Monday, 30 September 2013

This beautiful Orchid flowers for around five weeks or more. Now my Orchid has ten blossoms. Around the flower a glow of love and healing energy. Whenever I feel sad this beautiful flowers sends healing energy. I believe it is on the vibration of Archangel Michael sending love & protection.


Orchids , a sweet obsession
 flowers of passion and beauty 
softly glowing with pure love
and full of healing energy

pale petals that bring much joy 
delicate like angel`s wings
tall and elegantly posed
gentle queens or regal kings

so pleasing to our senses
sheer pleasure of these flowers
offering us such calmness 
orchids sharing their healing powers

                                                           © Lissie Bull 2016
                                                         Image taken by Miranda Dunn and found on Facebook


Through the soft undergrowth
a long stem shoots up skyward
leaves erupting from is base
leading you to your reward

five pale petals around
a central vibrant heart
exploding for all to see
such beauty for its part

a sweet scent in the air
this tower of flowers
wafting in the light breeze
mesmerising you for hours

with so many colours
from purple, yellow and blue
pinks, whites and many more
there`s a flower, just for you

so as we leave this wood
reflecting on their beauty
orchids belong to us all
protecting them is our duty.

© Lissie Bull 2013

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Stuck in a hole...

Tired of climbing out of this hole
Been stuck down here for far too long
Struggling to get a good foot hold
Spitting out dirt and singing my song

How I got here, I`m not too sure
I know I will escape some day
Feel sun on skin and wind in hair
I`ll just dig, scratch and scrape my way

There`s a bright song in my heart
And the will to make this all work
But first the need to get out of here
Before I crack and go berserk

Taking care to find a good foot hold
Easing myself up slowly but sure
I`ll get myself out of this hole
And be happy and free once more

We all feel we`re stuck in a rut
One time in our lives or another
We do have the power to escape
To raise ourselves up and go further!

Some times we feel the world is against us, and maybe we`re stuck in a black hole,
but we should all remember that we can, with strength inside us, climb back out and be free!

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 27 September 2013

The chase is on....

Running through the mass of woodland
Dodging each obstacle that`s there
The crunch of feet over dead leaves
Caught on a bramble, a rip, a tear

Stumbling over raised roots and twigs
A branch that hits you in the face
All that`s needed is to run from here
Utter panic to leave this place

Tree trunks racing past in a blur
Will this dense woodland ever end?
Sounds of dogs barking from behind
It`s now I could do with a good friend

I hear my pursuers running
Their feet sounding like deep bass drums
The end of the woodland appears
A shot is heard,  then darkness comes.....

It`s hunting season, so there will be many chases....

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Stone Angel

The sadness of your face
Still shows you`re full of grace
A halo for your crown
And gentle eyes cast down
Your wings stretching out wide
With no hint of any pride
Your gown is pure white
Radiating so bright
With hands clasped in prayer
And your heart full of care
So begging your pardon
In this holy garden
May you stay here a while
Console me with your smile

Sat here by my husband`s grave missing him,  I can see a stone angel
nearby, watching me, consoling me.  It helps a lot.

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Watching the roaring hot fire
glowing embers from within
crackling as the logs burn
feeling the warmth on our skin

snuggled up on the couch
glass of wine warming by
leaning into your bodyl
looking at you with a sign

surrendering unto you
melting into your arms
mesmerized by the flames
as I fall for your charms

the fire starts to die down
we cuddle under the rug
sipping wine as we watch
laid there wrapped in a hug

as evening comes to an end
you hold me `til I sleep
nestled warm under the fur
I`m safely in your keep

As the nights will start to draw in and get colder, fires will be lit,
Warm evening spent in front of the fires, brings back great memories

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Where did the fun go?
The laughter and the joy
We were a tight team
Able to take on the world
Now uncertainty
Confusion and silence
Conversations none existent
What has become of us now?
I heard your foot steps
And your voice in the room
But you never came near me
Sorrow and sadness
Where did the love go?
Life moves steadily on
We grow older with each year
People come and then they leave
But we were always there
Working together
Now you`re gone
Just silence is left...
End of era and changes are always so hard to come to terms with,
but we manage to cope in the end, even if it`s a painful experience.

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

No more trust

How hard it is for me to bare
When I`m passed by without a care

I really thought you had my back
But you left me to take the flack

I trusted you to help me then
Not sure I`d ask of you again

I`m stood here shocked and in tears
It felt like I`d been chucked downstairs

Bruised and battered from the fall
But I will stand here strong and tall

Now my trust, you will have to earn
I`m not convinced it will return

What we had together is no more
Where we go from here, I`m not sure

Losing the trust and faith in someone you thought really cared for you, is a very hard thing to bear.

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Romance by candle light

The candle lit atmosphere
Calms all the tension away
Slides you into a new mood
At the end of a stressful day

Those wonderful scented flames
Flickering subdued light
Brings relief to the heart
Drifting into the night

This tranquil ambiance
Shows the light through my glass
In a mesmerising way,
Almost like polished brass

Soft music for the soul
Helps to relax some more
Catching your eyes over the wine
A perfect evening for sure

A romantic evening is such a wonderful experience.....

© Lis Bull 2013

My bunch of Tulips

Some tulips for my heart
Sweet scented just for me
Rich colours of the petals
Help me to feel happy

Tight buds wrapped in paper
Their green leaves peeping through
Catches my eye, warms my heart
A gift just for me, from you!

My favourite flowers that I love to receive !!

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Anger`s not worth it!

Anger felt when I`m let down
Pain so deep inside explodes
Just want to scream and shout
Let is all out

Then race away and hit the road
Put metal to the floor
Make some distance between us
Not make a fuss

Playing some great music
Not caring where I go
Just drive into the sunset
Feel no regret

By the end of the drive
I`m feeling much better
Able to stand my ground
And not feel drowned

So let me just say this
If you anger me again
Turn around, walk away
This is my day!

Arguments are just not worth it, all they do is hurt people.
Smile, walk away, chill and then go back to talk.

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 20 September 2013

Feline Friends

Dirty foot prints across my work top
Neatly stacked papers knocked to the ground
A whisker lies there on the pillow
There has to be a cat some where around

Hear a jingling of a tiny bell
The soft meow from inside a box
Or a padding of paws across the boards
Purring as steady as the house clocks

Crashing of a vase that`s been knocked over
To the howling under the moon at night
Our feline friends are part of the family
Snuggled up asleep, so every thing`s alright

I am the servant for two wonderful cats!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Start of Autumn

September rumblings
autumn`s now on its way
the warmth has left the sun
cold blue skies here to stay

weather`s unpredictable
but that's how I like it
maybe we`ll have snow soon
it strengthens the spirit!

bright colours on the trees
they`re changing their attire
orange, reds and yellows
summer can now retire

it`s like another world
low lying misty mornings
everything is shrouded
sending winter warnings

crunchiness under foot
and a bite in the air
wrap up now and stay warm
it`s time to take good care

September`s a great month
marks a change in the year
for earth start to sleep
as winter will be here..

I love autumn, all the bright colours on thee trees and fruit ripening, harvest time!!
The Winter is just around the corner followed by Christmas....yeah!!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Death Bed

In the darkened room lay a dying man
His last few rasps of breath were heard
Sounding so painful for him to take
Waiting for death and his final word

A pale hand rests on top of the sheet
Wedding ring dwarfs his fingers where they lay
A shell of the once great man I knew
So Strong and loving in every way

The smell of death lingers in the room
Dragging you under and bringing you down low
The atmosphere wraps its arms around you
As this life passed away causing much woe

A long life has brought much joy and pleasure
But all good things much come to an end
Our bodies give up and we must move on
No matter that you were such a great friend

So at this time of a loved one`s parting
The family gather all around the bed
All remembering their own thoughts of you
We therefore respect and honour the dead.

Been thinking of my husband and my mother at their partings.
Sad times, but honouring them is the best way to remember them too.

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 16 September 2013

Summer Memories

Sparkling glitter and fluffy feathers
A swish of breeze in sunny weathers
Song birds singing from branches up high
Blue skies, bright sun, oh for a gentle sigh
Strawberries and cream served up with lemonade
Sat on a picnic blanket in the shade
Children running, laughing all around
Playing hide and seek until they`re found
Shapes in the clouds or making daisy chains
Watching the trails made by aeroplanes
These are the memories I hold so dear
Wonderful summer times from yesteryear!

Was looking at old school photos and remembering yesteryear summers !!

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Adverts, adverts, slogans in your face
Billboards everywhere, found in every place
Do they really help us make up our minds
Pushing ideas of all different kinds
Cheapest prices, best there is in town
Well established, always wins hands down!
Do I follow all that's pushed my way?
Thinking, listening to all they have to say
No!!  I will choose just what I need
Advertisings!!  Me..I don`t take no heed!!
 I wrote this poem after being given a challenge by my kids
To write one on a subject of their choice!

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The forge

Fire, steel, rivets and hammer
Dust, noise, red hot metal
anvil, tongs and sheer power
the blacksmith has it all

forge fired up and ready
with tools all standing by
leather apron now in place
anticipation is high

arc of sparks from the grinder
flash across the workshop
powering on through the day
working hard until you drop

hammer clashes down on metal
an air of expectation
as slowly the piece is formed
stand back and see his creation

Watching a blacksmith at work is amazing, 
and I am honoured to have had the chance.

© Lissie Bull 2013 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Wings of Love

Please wrap your wings around us
As I know you often do
Your love is so important
It`s what helps us all get through

A piece of our lives was lost
Since Angels took you away
Your battle is now over
We will meet again some day

Now I look to the future
With happiness and pride
Your support is always there
for your always by my side

I see you in my night dreams
We`re together like before
You`re with me throughout the day
Though you`re on a distant shore

So hold us in your loving wings
Watch over us from above
Be proud of all that we do
And wrap us tight in your love

Missing you always Steve !!

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Many hats of Motherhood

To be a "Jack of all trades"
is a hard thing to bear
cook, seamstress or banker
so many hats to wear

not forgetting councillor
that`s a demanding one to be
cleaner and taxi driver
there`s loads of places to see

barber and housekeeper
I`m always on the go
entertainer or teacher
learning all the time, you know

there are so many titles
for the one job many hate
but for me, it`s so rewarding
as being a Mother is just great!!

Just saying!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Image found on

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

This crushing tunnel
I`m trapped in this dark tunnel
All dank and nasty, with no light
It`s getting smaller with each step
Struggling to remain upright
This tunnel`s getting darker
I`ll be crawling on my knees
As the ceiling getting lower
It`s going to be a real squeeze
I don`t really want to be here
Not sure how this came to be
Just let me go and feel the sun
Climb out of here so I can be free
My life is such a muddle
It`s all messed up and twisted
Where did all the happiness go?
This is not why I enlisted
I have to turn this all around
Pick myself up and move on
Escape from this dark tunnel
Smile, live again, life can be fun!!
Life can have its good times and its really tough one too
and when its tough it can be really tough, but the only way to go is up!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Final destruction

I want to feel no more pain
To be able to walk tall again
All the hurt to cease
Will there never be peace?
This noose around my heart
Is tearing me apart
You`re just ripping out my soul
As I`m losing control
Corrupting me from within
Stabbing me with a voodoo pin
Feel my life force seeping
As I lay here weeping
There`s nothing left of me
I`m destroyed so completely!

Hurt from a break up, a loss or a painful event
can result in strong emotions that feel so physical

© Lis Bull 2013

Wintry Tree

A solitary tree stands in silence
under a bright blue wintry sky
branches that were once wrapped in green
now stand out with snow piled high

so white against the snarled bark
snow crystallized, an eerie sight
a thick blanket covers the landscape
glistening in the sun shine bright

cotton wool covered tree trunks
standing in a line at the edge of the fields
nature tucked up in its warm covers
like soldiers protecting with their shields

muffled silence from the snow fall
most creatures hibernating now
only venturing out when needed
racing through old furrows from the plough

so as we stand and admire
that ancient tree that's standing here
all dressed in its white wintry coat
we know that spring will soon appear !

Inspired by a photo from my friend  John titled " Wintry Tree Scape"
Thank you John

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 9 September 2013

Morning shaft of light

Silence felt in the morning
As a shaft of slanting light
Falls across my sleeping cat
Who has slept here through the night

Secure in the knowledge she`s safe
Rays of sun warming up her fur
As she stretches out her long limbs
Settling down with a throaty purr

Within this shaft the dust dances
Appears suspended in mid air
Almost as if a torch shines down
Upon my bed, then on my chair

Watching the bright slant of light
Slowly creeping across her world
As time moved gradually by
She remains stretch, her tail curled

As the sun rises higher
This beaming slant of light moves on
Along with my dozing feline
Until its at its peak and gone.

Just love to watch my cat sleeping in the sunlight in the morning,
her fur all warm to the touch, I love her so much!

© Lis Bull 2013

Feline Friends

Dirty foot prints across my work top
Neatly stacked papers knocked to the ground
A whisker lies there on the pillow
There has to be a cat some where around

Hear a jingling of a tiny bell
The soft meow from inside a box
Or a padding of paws across the boards
Purring as steady as the house clocks

Crashing of a vase that`s been knocked over
To the howling under the moon at night
Our feline friends are part of the family
Snuggled up asleep, so every thing`s alright

I am the servant for two wonderful cats!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Misty Lake

Through what feels like the mists of time
And across an ancient landscape
From a distance, a picture appears
Grey objects slowly start to take shape

Many different shades of grey
Make up this peaceful tranquillity
As mists drift across the centre
Bringing trees into visibility

A few ducks slide across this mirror
Of pale opaque waters
Leaving little ripples in their wake
Sailing about like toy yachters

The mists swirls, revealing more scenery
Trees scattered along the edges
Through the gaps. more in the distance
Some tall and stout above the hedges

All these are mirrored in the water
With the mists floating all around
A landscape of so many greys
Yet, a haven here is to be found.

I found a wonderful photo of a misty lake on a friends profile and really enjoyed writing this poem about it.  Thank you John.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Scuppered hulks 

High cliffs of rusting steels hulks
towering over the sandy bay
eerie victim of a past war
scuppered to block the way
creaking from the waters below
slowly eroding into the sea
marine life here is taking over
these hulks left to rot completely
masts skyward at slight angles
the elements have taken their toll
paint work has become thick rust
all that`s left is a ghostly soul
here these hulks will now remain
a symbol of the world mistrust
for nature has a new home now
as the sea claims these ships of rust
I love my National geographical lol !!

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013

Old Soldier

The pounding of my heart, deep within my chest
Wow I`m still alive, and know that I`ve been blessed
Had a difficult time, been through the wars
Tough decisions to make,  had to settle some scores
Seen some horrific things, more than I would want
Nightmares run through my head, they will always haunt
Looked death in the face, but I stand before you now
Many wounds need healing, not sure how
All I want is some down time and to chill
For where there`s a way, there`s always a will
Reached the end of the line, no more to roam
This old soldier`s signing off, time to go home!!

To be honest, I have no idea where this poem came from, it flowed so I wrote,
really pleased with it too :)

© Lis Bull 2013

Desert Landscape

The ever changing landscape
Shaped and blown by the wind
Moving forward and backward
As life strives to survive within
Each grain of sand, hot from the sun
At mercy to the winds of fire
Thrown together without a care
Then flung back into the fryer
Lizards, beetles and scorpions
Cope through day time and the night
Diversity is everywhere
The desert is an awesome sight!

Deserts are awesome, but a very hard environment to exist in
Fascinating and well worth a look at!

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Secretive Dragons

A flash of white enamel
The breeze from it`s swishing tail
Red hot fire from it`s belly
Glimpses of black or green scale

The power of it`s being
You can`t underestimate
It sits on it`s haul of gold
All that it can accumulate

And when you least expect it
The creature can sniff you out
From within it`s deep dark lair
For it can sense you throughout

Whether you believe in them
I am sure that they won`t mind
There will always be Dragons
You just need to seek and find

I have a love of all types of Dragons and have sketched them many times.
I think that they are wonderful, mystical creatures.

© Lissie Bull 2013 


Kaleidoscope of many colours
Stretching right across the sky
Forever painted in our minds
Here one moment, then vanished.....why?

Red and orange start the pattern
So rich and strong for all to see
Wonderful yellow follows next
Echoing the sun so perfectly

Green and blue, the colours of the earth
Orbiting the bright hues of the sun
Reminding me of the river of life
Showing us that rainbows are fun

Indigo and violet follow next
Colours of peace and relaxation
Complete this wonderful view
Filling our hearts with elation

All seven colours hung on display
Such a beautiful painting to see
Vibrant colours of the rainbow
Arched across the sky for you and me.

I wrote this poem while sat in the lobby of The Gilmore in Memphis.  
My friend Dale had talked about rainbows and that it would be a great subject to write a poem on..
It was so cool and peaceful sat there and I enjoyed the

© Lis Bull 2012


One moment you were there
The next you were gone
Not beside me any more
Never going to come home

I pick up the phone to call
Then`re not there
A tear runs down my check
Oh mum! this is so unfair !

No more can we share things
A walk, a poem or a coffee
For the angels took you
Gave you wings and set you free

I sit and watch the river
Flowing past your grave
Sheltered by a peaceful tree
With your help, I`ll be brave

Your memory remains
Deep within my sad heart
I will never forget you
Even though we are apart.

I wrote this and placed it on my mother`s grave for her Birthday, I really miss her guidance so much, but know that she is in my heart and watching me from above.

© Lissie Bull 2013 All rights reserved

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The ever changing landscape
Shaped and blown by the wind
Moving forwards and backwards
As life strives to survive within
Each grain of sand, hot from the sun
At mercy to the winds of fire
Thrown together without a care
Then flung back into the fryer
Lizards, beetles and scorpions
Cope through daylight and the night
Diversity is everywhere
The Desert is an awesome sight!

Inspired by a photo in the National Geographic, ( my favourite magazine to read lol )

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Passing stranger

The twisted lives of strangers
Seldom see or understood
Someone you pass in the street
Face hidden beneath their hood

Hunched figure hurrying by
Eyes darting from left to right
Both hands stuffed in their pockets
They`re such a curious sight

You watch them from our window
See them nearly every day
Wondering about their life
But instead you stay away

Life is strange, you never ask
About the people you see
Maybe you should say "hello"
Set your inhibitions free!!

It is amazing that we never say "hello" to people on the street, we just walk on by, we watch them from our windows too, but we still know nothing about them.

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 2 September 2013

Red Rosy Apples

Four red rosy apples ready to eat
Shiny and bright, hand picked for the treat

Beautifully patterned with stems held straight
I know if eaten, they would taste great

A little yellow colouring around the top
As if they`ve been kissed, best of the crop

Freshly picked from our garden tree
Brought to the table for you and me!

I saw a drawing on DevianArt, of four red apples in a line
and this little poem was the result.  Thank you "seek-and-hide"

© Lis Bull 2013

Desert Landscape

The ever changing landscape
shaped and blown by the wind
moving forward and backward
as life strives to survive within
each grain of sand, hot from the sun
at mercy to the winds of fire
thrown together without a care
then flung back into the fryer
lizards, beetles and scorpions
cope through day time and the night
diversity is everywhere
the desert is an awesome sight!

Deserts are awesome, but a very harsh environment to exist in
Fascinating and well worth a look at!

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Slant of light

Silence felt through halls
Dust dances in the shaft so bright
Shining down from high above
Piercing the darkness with light

Walking slowly through this place
Majestic in its beauty
Passing with in the slants of light
Keepers fulfilling their duty

Those tall stone columns like trees
Standing proud in the slanting rays
Warming up slowly to the touch
Linking earth to heaven each day.

I wrote this as an entry for a competition but decided not to post,
the poem had to be on a theme of " slant of light"   Hope you like this.

© Lis Bull 2013