Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The blue ribbon

Heaven and earth are joined together by a ribbon
Bright blue shiny silk ribbon strengthened by love
Carried across by beautifully winged angels
Uniting our earth with tranquil heaven above

Angels ascend and descend between our two worlds
For the link between us will always be so strong
We are not alone in our earthly world down here
Heavenly beings are with us, our whole life long

When we find ourselves going through troubled times
Loving angels wrap their protective wings around us
Guiding and calming, until the bad times are gone
Always showing us love with a gentle caress

We do not have to worry about the bad times
For our heavenly guardians are always there
Their love for us is as strong as the blue ribbon
That stretches between us like a loving prayer

Therefore never feel that you are ever alone
Just remember that one end is tied around your heart
The other end, is connected to your angel
So what ever happens we are never apart.

I have always believed in Angels, and more so since my husband, Steve, died. This poem is a reminder that they are all around us and there when we need them.

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