Monday, 31 August 2015

 Standing Alone....

Forsaken and alone, I stand
unable to speak my desires
so I`ll let my pen flow for me
releasing my story from deep with
allowing my soul to find peace

(C) 2015 Bull Lissie
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Sunday, 30 August 2015

First Love

The blush of true love blossoms
as eyes meet for the first time
wondering where this could lead them
for love has no reason or rhyme

a touch, a kiss, a cuddle
knowing they want to be together
Whispered nothings in their ears
they`d love each other for ever

planning a secret meeting
so their love can be explored
a tender stroke, a gesture
if mum knew, she`d be appalled!!

but their love could not be stopped
as they had to see it through
both had to be together
for their love, they knew, was true.

That first love is so exciting, mysterious and there is such a desire.  We have all been through is or will go through it some time in our lives.

© Lis Bull 2013
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The lose of a life is hard to bear
but the closer that person, oh the despair
feels like a piece of your has been ripped out
nothing to hold onto, but to scream and shout

The questions that linger upon your lips
as upside down your whole life now flips
it's so differcult for the ones left behind
as you try to gather all the memories you can find

There's a great big whole where once love was found
now it's torn away, buried six feet under ground
bereavement is something we all go through
a painful journey that's hard to bare too

So as the grieving continues to flow
the love that you shared will constantly grow
though the loss of a loved one tears you apart
never fear, they will remain deep in your heart

© Lissie Bull 2015

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cupcakes and tea. .!

British summer time is here
let's have cupcakes and tea
sat out in my garden
peaceful tranquility

freshly brewed tea in china
full plates of tasty delights
they're almost too good to eat
so we'll in small nibble Bites

succulent creations
scrumptiously delicious
artistically decorated
fulfilling all my wishes

great swirls of sweet icing
moist over each base pipped
one for this treasured treat
teatime in my special place

(C) 2015 Bull Lissie

Friday, 28 August 2015

Comforting hugs.

The look in her eyes told him everything
pools of sorrow oozing from deep inside
there was such pain locked up within them
she couldn't cry, just needed to confide

for the eyes are the windows to your soul
her inner despair was there to be viewed
all crumpled as if she had been badly crushed
he needed to cheer up her depressed mood

so wrapping her tightly in his strong arms
a tear started to trickle down her cheek
he did all that he could to console her
as she stood there like a lost child, all meek

as they embraced, she started to relax
the tears began to flow more freely
this helped her to release all her tension
it showed that they loved each other deeply.

I was so taken by the love and care shown by a friend to his fiance when she was so upset,
it was very emotional, this poem was the result of that.

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pulsating Beat.....

there`s anticipation in the air
as the arena comes alive
murmurings and laughter
for this place starts to thrive

instruments on full view
drums, mic, guitars and bass
all that`s wanted is the band
come on! let crank up the pace

then as the lights flash on
to the shouts from the crowd
thumping beat of the music
feeling the pulse good and loud

for as they strut their stuff
racing around the stage
hyping up the audience
almost into a rage

screaming out the lyrics
head banging to the beat
all are dripping with sweat
in this pulsating heat

no one wants this to end
but sadly the gig will cease
encore done and stage now still
we step out into the peace!

© Lissie Bull 2015
Image by kennethSoldfjeld on DeviantArt

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Life hurts.....!

A love that's lost
my heart ripped out
laughter turns to tears
want to scream and shout

deep pain felt within
embitters the soul
death starts from the core
then freezes the whole!

shutting souls light out
for how can I live
my spirit will die
I've no more to give

© Lissie Bull 2015
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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


as the moon`s arc crosses the sky
surrounded by a million stars
ever travelling along it`s path
casting an eerie light over the earth
as onward through the heavens it goes......!

© Lissie Bull 2015

Monday, 24 August 2015

Steel Dinosaurs

Seen against a sunset back drop
standing tall above the harbour
dinosaurs from a bygone era
reflected in these rippling waters
cold hard steel dark against the sky
like robots working the cargoes
of the great tall wooden ships
that sailed the world's seven seas!
this industrial area
stands as a testimony to time
of health, wealth and prosperity
this place was once a mighty town

© Lissie Bull 2015

As the sun goes down it's time for rest
after a busy day of Angel duties
each little cherub rubs their eyes
and heads up to their bed
for all playful angels need their sleep

© Lissie Bull 2015

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Life`s Road

We walked along life`s road awhile
shared all it`s twists and turns
helped each other in times of need
then sat and watched the sunset
before saying our goodbyes....!

© Lissie Bull 2015
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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Master Penguin. 

This jolly little feathered friend
dressed up in black and white
with wings that will not let him fly
waddling through snow, quite a sight

Agile in these icy waters
Seeking out his food Abound
Amongst his group as he dives
happy like a kid in a playful mood

huddled together through bad weather
Protecting the Next Generation
Storms may rage about him snowy
as he shows great Dedication

This little penguin Intrepid
smartly dressed in his fine attire
Surviving in this snow bound landscape
with his great heart so full of fire!

© Lissie Bull 2014

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Be Free......

Rules are there to be broken
boundaries to be blown away
what we need us to be set free
let us race through fields all day

Locked doors should be thrown open
and window's there to let light in
for life's best when walls are knocked down
so smile and laugh, and lets begin.....!

(c) Lissie Bull  2015
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Heightened Emotions....

Tensions running high
the air thick with emotion
silence felt hard against us
love is like a deadly potion

Unable to read your mind
as you sit across the table
your features hidden in shadow 
friction makes us so unstable 

Your eyes ever watchful
they reflect the candle light
passion heightened, what will be
at this lateness of the night ?

(c) Lissie Bull 2015

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Friends for life
Rebels together
Independent yet joined
Empowering each other
Never far from the heart
Dependable in a crisis
Serious at times
Hilarious at others
Incredible mind links
Precious treasure to know !

© Lissie Bull 2015
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Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Summer time is golden
in colours and emotions
warmth of the sun on our skin
laughing at all commotions

picnics in the countryside
chasing butterflies through grass
curled up with a good book
and lemonade in a tall glass

lazy, relaxing holidays
watching the dogs at play
time spend with families
a great way to spend the day

as the evening decends
bright colours create a sight
time to chill and chat together
as sunny days turn to night

© Lissie Bull 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015

Sweet Dreams....

As the sun dips down slowly
a thousand stars light up the sky
dream time descends upon your heart
painting wonderful scenes in your mind
as you drift away the night in slumber...!

© Lissie Bull 2015

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Snakes and Feathers

Tender touch of soft feathers
against the cold blade of steel
lightness in beauty is found
crossing paths with the snake

lushes downy warmth beneath
 marble pattern forged metal
light as a feather against
this sleek lethal weapon

how does such opposites
come together so well 
a wondrous combination
of crafted blade and beauty!

© Lissie Bull 2015
Image by Ugrik and found on DeviantArt

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Weapons to Rainbows

The air feels heavy
pressure pushing down
skies dark and foreboding
a storm`s coming to town

there's a silence felt
like a pause in time
shrouding the whole area
muffling the clock chime

as the storm rolls in
day light disappears
thunder rumbles through
playing on inner fears

streaks of electricity
descend from the heavens
loud clashes of thunder
sounds like gods mighty weapons

rain lashes down hard
beating against the windows
we'll ride out this fierce storm
until we spy the rainbows

© Lissie Bull 2015
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Pet Memorial Poems

I was asked at the weekend if I could put a photo of  beloved cat behind my poem "Feline Friends"
This I was really happy today.
It got me thinking though......I could offer this to other owners who have lost their pets and would like a memento to keep their memory alive.

Therefore I am happy to offer this to all cat and dog owners. 
a poem over a photo of their pet, mounted and framed.
here are two possible poems, but if you require one of my other poemes or a new one then that can be arranged,

If you are interested in this, then please feel free to contact me

Feline Friends

Dirty foot prints across my work top
Neatly stacked papers knocked to the ground
A whisker lies there on the pillow
There has to be a cat some where around

Hear a jingling of a tiny bell
The soft meow from inside a box
Or a padding of paws across the boards
Purring as steady as the house clocks

Crashing of a vase that`s been knocked over
To the howling under the moon at night
Our feline friends are part of the family
Snuggled up asleep, so every thing`s alright

© Lis Bull 2013

Garden Mischief!

Love to watch you playing
scampering all around
bounding across the garden
paws hardly touching the ground

With your black eyes sparkling
and big ears flapping in the air
pink tongue lolling as you run
happily playing without a care!

What cheeky mischief do you plan
as you skid around the corner
chasing after your chewed ball
the playful king of disorder!

Panting as you come to a halt
with a madly wagging tail
then off for another lap
all this fun I can't curtail.

Later on that afternoon
there's silence in the garden
a snoozing pup is all that's found
his mischief, I will pardon!

© Lissie Bull 2015

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What mother taught us....

Red sky at night looks pretty
and can bring you some comfort
but red sky in the morning
could leave your life so distort

the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
we shouldn't count your chicken
before they hatch, things could get tense

beware of foxes dressed as sheep
they`re out to take what ever`s yours
so stay close to whom you trust
and lock the door to your stores

never take things for granted
all that glitters is not gold
be careful who you call friend
you can`t always trust the old

so what ever happens in life
listen to what your mother said
lest you forget her good advice
for one day you may end up dead

always remember the advice your mother gave you
for one day it may be really important....!

© Lissie Poems 2014.

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Fairy lights

Under a blanket of fairy lights
someone turned off the sun
allowing the stars to twinkle bright
dancing around the large orb of moon
a stillness all around, snuggling me tight

© Lissie Bull 2015

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Monday, 10 August 2015

That face......

Those eyes are windows to the soul
Your smile,  the gateway to happiness
The kiss,  so tender and loving
Soft skin to caress all stress away
As your face lights up my heart....!

© Lissie Bull 2015

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Painting with words

 The ink in my pen forms the words
that flow into pictures
created from my emotions I feel deep within
dancing across the paper of life
forming rich paintings with words....

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

To celebrate the Bristol Balloon Fiesta!

flying high
in the deep blue sky
as we're floating on silently
experiencing freedom finally
over many a woodland and town
wondering where we'll come down
there's such amazing  views from here
safe and  sound, nothing for you  to fear
finding yourselves traveling across water
it's good knowing your pilot won't  falter
the heat of the burners above your head
the earth  now seen before you spread
as you look to land safe and sound
here  below upon  the ground
a voyage of sheer delight
on this balloon flight
                                                                      \         I         /
                                                                       \        I        /
                                                                        \       I       /

                                                                      that was fun
                                                                      Thank you !

Happy Ballooning!!

(c) Lissie Bull 2015

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Dappled sunlight flickers through the branches
Specks of dust and leaves floating in the breeze
A blanket of silence fills the forest air
Broken only, as a startled deer flees.

The forest floor is carpeted in blue
As I slowly walk along the wooded way
Birds and animals active all around me
Never seen, but watching me as they play.

A set of wings fly silently passed me
As with elegance, the creature glides on
Only the movement of air is left behind
Before you know it, the spectacle is gone.

The sudden crack of a twig beneath my foot
Sounds so loud amongst the woodland scene
It echoes around the many ancient trees
Silence wrapping it up in forest green.

© Lis Bull 2012

Image by Chris Denney found on Pinterest

Friday, 7 August 2015

This Black Heart

Across this crisp white paper 
roses on words so visible
black petals draped over ink
emotions so physical

velvet soft to the touch
laid there for all to see
dying slowly like my soul
seen so distressingly 

my pen expressing passions
 this black heart`s now felt
flowing from deep within me
 a deathly blow that's dealt

this scene is but a moment
 words caught up in time
for this black rose will perish
like our love, both have past their prime

 © Lissie Bull 2015
image by Crysrelheartwarrior

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Play Mates

Racing round the garden
chasing after lots of toys
chasing in and out of flowers
jumping at every noise

round and round the kitchen
up and down the stairs
skidding in the hall way
or hiding behind the chairs

then after some tasty treats
it`s tine for a playful cuddle
then it`s off outside again
to cause some more trouble

so after a boisterous  day
you`ll find us in a furry heap
exhausted from all this fun 
curled up and fast to sleep

 © Lissie Bull 2015

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Stone Heart

  A heart sculptured in stone
ever captured for eternity
shaped in love but so cold
frozen in time, a memory

single love, yet one of many
caught up in this creation
shrouded in deep mystery
beating with temptation

through golden hues it`s seen
 carved beautifully in stone
this heart reflects great light
tenderness felt , yet still alone

 © Lissie Bull 2015

Imaged by recycledrelatives  

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Latest Project

I am currently working on a book of poems
for Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
I have written 10 cat poems and 10 dog poems
The idea is to have them ready for Holly hedge Fun Day Event
at Ashton Court on 20th September.
10% of each sale will go to Holly hedge 
helping them to continue their work with rehousing cats and dogs.

if any of you can help in any way or know of any helpful printer 
or publisher who would be willing to help a needy cause
I would be really grateful, as I know the animals would be too

to find out more about Holly hedge and the ways you can help 
please click on the link below.

Fingers crossed that it all works out


Monday, 3 August 2015

Lone Piper

By the shores of the loch Lomond
a solitary piper does stand
silhouetted by the evening light
standing proud with bagpipe in hand

music floating across the waters
serenading all of nature
this symbol of Scottish tradition
creating an amazing a picture

colours reflected over the surface
as the dark shadows grow longer
music flows across the valley
while the light of the moon shines stronger

so as the sun dips below the mountains
and darkness spreading through the land
this lone piper continues to play
as the Scottish night takes command

 © Lissie Bull 2015

Great comment I have received about my poem

Love Stone Stack

Hey Lissie!!..........I haven't read a lot of your stuff (my bad)............this is an excellent write my every aspect............your pic combined with your immaculate phrasing........creates the perfect deliver this VERY moving subject matter.............I think anyone who has lost a loved one.............will relate to this (and that's most of us).............some fantastic phrasing here adding to a perfectly well conceived..........and beautifully delivered piece.........well done !!.............Love and Rockets!!..............T xo

just wanted to share this with you !

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Timothy, an army explosive sniffer dog, wears the helmet of a soldier who placed it on his head at the site of a car loaded with explosives that was detonated by an army anti-bomb squad in Pradera, southwestern Colombia in 2012.

Canine Soldier.!

War Zones around the world
where man and dog work together
braving bombs and poisonous gas
plus snipers in all types of weather

they`re emotionally connected
and support their military squad
fighting against great tyranny
and enemies serving their god !

 comrades in arms against the enemy
braving shrapnel from a bomb blast
each dog remains with their handler
doing more then they have been asked

the trust that is found between them
a bond that will not be betrayed
companionship that`s the strongest
 at rest or defending the blockade

for man and dog united in a cause
standing proud together in armour
as they risk their lives to protect
serving our great country with honour

 © Lissie Bull 2015

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This is a poem I wrote 3 years ago and I thought I would share it with yu again....

A Summer`s Day

Time to surrender
to the summer time
long warm sunny days
under the bright sunshine

long meandering walks
through narrow green ways
passing all the fields
seeing the animals graze

hedgerows come to life
birds nesting all around
rabbits, voles and moles
their homes dug underground

picnics by the river
paddling, having fun
building dams with rocks
playing in the sun

retiring to the pub
drinks in the evening sun
chatting about the day
fun for everyone.

Long idyllic sunny days, the wonderful English countryside....what more could anyone we all enjoy the summer time.

© Lis Bull 2012 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Emily and Jon

Please note and understand
I do not hate you Emily
I never have hated you
yes you can be hard work
emotional and sometimes needy
childish and even annoying
so please don't tell me how I feel
I do not hate you Jon
you have been there for me
in my darkest hours
maybe to much in the past
I am very much aware
and eternally grateful

I am sadly depressed
too much has passed under the bridge
life can be very cruel
as it is for many people
we all have to work together
not argue, shout or bawl
I do not hate you Emily
I'll not be dictated to
or told how I should feel

So come on take a breath
and get back on track again
I know that you love each other
the whole world knows that too
but all this lovey dovey stuff
needs to be toned down a bit!

Unfortunately love can hurt
and the shouting gets me down
I am only human
and therefore have feelings
all this yelling that goes on
has really got to stop
the air in this house can be bitter
and brings everybody down
I don't hate you both
I never have at all
I'm stuck in a deep rut
no partner or parents to talk to

You both have promised things
but don't follow through
Emily finds herself isolated
feeling pushed out or lost
but is only a "call" away
you both have to realize
just how lucky you are
for with all this technology
there's no excuse for pain

So please don't tell me
the way that I should feel
or how I should be acting
all I want is stability
not a war zone on my doorstep
remember others live here
and they're entitled to peace too!

When the time is right
you'll fledged from your home here
and begin a new stage in life
together in harmony
to continue on your journey
until then, have some respect
work with me, keep me informed
and remember I know how I feel!!
and I don't hate you both
I just want us all to be happy!

(c) Lissie Bull 2015

Play time.....

 come and play with me
lets run around the garden
pouncing and chasing toys
along the road to stardom

with tail wagging
while I`m panting in the sun
so many distractions
as we play tag is so much fun

I've just found a ball
lets have a game of chase
try and take it from me
and after you I`ll race

what`s that buzzing sound?
or that scent I can smell
there`s such a lot see
please don`t break the spell

when the day is over
and supper time is called
you`ll find me all tired out
and in my big basket sprawled

    © Lissie Bull 2015