Monday, 13 August 2012

Life`s Lesson

We are never promised tomorrow
Therefore we should always seize the day
Make the most of what we have and want
Show our loved ones we care in every way

Time spent together is so important
Communication will always be the key
We only have one life, let it be a good one
Smile, be happy, don`t you all agree ?

It hurts to see two people suffer
To know their pain, and see them cry
As I have been in that position
Don`t what them ending up shouting, Why ?

Hand in hand we should offer guidance
Walk a bit along the road together
For when they need help, be there for them
A sound way to care for each other

To stand together through thick and thin
No matter what life may throw at you
Two loving hearts are better than one
Smile, laugh, love, you can be happy too.

Starting out on the road of life is hard enough without falling out with your partner, we have all been through troubled times, some make it and some don`t.  This poem is about one such journey.

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