Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Pits of Hell

The bitterness of rejection
Can send you spiralling down low
That sinking feeling hits you hard
As you fall to the pit below

Fiery flames lash up at your feet
Skies darken the further you fall
The airs so hot, it starts to burn
As you hit rock bottom and all

Wide eyed and you`re panicking now
For there seems to be no way out
All you wanted was to do things right
Screaming and protesting, you shout!

Will any one look down for you
And help you get back on to your feet?
Never judge you on your demise
Pull you out of this terrible heat?

There is one thing to remember
When you have reached the pits of hell
The only direction is up now
You should scramble up and break the spell

All there seems to be is bad new, recession, unemployment, money problems and much more.
I think we are all in our own Pits of Hell,  some deep than others, but I have this feeling that people with recover, climb out and live again.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Unfair love

This young heart`s hurting
Through no fault of its own
Yearning some attention
Afraid to be alone

Needs to be desired
Looking for affection
But finding none near
Lost in rejection

Pounding of the heart
For the needs are set high
But all hope is slashed
Just left asking,  why?

First love, young love, its so hard to understand love.
We all go through it.

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring Tranquility

Yellow trumpets blowing in the breeze
red cups pointing upwards to the sky
with tall grasses swaying in-between
standing so proud, no need to be shy

speckled sun light filters through the trees
leaving dappled patterns on the ground
the air`s filled with the scent of flowers
nature`s harmony is all around

this world of forest green and flowers
that mesmerize you in every way
such tranquility and peacefulness
a great place to sit, relax and stay

It has been such a wonderful day, spring has arrived and the sun is out and there`s warm in the air.  Flowers every where.  I just feel like sitting down and relaxing out in this sun.

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Want to see the light

Hitting out at all who mock me
Fighting back against the hatred
Punching out the lights that dazzle
Knocking down the walls that hold me

Don`t want this burden any more
Can`t face all of this abuse now
Why should I be trampled over
Won`t be punished for no reason

Want to run free, chasing bubbles
Splashing through the foaming surf
Floating amongst the clouds on high
I see the light now,  set me free....

My mood seems quite low but in my heart there is a fire that will get me through.
From rock bottom, there is a determination to pick myself up, to feeling free and happy once more.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The sadness of this lonely life
Is so very hard to bare
Many solitary hours
Yet all I want, is to care
To love and hold someone dear
See a smile upon their face
A twinkle in their bright eyes
For this would make my heart race
But as I wake up alone
There`s silence is all around
Just a cold harsh world for me
For my boat has run aground
I suppose I was just feeling a little down when I wrote this, Out of sorts, or maybe there`s more to it...we shall see what will happen when I write again....!

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Chase is on...
Running, running
Pounding through the woods
Fearing the chase
Heart beat thumping
Darting amongst the trees
Heavy breathing
Will they catch me ?
This can`t be happening
Just let me be.
Stumbling on
So out of breath now
This soaring fear
Want to be safe
Panting more, chest hurts
Must not be caught
Can I get through
Reach sanctuary
Then lock the door....?
Not sure where this poem came from, but it has the feel of a chase, panic and then hope.
© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Silk Dress
The flow of fine delicate silk
Gently swaying as the body moves
With ever changing hues of light
Shimmering colours catching the eye
As with each swirl the fabric flows
Like pools of liquid spilling over
Cascading down a water fall
Rippling with each step taken
Creating a desire to touch, to feel
The silk dress is such a sensuous experience
I saw a woman wearing a beautiful silk dress,  as she walked along the fabric caught my eye and I watched it with interest.  the colours, the movement.  This poem tries to express that.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Secret Garden

Tantalising glimpses of a hidden world
A secret paradise behind a closed door
Such tranquillity and peace to be found
Come, open the gate and enter, explore......

See everything as if for the first time
Standing there slowly taking it all in
Then wander around this beautiful place
For now your adventure here can begin

As you walk slowly down the gravel path
Taking in the whole feel of the garden
The air is filled with the scent of roses
This wondrous place is a secret haven

Strolling through the overhanging catkins
Emerging, you discover a small pond
With its trickling waters passing through
This helps your inner nature to respond

So as you amble through this wonderful place
Enjoy all that it has to offer you
But hold its secrets deep within your heart
Please remember when you leave, close the gate too!

I love the spring and seeing the garden come back to life,  but I always wonder what it would be like to find a gate, open it slowly, and see a secret garden all hidden from the world.  To be able to walk through it and explore and find my inner self and be at peace.  Then to leave it behind for another to find and enjoy it.   This poem came from that idea.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The storm

The sky is black with rage
As the rain lashes down
Winds blasting from the west
As the earth starts to drown

Batten down the hatches
This storm will be so fierce
Many trees bent over
Howling gales that pierce

Brollies turned inside out
This storm`s so frightening
Skies dark just like night time
Lit up by flash lightning

Best to be inside now
As the storm rages on
We`re safe from the torrent
`Till the light of the dawn.....

I remember the storms of my childhood and how they seemed so bad.   Now that I`m an adult, they never seem to frighten me as they did then.  Just reminiscing really.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Move on to the next level.....

Death is but a stepping stone to the next level
You have to go through it to be able to move on
Come with us as we develop our minds more
And open up our hearts to this new breaking dawn

You have to be empty before you can fill up
To receive all the benefits of what`s to come
So cross over the river of death and unite
As we march forward to the beating of the drum

Prepare for the new level with its challenges
Enter with a strong conviction that all is right
As through death we are born again into a new life
To stride onwards, facing everything in our sight

Leave your last level far behind you in the distance
Don`t ever look back for it`s the future you should see
Walk onwards in your black apparel, with such pride
No one knows what's to happen next, we`ll wait and see

It`s Easter weekend and a very important festival for Christians,   this poem is about moving on, a new life after death.  A slight twist to the resurrection.   Happy Easter to you all.