Sunday, 16 March 2014

Shadow of a lonely man

The shadow of a lonely man
he stands before you, but a shell
for he`s sailed across death`s river
while travelling back and forth from hell

He is a shadow of his former self
a fraction of what he once stood for
loneliness has struck him hard
fear his old self will never be once more

He stands hidden in dark corners
afraid to be seen in the light
fearful of the repercussions
so he stays well out of sight

Gone is the once confident man
never feared he`d be in the wrong
but now the shadows loom so dark
weakness rules, he is no longer strong

The shadow of this lonely man
has eaten away at his very soul
numb and forsaken, he stands here
never to win or reach his goal

So remember this lonely, sad man
who is down on his luck this day
you never know what`s round the corner
so be grateful for what comes your way!

A twist on the theme of a shadow of a man

© Lis Bull 2014

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