Friday, 31 October 2014

Sand Moon

Rippling sands of time
sway across the night sky
undulating by the moon
on its path, arched so high

Silhouetting all about
creating striking designs
across this beautiful orb
leaving sandy fine lines

The bright rays of the moon
spreading light across the lands
shrubs swaying in the foreground
feeling like waving hands

With soft hues of autumn
floating on winged beams
as the moon follows its path
dwelling in the land of dreams

© Lissie Bull 2014

Garden Angels

down among the plants
between the green leaves
watchers are guarding
the flora and the fauna

sweet little angels
all tiny and pink
only just visible
their eyes all seeing

protecting vegetation
disguised as a flower
perched upon the plants
so wonderfully clever

delicately patterned
in pink and purple
swaying in the breeze
these sweet little angels!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Photo entitled "Flower face" taken by aleexdee and found on deviantart

Thursday, 30 October 2014

After Depression

I have been told
I suffer from depression
mental health
they say
that`s not me I`m sure

just being a mother

can get you down
mental stress
more like it
memory loss
a little attention

when times are hard

a helping hand counts
mental friction
loss of confidence
need new start
love and hugs
I've now got it sussed

a little help

goes such a long way
mental care
a kind gesture
chilling time
we`re working together

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image from
Mother's Pride.

Sitting here in my room
listening to my world
my children whom I love
as their lives are unfurled

all happy with each life
doing what they desire
forward on their journey
expectations getting higher

as I listen to them
feeling proud of all they do
from work to education
knowing they love me too!!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Deathly Mixture

dripping gently down
so slowly from above
oozing  and pulsating
never really mixing

reds, blues, silvers
thick, gloopy, syrup
streaking in pattern
deathly existence!

blooded and oil
concoction from hell
as life seeps away
united only in death.....!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image titled "BloodForOil" by stefanweil found on Devianart

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Bird of Perfection

vintage winged creation
worded paper perfection

parchment fanned feather
spread out for fine weather

elegantly crafted creature
a beady eyed treasure

red pastel painted chest
sculptured by the best

beauty from head to tail
this bird of great detail

on slender gripped feet
dark, sleek and complete

perched neatly on my finger
but for a moment to linger 

© Lissie Bull 2014

inspired by a photo entitled Handmade vintage paper and wood Robin, 
taken by ZackMcLaughlin and found on Deviantart

Journey Home

through the pouring rain
under the lamp lights
hardly seen at all

dodging the droplets
found in the bright pools
from bulbs set so tall

through concrete jungles
muted in colours
spot lights on the walls

speckles of sheer light
this cold scene for all

these lonely figures
drenched to the skin
appearing so small

puddles developing
across the sidewalk
trekking becomes a haul

amongst blue and gold
darkness flows around
isolated we`d fall

so as we trudge on
through the wet evening
heads down, a slow crawl

under the lamp light
hunched against the rain
walking home through it all

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image by

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hidden Sleeper..

a gentle purring can be heard
the slight jungle of a bell
there must be a cat somewhere about
creating a mesmerizing spell

look in the warmest spot you know 
and there you`ll find this feline bundle
curled up snug as a bug in a box
all comfy in this urban jungle

it`s quite amazing where she ends up
in these places that are so unique
she`s sleeping soundly out of sight
making this room her own sweet boutique

sleep on, my sweet hidden sleeper
surrounded by books, bags and blocks
purr gently as you continue to dream
in your full but snug cardboard box

© Lissie Bull 2014

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Good Morning!  

morning comes
lights up me world
what will the day bring?
so hope it's good!

sky ablaze with colour
blacks silhouetted
creating pictures
different every day

something to get up for
the order of the day
new adventures
and new friends to make

so get out of bed
smile its a new start
what'll you get up to
enjoy their new dawn !!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 25 October 2014

I don`t hate you.......

Please note and understand
I do not hate you girl
I never have hated you
yes you can be hard work
emotional and sometimes needy
childish and even annoying
so please don't tell me how I feel
I do not hate you boy
you have been there for me
in my darkest hour
maybe to much in the past
I am very much aware
and eternally grateful

I am sadly depressed
too much has passed under the bridge
life can be very cruel
as it is for many people
we all have to work together
not argue, shout or bawl
I do not hate you girl
I'll not be dictated to
or told how I should feel

So come on take a breath
and get back on track again
I know that you love each other
the whole world knows that too
but all this lovey dovey stuff
needs to be toned down a bit!

Unfortunately love can hurt
and the shouting gets me down
I am only human
and therefore have feelings
all this yelling that goes on
has really got to stop
the air in this house can be bitter
and brings everybody down
I don't hate you both
I never have at all
I'm stuck in a deep rut
no partner or parents to talk to

You both have promised things
but don't follow through
this girl finds herself isolated
feeling pushed out or lost
but is only a "call" away
you both have to realize
just how lucky you are
for with all this technology
there's no excuse for pain

So please don't tell me
the way that I should feel
or how I should be acting
all I want is stability
not a war zone on my doorstep
remember others live here
and they're entitled to peace

When the time is right
you'll fledged from your home here
and begin a new stage in life
together in harmony
to continue on your journey
until then, have some respect
work with me, keep me informed
and remember I know how I feel!!
and I don't hate you both
I just want us all to be happy!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Mystic Circle of Stones

tall solid majestic stones
standing dark against the sky
silent lonely cold and ancient
revealing history to the eye

these old columns of stones
full of intrigue and wonder
rituals performed through years
are now left here to plunder

with these lonely textured stones
that have changed through the seasons
eerie, old and formidable
using this place for good reasons

winter or summer equinox
watching the sun light up the morn
holy men performing their rituals
head dresses and icons adorn

the suns rays stream across the stones
thus creating long dark shadows
throughout these tall majestic stones
surrounded with many green meadows

nowadays these weather worn stones
that have stood the test of many years
lay slightly discarded through decay
yet always inspire, and can stir the tears!!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Friday, 24 October 2014

Let my words flow like music from the soul, all different genres for each emotion.... cleansing me...!

© Lissie Bull 2014
I enjoy painting pictures with the ink from my pen.....layering the scene before me with tiny details, expressing emotions from deep within my soul.
Now I am turning this passion into a book of poems....but sadly I am stumbling forward in the dark, trying to light my way with my words.
I will not cease with this quest ...... so wanting to reach my goal!...

© Lissie Bull 2014

As my ink starts to warm, 
my pen flows with the murmurs of my soul, 
painting emotional pictures across these pages........!

© Lissie Bull 2014
My life.....!

my pain, my life
shattered memories
blasted from the past
into oblivion

from today
I now stand alone

for no mercy shown
just old skeletons
lay smashed before me
I'm rising from the debris

without sorrow
I am stronger

new beginnings
over the horizon
new adventures
for me to explore..!

© Lissie Bull 2014
Steel Boundaries

the feel of cold steel
set out in the open
for what was once so hot
is now dead metal

tinged with flaked rust
from the weather
strong as before
ever standing

against the elements
longer than me
vegetation growing
swamping the steel

twisting round each bar
as it takes over
hiding boundaries
from the future

each pointed piece
poking through leaves
black against the green
soon to disappear!

crafted on a forge
shaped on an anvil
metal creation
stand the test of time!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Window on my World!.

The world through my window
is shielded from all bad
muffled noises that are heard
sometimes make me feel so sad

Reflections of what might have been
stare back at me as if mocking
the vision that is on view
if not checked, could be shocking

Sun rays slant across the floor
thus creating dark shadows
making me feel clastrophobic
wish I was running through meadows

The weather never worries me
its warm and cosy sat here
watching all that passes by
would hate my window to disappear

© Lissie Bull 2014

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Time to move on.....!

I should feel proud of you
glad you want your wings
you know you need to fledged
stand up and cut the strings

but times are hard right now
so here is where you stay
hard though it is for you
moving on, there is no way

so in this crowded home
tensions mounting fast
we all need to do our bit
but good intention don`t last

I can only do so much
help is something that I need
chores, money, and a social life
but sadly no one seems to heed

when will the misery end?
a question I often ask
however there`s no answer
so I get one with my task

I love my kids very much
tough times I have brought them through
(think this is the roughest one)
until then, I`ll just wait on you!!

© Lissie Bull 2014
Wrong Love

Its so hard to love someone
when you are being taken for a ride
slaving away to show you care
but all you want is to run and hide

Tears welling up from deep within
your heart is broken in to pieces
scattered about across the floor
as your world slowly decreases

For once sweet love bloomed here
happiness was to be found
but sadly that is not the case
all that's heard is a weeping sound

Over head the skies are black
bitterness and pain found here
a clap of thunder hides the scream
peace has been replaced with fear

So if your loved one uses you
from them you must run away
they're not worth all this suffering
go towards the dawn of a new day!!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


This year will be the 100th anniversary of the start to the First World War and there are many events going on throughout the UK.  Jon will be making poppies again and this year will also be creating Purple poppies too.  These are in memory of all the animals that gave their lives, so lets remember them too.
The British legion are backing Jon with his quest to raise money through the sale of his steel poppies and he will be in Cabot Circus on November 6th with the British Legion helping to sell poppies.

Remembrance day eternal poppies - £17
For each poppy sold £5 will go to the poppy appeal.

Death of a Rose

Cold, cold heart of death
laying on the hard ground
exposed to the element
never making a sound

no plea for assistance
or demands to be warmed
for this frozen rose
remains there fully formed

its rich velvety petals
red against the grey stones
stands out so vividly
but decay will change these tones

decorated with droplets
of fine powdery snow
this once beautiful rose
remains there still aglow

in its dying moments
its scent lingers on
frozen in time now
until the following dawn!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image titled "Cold, Cold Heart",  taken by "darkex52" and found on Deviantart

I must be.....

I must be a bad mother
there it`s now been said
can`t seem to do any good
I must be thick in the head

Everything I try to do
just appears to be wrong
giving advice and caring
can`t keep this up for long

I love my kids so much
but they`re growing older
mum is just a nuisance
or are they getting bolder?

Heart is beating slower
my soul is hurting bad
not sure I can carry on
miss the family life we had

As time stops for no man
we can`t sit down and wait
this needs to be sorted
worry shouldn't turn to hate

I must be a bad mother
or all this pain would cease
I will try to carry on
but all I want is love and peace!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Monday, 20 October 2014


music be the food of love
life force that keeps you well
feel the beat flowing through you
as you`re caught up in it`s spell

with all the different genres
loving the wonderful sounds
rock and roll, metal, pop and jazz
going to gigs in the local towns

with rhythmic beats of the drums
along with deep tones of the bass
along with vocals and guitars
transports you to a higher place

painting scenes in your head
full orchestra playing into the night
trumpets, banjos, the whole works
tapping your feet for this feels right

so much music to be found through life
it can set the mood in many ways
but for me, it`s what keeps me going
there`ll be music to the end of my days

© Lissie Bull 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Our World.....

Energy that gives us life force
powering our very existence
our universe is so wonderful
for it`s filled with great subsistence

our planet, the center of our universe
rotating through the depths of space
this blue sphere that we call our home
continues it`s orbit around the sun`s face

from tiny single celled organisms
that existed at the beginning
through to complex minded humans
so competitive, it`s all in the winning

traveling through the universe
we reside in these fruitful domains
with multitudes of live and wonders
from oceans to the highest mountains

one thing that is very important
we should look after all we've got
if we harm or destroy the Earth
then what we have left, is not a lot!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Things are not always what they seem, feel with your heart, not your eyes... don't take situations on merit, or you will be in for a big surprise!   Illusions are every where, never place your luck in other's hands, for they will take everything of value, and feed what's left to the lions!  Take control of your own life, don't take your eyes off the ball, that way you will stay on track and life won't turn out so horrible!!

© Lissie Bull 2014

The best time
for poetry
to flow
from your heart
is when you`re
so full
of powerful
for the ink
in your pen
will flow
with passion
across the paper
from your soul...
never try to stop
for your words
creating pictures
for the future.......

© Lissie Bull 2014

Friday, 17 October 2014

I have had one of my poems written out in beautiful caligraphy on parchment by my friend Lester Greenwood on Deviantart. I am very honoured! and really happy to be able to share this with you all.  Why not check his work out on Deviantart, his profile name is Fiend-V.
You`re My Whole World...

my world moves when you speak
as my heart flutters as you hold me tight
floating on misty air when you`re around
for our souls dance on through the night

your caress sends my senses racing
such tenderness sets my soul on fire
for as we touch our love explodes
you are my whole world, my desire

passion racing when we are together
true love is a wonderful emotion
ever present through eternity
constantly flowing like the ocean

to see your face lights up with joy
as we walk hand in hand along the beach
our love grows strong day by day
I`ll never let you out of my reach

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image found on,uk

Thursday, 16 October 2014


I don`t hate you
I never have
you just decided
how I felt
please don`t tell me
what to do
I already know
I am no fool

these emotions
seem so strong
yet you just think
I don`t care
you only see
what you want
no matter how
that hurts me so

don`t tell me how
this will end
I have feelings
that should count
so let it be
we`ll survive
life`s not fair
please don`t forget

so remember
just to be
at one with us
and you`ll find
we will cope
with these feelings
so back off
and we`ll get on....!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Past through to the future

the crumpled remains
of our old past
heart felt letters written
poems drawn from our souls

creating memories
for us to hold on to
time keeps on ticking
showing us the future

new memories to forge
with this chains
linking us together
never to be broken

night follows day
season after season
not knowing what will be
stepping in to the unknown

torn paper from our past
discarded and remembered
tortured yet cherished
our past to the future...!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image titled Photohunt Ruin 
taken by Sweetpeaphototc 
found on Deviantart

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hidden Friendship

Aaron had to fend for himself,  no parents to help him or guide him, no one to love him. He had to fight for everything he needed, from the food he stole to the clothes on his back, right through to his bed for the night.
He would sit on the top landing of the fire escape and watch the world go by, as he ate his stale supper. Down below the traffic flowed, people driving back home from work, to a hot meal and a warm comfy bed.  He didn`t hate them, he wasn't even jealous of them anymore.   Over the years he had grown hard to his situation and just managed to live day to day. He wasn't ruled by society, he didn't work nine to five,, he could go where he wanted and do what he liked,  he was free.
To night he had a large old battered cardboard box and a pile of newspapers  and no one was going to take them from him.  He had also found a pizza box, which still contained a few slices of ham pizza. 
So as he sat in his usual spot, on the fire escape landing and watched the streams of traffic crawling home, he listened to some music that drifted up from one of the apartments below, some rock and roll, Aaron leaned back against the wall and smiled to himself,  this was cool, this was the life!
Down below him, in another world was a lad about the same age as Aaron.  Jason had a home, hot food and a warm comfy bed,  in fact everything Aaron didn`t have.  So why wasn't he happy ?  Jason was lonely, he didn`t have many friends, only the ones that his parents approved of, and around here that wasn`t many at all.  He heard the other kids playing on the street or in the park, he heard their laughs and squeals of pleasure as they played, but they were not the type of kids his parents wanted him to have  as friends.
Tonight he was sat at his window, watching the world go by,  wishing he could join in with all the fun, instead of staying in on his own.  It was a different world out there and he wasn't allowed to be part of it.  He had just finished his supper and was listening to some rock and roll , but still very lonely. The evening  rush hour traffic was almost over now, and Jason loved to watch the city lights flicker through his window.  He would imagine other people`s lives, the dramas and adventures they would have. He was jealous and very lonely.
Aaron finished his pizza and as it was a lovely warm evening, decided to go and meet up with Zippy who squatted in a cellar about three blocks south of here. As he made his way down to street level, he wondered if Zippy had any of his home made brew, maybe they could sit and talk over a drink.
He made it down to street level, and darted past the apartment with the music, ran to the end of the block, nipped around the corner , turned on to Maine Street, and was gone.
Jason watched a lanky scruffy kid run past his window in the evening light, his eyes darting all around him and he stuck to the shadows, ran up to the corner, paused for a moment before disappearing around it.  Before Jason realized it, he was out of his window and following this kid through the shadows and around the corner.  He stayed in the shadows too, eyes glued to the kid. 
Where was he going, what adventure would he have?  He didn`t know where he would end up, or what would happen to him, but it had to be better that just sitting at his window longing for things to happen and dreaming.
Aaron continued on down Maine Street, three blocks wasn't far and he would soon be in the warmth with Zippy.  As he darted along, ever watchful for trouble, so that he could stay out of it all,  he spotted a small gang, lurking in one of the alley ways and so he paused for a few moments, until he knew it was safe to go on.  Phew....  safely past and on he went.  He was only a little further down the street, still watching around, but no one was after him.  He was almost about to carry on down the street, when he heard a  shout and then a scream. He hesitated, listened, and then did something he knew he would regret.  Aaron ran back up the way he had just come from and around the corner in the alley way, he saw the small gang stood over a limp body of a kid about his own age.
Aaron thought quickly and then shouted, " ok Mr Cop man he`s around this corner.." then he stamped his feet hard on the ground .  The gang froze, then ran away up the alley as fast as they could.  Aaron  slowly turned the corner and then went up to the kid. Crouching down, he could see the kid had been beaten and was bleeding from a few small cuts. Luckily he hadn't been beaten up too badly.
Aaron asked him what his name was,   Jason, opened an eye and tried to get up to run away from this kid as he thought this was a member of the gang.  Aaron held his hand out to help Jason up and smiled at him.  Jason realized this kid wasn't going to hit him.  He took the hand and got up.  Together they moved out of the alley and in to the light of Maine Street.  Jason wasn't badly hurt, just mostly his pride. 
Jason had a few dollars on him, so he offered Aaron the money as a thank you,  Aaron took the money and they walked back along Maine Street talking.  Jason found that Aaron was easy to talk to and asked him loads of questions.   They came to a Hot-dog stand, that Aaron knew, he ordered two hot-dogs and the two boys found a park bench and sat and ate them, still talking.
They walked back to Jason`s window and Aaron told him where he sort of lived.  They agree to meet up again and both knew a new friendship had been made. They said good bye and Jason climbed back into his window, but his world didn`t feel so lonely, he also realized that appearances were deceptive and although Aaron was a street kid,  living a hard life, but under that thick skin, there was kindness.  Aaron needn't of helped him out, but he had and just because he wasn't from a good home, he was still a good person and a friend to Jason.
Jason didn`t feel so lonely any more, he had wished for a friend and now he had one. This was his secret friend....
© Lissie Bull 2014


Heaven is a place I would love to be
bright, tranquil, full of harmony
somewhere calm to rest my weary wings
amongst the clouds where an angel sings
white robes, bare footed and full of love
sat in God`s garden, there up above
looking down on earth so full of woe
glad I`m up there and not down below
the best bit of all is, I`d be with you
by your side whole of eternity through..

Missing all the loved ones that I have lost along life's way.......

Image found on

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mirrored Beauty

Beauty that glides across a mirror
graceful and serene as she goes
slowly swimming elegantly
a picture of calmness that shows

Just beneath the waters surface
all is unseen frantic action
with feet like pistons pounding
allowing such graceful motion

Their long slender necks high up high
orange beaks and black eyes so bright
wings folded neatly towards their tail
shimmering white in the evening light

Feathers preened to perfection
this water`s home to great treasures
floating across so serenely
awesome to watch these great creatures

© Lissie Bull 2014

Monday, 13 October 2014

Emotional Downs.....

Been feeling a bit down
these past few days
not talking that much
very stuck in my ways

Fed up with these emotions
just sat here needing hugs
but I've buried my head
deep in the sod with the bugs

Maybe I'll smile again
just have to wait and see
send some hugs my way
I just want to be free.

Never seem that lucky now
for love has passed me by
hate being stuck in this ditch
just left with a question, why?

© Lissie Bull 2014
A Child of War

He was a child of the universe
Born into a hostile country
No mother or father to care
Never knowing any love or pity

Was found naked, hungry and cold
Laying there on the dirt floor alone
Gun fire could be heard all around
He was nothing but skin and bone

This child was given up for lost
For this place had the smell of death
Flies everywhere, no comfort here
If left, he would take his last breath.

Scooping him up into my arms
Wrapping a dirty rag around him
Saving the child from this horror
Could give him a chance, however slim.

With all these wars on the papers and on the television, its so hard to comprehend what people are going through, the terror and pain,  peace and understanding is what is needed now...!

© Lissie Bull 2012

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hidden in the Darkness...

I stand here in the dark
crying for your love
watching the stars go by
twinkling up above

showing the world I`m still strong
at least they think I am
bit deep down inside I`m dying
hit by a body slam

swallowed up in darkness
feel safe at night
dreams can not hurt me here
evil`s out of sight

so join me in my dreams
never let me go
help me to cope with my life
for I miss you so!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hues of Blues

The beauty of these hues
creates tranquility 
softens any harsh heart
allowing peace and serenity

These gentle hues of blue
stretching to the horizon
leading down to the waters edge
relaxing each and every person

Centered about this liquid mirror
reflecting all that surrounds
this awesome slice of paradise
nature's glory abounds

Waters lapping against the shore
by rhythms of the moon's tide
lulling you into a calming state
allowing you to escape and hide

So take a little time out here
sit at the edge and dip your toes
and recharge your aching body
thus releasing stresses and woes

© Lissie Bull 2014

Photo titled Blue Fog taken by huifeideyureq
found on Deviantart

Abandoned Beauty

as the sun streams through the window
on to floor boards bare of comforts
wooden window shutters open wide
sun kissed dust sparkles like rose quartz

a door left invitingly open
particles dancing through the sun light
come, rest and relax a while here
romantic atmosphere lovely and bright

with wall paper peeling in the corners
and the old books scattered about
this untouched so peaceful and quaint
such a great retreat, there is no doubt

abandoned beauty is around
all is decaying gracefully
for nature is claiming it back
slowly falling down peacefully

© Lissie Bull 2014

This White Rose for Love

A rose, a sweet scented white rose

the essence of a true romance
given as a symbol of love
sending your heart into a trance

Petals wrapped around the center

tightly sealed to protect its heart
as this new relationship grows
strongly held and never to part

Sharp thorns protect this creation

from all those evil invasions
for this beauty can mesmerize
stop you dead on most occasions

As time goes on the flower opens

releasing its entrancing scent
and revealing its sweet center
showing its exquisite extent

Once the rose is fully open

its whole beauty is there for all
a true indicator of love
this white scented rose standing tall

Congratulations to Jo and Mark
on the occasion of their Marriage
11th October 2014

© Lissie Bull 2014

Friday, 10 October 2014

Stone Eye

A single eye set in stone
articulate observation
never missing anything
piercing penetration

with each ridge of scales
optic functions enabled
pebbled skin camouflaged
for its foes to be disabled

with its brown pupilled stare
raised up to see clearly
this awesome predator
that hunts so cleverly

an art work in the making
each scale a miniature stone
blending in with nature
it hides and hunts alone.

a blink and you'll miss it
speed so formidable
the ambush has been set
a fight is inevitable

© Lissie Bull 2014

Photo titled Flammendes Augue  taken by mahumasu fund on Deviantart

This tender moment....

your tender touch
across my skin
caressing gently
emotions begin

my heart beats faster
when ever you`re near
smiles light up your face
my doubts disappear

goose bumps all over
temperature rising
feeling like floating
need some advising

laying beside you
this feels so right
tracing your contours
on through the night

gaze into your eyes
this moment of bliss
safe in your arms
as we gently kiss

this tender moment
will remains always
love you completely
our hearts all ablaze.....!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Wow what a year! it`s been great in every way...

I was invited to submit some poems about cats and their interaction with our lives. This is to be a charity anthology in aid of "Headway".

I have heard today that two of my poems have been accepted.
"Feline Friends" and "Caught Napping"
"Headway" do wonderful work and I support them wholeheartedly.

Will keep you all up to date as to when it will be published and hope that you will join me in support this great charity.

Many thanks



I miss you in the dead of night
while I hug my pillow
visit me within my dreams
for I`m lonely in y sleep
watch over me til morning
when the sun warms my heart
I fear the darkness these days
need you by my side again

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image found on Pinerest

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The trouble with this life
its for ever changing
expanding or decreasing
evolving all around

our journey continues
along it's rough highway
meeting new people
for adventures abound

some will walk a shirt while
others stay a life time
friendships are make and lost
true love and laughter resound

take each day as it comes
never regret anything
future is still to be made
don`t stick your head in the sand

get up each morning and smile
yesterday has been and gone
tomorrow is another day
so live for the here and now, today!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Love or not....

True love or something else
its a hard thing to accept
feelings can be deceptive
desire can be released or kept

so it`s up to you to see
how this will all pan out
look deeply into the heart
there has to be no more doubt

for both sides have to give
as well as to receive
a partnership is for life
you both have to believe

just remember not to be
taken for that painful ride
you deserve the best in life
not to be swept out by the tide

so stand tall and take what`s yours
as you have the right to be you
you`re more than deceit and lies
deserve someone that`s always true

learn to trust when you`re ready
don`t be bullied by anyone
mistrust is not part of love
love doesn't need a smoking gun!

© Lissie Bull 2014

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Hi everyone,

I have over 900 poems on this blog now,
and feel it`s about time I put some into a book of my own poems,
Not sure how I go about this and am open to any help that`s offered.
I went through these poems and put together about 100 of them
that I really like, I hope to whittle these down to about 60 poems
and them get them edited.
If you have any ideas as to where or who I should approach, I would be very grateful to know.
Many thanks for all your support and help over the past few years
I can`t believe that this blog has had over 18,500 views !!

Thanks once again,

Death of an Angel

Dark winter bleakness
Bitter cold through her bones
She lies there half dead
Full of sorrow as she moans

Her blood seeping slowly
All life draining away
No one to hear her cries
On that cold fateful day

Death swept over this place
And took all that was good
Leaving her heart frozen
In that foreboding wood

This broken winged angel
All her powers now gone
She`s left there to wither
Just like a broken swan

I had this picture in my mind,  a dying woman, with broken wings
draped over her body on a cold bleak night in the woods.
This is the result.  Hope you like it.

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Copyright Lissie Bull 2013
After the pain....

After the pain and sorrow
when you have reached such a low
try and look to the future
upwards is the only way to go

You must show them that you will win
they've lost as you are stronger
pick yourself up and hold your head up
they won't dominate you any longer

You are better than all of this
for truth and honour you hold dear
rise above this darkest moment
your destiny now stands so clear

Let me take your hand and guide you
through this land of pain and sorrow
for this day us nearly over
and a new day will start tomorrow!!

Copyright Lissie Bull All rights reserved.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

African Monarch Butterfly

The beauty of this majestic royal
perched amidst colorful hues
this regal insect rests awhile
all its surroundings to enthuse

Clear crisp wings of striking orange
with patterned tips of black and white
and circling round the whole wings
such a beautifully romantic sight

Long antenna to help smell and balance
while slender legs fresh flowers to clutch
along with a white spotted body too
this insect has a poisonous touch

A stunning black body with white spots
is really quite the final feature
for a butterfly that`s quite unique
this beautiful African creature

© Lissie Bull 2014

Photo titled "Long live the African Monarchy" taken by AimishBoy
found on DeviantArt

Saturday, 4 October 2014

To feel the warmth of a loving heart
To sense the peace of a pure soul
To understand the feeling of harmony
To care enough to give a helping hand
Is to know that true meaning of love.....!

© Lissie Bull 2014
Roaring Waves

These rhythmic rolling seas
crashing upon the shore
forming white crested waves
creating such a loud roar

landing hard on the beach
pounding at the landscape
meets with the golden sands
new boarders to reshape

foaming across the surface
as the waters then retreat
ready for the next wave
this cycle is complete

© Lissie Bull 2014

Photo titled "Waterscape 21"  taken by SweetieArt found on DeviantArt

Friday, 3 October 2014

Stand Strong....!

When someone takes
you for a ride
twisted the trust
they can not hide
broken your heart
ripped out your soul
you seek them out
this devilish mole
a blemish seen
this wart on life
strikes you down by
assassin's knife
piercing your heart
the wound is deep
such wickedness
this evil creep!
so stand your ground
let battle begin
rise above it
and you will win!!

© Lissie Bull 2014
Wrapped up in Slumber

I love to watch you sleep awhile
As a mother watches her child
Peace and calm across your face
The steady rhythm of your breathing
As your mind drifts away
What dreams are you dreaming?
Where is your peaceful haven?
The place you go to get away
As your body rests from its toils
I so wish that I could be
Resting in your arms right now
Safely wrapped up in slumber
As we both dream our dreams

© Lissie Bull 2014

"All curled up" found on

We all want healthy teeth
along with a bright smile
straight, white and shiny
grinning with awesome style

All this comes at a price
and a regular routine
a decent tooth paste and brush
to keep them healthy and clean

We go every six months
to have them all checked out
sat in the dentist`s chair
all panicky, no doubt

Light`s on as we lean back
waiting for the bad news
as the dentist checks our teeth
reassuring us with schmooze

Sadly if a hole is found
then it`s the drill we need
all numbed up, we open wide
when all done, we are freed

I suppose I should say
there`s a moral to all this
best to look after our teeth
so we can smile, laugh and kiss

© Lissie Bull 2014 All rights reserved

I was challenged by my dentist to write a poem that wouldn`t put people off seeing their dentist,
I hope I managed it,  please let me know ....:)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A single flower.....

This single flower
a bright red poppy
standing there so proud
one you cant not copy

such beauty and sweet scent
a pleasure to the eye
growing tall among the grass
reaching up to the sky

this countryside pasture
green grasses all around
swaying in the spring breeze
nature the only sound

against a backdrop of blue
flora and forna thrive
this single red poppy
feels good to be alive!

© Lissie Bull 2014
Market Day

Early start
car packed 
and we're off
tables laid out
stall all ready
a trickle of people
passing by
all seem hurried
few stop to say "hi"
a good morning
how's it going?
others with heads down
marching along
somewhere else to be...
noises crescendo
as market comes alive
the hustle and bustle
of the harbour side
gives you a buzz
to get up and sell
all your beautiful
hand made wares !!

© Lissie Bull 2014


this poem is just for you
to celebrate your birthday
with energy so vibrant
lets enjoy your special day

twenty four years have passed by
love for life fills you with light
a caring, gentle woman
all around you is so bright

so look now to the future
it holds such a lot for you
fulfilling all you desires
I know you will succeed too

so come on everybody
let us smile and celebrate
give three cheers for Emily
hope you special day is great!!

Happy Birthday Emily xx

© Lissie Bull 2014