Monday, 25 February 2013

Struggling Times

Buried alive, is how I feel
Under tons of complications
No day light can be seen down here
As I plunge into total despair
The world is spinning around me
Oh such a feeling of being crushed
I want to feel the sun on my face
The wind in my hair, please set me free.
Reach down and help me get out of here
Pull me up into the sun shine
Let me dust myself off, look to the world
Take a step forward to the next level
Until that time, I lie here alone
Buried alive in all this aggravation

My son is trying to set up his Blacksmithing Business and going through some really touch times
Three steps forward then two back as he is knocked down again.  He is a fighter and believes in
what he is doing, and I know he will do it in the end.  This poem is about that struggle.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Sweetheart

Two strong arms to hold me tight
Two loving eyes bright with light
One beating heart that pounds for me
One big soul to set me free
Two sturdy legs that can support
Two happy feet for my transport
One pair of hands to grasp me so
One clear mind where love can grow
Two lips that kiss one another
Two sweethearts that love each other
One couple for all to see
One love joined in harmony

I had been going through old photos again and came across some wedding photos of my parents, and was struck by their love for each other and the hardship couples went through in those days.  the simple things meant so much to them.  This poem came from those thoughts.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wrapped up in slumber

I love to watch you sleep awhile
As a mother watches her child
Peace and calm across your face
The steady rhythm of your breathing
As your mind drifts onwards
From all the troubles of the day
What dreams are you dreaming?
Where is your peaceful haven?
The place you go to get away
As your body rests from its toils
I so wish that I could be
Resting in your arms right now
Safely wrapped up in slumber
As we both dream our dreams

This poem came to me through a dream itself, a field of summer flowers, a picnic blanket and two happy people.  I must of been thinking about some happy event from my past.  Now the memory will continue through the poem.   Happy days.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Waking up alone

A lazy morning wake up
As I turn to say hello
But where your head should be laid
There`s just an empty pillow

All night, you laid beside me
I thought til the wakening dawn
But your absence hits me hard
Wondering, where have you gone ?

Felt safe, cuddled in your arms
Your heart beating in my ear
Warm and loving together
But you went and left me here

Sleepy eyed, I look around
Hoping you`ll walk through the door
All I hear is silence now
You have gone, there is now more.........

No sure where this poem came from, but I do know I am missing my husband alot these days as the anniversarys of loved ones passed are here again, it makes me think of him.