Saturday, 8 December 2012

Birthday Wishes

My birthday wish is so special
A secret one for me to make
Close my eyes tight before I do
For once it`s make, it should not break

There are many things to wish for
Health, happiness and lots of fun
Maybe that necklace and earrings
Or that dress,  is a great one

It doesn`t matter what age I am
Love celebrating it this way
I`m excited to cast mine now
And make a wish on my birthday !

It was my birthday the other day, and my kids bought me a lovely cake. My daughter carried in to the sitting room with candle burning.   "Come on mum, make a wish ", I was told, so I closed my eyes, wished , then blew out the candles.  To be honest, I enjoyed this tradition and was reminded of my child hood birthdays,,,, good memories !!!

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