Thursday, 31 May 2012

My turn !

Act your age, they say
why should I?  No way!!

I just wanna be me
live my life, be free

I have done all that
now I`ve hung up me hat

kids have now moved on
so it`s time for fun

I was there when needed
my advice was heeded

they have all done good
which is as they should

so now it`s my time
so I`ll end this rhyme !

Just a little poem about having fun now the kids have grown up.

How time flies......
Can`t believe that you have gone
Left us to continue
As you walk with the angels

Taken so suddenly
And given your wings
Strolling through God`s garden
Among the sweet flowers

We....who are left
To hold the memories
Carry the burden of sorry
Shedding a tear

Holding on....
Wanting answers
Why did you have to go?
Who will i turn to now?
Missing you
Loving you.

I have lost so many members of my family that I do begin to ask....why?
However I have many memories of all the good times we had together and that is what keeps me going.
Rest with the angels, all those that have been taken from us.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Being happy can means lots of things
To each and everyone
Sunshine, fluffy clouds
Dancing in the rain
Presents on our Birthdays
Or heaped under the Christmas Tree

Lazy mornings laying warm in bed
A cup of tea to hand
Lunch in the garden
With smiles and laughter
Out for a meal with friends
Hot cocoa before it`s bed time

Making sand castles on the beach
Paddling in the sea
Fresh air in my lungs
Catching crabs for tea
Sandwiches and icecreams
Walking the tide line for sea shells

Smiles, laughter and fits of giggles
Eating chocolates
Pillow fights galore
Being cuddled tight
These mean so much to me
Happiness makes you feel so good.

A feel good poem
I was asked once,  what sort of things made me happy,  I gave it some thought and these are some of the things that make me happy.
How about you?

© Lissie Bull 2012

Buzzing, dashing, darting
Need to find out more
Never standing still
Got to know for sure

Running, flying, jumping
Static in my hair
Energetic me
Stillness I can`t bare

Cycling, swimming, trekking
Racing round the track
Got to keep on going
Dancing there and back

Tossing, turning, stamping
Restless nights abound
Recharging batteries
Energy is found.

I love the energy movement and sheer excitement of running, dancing, cycling etc and this is what I tried to put in to this poem.

This is an old poem I wrote many years ago.

I came across it recently and its amazing how my poetry has changed!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ode to Friendship

Friendship is so important
A sister, a pal or a mate
The fun and games you have
It`s the laughter that`s so great

We`re always going on adventures
The Garden Centre`s quite a scream
Routeing through all the bargains
We`re reigning quite supreme

Our shopping trips to Tesco`s
Are never quite what we plan
We could end up anywhere
Even grab ourselves a man!

On our knees in front of shelves
Searching through the naughties
What a sight we must have looked
We`d have moved if they`d said please!

Remembering our outings
We laugh until our sides ache
Never know what we`ll do next
Better behave for goodness sake!

That`s what friends are all about
Someone you can really trust
Through all the good or bad times
Our friendship is a must!!

Friendships are so important to me and I have a circle of very good ones, both male and female.   They know who they are.  Thank you friends.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Ode to the Washing Line

To see white billowing sails
Flashing across the garden skies
Full flight in the steady winds
Lows followed by mighty highs

Colours bright in the morning sun
All tethered along the line
Heavy with a clean crisp smell
Now parading and looking fine

Sometimes blocking out the sun
Changing shape as the winds blowing
Patterns fall across the ground
Creating shadows ever flowing

Sounds of cloth cracking in the wind
With the sudden change of direction
Such a joy to see the line full
Of clean clothes, such perfection.

Now that the sun is out and its hot, it is great to be able to dry the washing on the line.  It looks so good to see it all billowing in the wind and the sun flickering on the cloth as it dries.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ode to Nature

Different shapes and colours
Make up the world around me
No matter how or where I look
It`s so beautiful to see

The flowers in the meadows
So colourful and bright
Swaying in the soft breeze
Make up a wonderful sight

The diversity of nature
That live with us on earth
Have a right to be respected
As they all have great worth

Nature has a way with things
This can be so unexpected
What I thought was derelict
Has beauty thats protected

The buildings all around me
The fabric of our lives
No matter where I live now
Our nature always survives

Our world is really lovely
Its real, not just in a book
So if you think it`s done for
Go out and take another look!

The sun is out and every thing is looking so alive and beautiful, that I am so grateful to see all the diversity of nature all around me and be able to see, touch, taste and smell it.  We are all so lucky.

Friday, 25 May 2012


Stress and tension is the order of the day
What am I to do, just want to pay my way?

Everybody wants a piece of the action
No one is willing to give me some attention

I work all the hours but the bank don`t care
Try to pay my bills, but end up in despair

Van needs fixing, there`s so much that`s to be done
All this stress and strain, there`s no time to have fun

Bankruptcy an option I really do not need
Unfortunately I`m stubborn, so I will not plead

Think the world`s against me, but do I give a toss ?
Couldn`t give a monkeys, cos I know I`m the boss !

I needed some ideas for emotions and a friend asked if I would write a poem about his stress and this was the result.  He is still plodding along and never gave in.  He thought the poem was rather funny !!


A warm loving feeling
A smile you can`t hide
Filling you with pride

You finally did it
You won
What fun
The goal has been reached
Every barrier breached

Now you can look forward
Good life
No strife
Relief is abound
Laughter the only sound.

A poem from my Book of Emotions.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Painted faces
Custard pies
Great big boots
And googly eyes

A funny smile
Or great big grin
Wicked laughter
A wobberly chin

A silly joke
For us to share
Slap stick fun
With all the flare

Slippery slidy
Banana skins
Smiles and laughter
The fun begins

Remembering a childrens party and all the laughter !!

© Lissie Bull 2011

Monday, 21 May 2012


Lazy August days
Hiding from the rain
Finding different ways
Kids to entertain

Sticky painted hands
Paper on the floor
For when disaster lands
A little room for more

Building things with Lego
Creating new landscapes
Not forgetting Primo
Brightly coloured shapes

Then it`s time for tea
Clearing up the mess
Smiling with such glee
Kids full of happiness.

This poem was writen after a lovely summers day entertaining the kids,
It was a messy afterneen and great fun too !
Spring is in the air

Look to the future
Smile and you will see
That everything is with you
And will be full of glee

Sad times are over now

See what can be done
Reach to the future
Smile and have some fun

Joy to behold again

Children`s laughter heard
Racing round in circles
Chasing butterflies, how absurd !

Skipping through the grasses

Splashing through a puddle
Cats prowling, dogs barking
We`re smiling, cos mum`s in a muddle

Sunshine in their eyes

A spring in this place
Full of the joys of summer
A smile upon their face

The thrills of the season

Will bring you loads of fun
With laughter and giggles
Peace and love for everyone.

I love spring time, it feels like the earth has just woken up from a long sleep.

Everything comes alive and people feel happy when the sun comes out to play.

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Planning, inviting
Shopping til we drop

Cooking, preparing
Laughter all the way

Music and dancing
Up the garden path

Sunshine, hungry kids
Playing lots of games

Heat up, Table laid
Everything is ready

Food up, guests arrived 
Now it`s time to eat

All done empty plates
Now we can relax

Later walked the dog
Playing on the swing

Great time laughter heard
Adults can have fun!!!!!

Back home tired kids!!
Time to quiet down

Oh no not a chance!
Here we go again!

My friend and I have great bbqs in her garden, we would have so much fun. Every one told us that the kids have fun but we knew better.
It was one great circle of fun, never ended and we loved it.

New Beginnings

There were times when I was sad
There were times of pain
But that has now all stopped
As there`s so much more happiness again

A smile, a giggle and bright eyes
So much to look forward to
Laughter can be heard once more
Now that I know I have you !

You make me laugh out loud
Feel like running round with glee
So young at heart through you
What else could I be, but happy!!

After all the sadness and pain, it was great to find a pocket of happiness from unexpected places.  They say that happiness will appear when you least expect ...its so true!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Summer`s Day

Time to surrender
To the summer time
Long warm sunny days
Under the bright sunshine

Long meandering walks
Through narrow green ways
Passing all the fields
Seeing the animals graze

Hedgerows come to life
Birds nesting all around
Rabbits, voles and moles
Their homes dug underground

Picnics by the river
Paddling, having fun
Building dams with rocks
Playing in the sun

Retiring to the pub
Drinks in the evening sun
Chatting about the day
Fun for everyone.

Long idyllic sunny days, the wonderful English countryside....what more could anyone we all enjoy the summer time.

© Lis Bull 2012 
The Flying Businessman

Pete the flying businessman
Soaring through the skies
Paraffin Pete in his Cessna
Every journey`s a supprise.

Living in Cirencester
Giving life a loving call
Working hard in Switchgears
Instrumentations and all.

Pete has his claim to fame though
He schooled with our PM
Learning with D Cameron
Wow!, are they buddies, then?

As Pete works hard and fast
His leisure time he needs
Polo with its` chukkas
And pool, where he succeeds

Paraffin Pete, the flier
Who always has a smile
Say "Hi " if you meet him
Our businessman with style.

I wrote this poem for a friend, he is a businessman who flies and works hard and plays hard.. he loved his poem...thankfully !!
Five years on....

Five years is such a long time
Our healing has been slow
A piece of us is missing
Since the day you had to go

The angels came and took you
They only take the best
We`re left here to carry on
Knowing that you`re now at rest

I watch our children growing
I help them all I can
All the silly things in life
Well...that`s suppose to be the plan !

I miss sitting in our garden
Or walking along the beach
Your laughter on our holidays
But now you`re out of reach

I know you watch over us
You see how well we`ve done
Our kids are growing up so fast
As now, they`re having some fun

Our memories will help us
Keep all the good times to heart
You may not be here with us now
Steve,  we will never really be apart.

Today is the fifth anniversary of my husband`s death.  I write a poem every year.  We all miss him  very much.  The poems help me come to terms with his untimely death.  We will visit his grave and celebrate all that we loved about him.
Love and miss you Steve  always xx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Hurt

I`ve fallen down low
As you hurt me so bad
I thought you were a man
But you`re really a lad

The things that you did
Meant you did not love me
All that you wanted
Was a life that was free

You bullied and yelled
Turned our lives upside down
Never did any thing
Not a smile, just a frown

You slept into late
Never paid for your keep
Demanded new clothes
You`re certainly not cheap!!

You made weird friends
And you hogged the tv
Your manners are awful
Don`t want you near me

I want you to leave
Walk away from my home
Fly back to the states
I don`t care where you roam

It saddens me now
That our love has to end
You have to go now, you`re
No longer my boy friend!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

               Autumn to Winter

Autumns golden hues
Red and orange and yellow
Trees alight with bright colours
Carpets of leaves covering the ground
Being splashed around by
Wellington booted children
Clad in scarves, hat and mitts,
Puffing clouds of steam
As they race around the park.

The trees are looking bare
Now they`ve lost their summer coats
But here and there a holly tree
Defiant in its green
Squirrels red and grey alike
Stocking up their larders
To see the winter through.

Darker now the evenings
And colder all around
People hurrying to get home
To warm their weary bones

The grass is crunchier underfoot
Jack frost has danced around
He leaves the park all muffled
Impressions of black and white.
Winter has crept in
Through the gap in Autumns door
And caught us all unaware
Until it shouts BOO !!!!!!

We use to walk each evening around the park to keep fit
As we went every day we didn`t notice the weather changing from autumn to winter until we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by the cold of winter.
This piece is the result of that experience.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Having so much fun...!!

Creating, creating, having so much fun
Running round and cycling, playing in the sun.

Time for dressing up now. showing off to all
Kings, bears and princesses, walking round so tall.

Now it`s time for painting, play dough, stamps and sand
Red, green, blue and yellow, tracing round my hand.

We now need some quiet time, Dick King Smith will read
Drinks all round for everyone, there`s always a need.

All energy renewed again, so what can we play?
The ball pool is calling now, we could stay here all day.

Puzzles, castles and computers helps the "Happy ever after"
That creates a wonderful place, full of joy and laughter.

This was writen after many visits to a wonderful place called "Hop, Skip and Jump".  It`s a place space for children with disabilities and their siblings can play safely. It has such a feel good feeling and I love to watch the children play.