Monday, 31 March 2014

These feelings....

Can feel such a chill in here
air so thick you could cut it
as tension`s so tightly strung
don`t want to make this a habit

all muscles taut from the stress
blood pounding in my ears
feelings of desolation
are heightening my fears

for who can I trust now
after all this bitterness?
they have shown their true colours
thrown me into the wilderness

feelings trying to strangle me
deep hurt within my heart
a need to be loved again
tearing my whole being apart

these feeling are so horrid
just want them all to go away
to know the warmth of true love
to walk tall again one day

Feelings affect us in so many ways and should never be taken for granted....

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Mother was the Best!

My mother was one of the best
she really took good care of me
always had a smile to share
a plaster when I scrapped my knee

she woke me up in the morning
gave a big hug last thing at night
let me learn through my mistakes
and her advice was always right

enjoyed the help she gave me then
and miss her wisdom now she`s gone
problem shared, was a problem halved
was the best advice she passed on

taking in all that she has taught me
I understand motherhood much more
the joys of passing on your love
has helped me cope better, I'm sure!

I miss sharing a cuppa with her
after a long arduous time through traffic
walking round the garden together
discussing the latest topic

Mother, you were one of the best
I stand and celebrate this day
giving thanks for all you have done
Love you on this Mothering Sunday!

Love and miss you always xxx

                                                                       © Lis Bull 2014

Bubbling brook

In the bright afternoon sun
as bees buzz round the flowers
this little river babbles by
somewhere I can sit for hours

Clear cool water bubbling by
rippling over the river bed
the soothing sound so peaceful
under the cherry blossom red

Sun flickering through the trees
that are perched along the way
sparkling across the surface
on this sunny tranquil day

While birds sing and frogs croak
and the water gurgles past
so relaxing in the sunshine
hope that this peace will last

roll on the long summer days.....!

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Payment due.....

wrapped up in my sadness
as it engulfs me in its clasp
with overwhelming despair
for it feels like my last gasp

cold and darkness all around
wind whistling right through me
feel naked within this world
trapped here, never to be free

for hell is knocking at the gates
there`s no hope for salvation
sounds of torment and sheer fear
lead to total retribution

hell and damnation are the order of the day....!

© Lis Bull 2014
Lull before the storm

A peace before the storm
muffled silence all around
a hint of anticipation
strange without any sound

Feels like a ship becalmed
on an ocean that`s so still
there`s no movement to be felt
just a strengthening of will

Just like an untamed creature
laying in wait for it`s prey
Mother earth is hit with fury
during that fateful day

There is always a lull before the storm, where everything is quiet before the action....!

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Betrayal

The hatred that I feel for you
after all that you have done to me
hits me hard within my heart
racking through my whole body

I trusted you, loved you
but you threw it all away
crushed me with your unkindness
used me right up to the final day

After you`d finished, you walked away
left me crumpled on the ground
sucked me dry of all my emotions
is if I was all gagged and bound

This hurt that dwells so deep within
no doubt remains with me for ever
for you have no morals or cares
as you walk in to the arms of another

Hurt is deep, betrayal final....!

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Some great news.....

It`s so exciting.....I have had a second poem accepted for publication, this time by United Press
to be published in an anthology that will be out in July.
Can`t wait to see it in print!

The poem is called

"The Hunting Owl"

Two big eyes staring straight at me
taking everything in, like it knows
the tilt of its head as it listens
then with silent goes

Powerful legs with sharp talons
long feathered wings spread out wide
now in pursuit of its prey, as it
swoops over the countryside

Without hesitation its strikes
its prey never knew it was there
as it dives down for the kill
the owl and its prey...the hare!!

© Lis Bull 2013

The candle

A small light is seen
in a corner of the room
flickering in the draft
illuminating the gloom

This candle burns with love
shining on through the night
it`s bright flame alive
a reassuring sight

Purple, orange and creams
Such colours to behold
slowly melting wax
creating pools of gold

With this candle there`s hope
so may it still shine bright
filling hearts with love
all through the long night!

with the candle light there`s always love and hope

© Lis Bull 2014

Inspired by a photo called "Candle" taken by nimuss on DeviantArt.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Movies...

Movies are the gate way to our imagination
they open the door to an unknown universe
enabling us to go places we only dream of
through wonderful mediums that are so diverse

From cartoon images, that we all grew up with
through to action packed movies across the scene
whether sitting so comfortably in the cinema
or snuggled up at home like a king or queen

The special effects that bring it all to life
along with music scores, can make it a success
transporting us back in time or in to the future
movies are escapism from all of life`s stress

Movies help us all to escape.....

© Lis Bull 2014

The vibe 

emotions float across the air
like music found everywhere
feeling the passion flowing
strong beats throbbing at my chest

there`s something controlling us
taking over our existence
pulsating through our brains
then feeding our phobias

flowing with the emotions
like gently ebbing oceans
brightly illuminating
constantly communicating

feel the buzz, the pulsing vibe
pumping through our bodies
energizing everything we are
emotion, music, our life blood

for this music mesmerises
our very inner beings
without it we would buckle
and fall into nothingness

let the beat go on.....feel the music...!

© Lis Bull 2014

My loving angel

there`s an angel sat here on my bed
his wings are stretched out wide
he brings such happiness to my home
my guardian and my guide

for his kind eyes have a calming effect
and his smile is so gentle
feel protected while in his presence
he`s never judgemental 

to me, my angel is a special friend
he gives me strength to love
I hope that everybody has their own
sent down to help from above

I'm so grateful I have my angel 
to brighten up my day
to keep me on the straight and narrow
and help me in every way..!

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Evening woodland

Flickering amongst the dark tree trucks
a descending sun shimmers through
casting long shadows across the ground
with vibrant colours coming into view

This sun set erupts into many colours
with the dark horizon in the distance
silhouetted against the fiery hues
makes this a wonderful existence

As the sun dips lower in the sky
lengthening shadows across the way
creating patterns throughout the forest
a peaceful dusk at the end of the day

Sunsets where ever they appear, are awesome sights to behold..!

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 24 March 2014


There`s three of us it seems
a triangle of emotions
two happy when one is not
creating bad commotions

Individually we`re all good
in couples we are fine
but three is a crowd
so we have to draw the line

I know you two are an item
and I should butt my nose out
having lost much of my family
I'm scared I`ll end up with nought

You two make a great couple 
and I should let you be
but love can be very strong
even though blind, I can still see!

So as friends we will be ok
as long as it remains that way
therefore here`s to the future
a new beginning as from today!

Three`s a crowd, no matter what type of situation....

© Lis Bull 2014 All rights reserved

The Ice flow

an alien landscape, chilled to the core
barren and flat with not a tree in sight
whites and blues seem the only colours
during the long summer day light

with the ocean in the back ground
this world of floating ice, moves on
creaking and moaning as it goes
for this ice flow must weigh a ton

ice glistening in the sun shine
though the atmosphere is so cold
the movements of this crusty layer
transform the ice to crease and fold

wild life is around but not seen
underneath this moving ice flow
living and breeding out of sight
landscape that`s been here long ago

shapes and patterns form and change
sculptures in the ice shimmering
flakes breaking off in the strong winds
sounds and sights so bewildering

An ice flow slowly moving through the ocean, creating sounds, shapes and colours
ever changing as it goes..!

© Lis Bull 2014

Harbour side

This world reflected in water
shimmering as the breeze blows by
light changing hour by hour
as I sit here watching the time fly

These undulating images
of barges moored along the quay
watched over by the ripples of buildings
the harbour life is there to see

With the bright sun shine all around
reflecting the dark blue of the sky
dogs barking in the back ground
all this is pleasing to the eye

Busy ferries chugged back and forth
as people relax in this weather
while the water laps on the stone
the harbour is a place to come together

A relaxing Sunday afternoon down my the harbour, enjoying some warm sunny weather.

© Lis Bull 2014

Sad Farewell

The tender moment,
   then she up and left
But he remained
   alone and bereft
She had kisses him
   the quickly walked away
Leaving him shocked
   at the end of the day
What was he to do
   how should he feel?
The kiss had meant much
   he felt such a heel
Never looking back
   she just walked away
A tear on her cheek
   what more could he say?
A final farewell
   this was goodbye
As he turn away
   a tear in his eye...!

Good byes are hard to deal with... and even worse when you know not why..!

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Precious moments....

ever had a moment
that took you by surprise
set your heart a beating
and opened up your eyes?

felt completely in awe
from such a wondrous sight
warm cosy feelings
when all snuggled up tight

love all these sensations
and to hear the laughter
puts a smile on your face
happy ever after!

those special little moments are always the best.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Chocolate`s not always best

I bit into a chocolate bar
it took half my tooth away
luckily I'm not in pain
but it`s dentist on Monday

Can`t believe the chocolate won
it only took a little bite
don`t think I`ll have another bar
as I need my teeth to look right

So the moral of this story
is to think before you eat
as chocolate is not always best
when looking for a good treat

Think before you treat....!

© Lis Bull 2014

Night drives

Motorways at night time
can be an eerie place
cars speeding through the darkness
racing on, leaving no trace

Heading into the distance
Red tail lights ablaze
streaking across the land
there`s no time for delays

With all the smells and noise
along the carriage way
electric coloured streams
leave patterns for a short stay

All through the night time
these bright lights race on by
leaving trails of coloured lines
that are spied by the eye

The landscape all lit up
with every passing car
speeding along the light way
travelling to places afar!

Inspired by a photo "Lightway"
by Bandasphoto on DevientArt

 © Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 21 March 2014

Gathering Darkness

Bitterness and tension
are to order of the day
just can`t cope any more
feel like walking away

Everything changed when you left
Not sure where this is going
too many questions to ask
happiness isn't flowing

It`s lonely here in this place
there never seems to be light
strike a match for the candle
it still appears to be night

You took away the light here
left me sitting in darkness
never knowing what to do
my heart is full of blackness!

Loneliness or bereavement can be very hard to cope with....

© Lis Bull 2014

Haiku Poems

these are my first attempts, interesting exercise...

Sweet smelling fragrance
Wafts through the afternoon breeze
brings tranquillity

Tidal movement flows
tickles gently at our feet
lapping at the sand

Pink blossom floating
on breezes through the orchard
brings forth the harvest

Wispy clouds drifting
pastel coloured images
ever changing shapes

A little candle light

A flickering light flows across the room
changing the atmosphere all around
as the shadows flutter from a draft
that seeps under the door without a sound

The room`s corners appear to be so dark
for the candle is far too delicate
to light these foreboding areas 
as the light seems unable to penetrate

As the flame stutters from the breeze
the room begins to feel much colder
for this ghostly feeling send a chill
and makes you seem a little less bolder

So as the day fades in to darkness
the room`s corners seem a little lighter
as the shadows climb up the walls
for this candle tries to burn much brighter

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evening colours

At the end of a spring day
the sun begins to set
as bright colours fill the sky
a sight you won`t forget

Vivid oranges, reds, yellows
so wondrous to behold
the horizon silhouetted
and standing out so bold

So with each passing moment
the colours seem to change
revealing all the different hues
creating patterns so strange

As the sun sinks below the trees
the moon comes into view
all colours fade into night sky
until the dawn comes anew

Every sunset in different...!

© Lis Bull 2014
Still friends, no matter what....

We first met
on the internet
though you were taken
you still melted my heart
but sadly that time
it was not meant to be
so we drifted apart
the old text was sent
our lives changed
and we both moved on
you remained in my minds eye
then out of the blue
got a message from you
it caused quite a sigh
set my heart a pounding
here`s to another try
if it`s meant to be
then we shall see
maybe soul mates
along the way!

Life is always changing, people come and go through our lives....

© Lis Bull 2014 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Just to let you know that my poem "Colours of Bereavement" that was included in the anthology "The Black Rose of Winter" published by "Lost Tower Publications", is now available on Amazon.
Details below if you wish to purchase and show support..

Many thanks

Lazy start

Snuggled up under the covers
with you laying there beside me
feel your body warm me through
as you sleep there snug and cosy

watching you as you lay dreaming
so relaxed there in my arms
your hair falls across your face
but never hiding your wondrous charms

so enjoy hearing your steady breathing
as I cradle you while you sleep on
you look so at ease in this state
hope you dreams are full of fun!

spending special moments together
strengthen our bond in every way
chilling together under the covers
just love these lazy starts to our day

Lazy morning spent together is so awesome !

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014

Missing you my love...

To see you again would be heaven
and walk hand in hand along the way
need to feel your presence beside me 
oh my love, what more can I say!

walk in your foot prints on the sand
splashing through the salty surf, having fun
building castle as we dream our dreams
for me you will always be only one

miss our special moments together
so need to hear you joyous laughter
watch your eyes light up when we kiss
hope there`s a happy ever after?

Missing my love so much these days, as I watch my kids move on in life.........!

© Lis Bull 2014

Standing here facing my terminator

This sensation of total hopelessness
runs through me, my world seems about to end
loneliness is a hard feeling to bare
as into sheer black horror I descend

Feels like I've lost everything I've known
torn from me and thrown away to be no more
my heart and soul have been ripped out from me
I'm left here to perish on the floor

My life force is ebbing away with each breath
I grow weaker with every passing second
all I know has been taken, the door been closed
as I lay here dying, death will beckon

not sure where this poem came from...or why I felt so compelled to write it either....

© Lis Bull 2014

The realisation!

Feel threatened, not sure where to turn
as tensions are running so high
the air could be cut with a knife
I'm just stood here wondering why?

you were someone I trusted once
thought you were the special one for me
now I see you for what you really are
wicked liar keeping rotten company

watching you as you mumble your words
knowing that all you've said were lies
the hurt, the pain from your deceit
proved to be the cause or you demise

go! pack you bags and leave this place
I never want to see you again
get out of here you worthless man
this is my home, my life and my domain!!

The realisation...when you find out who someone really is...!

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Emotional hell

Why do you put me through this hell?
I try so hard to get things right
but all you do is knock me down
and then laugh at my sad plight

Your arrogance is so hurtful
as you look down your nose at me
what did I ever do to you?
that made you become such a bully

You stand there in a threatening way
intimidating me all the way
hoping that I will buckle under
and then you would of won the day

You think you can get away with this?
then you are really mistaken
think you know me, then think again
this woman will not be shaken

emotions run high after a bad experience....

© Lis Bull 2014

The working river

we slowly cruise along the river
watching the world from our posh raft
water`s gentle lap against the hull
leisurely rocking us in this craft

study where the land meets the water
you see so many unusual things
from cargo, naval and summer trade
seen through all what commercial brings

the backs of warehouses and depots
seen brightening up in the evening light
it creates an alien world
as we sat there in awe of the sight

though this wasn't our destination
it was interesting to see
just how the river really does worked
as we moved on through with our party

Going on a cruise,, we passed through the industrial part, not a pretty part but still interesting..

© Lis Bull 2014

Shadow of a lonely man

The shadow of a lonely man
he stands before you, but a shell
for he`s sailed across death`s river
while travelling back and forth from hell

He is a shadow of his former self
a fraction of what he once stood for
loneliness has struck him hard
fear his old self will never be once more

He stands hidden in dark corners
afraid to be seen in the light
fearful of the repercussions
so he stays well out of sight

Gone is the once confident man
never feared he`d be in the wrong
but now the shadows loom so dark
weakness rules, he is no longer strong

The shadow of this lonely man
has eaten away at his very soul
numb and forsaken, he stands here
never to win or reach his goal

So remember this lonely, sad man
who is down on his luck this day
you never know what`s round the corner
so be grateful for what comes your way!

A twist on the theme of a shadow of a man

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 15 March 2014

People come and go

Meet many people on our life`s journey
some will pass through in a day
others remain for a little bit longer
and for some, they will decide to stay

there many different reasons for this
their roles are still important
for they teach us a valuable lesson
and help is to be content

so for me they are my human angels
sent to help me fulfil my fate
for what ever reason they are with us
only one will be my soul mate!

thinking about all the different people that have come and gone through my life so far....

© Lis Bull 2014

The foggy journey home

Travelling through country lanes
the fields all swathed in mists
as the thick fog descended
an eerie atmosphere exists

Fog oozes across the landscape
decreasing visibility
the countryside loses all colour
and it slows down mobility

Trees take on some ghostly shapes
sheep blended into the background
muffled sensations are felt
throughout the journey there`s no sound

It was as if clouds had landed
covering everything in sight
shrouding all the scenery
as we travelled home through the night!

Got caught in the fog on the way home yesterday, it was so dense and eerie too...

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 14 March 2014

The Cliff.......

Standing on these mighty cliffs
looking out over the ocean
so searching for the answer
while watching the waters motion

Once you were here by me side
and I felt safe in your strong arms
for together we ruled our world
I was so smitten by your charms

Feel like a part of me is missing
not sure where to go from here
can`t see a future for us any more
I keep asking, why`d you disappear?

That big ocean looks so inviting
rippling to and fro so sweetly
could take away all of my sadness
maybe it would cleanse me completely

It would only take but one little step
and all this would be over for me
standing on the top of the cliff here
looking down upon this huge sea

Depression and sadness effect people in so many different ways..........

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Angel Steve

There are many different angels
looking after everyone
but the angels I love best
is mine, as we have such fun

He sits on my left shoulder
and guides me in all I do
keeps me on the straight and narrow
ever since I have lost you

We travel everywhere you know
and helps me when I get things wrong
he is my conscience in my ear
and my heart, he fills with song

Most of all I thank my angel
for showing me how to have fun
as you see, my angel is you
You are my love, my only one!

Love my angel for ever......

© Lis Bull 2014

Nature in its Full Beauty!

Nature throws up many colours
to say this "green and pleasant land"
certainly doesn't cover the whole picture
this awesome world is far from bland

For each of the four seasons are different
with their own striking colours and textures
from warm summer days to the freezing winter
each full of its own distinctive mixtures

Looking at these bright colourful seasons
we see this nature in its full glory
rich oranges and reds of the woodlands
and carpets of luscious bluebells, tell their story

The world awakes to a burst of spring
then summer appears full of scent and bright hues
and through autumn the colours change so fast
winter whitens mountains to many shade of blues

It seems nature can throw a spanner in the works
producing some awesome colours to see
placing a new perceptive on what we know
so lets enjoy all of her wondrous beauty!

Nature something we should never take for granted, but respect it and enjoy it...!

© Lis Bull 2014

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pebbles and souls

Pebbles strewn across the beach
scattered around by the high tide
where they`re tossed about in the oceans
travelling in waters far and wide

Those pebbles are just like our souls
thrown through waters of the ocean
constantly exploring the world
this roller-coaster in motion

With the waters shaping the souls
as it shapes these many pebbles
some times they`re marooned in one place
others crash around like rebels

For every pebble is different
like the many souls set a drift
only time will tell when they settle
then love will give them that lift

So as you walk along the beach
and spy a pebble laying there
remember to handle carefully
a soul is drifting on a prayer!

Love walking along a beach and let the imagination free....

© Lis Bull 2014

Surrendering to your charms

tender kiss, to say I love you
whispered words to stir me heart
tight cuddles, to show you care
please don`t ever let us part

snuggled up closely together
tracing the contours of your face
looking deeply into your eyes
feeling safe within your embrace

as our bodies entwine together
I feel your fingers touch my skin
smiling sweetly, you continue
this quickens my heart deep within

kisses become more passionate
as we lay in each others arms
I know my trust is not misplaced
as I surrender to your charms

love in all its glory

© Lis Bull 2014

A chat with you

I pick up the phone
to call your number
then I remember
you`re up there
Angels came down here
to give you your wings
now you fly with them
free as a bird
If I could fly
what would I be?
an albatross
who flies across
the great open sea!
I visit your grave
to talk with you
don`t need a phone
just your memory
fly with your angels
but visit me too
numbers not needed
to sit and chat with you!

Still got your number, though it`s not needed any more...

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

People watching

Sat in my little spot
watching the peeps go by
wondering where their journey` 's end
as the sun shines down from on high

some hurry by so quickly
other dawdle as they chat
people are so very different
I love the man who doffs his hat

a dog barks in the distance
kids laughing not far away
sun is out, peeps are happy
it`s turning out to be a great day

Sat on the wall in my front garden on this lovely sunny day,
watching the peep walk in by...!

© Lissie Bull 2017

Peeps Watching

Sat in my little spot
Watching the peeps go by
Wondering where their journey`ll end
As the sun shines down from on high

Some hurry by so quickly
Other dawdle as they chat
people are so very different
I love the man who doffs his hat

A dog barks in the distance
Kids laughing not far away
Sun is out, peeps are happy
It`s turning out to be a great day

Sat on the wall in my front garden on this lovely sunny day,  watching the peep walk in by...!

© Lis Bull 2014

Purple Sea

Purple sea
release to me
all that`s held within
ebb and flow
from down below
that tickles my skin
moves so much
cold to touch
hidden chagrin
treasure here
by the weir
where the waters spin
great surprise
matching skies
purple sea held within

Inspired by a photo "The oceans crashing waves 2" taken by Art-Mills on DeviantArt

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 10 March 2014

Teddy Bears and Kittens

Teddy bears and kittens
are sleeping on my bed
hard to tell them apart
so still, they could be dead

The teddies just sit there
while kittens purr away
breathing so steadily
they've slept throughout the day

Teddies are protective
with their arms open wide
smiling at the kittens
that have curled up there to hide

They all look contented
their collars are bright red
Teddy Bears and kittens
curled up on bed spread

Kittens seem to sleep for most of their day  and to see them curled up among my teddy bears is awesome.

© Lis Bull 2014


A gentle touch of sun light
crept across and kisses my cheek
so soft I barely felt it
a soothing caress so meek

With loving murmurs in my ear
I'm told it`s time to awake
Stirring slowly from my sleep
want this moment for a keepsake

I greet the sun with a smile
as I welcome in the morn
gently opening my eyes
the room is filled with the dawn

To wake up slowly with a tender kiss from the sun is wonderful....

© Lis Bull 2014


The sun is shining
bright flowers showing
spring is in the air
everyone`s smiles are glowing

The world is waking up
to a glorious sunny day
it warms you heart to see it
In each and every way

Spring is in the air
you can smell it all around
giggles and much laughter
your soul leaps at the sound

As the sunshine warms you
Outside is the place to be
come on now and take a look
and see that you can see!

Spring time is finally here, come and enjoy it all

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A hint of summer time

Patterns surround us
Textures all about
Colours every where
See so much while out

Flowers in the park
Cobbles on the ground
People dress up bright
Music all around

Curtains billowing
Washing on the line
Smiles on people`s faces
it must be summer time!

love these warm days, people out and smiling, the blues of winter have been lifted away...

© Lis Bull 2014

Pleasures of Poetry

Poetry is a pleasure in motion
painting pictures through the use of words
creating a landscape of sheer enjoyment
somewhere to escape from the stress of life
to submerge yourself in rhymes 
soak up the intense passion it brings
indulge in all its glorifying luxury
whether it be full of love or dark strife 
poetry is for all types of people
not to be held in the laps of the gods
but dipped into on a daily basis
so for everyone, poetry is rife! 

Poetry is a joy to behold...there`s plenty for everyone, so come and participate...!

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Birthday Candle

A candle burns just for you
it`s flame brightens up my heart
for I feel the loneliness of solitude
ever since we have been apart

This candle is a symbol 
showing our united love
that even through your sad death
there`s great strength from above

Watching this candle burning
it`s flame so strong and bright
helps me remember you, my dear
eternally to remain alight

Happy Birthday Steven,  Love and miss you always xxx

© Lis Bull 2014

Spring is here again

The sun is smiling down on me
surrounded by the bright blue sky
for spring is here again I see
so come on out and don`t be shy

In the garden, birds are singing
and frogs croaking around the pond
in the distance church bell ringing
their sound drifts over from beyond

Colourful bulbs are flowering here
as it brings a joy to your heart
spring season`s a great time of year
lets paint  flowers with some bright art

So as we welcome spring again
we know summer`s not far away
time to come out and entertain
enjoy the warmth this sunny day!

The warm sun you your back, blue sky must be the start of spring again....!

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Emotional state of Affairs

This emotional tide is so devastating
it takes me through all the highs and lows
such extremes affects my mental balance
inability to react with others, really shows

The world feels so heavy on my shoulders
a crushing sensations weighs upon my soul
what should of been a normal reaction
sends me crashing under the strain as a whole

For depression isn't just a sadness
it`s  a complete emptiness as well
somehow you feel so utterly trapped
locked in a prison, just wanting to yell

Spiralling downwards into an abyss
for nothing feels it will ever be right
though I'm told that I should cheer up and smile
I would prefer to hide and stay out of sight

A sinking sensation settles upon me
I feel my back is pushed against the wall
where should I go? there`s no where to run to
who`s there to help me, who do I call?

For all these dark feelings binding me to the floor
tears trickling down my cheek, I feel so doomed
escape seems so futile here within my world
this depression has me, I'm totally consumed

Depression hits people is many ways,  we can never prepare for, but have to work through to the end.

This poems has been entered into a competition and had over 1,000 views in 24 hours, exciting times,  so watch this space !

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why did you sign me away??

Remembering the 1st of March
ii rained that fateful day
why did you sign the forms, mum?
for you signed my life away

I stood there and wept so hard
and my heart gave a mighty heave
never looking straight at me
while you got up to leave

"mummy why did you do that
what did I ever do wrong?"
you didn`t even answer
just said I had to be strong

I really don`t understand
for I thought that you loved me
but as you walk through that door
this is something I don`t see

I`m left there standing alone
as the tears run down my face
for you have gone from my life
I`m stuck in this awful place

It`s cold and unfamiliar
nothing smell how it should do
want to be back in your arms
need to be back home with you

Different person holds my hand
and soothes me when I`m crying
so I smile and say "thank you£
but deep inside I`m dying

So while you live your life now
please don`t ever forget me
Although I find this all so hard
I can`t forget you, mummy!!

inspired by a wonderful friend in Canada,   thanks   Sid

© Lis Bull 2014

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My real self

This poem is so hard to write
these feelings that I have inside
all the hurt I have suffered
for I can`t count how much I've cried

the pain you've caused me over the years
with all your lies and deception
I have travelled to hell and back
now see you through a new perception

you will never hurt me again
as I am now so much stronger
resisting your false attention
I can survive this for longer

holding my head up to the world
I'm not a sacrificial lamb
right now I am my own person
see me for who I really am

seeing people for who they really are, helps me to find my real self...

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The long wait

Sat here waiting for your return
the clock ticks by the hours
missed you since you went away
just want back what was ours

this silence so engulfs me
there`s a hole here in my heart
just want to be feel complete again
so hate it when we`re apart

can`t wait until I'm in your arms
feel your body next to mine
run my fingers through your hair
oh god, please give me a sign!

all I hear is the clock ticking
time seems to have stood still
I know you won`t come any quicker
but have to maintain my strong will

so I will sit here and wait for you
patience may not be my strength
but loving you keeps me going
won`t let you go further than my arm`s length

waiting for a loved one to return is always painful but exciting too....

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 3 March 2014

My Angel`s with me......

Though you`re not with me
I know you`re still there
Holding me tightly
if people knew, they would stare

A kiss on my cheek
whispered words in my ear
You`d always be with me
so I should never fear

Hand in hand down the path
don`t care what folk say
You`re there by my side
for ever and a day

I know you`re still with me
you always will be
Wrapped up in your love
my Angel`s with me

Though someone special may have died, they will always remain a part of you, and therefore with you too...

© Lis Bull 2014
Please return......

you sailed away the day she died
and were never to be seen again
I often wonder where you are
and how much you felt the pain

she was your life and your whole world
then suddenly she was taken
ripped away from your very soul
surely the angels were mistaken

for she`d been always been there for you
now you felt you had nothing here
you rushed to take the open road
and we were left alone to fear

would love to know that you`re ok
and welcome to return once more
with open arms we would greet you
when you come back from distant shore

there is always a place here for returning friends.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wonders of music

lilting music soothes the soul
it calms my aspirations
now the world feels much better
helping with my expectations

emotional music for the heart
thus heightening my senses
arousing such passions within
cancelling all my defences

with the beat pounding loudly
helping me to take control
it energizes my whole being
pulsating right through my soul

inspiring toes tapping music
playing free styled wholesome jazz
feel good genre for everyone
just loving the razzmatazz

music has so many genres
and its there for every one
something for all occasions
so go enjoy and have some fun!

music is a part of everything we do from healing to metal gigs lol

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 1 March 2014

We use to be so close
but that doesn't happen no more
all we do is argue
it hurts me to the core

You use to know my moods
greet me with a hug or smile
lately though you shun me
you would rather run a mile

I know you want to fly the nest
that`s what you`ll do one day
but until that events happens
let us work to clear the way

We need to settle this now
Clear the air and move forward
Not to fight or show anger
as the words mightier than the sword

I hope one day you`ll remember
Just how much I love you
you`ll never stop being my child
so don't forget what we have to do!

Families should stick together through the goods time and the bad ones too

© Lis Bull 2014

Reflections of my world

heavy streaks of water
makes my view a muddle
for my upside down world
is nestled in a puddle

rippling in the breeze
disappearing with a stamp
of boots from passers-by
under the bright street lamp

all that I can see, is
reflections all around
distorted and yet clear
my world on the ground.

it`s funny how a puddle reflects our distorted world.......

© Lis Bull 2014
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