Thursday, 30 June 2016


On this warm summer night
the ink in my pen flow freely
dancing across crisp white paper
painting pictures of precious memories 
held deep within my heart,,,,,forever 

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Ocean Partner.....

Strolling slowly along the sands
hearing the low swoosh of the sea
rhythmically ebbing and flowing
just slows my heart and sets me free
feeling lifted by the gentle sounds
lulled almost into a half trance
as the sea tickles my bare feet
the ocean, myself and our dance

Ffr the water moves to and fro
as we skip along over the sand
such graceful partners we are
as we dance the waltz hand in hand

by the light of a big round moon
together with the sparkling stars
I know this ocean is special
for this moment we share is ours

© Lis Bull 2013
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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Thank you !!

Hi there everyone,  just wanted to say a big thanks you for all your continued support.
I can`t believe I have reached 43,000 views...that`s amazing.

So proud of what I have achieved so far and looking forward to achieving in the future !
At the moment I am working on the layout for my first book, a little scary but really exciting too !

I am always happy to receive any feedback and idea for new poem.  Why not challenge to write a poem.

I am happy to take on commissions and personalize a poem just for you or a special occasion or event.  Please message me her or through my email

Many thanks to everyone who has take time to visit and read my poems.




Passions flow when we're together
Always having you on my mind
Reaching out to be with you
Treasured memories in my heart
Never wanting to lose you
Eternally  united 
Realised all my dreams
Secure in the knowledge of our love.

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Sunlight streaming through the window
bathing my whole room with light
patterns appear across the floor
creating such a wonderful sight

Blue skies and sun start off the day
shadows shifting across the room
following along the sun`s path
sweeping away the nights gloom

© Lissie Bull 2016

Monday, 27 June 2016

Dare Devil Challenge !

I am so proud of all your achievements
with your dare deviled dive completed
raising money for a cause you hold so dear
as these funds are so badly needed

jumping out of an aeroplane is amazing
sky diving over the English countryside
you look such a pro dressed red and blue
as we cheered you on with great pride

I just wanted to congratulate you, Emily
what you have done will give you fulfillment
for taking up such a wonderful challenge
you`ve shown great courage and commitment

  © Lissie Bull 2016

This poem is in celebration of a wonderful young lady who loves to raise funds for the animal sanctuary she works with.  Yesterday 26th June, she sky dived for the first time from an air field in Swindon. Hopefully she has managed to raise lots of much needed fund for the animals.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

White feathers

To find a little white feathers
in some particular place
I know that my guardian Angel
is holding me in their embrace

for when your down and lonely
your Angel will always be there
sending down a little white feather
as a sign that they really do care

so always keep these feathers safe
and when ever you`re in need of love
your guardian Angel will send hugs
a sign all the way from heaven above !

(c) Lissie Bull 2016
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Frozen Moment

Glistening in this moment
poised on the edge of time
nature`s tear drop captured
beautifully in its prime

petals reflected in its surface
like a mirror from the sky
beauty held in a clear pearl
that`s fallen from on high

vibrant colours captured 
in this simple orb of light
a frozen moment in time
shimmering so bright !

(c) Lissie Bull 2016
image by healzo

Thursday, 23 June 2016

In or Out

EU referendum
has been such a pain
all this confusion
causing us to complain

should we leave or stay
a vote so complex
changing our future
better go and find my specs

many different factors
need to be thought through
revenue to immigration
just to name but a few

so we ask the question
will England go it alone?
or keep our membership
and still call Europe home?

so I`m off to vote today
place an X upon my form
at my polling station
and see if there`ll be reform !

(c) Lissie Bull 2016

Dream Angels

Angels are dream keepers
selecting dreams that are right
helps us to drift away
on through the dark night

Proction from harm
along with fears quelled
winged beauties in white
tender memories held

(c) Lissie Bull 2016
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Sands of Time

The sands of time 
keep on moving
never standing still 
slowly flowing 
gently pouring
changing all the while...

each little grain
so unstoppable
through every crevice
emptying our youth
filling our old age
always finds it`s way

the sands of time
collect every minute
each day and each year
making up our destiny
unceasing movement
our whole life through

 © Lissie Bull 2016
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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


These sweet red bugs
with rounded bellies
in spotted red coats
scurrying over leaves
on bright warm days
so it must be summer 

  © Lissie Bull 2016

Urban Flight

Freedom on a skateboard
to fly through an urban land
ability to go anywhere you want
four wheels balanced to the hand!

jetting across old concrete
and reflected in city glass
the thrill of being speed junkies
the world a blur as you pass

with the breeze in your face
complete balance of man and board
with total control in motion
you feel like an urban lord !

© Lissie Bull 2016
Image taken by radoslawSass

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Stairway to the moon

Round and round I go
slowly up the stairway
heading for the moon
lighting up the milky way

rays catching the balustrade  
as I climb higher and higher
for the night orb glimmers
shimmering like an ice fire

the handrail shines like a web
creating an eerie sight
need to stretch a little further
and touch this globe so bright

with each step I near the top
I`ll be there really soon
then I`ll fly with the angels
from my stairway to the moon

© Lissie Bull 2016
Image by Remior Ski

Monday, 20 June 2016

Chipping Sodbury Carnival

Carnival Fayre today
All dressed up and having fun
RAF flying over head
Nostalgia and street stalls
Infectious laughter everywhere
Variety of floats to watch
An event to remember
Loads of things to see and do

Day for smiles and happiness
Atmosphere of wonder
Yearly event for all the family!

© Lissie Bull 2016

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father you are the best
always by my side
taught me how to live
hero in every way
ever in my heart
role model to us all

I love that
I don't have to
shout out loud
that your my hero
your favourite child..!

Father, Dad, Hero
always there for me
teaching life's lessons
heart warming hugs
encourages me to dream
reaching out to day....I love you!

I feel great when we're together
we have so much fun each day
you fill my life with so much love
you're the Best Dad in every way!

With a loving heart
soft silver hair
a beaming smile
and big hugs to share !

I have a hero
there`s only one
here`s a big hug
from your little son !

            Father, Dad, Hero
               always there for me
                  teaching life's lessons
               heart warming hugs
                      encourages me to dream
          reassuring me .... 
                                   I love you!

                         © Lissie Bull 2016

                   Hero Father Dad
                               alwAys there for me
                            hearT warming hugs

                                  teacHing life`s lessonsg
encourages mE to dream
              reassuRing me.....
                                           I love you !

Captured Love....

This rose in a belljar
preserved forever
holding memories
of our time together

with sleek strong stem
supporting all we had
thorns for protection
when times were bad

leaves to shelter us
from extremes of life
wafting in the summer breeze
when I became your wife

a rich velvet rose
to crown our glory
of the true love we had
now part of our history !

© Lissie Bull 2016

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Monkey Puzzle

long arms with prickled skin
pointing in every directions
a single trunk standing tall
magnificent plant held with affection

each leaf,stiff and sharp to touch
helping with this plant`s protection
pale growth spurts with each year
is something I should mention

standing there, rooted to it`s spot
always capturing much attention
don`t get to close, for it`s quite painful
those spikes can hurt on reflection

Monkey Puzzles are so unique
proud to have one for my selection
though they`re not always pleasant
they're definitelyin my collection !

© Lissie Bull 2016

Friday, 17 June 2016


With your soft stripy fur
you're camouflaged so well
such undulating patterns
creates an amazing spell

with a white fluffy belly
that's hidden far from sight
you can be found a dreaming
while laying in the sun light

sleep on in the garden
so peaceful in every way
nothing will disturb you
until it's time to play !

© Lissie Bull 2016

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tender Elephants

Majestic motherly mammals
meandering along the trail
linked together like a chain
from their long trunks to slender tail

a mother and her young baby
are protected by the whole herd
tender touches coax the young one
throaty sounds of happiness are heard

emotional and tender creatures
caring for each family member
they mourn openly for their loved ones
elephants will always remember

I love being given challenges and a friend set a the task of writing about elephants and how they show emotions in three verses.  This is what I came up with.

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A poem from the heart......
that covers a moment in time,  sheer emotions that come to the surface every now and again.......passions felt from deep within...!


feel my sanity slipping away
my grip on life loosened now
not sure I`m in control any more
wish someone would explain how!

it saddens me to see the state
my family has deteriorated to
where will this torment take us
all I every wanted was to be with you.......

(c) Lissie Bull 2016

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

errific day
nique times
nergetic actions
S uccessful  business
D edicated sales
micable crafters
earning for more..!

© Lissie Bull 2016

Without a Heart..

Confusion reigns within my heart
with what was said, when I lost you
the need to scream and shout out loud
really, I know not what to do !

I'm left here with a broken heart
since it was you who walked away 
you said, I don't make you happy
but I've loved you from that first day

my love for you was then so strong
thinking of you each waking hour
until that fateful darkened day
you came and extinguished this flower

without a heart, there is no life
no pulse to pump the life force through
without no power, then I am dead
therefore there is no me or you

© Lissie Bull 2016
first written 22nd Oct 2013

Monday, 13 June 2016

After a hectic weekend......

After a very hectic weekend driving my son and his hand forged products to Wiltshire Steam and Vintage Rally on both Saturday and Sunday returning to Bristol Saturday night via Lackham College! Thankfully it proved very productive for him.

So now I have decided to concentrate on my poetry.
I have spent this afternoon researching publishers and self publishing, poetry markets, public trends and finally competitions and events.    It has been hard work but fascinating at the same time.

During the weekend show in Wiltshire, I was able to talk to two published writers and get some ideas and information about publishing.  This has made me more determined to get my book of poems published.  I know it is not going to be easy but it will be well worth it in the end !

I am planning on submitting poems to magazines, competitions and anthologies as usual, but also talking, researching and pestering everyone for help, ideas and inspiration.

If anyone has any idea, suggestions, information or can offer any helpful advice, I would be very grateful.  You can message me here or email me on

Many thanks


Best Teacher

To the best teacher 

Every lesson was great
Always made learning fun
Cared how I coped in school
Helped me in many ways
Eager to see me succeed
Really grateful, Mrs Thomas

© Lissie Bull 2016

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Fun at the Fair

Little Bo-Peep
and all her sheep
went to visit the fair today

walked round the show
bought each a bow
so she`d spot them from far away

they had some sweets
plenty of treats
while watching the tractors cut hay

so all had fun
out in the sun
laughing til the end of the day!

© Lis Bull 2016
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Saturday, 11 June 2016

A hint of summer time

Patterns surround us
textures all about
colours every where
See so much while out

flowers in the park
cobbles on the ground
people dress up bright
music all around

curtains billowing
washing on the line
smiles on people`s faces
it must be summer time!

love these warm days, people out and smiling, the blues of winter have been lifted away...

© Lis Bull 2014
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Friday, 10 June 2016

Plea for sanity......!

Pain and anguish are tragic states
they cause so much distress
uncertainty and anger
things that need redress

this hurt can not continue 
as there's wrong on each side 
we have to confront it all
not run away and hide 

so let us get together 
and sort these problems out
for harmony is so much better 
no need for us to scream and shout!

©  Lissie Bull 2016

Happy Anniversary

First year of joy and togetherness
a year of love and tenderness

may the sun of happiness always shine
so glad I am yours and you are mine

enjoy our continued journey together
creating new memories for us to treasure.

© Lissie Bull 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ocean meets Land

Beaches hold a place within my soul
where land meets the ocean
love to walk along the tideline
touched by the sea spray in the wind
feeling the sand beneath my feet
as the movement of the sea changes
ebbing and flowing, frothing and foaming
depositing its treasures for me to find
with the ocean breeze in my face
strolling along where land meets water
this place will always be special to me !

    © Lis Bull 2016
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Snoozing cat......

It always amazes me
the strange mind of my daft cat
so many places to sleep
why use my work as a mat ?
there are cushions and pillows
our sofa, blankets or chair
so why does she chose my laptop?
which she lays down on with care
there`s a house full of comforts
from beds, coats to window sills
I just don`t understand why
she picks the pile of house bills
cats can be quite strange at times
you never know where they`ll snooze
they really make me chuckle
the places they seem to choose

I love my two cats very much, but they chose the most silliest of places to sleep!

© Lis Bull 2016
Beanie photographed by P J Simmons