Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tiny Feet

Tiny feet mean so much
To hold gently and care for
To love and tenderly caress
Encourage along life`s way
Surround and then enclose
In protection, keep them safe
Care for them and heal them
From danger and harms hurts
Watch them grow and develop
Show them independence
Let them go without a tear
No more soft cotton wool
Good and healthy. fit and strong
All the love to live life through.

This poem was written on a scrap of card after I held my child and caress their feet in comfort. The feet in the poem represent that child and their journey through life, while they are growing up until they leave your care and start their next journey on their own.  Its hard to let your child go off and live their life for themselves.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


I feel I`m entering a tunnel
All dark, damp and bad
The sunshine has all gone now
There`s only hard times to be had.

With each step the darkness grows
Wrapping itself around my heart
The walls are closing in around me
It`s frightening that I`m falling apart.

Happiness and laughter seem far away
It`s cold and damp and dark in here
I`m tip toeing forward carefully
Sounds are so muffled, nothing clear.

What was sunny and bright around me
Seem nothing more than illusions
Reality has taken a hold
Now I have to find solutions.

Hoping there`s light at the end of the tunnel
I will tread slowly and with care
I need to get through this in one piece
Never more to dream...I swear !!!

This poem came about as a result of stressful and traumatic events in my life,  the tunnel was a changing point and once through, I was able to pick up my life again. It was a very dark time and I found it easier to put my feeling down in poetry than talking to people about it all.

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Candles a light
Angels abound
Room full of scent
Peace all around

A chat is so good
When the company care
Warm cup of coffee
It helps when we share

No judgements are made
What ever is said
Comfort and kindness
It`s the heart that is fed

When all is at peace
Without and within
Step into the world
New life to begin.

I wrote this poem after I went to a healing session and found it very helpful
I felt that I could step out into the world again and not feel scared.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Colours of Bereavement

A quiet moment to ponder
to think things through and see
the kaleidoscope of life
is bearing down on me

the colours that were first seen
after that dreadful day
were all so foreboding
like dark blacks and grey

a shaft of light has started
to peep through stormy skies
black begins to turn to blues
that`s what happens after someone dies

as despair starts to slip away
the colours change again
greens and reds begin to show
does this also happen to men?

anniversaries come and go
the light is getting stronger
colours twist and change again
more brighter tones stay longer

oranges and pinks now show
a smile upon my face
whites and creams are appearing next
and a spring is in my pace

if you could see me now, my love
you`d see a different person
bright colours all around me now
as I know that I can carry on.

This poem was writen about 5 years after my husband, Steve, died, and shows that I have come through the tough bereavement and can smile again.  Though Steve has died, he is still with my always. 
 This poem is the final poem about my feelings after this loss and I have now put them all together in a book and hope that it will be printed one day soon.

© Lissie Bull 2010
Don`t mess with me or .........

Hell and brim stone
Fire and damnation
Raging hot tar pits

These are the things
The savagery
I have enemies to blitz

Skin them alive
Watch them suffer
Boil them to bits

Clear the path bare
Eradicate them
They`re getting on my tits

Now that they`re gone
I can celebrate
Down at the glitzy Ritz !!

I was feeling angry and wanted to rant and rave
But I just couldn`t be bothered,
So this poem just flowed.... all I can do now is laugh !!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hatred, pain and frustration
Are the order of the day
Nothing good
Nothing right
What ever I have to say.

Fighting, yelling and punching
Lashing out at everyone
Need to shout
Want to hit out
There`s always pain from someone

What ever I say, it`s wrong
What ever I do. it`s bad
Only pain
Comes my way
All around me makes me sad.

The anger`s getting worse now
I don`t know what will happen
Got to win
Make it work
Life`s got to be good again.

Coffee Time

Sat here with my cup of latte
Watching the world as it goes by
Wondering whats on peoples minds
Totally time does fly

Some people smile and say hello
Other seem to be in such a haste
I imagine what they are doing
Meetings, affairs, what have they faced?

Some sit and slowly stir their coffees
One texting..a loved one maybe..
Others chatting, they`ve so much to say
It`s enjoyable, to sit and see !

Quiet music in the background
Sets the mood and helps time to flow
Gentle murmurs of all the voices
Watching people, pass by, then go !!

Copyright Lissie Bull 2011

Monday, 12 March 2012


Dappled sunlight flickers through the branches
Specks of dust and leaves floating in the breeze
A blanket of silence fills the forest air
Broken only, as a startled deer flees.

The forest floor is carpeted in blue
As I slowly walk along the wooded way
Birds and animals active all around me
Never seen, but watching me as they play.

A set of wings fly silently passed me
As with elegance, the creature glides on
Only the movement of air is left behind
Before you know it, the spectacle is gone.

The sudden crack of a twig beneath my foot
Sounds so loud amongst the woodland scene
It echoes around the many ancient trees
Silence wrapping it up in forest green.

© Lis Bull 2012

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Silence is golden
Or so they say
But I see silence
In a silver way

Silence is peaceful
Shining bright
Refreshingly good
Sparkling with light

Muffling the sounds
All around
So you`re left in peace
Harmony is found

Floating on air
Whether this will last
I`m still pondering.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Bright lights shining through my curtains
The whole sky full of vibrant hues
Birds chirping with the dawn`s chorus
I`m laying here, just wanting to snooze.

The colours of the sky have changed now
Awakening to the full rays of the sun
I am ready for what is thrown at me
Hope it`s full of laughter and fun.

My daffodils are flowering in the kitchen
My tulips are blooming in the front yard
The sun beats down upon my shoulders
The garden`s looking just like a postcard.

Sweet aroma of fresh coffee fills the air
The crunch of toast as I sit and eat
The morning paper rests beside me
My start of the day is now complete.

9th March 2012

© Lis Bull 2012