Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nature in its Full Beauty!

Nature throws up many colours
to say this "green and pleasant land"
certainly doesn't cover the whole picture
this awesome world is far from bland

For each of the four seasons are different
with their own striking colours and textures
from warm summer days to the freezing winter
each full of its own distinctive mixtures

Looking at these bright colourful seasons
we see this nature in its full glory
rich oranges and reds of the woodlands
and carpets of luscious bluebells, tell their story

The world awakes to a burst of spring
then summer appears full of scent and bright hues
and through autumn the colours change so fast
winter whitens mountains to many shade of blues

It seems nature can throw a spanner in the works
producing some awesome colours to see
placing a new perceptive on what we know
so lets enjoy all of her wondrous beauty!

Nature something we should never take for granted, but respect it and enjoy it...!

© Lis Bull 2014

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