Monday, 31 December 2012

Silence of the snow

A white blanket covers the land
Cotton wool over fields and lanes
A silence muffles everything
As stillness takes over our world
The sky feels so heavy above us
Waiting to release all its weight
The land sits warily below
To see what the heavens will do
Foot prints run across the landscape
As its owner tries to find food
A tail or an ear maybe seen
Through drifts as it goes scurrying by
An owl above hovers on the breeze
Its keen eyes looking for some prey
Against the bright white of the snow
Its meal can be seen so clearly
From the comfort of my window
I can watch the world silently
The wintery scene`s so beautiful
A wondeful landscape to behold

Chatting to my friends in the states, as they cope with all the snow, Im struck by it beauty and peace rather than the hassle it brings.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cat amongst the presents...

I see a little nose peeping through
All the wrapped presents under the tree
Pointed ears twitching through the bows
As your loud purrs are heard happily

It`s so funny to watch you pounce
Amongst all the torn wrappings
Your tail swishing as you jump around
The Christmas decorations and trappings

Tail in the air and your head on the ground
Bottom wiggling as you`re ready to pounce
Then there`s a flurry of fur darting by
As a bright coloured gift goes bounce

It`s funny to see all the fun you`ve had
Dashing and scurrying all around
But now you have tired yourself out
Looking through, there`s only a purring sound

Christmas is fun for us all and very amusing for our pets too.  I have two mischievous cats.  it`s so funny to watch them chase after all the presents and torn wrapping papers, until they tire themselves out and curl up asleep amongst the mess, purring  contentivily.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

True Christmas

On Christmas eve it was so cold
Like it was all those years before
As a couple tried to find a room
But they're only offered a stable floor

Amongst the hay and ox and ass
The saviour of the world was born
Laid in a manger warm and safe
Watched over by Mary, `til the morn

There were shephards in the field
All guarding their flock by night
When a heavenly host appeared
Telling them of the child, with delight

Leaving to visit the baby
Travelling to the little stable
Baring gifts for baby Jesus
Showing him love, as they were able

Mary takes this all to her heart
God has told her, he was precious
So as we gather altogether
Let`s remember that first Christmas

In this day and age, Christmas seems to be about presents, food, decorations and cards, but that was not how it use to be.  Maybe it`s time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus.

Merry Christmas to you all !!

© Lissie Bull 2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

New Tune

Sat here on my lonely step
Wondering what went wrong
The world is spinning round me
And I`ve forgotten my song

This tune goes on in my head
But the words are never there
Need a way to remember
Sat here in total despair

Move to a different step now
May help me think it all through
I want to get this right so
I can sing my song to you

It`s a very special song
And it means a lot to me
Just need to get the words right
For it fills my heart with glee

When I`ve worked out all the words
And the tune fits perfectly
I will stand on the top step
And sing to you happily

I feel I am stuck with an old tune in my head, this poem is about finding the words to an old tune to help me move on to new things. Maybe a new path to follow or a new phase in my life.  When the words are right, I know I will be able to sing my new song and move forward.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The daft side of Christmas

It must be Christmas time again
The latest toys are on the shelves
And the queues are getting longer
Santa`s lucky, he has his elves

Battling through the crowds again
Loads of shopping bags to carry
As I`m struggling with the car keys
Why can`t I have my own fairy?

Fought hard to put the tree up
Untangled many miles of lights
Wrapped presents sit under the tree now
Promising many joys and delights

Mistletoe hangs over the door
To catch the unsuspecting man
Carols played on the radio
As some snores are heard from nan

A jumble of cards on the mantle
Turkey`s nicely cooking away
The family`s crammed altogether
As we celebrate Christmas Day !

I love Christmas time very much, and I am pleased when Christmas day goes well.  However before that, there is so much going on and the stress and strain of the shopping, tree etc.  This poem tells that side.
Merry Christmas !

© Lis Bull 2012

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Season

Christmas time is here once again
It`s that wonderful time of year
Secrets, surprises and presents
Brings much merriment and cheer

The Christmas tree is looking good
Now decorated and lights lit
The presents bought and all wrapped up
Radio`s playing the latest hit!

The festive season is really here
Cards and goodwill are all around
Mistletoes hangs over the door
There`s laughter and joy abound

It`s great for all to come together
To be with friends and family
Christmas is a time for giving
Sharing presents under the tree

So the message for this Christmas
That we should show some love and care
Be kind and gentle to one another
It`s always good to give and share.

I love Christmas time and like other people it`s great to have the family together,  but there are people who can`t  and that is sad.  this poem is about giving and sharing not just asking and getting things we want.   Merry Christmas.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Birthday Wishes

My birthday wish is so special
A secret one for me to make
Close my eyes tight before I do
For once it`s make, it should not break

There are many things to wish for
Health, happiness and lots of fun
Maybe that necklace and earrings
Or that dress,  is a great one

It doesn`t matter what age I am
Love celebrating it this way
I`m excited to cast mine now
And make a wish on my birthday !

It was my birthday the other day, and my kids bought me a lovely cake. My daughter carried in to the sitting room with candle burning.   "Come on mum, make a wish ", I was told, so I closed my eyes, wished , then blew out the candles.  To be honest, I enjoyed this tradition and was reminded of my child hood birthdays,,,, good memories !!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Wintery Morning

I get out of bed and ready
Outside it`s cold and crispy
Wrapped up in coat and scarf
With gloves and keys in hand
The car is covered in ice
Encased in a layer of white
There`s scraping to be done!
It takes some time to clear
With billowing clouds of breath
The chore is now complete
Engine roaring, heater blowing
All strapped in for the ride
The car is steaming up!
It`s now time to set off
And explore the wintery world

I have had to get up early this weekend, and found the car all frozen over, fun and games to clear it, before we are able to drive off !!

® Lissie Bull 2012