Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Such a day as this......

After such a day as this, I feel so drained
Tried to get through it without getting pained
Sadly though I was not very successful
This day turned out to be hugely stressful
Nothing went to plan as the day progressed
But this is something that can be addressed
Listening to each other. then have your say
Communication`s the order of the day
Be fair and gentle, speak what`s on your mind
Politeness costs nothing as you will find
We all need to talk to one another
Every parent, child, sister or brother
If all goes wrong, don`t just stand there and yelp
You  shouldn`t be afraid to ask for help
So for honour and trust you have to earn
This is a lesson I`m willing to learn

We all have our off days, each and every one of us,
but if we learn from them, we will all be better people.

© Lis Bull 2013

A glimpse of red fur

A glimpse of red fur in the night
Bright flash of eyes are then seen
And a streak of white tipped tail
Are signs of where it has been

There`s silence in the suburbs
Though they scurry all about
Scrambling through the rubbish
Searching for food with their snout

Only seen in din street lights
As they saunter all around
Their pups following along
Here they`re not chased by a hound

Able to blend in to the night
Foxes are resilient
So alert to all their world
These creatures are brilliant!

Saw a fox running along our street, in and out of the lamp lights....

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 30 December 2013

Missing you Sid

Once you were there beside me
Loving and caring for all
But now I stand so alone
As if I`ve taken a fall

There`s a new angel in heaven
As you`ve been given you wings
So missing your great wisdom
Now you`re with the kings of kings

Memories are important
Your photographs I treasure
Holding on to all we had
Knowing you was my pleasure

Please wrap your wings around me
I`m struggling now you`re gone
Finding myself feeling low
I just need to carry on

So rest now your battle`s done
Let the angels care for you
For you were a gentle man
Wonderful your whole life through

© Lis Bull 2013                

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Gold dusters

Bright colours, sweet scents, beauty of Mother earth
Living works of art,  giving of all their worth
Powdery pollen among velvety petals
Wafting sweet odours that floats then settles
With the sun blazing down, nectar in the air 
This fusion of dust is nature`s golden prayer
The sounds of Mother love in her prime
As new creation is a moment in time
From vivid butterflies to striped bumble bees
That visit these flowers in the gentle breeze
Where the pollinators duties is fulfilled
For Mother nature`s wonderfully skilled
So as new beginnings start to take hold
There`ll be new colours and scents to behold!!

© Lis Bull 2013                

29th December 2013

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Prisoners of War!

Standing there behind the wire fence
Staring at their cold hearted guards
Dressed in old dirty rags, they watch
knowing their demise is on the cards

Bare footed they have trudged along
Wandering how long until their death
They`ve existed through this hell hole
Just waiting to take their last breath

They hadn`t done anything wrong
Caught up in these terrible things
But now they were going to die
These were chains around them, not strings!

The silence is pierced by a scream
Followed quickly by a gun shot
Then all went quiet once again
Not just shocked, they were all distraught

But their guards did not seem bothered
They just carried on as usual
Some lit up smokes to keep going
Others stood around all casual

No one knew who`d be the next one
As they shuffled forward again
Was this violence necessary?
They were all going to be slain

Rat-a-tat-tat silence is broken
The whole area exploding
Gun fire, men running, confusion
There`s a feeling of foreboding

Then out of the blue there comes help
Some blankets and a caring hand
After the guards are defeated
They`re led away from this bad land

All the memories of that war camp
Have changed their outlook as a whole
The friends that were lost for ever
Embedded deep within each soul

I never know where my poetry will lead me and this one is no exception!

© Lissie Bull 2013                

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The forgotten wishing well 

Near the bottom of the garden
dug deep into the hardy ground

there stands a special wishing well
not many folk know it`s around

three feet wide, with it`s sides so straight
very deep you can`t see it`s base
I'm sure if you looked hard enough
you`d be able to see a face

as I have said to you before
this is a very special well
when the new moon is shining bright
drop two coins in and make a spell

if the new moon is bright enough
then your little spell will come true
but please be very careful now
once started you`re to see it through

if you refuse to complete it
there`s a forfeit for you to pay
this may not be very pleasant
but I'm sure you will find a way

take care my inquisitive friend
that`s why the wishing well is here
down the bottom of the garden
no one will see you disappear!!

Stories with a twist are great fun to do!

© Lissie Bull 2013  

Monday, 23 December 2013

Mister Robin

The muffled silence of this winter garden
Sparkling with ice on the branches of trees
The festive season is here once again
Wild life still thrives even through this freeze

For snow has settled on every surface
Paw prints make patterns in the deep crisp snow
There amongst the branches he sits watching
Mister Robin`s bright red waist coat for show

Looking smart as he`s dressed in his finest
His chest puffed out with pride for all to see
Singing his song as he views the garden
From way up high in his snow covered tree

With black beady eyes darting all around
There`s nothing he`ll miss from his world on high
From the fat house cat to the grey pigeon
He`s waiting his supper, he`s so sly !

Love that the festive season has started
For white powered snow is found everywhere
Mister Robin is perched on my apple tree
Looking like a very smart millionaire!             

I remember watching a little red robin in my parents garden, 
It use to sit the handle of my father`s spade.

 © Lis Bull 2013

Working Past!

Stepping back into the past, can this be a mistake?
For what was once a thriving scene can cause pain and heart ache

All is desolation in this sad derelict space 
Fallen plaster, missing doors, not much left of this place

Many smashed window panes letting the wind whistle through
The ceiling has collapsed, not safe for any of the crew

In what was the office, a small tree is now growing
A leaking roof, how bad it is, no one is knowing

I remember when this was a thriving business here
When many worked within these walls, there was much to cheer

As buildings fall into ruin, only memories remain
All that`s left is for nature to take over again

© Lissie Bull 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas Steve

Visited your grave today
Felt a tear run down my face
As I lay  a wreath from us
Feel close to you in this place

Now winter is here again
There`s a bitter wind around
Bare trees and cloudy dark skies
The frost has hardened the ground

You are deep within my heart
We`ll always be together
Each visit we walk hand in hand
No matter what the weather

Your Angel sits by your head
And greets me when I arrive
That`s how I know you`re cared for
Helps me to cope and survive

Memories are important
Especially now we`re apart
Merry Christmas to you Steve
I hold you close in my heart.

 © Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 21 December 2013

The long voyage

Cast off into waters unknown
Adrift in a small wooden craft
A green canvas for protection
Survival then, would be hard graft

A sail though small would have to do
A long with a rudder to guard
Provisions that were really scarce
The journey would be long and hard

As winds began to blow harder
Fear was setting in for the crew
Huddling beneath the canvas
They prayed that they would all get through

Their small lonely boat tossed around
In this huge undulating sea
Those deep waters were so enraged
Would it take or leave them be?

They tried to hang on for dear life
Through high winds and driving rain
Scared right out of their tiny minds
The crew weren't coping with the strain

White crested waves crashed over them
Now the end was surely in sight
They were taking on water badly
Then in the distance they saw light

Shining brightly across the sea
Lighting their way to the coast line
Now they knew they would soon be safe
It was certainly a great sign

There before them was the light house
Standing tall with lights and fog horn
They heard a voice, "It`s lunch time boys"
Mum`s ended their playtime this morn!

Though they were tired, it had been fun
So after lunch they`d travel again
As sailing could be such hard work
Next time they would charter a plane!!

Loved playing imaginary games as a kid!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Wow I can`t believe that I have passed 10,000 views !
Thank you  to all who visited my poetry blog and read my poems.

I am very grateful to all who took the time to go through, I hope you enjoyed them.
Please feel free to leave a comment as feedback is always welcome.

Thank you once again everyone.


Winter Sun

Stillness and silence holds this place
The snow muffling any sound
Trees silhouetted by the sun
Everything`s sparkling around

Dark branches fringed by shining twigs
Looking like a shimmering white beard
Sun light flashes brightly through them
Such an awesome sight, as it`s cleared

Clear bright blue skies above this scene
With a layer of snow everywhere
The sun like a spot light shining
Illuminating these trees with care

This image is a moment in time
A winter postcard looking grand
Bright sun shine shimmering on the snow
Creating a magic wonderland

I was inspired by a photos I found, of white snow, blue sky and the winter sun
Inspiration comes from many different places

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Christmas Tree

There is such a great delight
To see our tree so full of light
Tinsel twinkling for all to see
Filling our hearts with much glee

As the long evenings come around
Our tree sparkles with great abound
The small flashing lights glimmering
All decorations shimmering

Underneath its many green pines
Bright coloured presents with their signs
Lots of different shapes and sizes
With delights in many guises

All waiting there to be unwrapped
Not to be prodded, shaken or tapped
Our wonderful tree looks so great
Its going to be so hard to wait

So when Christmas morning is here
This house will be filled with such cheer
Festive harmony to be achieved
As the presents are given and received

Our Christmas tree will then look sad
Though it is still all tinsel clad
Then to be taken down, I fear!
But it`ll be back again next year

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Death holds no fear.......

Death is but a doorway to another room
It shouldn`t be feared by anyone
We all have to pass through this port hole
It`s something that has to be done

We don`t always enter the same room as others
It maybe a parting of the ways for our friends
But we could all meet up again some other day
These are new beginnings not bitter ends

Death can take us away from our loved ones
And that can be such a hard thing to bare
But remember that separation will not be for long
So think happy thoughts while you send up a prayer

Death is something I am not afraid of now
It is the shedding of out mortal presence here
And moving on to new adventures in new places
The tunnel is full of brightness and hold me no fear....

Having lost so many dear friends and family members, I am not afraid to die,
For I know that I will be with them all again for eternity.

© Lis Bull 2013

Winter Grave

There is snow on your grave today
Foot prints can be seen on the ground
Sensing your presence with me here
Amongst the trees and fields around

There is a big hole in my life
Since you were taken far away
Joining the Angels in Heaven
Knowing we`ll meet again some day

I still feel you deep in my heart
As I'm wrapped in your wings so tight
Feel you whispering in my ear
Keeping my soul on the path of right

Although it maybe cold right now
I feel so much warmth in my heart
You will always remain with me
No matter that we`re far apart

Merry Christmas Steve x

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 13 December 2013

Harshness of life..

The tiny flame flickers
Struggling to exist
Not wanting to die
As a draft whips through
Chilling me and you

It dimly lights the room
Highlighting its bareness
With wooden floor boards
And cracked glass panes
Over looking lanes

Life is tough here
Living hand to mouth
But we manage to get by
Watching out for each other
As there is no other

Huddled under a blanket
Against the cold weather
The flame just survives
As the window rattles
We fight our battles

Keep the candle lit
It is our sign of hope
As we try to exist
Our cold bare space
In the barren place

Even a cold bare space can be called your place,  your home.
We should be grateful for the things we have.

© Lis Bull 2013

The air could be cut with a knife
Atmosphere felt so electric
With tensions sizzling madly
This place had become so hectic

All the lies and deceit that`s felt
There`s so much humiliation
The pain of being hurt so deep
Creating so much frustration

Makes you feel so low in spirit
Need fresh air for you to survive
If nothing`s helps, look to the gods
Maybe then you would feel alive

Much rage, depression and anger
Emotions felt from deep within
Need to defuse these situations
Step away think and let calm in!

Battles, arguments and disputes are always unpleasant, but they can be settled with love

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Your Angel Friend

Your Angel is a precious friend
A connection between heaven and earth
Sent down to hold you when all is sad
And help you to realise your worth

Celebrating your joys of life too
Dancing with you along your path
Carrying you through the bad times
Easing of your rage and wrath

Teaching you hope as you walk through life
Forgiveness of all  and mercy too
Bringing a peace you have never known
A harmonious centre within you

With a big loving heart that cares
This connection is very strong
Wrapping it`s wings around you so tight
Remaining with you your whole life long

We all should remember that our Angels are there through good times and bad ones,
They don`t ever leave our side.

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Woodland Peace

Strolling through a quiet woodland
dappled sun light filtering through
spreading soft glows upon the ground
revealing a swaying carpet of blue

muffled in the silence of this place
stillness fluttering through the sun shine
alone in this peacefulness
knowing that all of this is mine

the sun catches a wing in flight
a sound is heard but nothing seen
then eerie silence closes in
this wonderful woodland of green

where ever we are at this moment
may we find pure tranquillity
seeking peace with nature all around
so we can live in harmony

Walking through peaceful woodlands still your aching spirit.

© Lis Bull 2013

Christmas Wishes

The tree is decorated
Hung up all the trimmings too
Cards and presents all prepared
Time to spend Christmas with you

Stockings hung from the mantel piece
While the roaring log fire warms
Watching the snow falling outside
As the landscape slowly transforms

What will Santa be giving this year
To all the good girls and boys
They will have to wait til the morn
For their presents of sweets and toys

So taking this moment to relax
Before the festive season starts
Just want to wish a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of our hearts.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

© Lis Bull 2013


Never judge a book by its cover
Flick through its pages to learn more
Then you will really see what`s there
And so trust can be won for sure

Respect and trust have to be earned
So taking this process nice and slow
Means that it`s not taken for granted
Read each chapter thoroughly as you go!

Taking time to earn that special trust
Knowing exactly what the other needs
But remember to never betray
It is hard to undo bad deeds

Remember to check the book out
You will always learn more as you go
Trust is an important thing to have
So respect it your whole life though!

Trust is a very important thing and should be respected by all

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Past, present and future

The past should not be forgotten
It`s something you go through
Sharing all that you`ve achieved
Memories that will stay so true

Sadly some were not so good
Memories that make you strong
And appreciate all that`s around you
Staying with you your whole life long

The present is the here and now
The power house of existence
Memories that are being formed
With family and friends assistance

You are making your own future
This is where all the fun will start
Your actions, words and emotions
Are forged and stored in your heart

The future is still in your hands
Up to you to make them happen
Depending on the path you take
Could shape your life and passion
The future is still to be made
Something to look forward too
Exciting times ahead for all
Making memories your whole life through.

Yesterday you had
Tomorrow you will find
Today is here and now!

© Lis Bull 2013


Paper wings fluttering on the wind
Bright colours flashing through the light
Many shimmering tones in the sun
Warming up together, before flight

Silently assembling in great hoards
Drawing strength as one in the day
Reds, whites, purples and pale blues
Catching attention in a big way.

While flitting from flower to flower
Tasting that wonderful nectar there
These majestic creatures feed
Using their long tongues with flair

Wonderful insects for all to see
Filling our lives with great pleasure
Bright beautiful butterflies
They are here for us to treasure.

Butterflies are like silent fluttering rainbows, brightening up our world!

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 9 December 2013

Mum`s Taxi

It`s really quite amazing
How my life can twist and turn
One moment I`m sat at home
Then I`m off to drive and learn

Collecting friends from the station
Drive to Lacock in the sun
Or a shopping trip with my friends
Nor forgetting the school run

So remember what the sign says
The one in my car window
"Mum`s Taxi", so I`m the best
I`m here through rain, sun or snow!

Mum`s Taxi is a great occupation and I love it! 

© Lis Bull 2013

Why do we believe in fantasy?

We humans love to be in charge of things we do
However, there are times when we need to be free
Fantasies are just the ticket for this need
They fit the bill so perfectly for you and me

We can be who ever or whatever we want
Fly, do magic, be strong and always do what's right
Dragons, Vikings even modern day heroes too
Fantasies are there to keep our sanity in sight.

To be able to delve in and out of these worlds
Is so good for the soul. We all need time to chill
We have to be careful not to muddle them up
But the chase of the prey always gives us such a thrill  !!

So to sum up, fantasies are good for us all
They take us away from our stress and strain
We all need to flit in and out of these worlds
There is nothing to lose, just everything to gain !

Fantasies are great as long as we don`t let them take over our lives.

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Good Morning!

The sun is now awakening
Peeping over the garden wall
Shadows creeping across the grass
Stimulating the morning call

Trees and buildings silhouetted
Against bright oranges and reds
As the darkness slowly brightens
People are rising from their beds

Another new day is here again
It promises to be a good one
Wonder what events will transpire
Hope there`s plenty of love and fun

The sun is shining oh so brightly
There`s much for us to see and do
So it`s good morning to the world
Another day is here for you

I love the mornings, sun rise, and new start .......time to wake up and have a new adventure!

© Lis Bull 2013

The Sun Key
In my hand I hold a key
It`s a very special one
For the lock that it undoes
Will release to me the sun

For many years it`s been dark
All light`s been locked away
A punishment just for me
Since that fateful winter day

The ice Queen came a calling
The world to freeze was her quest
As I would not obey her
My love she took as a guest

Flying off in her carriage
Back to her frozen Kingdom
I`m left here broken hearted
We have all lost our freedom

Needed to find my loved one
Her kingdom I had to seek
This journey would be epic
This cold was making me weak

Eventually I arrived
The Ice Queen decreed to me
To save my world and lover
I had to search for the key

I spend many month searching
But was let down many times
With the help of some new friends
I found it in warmer climes

Travelling back to the Ice Queen
Though I was very weak  now
I found the queen was bitter
And she wouldn`t keep her vow

My world now a cold winter
The sun had been locked away
In this magical cabinet
I just had to save the day

Offered her my loyalty
She thought she`d defeated me
But it was I that had won
When she found I stole the key

The last thing I remember
Was holding my lovers hand
Setting the sun free again

As the sunshine warmed our land!                 

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 6 December 2013

Wind chimes

Wind chimes spinning in the breeze
Soft noises heard through the air
Gently floating across the garden
Humming like a wish sent on a prayer

Sun catching on the silver discs
Shimmering as they spin around...
Reflecting light across the wall
Filling this paradise with sound

Chimes spinning gently in the sun
Their calming rhythm soothes the soul
And gently stills the beating heart
Helping all to again feel whole

The sound of gentle wind chimes are so relaxing in the summer sun !

© Lis Bull 2013

The Angry Storm

It`s one of those days today
The weather`s in a bad mood
Such a big temper tantrum
So much damaged had been viewed

Winds lashing at everything
Throwing items all around
Whistling through the rafters
Crashing trees down to the ground

High seas thrashing at the coast
White tipped waves raging onward
Smashing up against the land
Yet we mustn't be conquered

Roads and bridges have been closed
Sand bags are at the ready
This storm is pretty angry
Have to keep going steady

Fiercely raging tempest
Battering us all the way
All frozen, soaked and tired too
A turmeric kind of day

Have to let this tantrum clear
For this turmoil will soon cease
Then we`ll pick up the pieces
For once its over there`s peace

5th December 2013

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 5 December 2013

All alone
Proudly in the garden
Coal for eyes
Carrot for a nose
Pipe in his mouth
Smiling happily
All watchful
In a white landscape
Red scarf around his neck
Black buttons down his front
Twigs sticking out for the arms
Looking so smart standing here
Amongst all this wintry scenery 
Watching out for Father Christmas
So then he can go join his friends
At the festive season celebrations
For our winter wonderland guard
Standing there in our garden
Merry Christmas everyone!

                                                                                        © Lis Bull 2013

My Heavenly Moon
This tiny speck of light
Shining through the dark so bright
Way up so high in the sky
Where angelic angels fly
This orb of fire that I see
What, I wonder could it be
Floating slowly along blinking
Smiling down on me and winking
It feels good to see it there
Sparkling with so much flair
This sweet heavenly sphere
That fills me with much cheer
Hope to see you again real soon
My heavenly bright shiny moon

On a clear night, it`s great to see the bright shiny orb we call the moon!

© Lis Bull 2013


On top the tree
Our Christmas Tree
Tinsel and many baubles
Bright sparkling lights that flash
Our beautifully tall festive tree
Not forgetting all the chocolate Santas
At the bottom there are many different presents
Some small little packages and others large and lumpy
All so brightly wrapped with ribbons and bows
Casting shadows where the cat could go and hide
Wondering if she will sniff out her present before the day
Each family has its own traditions when celebrating Christmas
So let us all
Give thanks
So Merry
                                                                                                 © Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

All different shapes
With wonderful designs
Sparkling as they drift down in the winter breeze
Feeling each one as they land on my skin
Watching the snowflakes floating by
Each beautiful flake has a unique pattern
Covering the cold ground in a thick white blanket
Leaving traces on the windows
Melting on my red nose
Beautiful sparkling snowflakes, you just have to love them!
© Lis Bull 2013

Lovers Candles

In the centre of this wooden floor

Two tall white candles can be found
Standing in their shallow saucers
Silently waiting, not making a sound

These candles belonged to some lovers
Who have been sadly separated
For what should have been happy times
Were now mournful scenes that are hated

With these candles lit, small flames seen
In this bare room, that shone bright
When suddenly the lovers were split
These special candles lost their light.

The room had been filled with loud shouts
And a struggle that didn`t succeed 
Then silence fell upon this bare place
After such a sad and awful deed

Extinguishing those lonely candles
Was astonishing to watch the smoke
Forming the two lovers faces kissing
A lasting image on this floor of oak

I was inspired by a photo of two smoking candles
Within the smoke of each candle two faces were seen kissing.

© Lissie Bull 2013