Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Mother was the Best!

My mother was one of the best
she really took good care of me
always had a smile to share
a plaster when I scrapped my knee

she woke me up in the morning
gave a big hug last thing at night
let me learn through my mistakes
and her advice was always right

enjoyed the help she gave me then
and miss her wisdom now she`s gone
problem shared, was a problem halved
was the best advice she passed on

taking in all that she has taught me
I understand motherhood much more
the joys of passing on your love
has helped me cope better, I'm sure!

I miss sharing a cuppa with her
after a long arduous time through traffic
walking round the garden together
discussing the latest topic

Mother, you were one of the best
I stand and celebrate this day
giving thanks for all you have done
Love you on this Mothering Sunday!

Love and miss you always xxx

                                                                       © Lis Bull 2014

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