Friday, 30 December 2016

Life`s Puzzle

Life is just a puzzle
made up many pieces
interlocking together
as the picture increases

all the different parts
together, make it whole
a photograph of our lives
but are we in control ?

as this puzzle gets larger
new people will appear
building a bigger picture
that's changing every year

for as we grow older
more pieces will be found
to slot into their places
fitting into their surround

for this puzzle never ends
each piece is so unique
it`s the story of our lives
and shrouded in mystique

© Lissie Bull 2014
image by shutter-shooter-Deviantart

I was reading some Nursery Rhymes to a friend`s daughter  and she loved Little Miss Riding Hood.  She asked me to write a version for her.  This is the result and I`m pleased to say little Katie loved it !

Little Miss Red...!

Little Miss Red
got up out of bed
to go and visit her gran

picks up her coat
and a five pound note
running out of her caravan

through the dark wood
dressed in her red hood
and her basket on her arm

feels someone is there
sees a fox, what a scare !
but she`d never came to harm

for in her pockets
by a packet of Lockets
she carries a little pistol 

if he comes near
he can join that bear
sweeping the streets of Bristol !

so off she skips
a smile on her lips
can`t wait to see her Grandmother

she`ll have such fun
playing out in the sun
best place to be all through the summer  !

© Lissie Bull 2016
Image found on pinterest

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wintry Scene 

A deathly silence is felt
across an icy frost 
that covers this land
muffling all of nature 

grass like fur stands 
white against the light
frozen in this moment
all crusted in frost

this wintry scene 
in many hues of greys
covering this earth
causing the air to chill !

© Lissie Bull 2016
photo taken by fallen-cherubim
on Deviantart 

Foggy Journey 

Travelling through country lanes
with fields swathed in mists
as the thick fog descended
an eerie atmosphere exists

Fog oozes across the landscape
decreasing visibility
the countryside loses all colour
for it slows down mobility

Trees take on such ghostly shapes
livestock blends into the background
muffled sensations are felt
throughout the journey there`s no sound

It was as if clouds had landed
covering everything in sight
shrouding all the scenery
as we travelled home through the night!

Got caught in the fog on the way home yesterday, it was so dense and eerie too...

© Lissie Bull 2016

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Dear Father......

Strange to hear your voice
for it`s been so many years
I hardly recognised you
brought me so close to tears

for I walked away from you
after you hurt me so bad
I vowed never to return
never to call you my dad !

sadly you made your choice
and it did not include me
so I closed the door on you
wanted everyone to let me be 

then, out of the blue, you called
your voice was weak with age
still not understanding why
I have flown free from your cage

Dad, this maybe hard for you
but it`s even harder for me 
I felt such little emotion 
only sadness, hurrt  and pity

© Lissie Bull 2016

Fearsome Dragon and The Young Knight

There was a low grumbling emitted from the cave
outside the entrance were large rocks and many bones
trembling, the young knight stepped forward. his knees knocking
it was so dark in that place and he feared the groans

he knew he had to enter and kill the Dragon
that much was fore told in the book of their great king
but how was he suppose to slay this mighty beast?
with just his sword, he needed to think of something

as he tiptoed forward he heard that sound again
it must be a very angry Dragon in there
the book told of many knights who had gone before
but none had returned alive, he was full of despair

slowly he moved forward, step by step he entered
standing there, he let his eye get use to the dark
he looked around and found many more bones scattered
with a lump in his throat, his quest he had to embark

this young knight started to walk further in the cave
it was very hard to see where he was treading
with his sword in hand he peered around the corner
before him was the dragon, sat on his bedding

the dragon is not as big as he had first thought
large scales and a long tail with a sharp point at the end
its eyes were big and sad as if he`d been crying
the knight was so unsure, should he kill or befriend

feeling in his heart that the dragon wouldn`t hurt him
the knight put down his weapon and smiled at the beast
it nodded its head and sort of smiled back at him
that instant they knew that the hostilities had ceased

from that very moment on, the two were great friends
the dragon showed him the bones were beasts of the wood
the young knight knew he wanted to help the dragon
now he would tell the king that everything was good

so he devised a good plan that would save them both
the knight would slay the dragon and get his reward
the dragon would leave his cave by night and fly off
all would be happy and they would meet up abroad.

the plan worked and all were content for many years
but sadly the truth is that dragons out live knights
so he returned to his cave and resumed his life
reaping mayhem and terror through the winter nights.

I have always been fascinated by knights and dragons and wanted to write a poem about them but with a twist.  I hope you enjoy this one.

© Lissie Poems 2014
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Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Day

The build up to this special day
with all the usual traditions
will always full me with surprise
I have to set the right conditions 

tree is set in the best position
and presents placed correctly
food prepared and smells fabulous
as family to arrive directly

there`s so much anticipation 
all is done in it`s special way
this Festive season has begun
so let`s enjoy our Christmas Day !

© Lissie Bull 2016

Saturday, 24 December 2016


....the love of my life and soul mate
though you have left my side in person
in spirit you remain with me all the time
and in my heart and mind, for certain

I miss you cheeky smile and laughter
along with your soft caring voice
being wrapped up in your loving arms
so sad you were taken without a choice

Steve, my true partner in life
we built up our world together
many memories forged in that time
held deep within my heart forever

so as I stand here at your grave
and lay this Christmas wreath here
let us enjoy a tender moment
for I know that you spirit is near

I love you, my darling Steve

® Lissie Bull 2016

Misty Morn

On this cold and frosty morn
with the clouds riding so low
an eerie mist lingers late
sun struggling to glow

Like a foaming sea rolling through
this cold, damp cloud rumbles in
weaving its way amongst buildings
whilst the sky begins to brighten

Our world wrapped up in a blanket
half submerged within thick grey mist
lingering for many an hour
wintry scene that seems to persist

So as the coldest season starts
this bleak weather is here to stay
thus wrap up warm before you go
and make the most of a wintry day

© Lissie Bull 2016

Friday, 23 December 2016

Ho, Ho, Ho !!

As snow lay on the ground
foot prints scattered everywhere
while throngs of shoppers 
search for some Christmas fare

bright lights and cheery music
excitement for the festivities
children`s laughter could be heard
as they pursued fun activities

loud Ho Ho Ho`s were then heard
followed by a jolly man in red
for Father Christmas has arrived
with many gifts upon his sled.

once enthroned in his grotto
handing out gifts to everyone
as he calls children to his side
until his work is almost done

then with a farewell Ho Ho Ho !
Father Christmas rides away
leaving happy children in his wake
wishing all a great Christmas Day !

© Lissie Bull 2016

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Silence is golden
Or so they say
But I see silence
in a different way

silver is the colour 
that I see stronger
Sparkling so bright
Remaining longer

wrapping me up
in my blanket
feeling so cosy
having no regret

peace all around me
knowing that I am fine
safe in the knowledge
that this silence is mine.

© Lissie Bull 2016


Silence is golden
or so they say
but I see silence
in a silver way

silence is peaceful
shining bright
refreshingly good
sparkling with light

muffling the sounds
all around
so you`re left alone
harmony is found

floating on air
and wondering
whether this will last...
I`m till pondering !

muffling the sounds
all around
so you`re left in peace
harmony is found

© Lissie Bull 2016

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

As Christmas approaches, my thoughts turn to memories of happy family times.
Though the Angels took you away, mum, you will always be by my side.

Love and miss you always  xXx

Daughter to a Mother...

Standing here by the river
feeling your presence by my side
remembering happy times
you were the best, that can`t be denied                    

these flowers are but an earthly gift
signifying my love for you
for a mother`s love is eternal
and never to be forgotten too

you taught me all I know
though I fought you some of the way
now I am a mother myself
I understand what you tried to say

so as I visit the little haven
the sadness I find so hard to hide
but with your love and support
we`ll celebrate the Christmas tide !

® Lissie Bull 2016

Mister Robin

The muffled silence of this winter garden
sparkling with ice on the laden trees
the festive season is here once again
wild life still thrives even through this freeze

for snow has settled on every surface
paw prints make patterns in the deep crisp snow
there amongst the branches he sits watching
Mister Robin`s bright red waist coat for show

with black beady eyes darting all around
there`s nothing he`ll miss from his world on high
from the fat house cat to the grey pigeon
he`s waiting his supper, he`s so sly !

so glad the festive season`s started
for white powered snow is found everywhere
Mister Robin is perched on my apple tree
looking like a very smart millionaire!             

I remember watching a little red robin in my parents garden, 

It use to sit on the handle of my father`s spade.

 © Lis Bull 2016

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

True Christmas

On Christmas eve it was so cold
like it was all those years before
as a couple tried to find a room
but they're only offered a stable floor

amongst the hay and ox and ass
the saviour of the world was born
laid in a manger warm and safe
watched over by Mary, `til the morn

there were shepherds in the field
all guarding their flock by night
when a heavenly host appeared
telling them of the child, with delight

leaving to visit the baby
travelling to the little stable
bearing gifts for baby Jesus
showing him love, as they were able

Mary takes this all to her heart
God has told her, he was precious
so as we gather altogether
let`s remember that first Christmas

In this day and age, Christmas seems to be about presents, food, decorations and cards, but that was not how it use to be.  Maybe it`s time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus.

Merry Christmas to you all !!

© Lissie Bull 2012


A bright flickering flame
snuffed out in a second
extinguished light
darkness beckoned 

swirling drifts of smoke
cause a multitude of shapes
stimulates imagination
each moment it escapes

® Lissie Bull 2016

image taken by alejandroCastillo

Monday, 19 December 2016

Life is full of many balloons
floating freely through nature
brightly coloured in the sun
each one we should treasure

® Lissie Bull 2016

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Each day....

I see you struggle

deeply crushed
in this cancerous grip 
growing weaker
day by day
your life force
draining from you


from deep within

a light shines
though dim
it burns defiantly
determined to exist
never giving up
this fight to live


don't forget

I am always here
to help keep
this light alive
for what ever happens
we have each other

so remember

I love you......!

® Lissie Bull 2015

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Saturday, 17 December 2016


Through the silence I walk
the gentle crunch under my feet
muffled noises all around
as I spy a dim lit seat

For under the park light
a snow covered bench is seen
though cold, it`s quiet inviting
a white throne for a queen

All around is darkness
as this seat sits in a pool of light
crisp foot prints near by
creating a wondrous sight

This scene so fit for royalty
invites me to come and rest a while
though cold, it`s peaceful here
distant light gives it an eerie smile

Leaving my foot prints behind me
I accept the sweet invitation
solitude and quietness
love this wondrous temptation

Inspired by a photo " Solitude" by Valentin GI on DeviantArt

© Lis Bull 2014