Sunday, 15 December 2013

Death holds no fear.......

Death is but a doorway to another room
It shouldn`t be feared by anyone
We all have to pass through this port hole
It`s something that has to be done

We don`t always enter the same room as others
It maybe a parting of the ways for our friends
But we could all meet up again some other day
These are new beginnings not bitter ends

Death can take us away from our loved ones
And that can be such a hard thing to bare
But remember that separation will not be for long
So think happy thoughts while you send up a prayer

Death is something I am not afraid of now
It is the shedding of out mortal presence here
And moving on to new adventures in new places
The tunnel is full of brightness and hold me no fear....

Having lost so many dear friends and family members, I am not afraid to die,
For I know that I will be with them all again for eternity.

© Lis Bull 2013

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