Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A life time

Though all the tides of time
Can be seem in his face
His thick leathery skin
Show`s he had a hard race

Tired sad hazel eyes
That have seen many a sight
Still with a twinkle in them
Because he knows he`s right

Tight tanned skin over his cheeks
Hides black lines under his eye
For he has seen many things
That`s toughened him, made him wise

His lips are pale and thin
But his smile`s so sincere
He has many a tale to tell
That you should sit and hear

His people have been through much
Their journey has been long
Throughout it they`ve stood tall
A race that is so strong

He may not run around
Or shout and cuss like us
Life means everything to him
Just love him, don`t make a fuss.

I was looking at The National Geographical and there was an article about Native Indians of America.  It was fasinating and it got me thinking about their out look on life and our perception of them. What they have been through and seen and how that effects them.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Watching the sea

Watching the sea, ebb and flow
Roaring in, flooding out
Almost breathing

Never stopping, always moving
Racing in, flowing out
Wave after wave

Depositing all its gifts
Rushing in, receding back
Along the shore line

Watching the ocean murmur
Crashing in, rumbling out
Forever moving

I love walking along the beach and seeing what it has deposited along the tide line.  The sounds of the water as it ebbs and flows constantly.  Breathing, living and liking the fact that it will always be there.

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 24 August 2012

The Blacksmith

From the dark recesses of the mind
ideas planned out so precisely
new images of designs are formed
then created for the world to see

with forge is all fired up
hammers and tongs are laid out ready
the air, full of anticipation
let`s get started and keep it steady

the forge sparks as the metal`s added
searing heat hits the air all around
the noise of " hammer on anvil "
fills the workshop with its sound

shapes slowly start to come to life
as metal is hammered, then reheated
rivots are made, Pillar drill`s working
hammering, heating, cooling, repeated

covered in sweat and dirt you toil
the beat of the hammers sound true
flexing your muscles to get it done
once completed, there`s the finish to do

lacquer, boot polish or the grinder
the finish can really make it look grand
forged from pieces of raw metal
to a finished item, from a Blacksmith`s hand.

I am the proud mother of an Artist Blacksmith and have watched him learn and develope his skills.  This poem is a tribute of his love for his work.
Well Done Jon !!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Having so much fun......

Spinning in a circle
Round and round we go
Up and down
In and out
Just following the flow

First one way then another
Where will it end ?
Some times it`s easy
Other times it`s not
Can drive you round the bend

Feeling very dizzy
But this is great fun
Cannot focus
Cannot see
Think we`re nearly done

Running through the trees
Up and down the mounds
Hid underneath
In the undergrowth
Will we be found ?

Watching children playing in the woods and fields, racing around, hiding, chasing and laughing all the time. Shouting to each other and have so much fun.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My sleeping cat

I see a sleeping cat at the end of my bed
shaped like a crescent moon, what dreams in her head?

with legs stretched out and her tail curled round
she almost looks dead because she makes no sound

if you look carefully, her breath is very slow
such a little minx, but I love her so

ears pricked up as she lays at rest
looks so content, if poked she would protest !

may look asleep, but she knows what`s going on
don`t let her fool you, she thinks it`s so much fun

I see a snoozing cat who is watchful of the day
peacefully resting, but alert in every way !

I found my cat asleep on my bed, she looked so content in every way, but at the same time, she is alert to the world, aware of what is going on, but she doesn`t want you to know that !

Sunday, 19 August 2012

These are the things I feel

Dispair, depression, anger
hatred, sadness, woe
these are the things I feel
blocked in and no where to go

which ever way I look
which ever way I spy
you`re not there to help me
so I keep on asking why?

my heart hurts so much
my head is in a spin
what am I to do now
my enemies just grin

the happiness inside me
has gone and locked the door
bright eyes and smiles have ceased
my laughter is no more

if I could turn back time now
would I take another way?
never as pain makes me stronger
and its life that makes my day!

Bad things happen to all of us, but instead of turning in on yourself and being sad,  live through it and it will make you stronger. Always smile, it confuses the enemies !!

(c) Lissie Bull 2012

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The stone circle

In a green landscape, tall columns of stone
All silhouetted before a full moon

An eerie light shines across the whole site
Creating an aura this wonderful night

Each stone is unique as images appear
Faces from the past become very clear

This solstice morn with the rising of the sun
We thank Mother Earth for she has done

Never feel alone in this special place
The circle of stones had history to trace.

I was givena T-shirt with Stonehenge in it and I was looking at it and thought of all the other stone circles and how they appear to us.  There is something special about tham all and their history and what they can offer us.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Man of Style

Crinkled leathery thick skin
Alert eyes that watch awhile
With a long thick white beard
Almost hiding his cheeky smile

Silver earring in each ear
Sunglasses reflecting light
Hat perched at an angle
You have to take in the sight

Dressed from head to toe in black
White T shirt peeping through
Boots you can see your face in
Onyx ring on his finger too

With a slight nod of his head
A glint of his golden tooth
So relaxed, yet in control
A man of style, and that`s the truth !!

I was reading a magazine today and saw this image of a man walking with such confidence but yet so relaxed and carefree too. So stylish all dressed up.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mysterious Tranquility

standing by the waters edge
watching the clouds reflected
touched by the mystery
just feeling so connected

landscape mirrored on the surface
reflecting every rock and tree
opening your soul`s window
creating tranquility

silence is broken by a screech
and a fluttering of feathers
as an eagle swoops over
disappearing into the heathers

waters cold upon my feet
rippling over my skin
as I stand in the shallows
fighting the urge to step in

this place is full of mystery
mirroring your inner peace
nature at its purest
full of contentment and grace.

I saw a lovely photograph of a lake surrounded with trees and rocks creating a mirror image on the waters surface.  It was beautiful and so peaceful. I just wanted to step in and reflect.  Some where to meditate.

image found on jjhiii24.wordpress.com

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tiny Petals

Tiny petals peeping through the earth
Slowly opening up to the sun
Stretching out for all to see
Showing off to everyone

It`s perfume scent so delicate
Caught in the summer breeze
Wafting there so gently
Nestling under the trees

As the night time begins to take a hold
There`s a chill in the air
As it`s petals start to close 
A stillness is every where

I love sitting out in my garden and have noticed the flowers budding, blooming and then closing for the night. It`s as if they are going to bed !

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 13 August 2012

Life`s Lesson

We are never promised tomorrow
Therefore we should always seize the day
Make the most of what we have and want
Show our loved ones we care in every way

Time spent together is so important
Communication will always be the key
We only have one life, let it be a good one
Smile, be happy, don`t you all agree ?

It hurts to see two people suffer
To know their pain, and see them cry
As I have been in that position
Don`t what them ending up shouting, Why ?

Hand in hand we should offer guidance
Walk a bit along the road together
For when they need help, be there for them
A sound way to care for each other

To stand together through thick and thin
No matter what life may throw at you
Two loving hearts are better than one
Smile, laugh, love, you can be happy too.

Starting out on the road of life is hard enough without falling out with your partner, we have all been through troubled times, some make it and some don`t.  This poem is about one such journey.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My spinning world

My world keeps spinnging round and round
I`m struggling to hold on tight
Everything just flashes past me
The good times are out of sight

I try to readjust my grip
Cling on stronger and be real bold
Though my hands are far to sweaty
I`m determined to keep a hold

If this spinning world was to stop
And I could rest a while in peace
Would I want to climb back on board?
If I did all this calm would cease

I want the world to slow down now
To let me off for just a bit
So that I can build up my strength
To fight my corner, I won`t quit

What ever life has to throw at me
I am going to stand and do my best
Then I can climb back on again
Move forward and finish my quest !

Life seem to be moving so fast these days, its hard to keep your balance, sometime I just want to stand still and get my breath back. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Party Time!!

Tumbling, boucing, dancing all around
Painted faces, bright balloons, games abound
Kids giggling, parents laughing, what a sound !
Music playing, there`s so much fun to be found.

Jelly moulds, ice cream cones, chocolate cakes too
Pizza pies, sandwiches, just for you
Sausages, water melons, try something new
And for the parents, there`s always a brew.

Playing pass the parcel and musical chairs
Giggling together as they work in pairs
Dressing up as queens, knights and even bears
The only rule here is, they stay down stairs.

The party`s been great, they`ve all had fun
It`s time to relax, now the prizes were all won
All the games were played, everythings done
So it`s time to say goodbye to everyone!

I remember children`s parties, when my children were young and how much fun they were, not just for the little kids, but also for the big ones too !!  It`s even great when you can relax afterwards !!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When it starts to rain......

The skies darken over head
The clouds are rolling in
There seems a heaviness
You can feel it begin

The air starts to change now
A weight upon my shoulders
The first large drops of rain
Makes the day seem colder

The drops of rain are heavy
They splash upon the ground
You hear them in your mind`s eye
As they land all around

The sky`s so foreboding
It`s like the dead of night
Almost claustrophobic
Wow, such an eerie sight

Then the flood gates open
Torrential rain pours down
Thundering on the roof tops
Feel you`re going to drown

Curled up on my sofa
This is where I`ll reside
Let the stormy skies pour
I`m warm and snug inside.

I love the different types of weather and the changes that happen so drastically. With all the recent rain, I just had to put it into a poem.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The blue ribbon

Heaven and earth are joined together by a ribbon
Bright blue shiny silk ribbon strengthened by love
Carried across by beautifully winged angels
Uniting our earth with tranquil heaven above

Angels ascend and descend between our two worlds
For the link between us will always be so strong
We are not alone in our earthly world down here
Heavenly beings are with us, our whole life long

When we find ourselves going through troubled times
Loving angels wrap their protective wings around us
Guiding and calming, until the bad times are gone
Always showing us love with a gentle caress

We do not have to worry about the bad times
For our heavenly guardians are always there
Their love for us is as strong as the blue ribbon
That stretches between us like a loving prayer

Therefore never feel that you are ever alone
Just remember that one end is tied around your heart
The other end, is connected to your angel
So what ever happens we are never apart.

I have always believed in Angels, and more so since my husband, Steve, died. This poem is a reminder that they are all around us and there when we need them.

Monday, 6 August 2012

A precious gift of life

Our wonderful new born child
Who fills my heart with love so deep
A tuft of fine blond curly hair
Laying there content in sleep

Bright blue eyes seeking my attention
Gurgles are the order of the day
Tiny fingers curled around my thumb
Humbling me in every way

Such soft gentle sensitive skin
From your head to petit feet
To see you dressed in pretty clothes
Smiling, wow! you look so sweet

Holding such a precious gift
Knowing that this child needs me
Sharing every moment together
We`re now a complete family.

Im not sure why this poem appeared in my head, but it felt so good to write it out.  I remember my children as babies and enjoyed every moment for it all.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Our Holiday!!

Paper thin walls that hide nothing
Narrow corridors with no windows
Never enough storage or drawers
Small beds with tiny flat pillows

All the shoes stored by the door way
Fridge crammed full of all that`s needed
Towels and swim things draped everywhere
Normal rules need not be heeded

Our car`s parked on a patch nearby
The play area`s across the site
A plot of grass outside our door
For our blanket, it fits just right!

No matter what the weather does
We will explore, visit and roam
Having a great time on holiday
So for this week, this is our home !!

I love caravan holidays,  they are great fun, but can be a bit cramped but we love it really.  Too tired at the end of the day to worry and out side most of the day time.  Don`t really care about the weather. We will be home at the end of the week with loads of memories.  ( plus half the sand from the beach !! )

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stormy Seas

Foamy topped waves hitting the beach
Then rising up the sandy shore
Depositing shells and drift wood
Amongst the rocks, with such a roar

Seas crashing over the wind-breaks
Churning and howling with such power
Deafening you with all it`s fury
Landing waves high up the tower

Through the night the storm rages on
The coast gets so badly battered
Splintered wood and twisted buildings
Nothing safe, as all is shattered

Morning light brings peace and stillness
All is quiet now the storm has passed
Washed up debris along the beach
Shows how the seas can change so fast.

Having stayed near the sea, its been wonderful to walk long the beach and see the different moods of the ocean.  The sea can change so quickly from a calm state to a churning howling mass.  I just wanted to capture it at it`s most powerful.