as though the sun shone

Haddock`s friends, they tried to cope
But his sparkling skin was so bright
It`s never too dark where he is here
With his wonderful scales of light

I was chatting with a friend and the subject of poetry came up.  He wanted to know what was my daftest poem had been.  After a while he set me a task.......write a poem about a fish with shiny scales....oh and it had to be a haddock too.   This was the result !!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Betrayal

In the cold light of the moon I stand here
Balanced right on the edge of an abyss
To deep for me to see the bottom line
Feel so betrayed by your tainted kiss

Just want this pain to stop crushing my heart
Feel so unwanted, unloved and very used
Thought we were special and it would last
You have left me hurt and confused

Can`t believe that what we had, has now gone
I see this world through this dark veil of tears
Wondering now how I will carry on with my life
All this happiness I had now dissappears

The flowers, ring and the other gifts you gave
Were not worth all the love I felt for you
Your false affections and smiles meant nothing
It was evil of you to be so untrue

In the cold light of reality I stand here
Looking over the edge of this abyss
Shaking with anger for you are a beast
Can`t believe that I was betrayed by a kiss

I have seen many of my friends betrayed and the hurt that follows.  It makes me so angry that this happens more than we would like to admit.  This is something very close to my heart.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Down in the depths of the forest
From what seems to be the heavens
Water cascades down with such force
Moving mountains as it goes
Pouring gallons over the edge
Deep into the bowels of the earth
White foaming masses of volume
Thundering past the solid rocks
Covering the area with fine spray
Crashing into the waters below
Roaring, pouring
Bashing, crashing
Thunderous sounds
Never ceasing, always flowing
The waterfall just keeps on going

I saw a lovely photo of a tall waterfall and found it fascinating.  Such power and beauty at the same time.  The movement and flow, yet so destructive too.

© Lis Bull 2012

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dawn should........

Dawn should awaken my sleepy soul
As night doesn`t always relax everything
Dreams flash before my eyes so vividly
I feel so damaged, like a broken wing

Dawn should be a happy time of the day
For some this is true, for others not so
For me, a reminder of the hardships
That I struggle through, making me feel low

Dawn should energise my whole being
After the darkness of the night before
Strengthen me for the whole day ahead
To enable me cope, this I implore

Dawn doesn`t always do that for me
I can feel drained, restless, downcast
My soul is damaged, I need to feel free
Fly with the angels, be happy at last.

I find that in some mornings, I am still tired and troubled, not much rest, I wonder if others feel the same.  It can be a struggle to get going and cope with the day ahead. Can feel broken and down.
This poem is about that feeling.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Stormy times ahead

Stormy times ahead so...
Batten down the hatches
Stock up the cupboards
Then seal all the latches
Cold winds blowing
Snow is coming
Hard rain lashing
Stormy times ahead

Block up the doorways
Check all windows as well
Logs ready for the fire
This`ll be the storm from hell
Windows rattling
Snow is pitching
Rivers swirling
Stormy times ahead

Huddled near the fire place
Winds howling all around
Settled in for the duration
As the storm hits the ground
Winds so freezing
Snow now falling
Fireside flazing
Stormy times are here !

I remember the storms in the winter when I was a child, we all stayed warm as my parents were prepared for them.  There was always food and a warm bed.   Was looking through some photos and so glad we don`t have to go through those again.  They were fun times though.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Lazy start to the day....

As the morning sun creeps across my wall
Leaving a trail of bright light along its way
Slowly opening my eyes on the world
Watching the colourful start to the day

My cat stretches out in the warm rays
Purring contently as I stroke her head
Her fur is static and soft to the touch
As she snoozes at the end of my bed

So cosy and snug here under my duvet
Do I really have to get out of bed now?
Want to watch the sun move round a bit more
No need to rush, just take it nice and slow.

I love waking up to the warm sun stretching across my bed,  It feels so good to lay there.
This poem is about that time of the day and a lazy start it is too.  Unfortunately I dont get many of them nowadays !!

Where did the love go.....?

Standing on the edge of this abyss
All hope for me has disappeared
Nothing to live for
My heart is so sore
I`m hurt to the core
It`s time for my slate to be cleared

You stood there and told me it was over
No remorse, only hatred in your eyes
Where did the love go?
I just want to know
As feeling so low
Was this just a complete pack of lies?

Standing here, remembering all the good times
Were you really so full of darkness?
Feeling so alone
Just false love was shown
I`m cut to the bone
Now I`m falling into this endless blackness

Not sure where this poem came fom, I wanted to sit down and write a cheerful poem.  This question popped i to my head and was followed by the poem.  had to see it through.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Joy and Wonderment
The little things in life
Things that mean so much
Bestow upon
Eyes open in full admoration
Working together
Companionship to each other
This poem came to me after I asked the question.....What is Joys of life ?

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Autism is not something to be feared
it`s a state of mind that has no limits
persons parked diagonally in their parking space
they see the world in a wonderful way
that we can never truly understand
they're very loving and full of grace.

Unique people with so much to give
that society rejects through misconceptions
it takes a little sense to find some common ground
the simple side of life, we can all learn from
they`re individuals that are fun to be with
intelligent, inquisitive, they always astound.

Trusting and sometimes easily led
body language is hard for them to follow
they just want to be like all the rest
life seems to have served them an unfair lot
that we know they don`t deserve to have
yet as a friend,  they are truly blessed.

Inspirational in every way
their love for life should motivate us
and we must strive to work well together
don`t ever let this harsh world put them down
problems can be resolved through talking
humanity must accept one another.

Spontaneous, loving, fun to be with
they don`t hold grudges or hate anyone
accepting them with joy,  as they're so bright
eye contact appears to be hard for them
but they seem to get around that with our help
we are all special in our own right.

Misunderstood, they battle on in life
it`s not hard to be polite and caring
they have a right to a decent existence
treat them with the respect they deserve
they are not monsters to be afraid of
go say "Hello",  don`t keep your distance !

© Lissie Bull 2012

I have worked closely with the Autistic Society as I have two autistic children.
Having been through alot of pain watching my children and others suffer at the hands of people who don`t understand Autism, I decided to write this poem.
I hope people will learn from, respect and treat them as they themselves would wish to be treated.
The Tunnel

I feel I`m entering a tunnel
All dark, damp and bad
The sunshine has gone now
There`s only hard time`s to be had

With each step the darkness grows
Wrapping itself around my heart
The walls are closing in around me
It`s frightening that I`m falling apart

Happiness and laughter seem so far away
It`s cold and damp and dark in here
I`m tiptoeing forward carefully
Sounds are so muffled, nothing`s clear

What was sunny and bright around me
Is nothing more than illusions
Reaility has taken a hold
I now have to find solutions

Hoping there`s light at the end of the tunnel
I will tread slowly and with care
I need to get through this in one piece
Never more to dream...I swear !!

Dreaming doesnt always get you to your destination. 
Realilty has a habit of creeping up behind you
I found this out the hard way , now have to just get through this damn tunnel of dispair
and move on.
Through the door..........

Sat here waiting
Wondering whar will happen
Will I be able to go
Walk forward, will the door be open

Stood on the theshold
Studying all that`s before me
How will it help me to cope ?
Want to move onward and see

One foot forward
Stepping through into the light
Needing to see every thing
These rainbow colours are so bright

Through the door now
Standing here in this new place
A new beginning for me
Here in this wonderful space.

Sat in a waiting room, while my daughter was at her first job interview
I had this idea about passing through a door into a new beginning
This poem was the result

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Had enough !

The world feels like it`s rejecting me
It seems so unfair that this should be
Standing here I look up to the sky
Breathe deep, I yell to the heavens,  why??

Whatever I do seems to be so wrong
Try to hide myself within the throng
A heavy weight upon my sad heart
As this world is tearing me apart

I want to lay down and float away
Forget all the bad things people say
Take me please, just make me disappear
Dark waters coming, take me from here

To leave this misery far behind
This cruel world, for me, was never kind
For it smashed my back against the wall
Left me to die, so to hell with it all !!

This world can be such a cruel one, even if you are strong.  When its hits you, you can`t always get back up again. 

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Needled patterns covering the body
Like wearing a colourful second skin
Flowing with every movement you make
Mirroring the colours of your soul within

There are so many different kinds
Some are tiny and hiden from view
Others show them off for all to see
Bright colours from red. black. green to blue

Something that has a special meaning
Or in memory of a loved one
Maybe just for the hell of it all
What ever it is, tattoos are fun !!

I have always been fascinated by tattoos in all their different forms. 
I must confess I do not have one yet..!  I have many friends who do
and they are all very good.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The argument
Hot and angry
Rage and thunder
Tempers rising
What a blunder
Such an insult
Feel really hurt
Harsh words spoken
The tone was curt
Need time out now
Must walk away
Have to calm down
That`s all I`ll say.
I had a bit of a bust up with my daughter while out
and when we got back home, we were both still angry.
I sat down and wrote this poem and found that it helped me calm down.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Pain of War

A gunshot is heard through the pause in battle
a man cries out suddenly, then silence once more
as the realisation starts to sink into my mind
I know someones died because of this horrid war

A body lies crumpled amongst all the debris
blank eyes staring skyward, not seeing anything now
limbs splayed out in unnatural positions
a look of sheer shock lays across his pale brow.

He did not look as in peaceful slumber
more like an action figure, left discarded and broken
his wounds so severe, it takes his life force away
blood pooling on the ground, shocked but no words spoken

sorrow deep within our hearts, as we remember him
the pain tries to surface, but determination reigns
we cannot let the loss of our friend go unpunished
retribution now runs strongly through our veins.

News about all these wars is so horrific,  some thing I feel quite strongly about.
I find it easier to express my emotions through poetry and this poem is the result.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Child of War

He was a child of the universe
born into a hostile country
no mother or father to care
never knowing any love or pity

was found naked, hungry and cold
laying there on the dirt floor alone
gun fire could be heard all around
he was nothing but skin and bone

this child was given up for lost
for this place had the smell of death
flies everywhere, no comfort here
if left, he would take his last breath.

scooping him up into my arms
wrapping a dirty rag around him
saving the child from this horror
could give him a chance, however slim.

I am not sure where this poem came from, I was listening to an Eagle album. It flowed so smoothly, that I had to complete it there and then.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Muffled World

Waking up to total silence
A sense of bright deafness all around me
A world covered by a thick white duvet
That shines in through my bedroom window
Muffling all the every day sounds
Creating a stillness everywhere
A white blanket
Of cotton wool
All about me on this early morning

Stood on my back door threshold
Surveying the white scenery that greets me
This world still wrapped in its duvet
That covers right to the horizon
Suppressing the sounds from my senses
A calmness from all the stresses
A white softness
Of fluffy towels
Comforting me this early morning.

On a morning after the snow has fallen, you wake up to a brightness beaming throught the curtains, and you just know the world is all wrapped up in its snow duvet.  Muffled silence.   I just love that feeling.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A life time

Though all the tides of time
Can be seem in his face
His thick leathery skin
Show`s he had a hard race

Tired sad hazel eyes
That have seen many a sight
Still with a twinkle in them
Because he knows he`s right

Tight tanned skin over his cheeks
Hides black lines under his eye
For he has seen many things
That`s toughened him, made him wise

His lips are pale and thin
But his smile`s so sincere
He has many a tale to tell
That you should sit and hear

His people have been through much
Their journey has been long
Throughout it they`ve stood tall
A race that is so strong

He may not run around
Or shout and cuss like us
Life means everything to him
Just love him, don`t make a fuss.

I was looking at The National Geographical and there was an article about Native Indians of America.  It was fasinating and it got me thinking about their out look on life and our perception of them. What they have been through and seen and how that effects them.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Watching the sea

Watching the sea, ebb and flow
Roaring in, flooding out
Almost breathing

Never stopping, always moving
Racing in, flowing out
Wave after wave

Depositing all its gifts
Rushing in, receding back
Along the shore line

Watching the ocean murmur
Crashing in, rumbling out
Forever moving

I love walking along the beach and seeing what it has deposited along the tide line.  The sounds of the water as it ebbs and flows constantly.  Breathing, living and liking the fact that it will always be there.

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 24 August 2012

The Blacksmith

From the dark recesses of the mind
ideas planned out so precisely
new images of designs are formed
then created for the world to see

with forge is all fired up
hammers and tongs are laid out ready
the air, full of anticipation
let`s get started and keep it steady

the forge sparks as the metal`s added
searing heat hits the air all around
the noise of " hammer on anvil "
fills the workshop with its sound

shapes slowly start to come to life
as metal is hammered, then reheated
rivots are made, Pillar drill`s working
hammering, heating, cooling, repeated

covered in sweat and dirt you toil
the beat of the hammers sound true
flexing your muscles to get it done
once completed, there`s the finish to do

lacquer, boot polish or the grinder
the finish can really make it look grand
forged from pieces of raw metal
to a finished item, from a Blacksmith`s hand.

I am the proud mother of an Artist Blacksmith and have watched him learn and develope his skills.  This poem is a tribute of his love for his work.
Well Done Jon !!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Having so much fun......

Spinning in a circle
Round and round we go
Up and down
In and out
Just following the flow

First one way then another
Where will it end ?
Some times it`s easy
Other times it`s not
Can drive you round the bend

Feeling very dizzy
But this is great fun
Cannot focus
Cannot see
Think we`re nearly done

Running through the trees
Up and down the mounds
Hid underneath
In the undergrowth
Will we be found ?

Watching children playing in the woods and fields, racing around, hiding, chasing and laughing all the time. Shouting to each other and have so much fun.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My sleeping cat

I see a sleeping cat at the end of my bed
shaped like a crescent moon, what dreams in her head?

with legs stretched out and her tail curled round
she almost looks dead because she makes no sound

if you look carefully, her breath is very slow
such a little minx, but I love her so

ears pricked up as she lays at rest
looks so content, if poked she would protest !

may look asleep, but she knows what`s going on
don`t let her fool you, she thinks it`s so much fun

I see a snoozing cat who is watchful of the day
peacefully resting, but alert in every way !

I found my cat asleep on my bed, she looked so content in every way, but at the same time, she is alert to the world, aware of what is going on, but she doesn`t want you to know that !

Sunday, 19 August 2012

These are the things I feel

Dispair, depression, anger
hatred, sadness, woe
these are the things I feel
blocked in and no where to go

which ever way I look
which ever way I spy
you`re not there to help me
so I keep on asking why?

my heart hurts so much
my head is in a spin
what am I to do now
my enemies just grin

the happiness inside me
has gone and locked the door
bright eyes and smiles have ceased
my laughter is no more

if I could turn back time now
would I take another way?
never as pain makes me stronger
and its life that makes my day!

Bad things happen to all of us, but instead of turning in on yourself and being sad,  live through it and it will make you stronger. Always smile, it confuses the enemies !!

(c) Lissie Bull 2012

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The stone circle

In a green landscape, tall columns of stone
All silhouetted before a full moon

An eerie light shines across the whole site
Creating an aura this wonderful night

Each stone is unique as images appear
Faces from the past become very clear

This solstice morn with the rising of the sun
We thank Mother Earth for she has done

Never feel alone in this special place
The circle of stones had history to trace.

I was givena T-shirt with Stonehenge in it and I was looking at it and thought of all the other stone circles and how they appear to us.  There is something special about tham all and their history and what they can offer us.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Man of Style

Crinkled leathery thick skin
Alert eyes that watch awhile
With a long thick white beard
Almost hiding his cheeky smile

Silver earring in each ear
Sunglasses reflecting light
Hat perched at an angle
You have to take in the sight

Dressed from head to toe in black
White T shirt peeping through
Boots you can see your face in
Onyx ring on his finger too

With a slight nod of his head
A glint of his golden tooth
So relaxed, yet in control
A man of style, and that`s the truth !!

I was reading a magazine today and saw this image of a man walking with such confidence but yet so relaxed and carefree too. So stylish all dressed up.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mysterious Tranquility

standing by the waters edge
watching the clouds reflected
touched by the mystery
just feeling so connected

landscape mirrored on the surface
reflecting every rock and tree
opening your soul`s window
creating tranquility

silence is broken by a screech
and a fluttering of feathers
as an eagle swoops over
disappearing into the heathers

waters cold upon my feet
rippling over my skin
as I stand in the shallows
fighting the urge to step in

this place is full of mystery
mirroring your inner peace
nature at its purest
full of contentment and grace.

I saw a lovely photograph of a lake surrounded with trees and rocks creating a mirror image on the waters surface.  It was beautiful and so peaceful. I just wanted to step in and reflect.  Some where to meditate.

image found on

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tiny Petals

Tiny petals peeping through the earth
Slowly opening up to the sun
Stretching out for all to see
Showing off to everyone

It`s perfume scent so delicate
Caught in the summer breeze
Wafting there so gently
Nestling under the trees

As the night time begins to take a hold
There`s a chill in the air
As it`s petals start to close 
A stillness is every where

I love sitting out in my garden and have noticed the flowers budding, blooming and then closing for the night. It`s as if they are going to bed !

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 13 August 2012

Life`s Lesson

We are never promised tomorrow
Therefore we should always seize the day
Make the most of what we have and want
Show our loved ones we care in every way

Time spent together is so important
Communication will always be the key
We only have one life, let it be a good one
Smile, be happy, don`t you all agree ?

It hurts to see two people suffer
To know their pain, and see them cry
As I have been in that position
Don`t what them ending up shouting, Why ?

Hand in hand we should offer guidance
Walk a bit along the road together
For when they need help, be there for them
A sound way to care for each other

To stand together through thick and thin
No matter what life may throw at you
Two loving hearts are better than one
Smile, laugh, love, you can be happy too.

Starting out on the road of life is hard enough without falling out with your partner, we have all been through troubled times, some make it and some don`t.  This poem is about one such journey.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My spinning world

My world keeps spinnging round and round
I`m struggling to hold on tight
Everything just flashes past me
The good times are out of sight

I try to readjust my grip
Cling on stronger and be real bold
Though my hands are far to sweaty
I`m determined to keep a hold

If this spinning world was to stop
And I could rest a while in peace
Would I want to climb back on board?
If I did all this calm would cease

I want the world to slow down now
To let me off for just a bit
So that I can build up my strength
To fight my corner, I won`t quit

What ever life has to throw at me
I am going to stand and do my best
Then I can climb back on again
Move forward and finish my quest !

Life seem to be moving so fast these days, its hard to keep your balance, sometime I just want to stand still and get my breath back. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Party Time!!

Tumbling, boucing, dancing all around
Painted faces, bright balloons, games abound
Kids giggling, parents laughing, what a sound !
Music playing, there`s so much fun to be found.

Jelly moulds, ice cream cones, chocolate cakes too
Pizza pies, sandwiches, just for you
Sausages, water melons, try something new
And for the parents, there`s always a brew.

Playing pass the parcel and musical chairs
Giggling together as they work in pairs
Dressing up as queens, knights and even bears
The only rule here is, they stay down stairs.

The party`s been great, they`ve all had fun
It`s time to relax, now the prizes were all won
All the games were played, everythings done
So it`s time to say goodbye to everyone!

I remember children`s parties, when my children were young and how much fun they were, not just for the little kids, but also for the big ones too !!  It`s even great when you can relax afterwards !!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When it starts to rain......

The skies darken over head
The clouds are rolling in
There seems a heaviness
You can feel it begin

The air starts to change now
A weight upon my shoulders
The first large drops of rain
Makes the day seem colder

The drops of rain are heavy
They splash upon the ground
You hear them in your mind`s eye
As they land all around

The sky`s so foreboding
It`s like the dead of night
Almost claustrophobic
Wow, such an eerie sight

Then the flood gates open
Torrential rain pours down
Thundering on the roof tops
Feel you`re going to drown

Curled up on my sofa
This is where I`ll reside
Let the stormy skies pour
I`m warm and snug inside.

I love the different types of weather and the changes that happen so drastically. With all the recent rain, I just had to put it into a poem.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The blue ribbon

Heaven and earth are joined together by a ribbon
Bright blue shiny silk ribbon strengthened by love
Carried across by beautifully winged angels
Uniting our earth with tranquil heaven above

Angels ascend and descend between our two worlds
For the link between us will always be so strong
We are not alone in our earthly world down here
Heavenly beings are with us, our whole life long

When we find ourselves going through troubled times
Loving angels wrap their protective wings around us
Guiding and calming, until the bad times are gone
Always showing us love with a gentle caress

We do not have to worry about the bad times
For our heavenly guardians are always there
Their love for us is as strong as the blue ribbon
That stretches between us like a loving prayer

Therefore never feel that you are ever alone
Just remember that one end is tied around your heart
The other end, is connected to your angel
So what ever happens we are never apart.

I have always believed in Angels, and more so since my husband, Steve, died. This poem is a reminder that they are all around us and there when we need them.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A precious gift of life

Our wonderful new born child
Who fills my heart with love so deep
A tuft of fine blond curly hair
Laying there content in sleep

Bright blue eyes seeking my attention
Gurgles are the order of the day
Tiny fingers curled around my thumb
Humbling me in every way

Such soft gentle sensitive skin
From your head to petit feet
To see you dressed in pretty clothes
Smiling, wow! you look so sweet

Holding such a precious gift
Knowing that this child needs me
Sharing every moment together
We`re now a complete family.

Im not sure why this poem appeared in my head, but it felt so good to write it out.  I remember my children as babies and enjoyed every moment for it all.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Our Holiday!!

Paper thin walls that hide nothing
Narrow corridors with no windows
Never enough storage or drawers
Small beds with tiny flat pillows

All the shoes stored by the door way
Fridge crammed full of all that`s needed
Towels and swim things draped everywhere
Normal rules need not be heeded

Our car`s parked on a patch nearby
The play area`s across the site
A plot of grass outside our door
For our blanket, it fits just right!

No matter what the weather does
We will explore, visit and roam
Having a great time on holiday
So for this week, this is our home !!

I love caravan holidays,  they are great fun, but can be a bit cramped but we love it really.  Too tired at the end of the day to worry and out side most of the day time.  Don`t really care about the weather. We will be home at the end of the week with loads of memories.  ( plus half the sand from the beach !! )