Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Guardian Angel

There is an Angel at the foot of my bed
An aura of light surrounds his head
I can see him sitting there watching me
Beautiful wings spread wide for me to see

Sparkling eyes that light up his face
Clothes so simple, gives him an air of grace
He smiles at me, as if he`s seen me before
But Angels were sent here to do much more

Angels offer protection and guidance
Loving strength and comforting assistance
The bond between heaven and earth is strong
As this Angel is here my whole life long

So as I sleep on my Angel will stay
Watching over me `til the break of day
Even after dawn he will remain with me
My Guardian Angel just for me to see.

I have been thinking about my Guardian Angel and as a result I have been writing about Angels and this is another on in a series of them.  The theme appears to be quite strong for me at the moment.

© Lissie Bull 2013

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