Sunday, 24 March 2013


As I lay my head down to sleep
I close my eyes on this world
Drifting, I start to dream of you
Up there on your heavenly cloud
Remembering the times we had
All the things we did together
To walk hand in hand with you
Your smile, to hear you laugh again
To run free through fields of grass
Hold you, feel your arms around me
But I know this is just a dream
As I toss and turn in my bed alone
I have to carry on without you
However, I know you are watching
From your cloud, with the angels.
Sun rise and I leave my dreams
To continue my life again........

It was my husbands birthday this month and so I find him on my mind more, this was the result of one of those times.  I miss you Steve, so much.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Looking upon you....

Passion dwells with in my heart
Beating with every emotion
Bursting forth to show much love
So wanting to show devotion
Looking deep into your eyes
Such beauty there to behold
They are the windows to your soul
Magical wonders to behold
Your laughter brings me joy
For each giggle sings a note
My heart feels uplifted
Causes a lump in my throat
When you smile, your face lights up
Your aura shines so bright
Looking straight into your eyes
I find a wondrous sight!

Our eyes watch, look, study and behold all the things we see......

Forgiveness !!!

For all the times you`ve hurt me
Yelled at me or made me cry
You have my forgiveness
When you turned and lied to me
Constantly shouted abuse
I will forgive you now
The swearing, cursing and pain
Drinking and staying out late
These things are regrettable
But the things I can not forgive...
Are,  that you deceived me
And then,  you broke my heart!!

This poem is so close to my heart.......what more is there to say...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Dream Catcher

Spun like a web in a heart frame
A gem in the centre like a spider
Hung high by a sturdy thread
Suede ribbons wrapped around it
And three tassels hanging down
Finished off with beads and feathers..
My dream catcher is special
Its hangs over where I rest
Catching all the bad dreams
Allowing me some peaceful sleep
Where would I be without it?
I love my Dream Catcher.!!

I was laid on my bed resting, when my dream catcher caught me eye,  I found myself studying it,
and this poem is the result.  Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My uplifting Angel

Saw my angel for the first time today
Sitting on a step, halfway up my stairs
Gave me a shock, never seen one before
Could this be the answer to my prayers

Then this heavenly figure smiles at me
Holds a hand out and beckons me to sit
Hesitantly, I move across the room
Feeling eyes on me, strange I must admit

It`s like stepping into another world
Bathes in its bright light, glowing all around
My heart and soul appear to be content
All distractions seem to go, there`s no sound

To be uplifted, at peace some how
This gentle angel fills me with happiness
All my fears and worries just slip away
Thanks to my angel,  all will be success!

Angels do play a part in our lives,  since losing my husband,  I feel my angel`s protection.
I know my Steve`s spirit is ever near too.  These angel poems feel good to write.

© Lissie Bull 2013  All rights reserved

Guardian Angel

There is an Angel at the foot of my bed
An aura of light surrounds his head
I can see him sitting there watching me
Beautiful wings spread wide for me to see

Sparkling eyes that light up his face
Clothes so simple, gives him an air of grace
He smiles at me, as if he`s seen me before
But Angels were sent here to do much more

Angels offer protection and guidance
Loving strength and comforting assistance
The bond between heaven and earth is strong
As this Angel is here my whole life long

So as I sleep on my Angel will stay
Watching over me `til the break of day
Even after dawn he will remain with me
My Guardian Angel just for me to see.

I have been thinking about my Guardian Angel and as a result I have been writing about Angels and this is another on in a series of them.  The theme appears to be quite strong for me at the moment.

© Lissie Bull 2013

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Woodland Night Drive

My head lights catch the tree trucks in their beams
Standing tall, proudly mocking me it seems
Behind them looms blackness untouched by light
Through which my lights can`t penetrate the night

White trucks appearing through the darkness
Jagged shadows dance around the blackness
Watching branches sway back and forth again
As I drive further along the country lane

One bright shining moon travelling along
Flickering throught branches both short and long
Seems to be following as I travel
Mysterious sound of tyres on gravel

Hooting of an owl as it silently flies
Followed by piercing sounds of animal cries
As we continue to drive on through
We see these haunting shapes come into view....

I drive my son back to college every Sunday night, the long wooded drive way can be
a haunting place, with tree and shrubs that come alive in the beams of my head lights.
I wanted to try an capture these shapes and sounds in a poem.  This is the result.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Death of an Angel.

Dark winter bleakness
Bitter cold through her bones
She lies there half dead
Full of sorrow as she moans

Her blood seeping slowly
All life draining away
No one to hear her cries
On that cold fateful day

Death swept over this place
And took all that was good
Leaving her heart frozen
In that foreboding wood

This broken winged angel
All her powers now gone
She`s left there to wither
Just like a broken swan

I had this picture in my mind,  a dying woman, with broken wings
draped over her body on a cold bleak night in the woods.
This is the result.  Hope you like it.

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Copyright Lissie Bull 2013