Sunday, 31 July 2016


It saddens me
that you won't talk
as you're afraid of me
I don't hate you
we can be friends
I'm no monster you see

for though I've lost
the one's I loved
these I care for I'll guard
seen many hurt
so close to me
to show affection is hard

but I've been told
that you fear me
I find the tough to bare
just want the best
for those I love
and show them that I care !!

© Lissie Bull 2016

My Sunday...

Sanctuary for the soul
Undeniable the best
Never to be under rated
Day for relaxation

Always to be shared with loved one
Yet the start of a new adventure

© Lissie Bull 2016

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Battle Ground

yet another disagreement
voices raised, emotions high
tensions stretched to the limit
any love seems to have run dry

hate the way we fight and shout
not much happiness is found
what we need is a little peace
and find some common ground

this aggression is wrong
don`t want to battle with you
this situation gets me down
we`ve got our own point of view

could we please call a truce ?

© Lissie Bull 2016

Painting pictures from the heart
Optimizing all that`s captured from within
Emotional memories held in trust
Tenderly teasing open the soul
Rhythms flowing through each vein
Yearning to keep each word alive

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Secretive Dragon

A flash of white enamel
the breeze from it`s swishing tail
red hot fire from it`s belly
glimpses of black or green scale

the power of it`s being
you can`t underestimate
it sits on it`s haul of gold
all that it can accumulate

and when you least expect it
the creature can sniff you out
from within it`s deep dark lair
for it can sense you throughout

whether you believe in them
I am sure that they won`t mind
there will always be Dragons
you just need to seek and find

© Lissie Bull 2014
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fun Poems

Poetry can be so much fun
Here are a couple of poems I did for some children.
I am hoping to organise some workshops 
to encourage more children to find out about 
the joys of reading and writing poems.

Please let me know what you think.



There comes a time
in everyone`s life
when a decision
is taken in strife

decide what you want
and the sacrifice
pray for mercy
then pay that price

© Lissie Bull 2016

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Words are always around us
the building blocks to our world
instructions, stories and records 
all this vocabulary unfurled

love, learning, power and joy
communication is the key
expressions of the way we feel
allowing you to talk to me !

words flow freely from deep within
for each letter plays it`s part
filling our world with descriptions
and painting pictures for the heart

happy words, encouraging words
some for every occasion
loving, coaxing or emotional 
words for celebration.

sadly there are hurtful words
that can break a person`s heart
sad words, painful words
that tear many people apart !

 words can be felt, spoken and read
creating pictures for all to see
creating memories to treasure
so choose your words carefully

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Monday, 25 July 2016

Merry start to the week
Onwards and upwards
Never a dull moment
Desire to succeed
Always positive
Yes to winning

(c) Lissie Bull 2016

Hand in hand
walking through life
hearts entwined
creating memories together

© Lissie Bull 2016

I appear

I appear to be
stuck in a void
love and hate
for I really 
that I could
love again
feel passion
be complete

I appear to feel
empty of emotion
hate and love
are very close
that they merge
without reason
for good....!

© Lissie Bull 2016

Saturday, 23 July 2016

I am really excited as I am exhibiting in Dolman Hall at 
Ashton Gate Stadium Bristol tomorrow.
There`s everything you need to organise your special day.

So if you are planning your wedding, why not come and take a look at all the many different exhibits 
and let us help you with your wedding plans.

My Haven !!

For fresh Brazilian coffee
Cupacabana's the place
wonderful service with a smile
kick back and slow down the pace

friendly relaxing cafe
enjoy its awesome delights
just the spot for frothy latte
takes you to heavenly heights

on a hot summer's day
chill with a cool milkshake
topped with fresh cream and sprinkles
served along with a sweet cake

so come on, give it a try
somewhere good to chat and rest
friendship, coffee and some cake
Cupacabana is the best..!!

© Lissie Bull 2016

Cupacabana is an awesome cafe where I sit and write poems
and chat with friends, the atmosphere is great and the coffee is out of this world.

Friday, 22 July 2016


Painting pictures
Observations from within
Eternally flowing ink
Through the heart and soul 
Rhythm and Rhyme, music and lyrics
Yearning to be read...!

© Lissie Bull 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Caught Napping....

Oh no.... you found me!
I thought I had the perfect spot
but sadly this was not to be
though I gave it my best shot

Its rather cosy here
please don't turf me out
all I wanted was to nap
before I go and run about

Please let me sleep awhile
as I`m curled up here to rest
you can have your bowl back soon
but right now snoozing here`s the best!!

© Lissie Bull 2014 
image taken by OutcastedHearts o DeviantArt

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Memories of Summer 

Sun hats and sandals
skin covered in lotion
wearing bright colours
like rainbows in motion

squeals of laughter
infectious giggles
playing in the stream
all splashes and wiggles

blue skies and ice cream
makes summer time fun
children smiling happily
while playing in the sun

© Lissie Bull 2016

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Pain of War

A gunshot is heard through the pause in battle
for a man cries out loudly, then silence once more
as the realization starts to sink into my mind
I know someones died because of this horrid war

his body lies crumpled amongst all the debris
blank eyes staring skyward, not seeing anything now
limbs splayed out in unnatural positions
a look of sheer shock spread across his pale brow.

he did not look as in peaceful slumber
more like an action figure, left discarded and broken
his wounds so severe, taking his life force away
blood pooling on the ground,  numbness, no words spoken

sorrow deep within our hearts, as we remember him
the pain tries to surface, but determination reigns
we cannot let the loss of our friend go unpunished
retribution now runs strongly through our veins.

News about all these horrific wars fill the news some thing I feel quite strongly about.
I find it easier to express my emotions through poetry and this poem is the result.

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Monday, 18 July 2016


Mystery woman
Illicit encounters
Secretive meetings
Tender intrigue 
Rural rendezvous 
Extra marital activity
Sensual experiences
Seductive love...!

© Lissie Bull 2016

It`s a cat`s life!
Curled up sleepy on the sofa
taking no notice of anyone
dreaming of chasing playful mice
after a great day having fun

climbing trees while eyeing up birds
by the pond trying to catch fish
but best of all racing around
a cat completing every wish

stretching out slowly, then yawning
turning round to get more cosy
cat napping is quite an art form
future`s looking very rosy

Love my cats, three quarters of their life time is sleeping!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Icy Heart

bitter love, icy to the touch

breaks with a snap, this heart so cold
resisting comfort at every turn
choosing to remain out of the fold

warmth has departed from this soul

the core is all frozen solid
spreading through this poor creature
left unchecked, will become squalid

ever to roam the wilderness

so bitter and broken hearted
shivering, it`s chilled to the bone
as sadly love has departed

please take pity of this creature

for this could be you one day
show mercy to the ones that need it
kindness can start in such a small way!

Remember to treat others, the way you would want to be treated....with kindness and love.!

© Lis Bull 2014
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Sunday, 17 July 2016


Happily married
Us instead of me
Saviour of my heart
Bearer of arms
Always by my side
Never a dull moment
Devoted together

© Lissie Bull 2016

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Harbour side

This world reflected in water
shimmering as the breeze blows by
light changing hour by hour
as I sit here watching time fly

these undulating images
of barges moored along quay
watched over by the rippling buildings
the harbour life is there to see

with bright sun shine all around
reflecting the dark blue of the sky
dogs barking in the back ground
all so pleasing to the eye

busy ferries chugged back and forth
as people relax in this weather
while water laps on warm stones
harbour side, a place to come together

A relaxing Sunday afternoon down my the harbour, enjoying some warm sunny weather.

© Lis Bull 2016

Friday, 15 July 2016


A gentle touch of sun light
crept across and kisses my cheek
so soft I barely felt it
a soothing caress so meek

With loving murmurs in my ear
I'm told it`s time to awake
Stirring slowly from my sleep
want this moment for a keepsake

I greet the sun with a smile
as I welcome in the morn
gently opening my eyes
the room is filled with the dawn

To wake up slowly with a tender kiss from the sun is wonderful....

© Lissie Bull 2014
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Summer time is golden
in colours and emotions
warmth of sun on our skin
laughing at all commotions

picnics in the countryside
chasing butterflies through grass
curled up with a good book
with lemonade in a tall glass

lazy, relaxing holidays
watching the dogs at play
time spend with families
a great way to fill our day

as the evening descends
bright colours create a sight
time to relax and chat together
as sunny days turn to night

© Lissie Bull 2016

Thursday, 14 July 2016

No Words.....

Sadly tonight my pen remains still
no ink will flow across my notepad
no pictures painted from the soul 
the images in my heart will not be freed
silence rules the pages until the dawn ....

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Smiles everywhere!

© Lissie Bull 2016

Sad Society..... 

Disrespectful society
unruly behaviour every where
crime, litter, theft and mugging
people just don`t seem to care !

no one says "please" or "thank you"

they just grab what they can
prisons are full to bursting
feels like the shits hit the fan !

teenage pregnancies are rife

no thought for their futures
there`s greedy individuals 
to them life is a game for users !

we must stop thinking of just ourselves
and help people to work together 
a tiny act of kindness sets the trend
come join us every sister and brother..!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Painting pictures from the heart
Observations from deep within
Eternally shared across crisp sheets
Trailing ink flowing from a pen
Rhymes and rhythms, like notes and lyrics
Yielding emotions for all to feel...!

© Lissie Bull 2016

This is an entry to a competition, fingers crossed  !

Monday, 11 July 2016

Death of a Rose 

Cold, cold heart of death
laying on the hard ground
exposed to the element
never making a sound

no plea for assistance
or demands to be warmed
for this frozen rose
remains there fully formed

its rich velvety petals
red against the grey stones
stands out so vividly
but decay will change these tones

decorated with droplets
of fine powdery snow
this once beautiful rose
remains there still aglow

in its dying moments
its scent lingers on
frozen in time now
until the following dawn!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image titled "Cold, Cold Heart",  taken by "darkex52" and found on Deviantart

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hues of Blues

The beauty of these hues
creating tranquility 
softens any harsh heart
allowing peace and serenity

with gentle hints of blue
stretching to the horizon
flowing down to the water`s edge
relaxing each and every person

centered about this liquid mirror
reflecting all that surrounds
this awesome slice of paradise
nature's glory abounds

waters lapping against the shore
through rhythms of the moon's tide
lulls all into a calming state
allowing you to escape and hide

so take a little time out here
sit at the edge and dip your toes
recharging your aching body
thus releasing stresses and woes

© Lissie Bull 2015

Photo titled Blue Fog taken by huifeideyureq
found on Deviantart

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Box of Memories

My little box of memories

contains a life time of thoughts
mostly there are good ones
but some tied me up in knots.....

these mementos are personal

for they mean so much to me
photos, tickets and clippings
all locked up with a little key

birthday greetings from my parents

and my first valentine`s card
to pictures painted by my kids
parting with them would be too hard

all these memories, I want to keep

protecting them now, that`s my aim
so I will lock them safely away
for losing them would be such a shame !

Memories are very important, don`t ever want to lose them....

© Lissie Poems 2014.