Monday, 31 December 2012

Silence of the snow

A white blanket covers the land
Cotton wool over fields and lanes
A silence muffles everything
As stillness takes over our world
The sky feels so heavy above us
Waiting to release all its weight
The land sits warily below
To see what the heavens will do
Foot prints run across the landscape
As its owner tries to find food
A tail or an ear maybe seen
Through drifts as it goes scurrying by
An owl above hovers on the breeze
Its keen eyes looking for some prey
Against the bright white of the snow
Its meal can be seen so clearly
From the comfort of my window
I can watch the world silently
The wintery scene`s so beautiful
A wondeful landscape to behold

Chatting to my friends in the states, as they cope with all the snow, Im struck by it beauty and peace rather than the hassle it brings.

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