Sunday, 16 December 2012

The daft side of Christmas

It must be Christmas time again
The latest toys are on the shelves
And the queues are getting longer
Santa`s lucky, he has his elves

Battling through the crowds again
Loads of shopping bags to carry
As I`m struggling with the car keys
Why can`t I have my own fairy?

Fought hard to put the tree up
Untangled many miles of lights
Wrapped presents sit under the tree now
Promising many joys and delights

Mistletoe hangs over the door
To catch the unsuspecting man
Carols played on the radio
As some snores are heard from nan

A jumble of cards on the mantle
Turkey`s nicely cooking away
The family`s crammed altogether
As we celebrate Christmas Day !

I love Christmas time very much, and I am pleased when Christmas day goes well.  However before that, there is so much going on and the stress and strain of the shopping, tree etc.  This poem tells that side.
Merry Christmas !

© Lis Bull 2012

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