Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Jack Frost...

My window is covered in ice
a white blanket engulfs everything
spiky branches silhouette the moon
as a mist can be seen all around
the howling winds swirl about
temperatures have dipped below zero
glistening spider webs span the plants
tiny foot prints across my path way
Jack Frost has been dancing here
he has left his mark for all to see

Its getting colder now as winter is tapping on my door
I remember stories of Jack Frost when I was a kid.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jack Frost might freeze my ink
numb my fingers
so I can't write
but through the warmth of my heart
my pen will flow with passion.....

© Lissie Bull 2014

Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Baubles.....

Nesting in my Christmas tree
amongst all the shiny needles
caught up in the twinkling lights
brightly colored baubles hang
reflecting our world upside down
on these smoothes curved orbs
along with stars and ribbons
as they decorate our tree..!
with long strands of tinsels
shimmering through everything
and perched upon the top
an angel resides over all
white robes and golden wings
angelic guardian protector.

© Lissie Bull 2014

To be loved.........

This feeling of joy
I hold in my heart
is strongest when
you're about
the look in your eyes
says you love me
what more could
a person need?
when you hold me in your arms
I'm safe
and with your kiss
I'm floating on a cloud
sheer ectacy
to know that I'm yours
the knowledge
that we'll be together always......

© Lissie Bull 2014

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Dreams are like angels

they keep bad feelings at bay
floating through white clouds
til the break of day

Angels are dream keepers

selecting  ones that are right
helps us to drift away
on through the dark night

Protection from harm
along with fears quelled
winged beauties in white
tender memories held

These dreams are special

for minds wander while asleep
painting new pictures
that our souls may keep

For dreams are like angels

protecting us from all harms
lighting up our whole world
with beauty, love and sweet charms!

 © Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 27 December 2014

What moulds us.....?

Memories from each year
remaining in our hearts
making us who we are
molding our souls
forming our personalities
and how we live our lives
remembering the good tines
not dwelling on the bad
building a future
to share with loved ones
for what moulds us 
makes us stronger
helping us to search
for a wonderful life....!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Laughing Blacksmith!

Down in a small workshop
amongst the clashing sounds
of hammer on an anvil
a wondrous creator abounds

heat of the forge makes him smile
watching the metal turn red
chuckling as he goes
ideas mulling around his head

rhythmic hits upon anvil
as metal shapes start to form
humming to the music
for the action keeps him warm!

as his work continues
items become more recognizable
beautiful to the eye
creations so desirable

never underestimate such craft
each finished item is unique
for our laughing Blacksmith
is shrouded in total mystique

© Lissie Bull. 2014

Sun and Moon!

The ying and yang
Of day and night
The sun and moon
for both are bright

By day the sun
And night the moon
With dark and light
That change too soon

Our earth is lit
From far away
As we rotate
Throughout the day

Withe sun up high
And night will creep
While some do play
Others will sleep

For nature too
The moon and sun
Play such a part
They still have fun

Through light and dark
Celestial orbit
Brings humility

© Lissie Bull 2014
Image found on Facebook 2014

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mum's Dreams!

I am but a mother
with all that it entails
being there for everyone
the enjoyment never fails

It's great to see you grow up
proud of all your achievements
I'm there throughout it all
over seeing disagreements

I am a human being
and I have my dreams too
although I'm left to do chores
I'll always be there for you

Would be great to have time off
someone else to cook the tea
allowing me to explore as...
my dreams are special to me!

I don't ask that much of them
just hope they'll understand
that mum needs her time for fun
so remember to give her a hand!

We,  who grow older,  still wish
to enjoy life to the full
laugh, love, relax or explore
just to be happy, I'm grateful

So spare a thought for a mum
whose there for you in every way
help her to have time to recharge
so dreams can come true one day!

© Lissie Bull 2014

True Christmas

On Christmas eve it was so cold
Like it was all those years before
As a couple tried to find a room
But they're only offered a stable floor

Amongst the hay and ox and ass
The saviour of the world was born
Laid in a manger warm and safe
Watched over by Mary, `til the morn

There were shephards in the field
All guarding their flock by night
When a heavenly host appeared
Telling them of the child, with delight

Leaving to visit the baby
Travelling to the little stable
Bearing gifts for baby Jesus
Showing him love, as they were able

Mary takes this all to her heart
God has told her, he was precious
So as we gather altogether
Let`s remember that first Christmas

In this day and age, Christmas seems to be about presents, food, decorations and cards, but that was not how it use to be.  Maybe it`s time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus.

Merry Christmas to you all !!

© Lissie Bull 2012
Night drives

Motorways at night time
can be an eerie place
cars speeding through the darkness
racing on, leaving no trace

Heading into the distance
Red tail lights ablaze
streaking across the land
there`s no time for delays

With all the smells and noise
along the carriage way
electric coloured streams
leave patterns for a short stay

All through the night time
these bright lights race on by
leaving trails of coloured lines
that are spied by the eye

The landscape all lit up
with every passing car
speeding along the light way
travelling to places afar!

Inspired by a photo "Lightway"
by Bandasphoto on DevientArt

 © Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Star Light

Spirally across the sky
spinning brightly as it goes
lighting up the night time
where it's going, no one knows

Strands of gold seeking space
testing out the atmosphere
as it moves across the horizon
casting patterns of light so near

Hues of reds and gold we see
spinning and pulsating along
orbiting celestial force
with a fiery tail, so strong

Moving swiftly along its course
streaks of colour across the moon
like candles flickering on by
this star light will be gone too soon

© Lissie Bull 2014
Image taken by Fiery-fire found on DeviantArt

Monday, 22 December 2014

Touching a Soul

When you touch someone
with a loving spirit
they touch your soul
with their deep heart
for there is nothing better
on this earth
than a giving person
who knows your worth
as we live each day
may we make a difference
and touch a soul
each and every day
bringing smiles and laughter
to many a needy soul

Love, peace and happiness !

© Lissie Bull 2014

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lin, my Soul Mate

Lin you are so special
the only woman for me
you fill my heart with joy
I'm where I want to be

we met when you were young
married three years later
with all that's come our way
you've proved an awesome mater

our lives have seen much troubles
through thick and thin you've been strong
four wonderful kids we have
to me you can do no wrong

the memories built together
hold you dear within my heart
for you always make me smile
couldn't imagine us apart

dear Lin, you are my soul mate
I know I've been truly blessed
the luckiest man on earth
my love, you are the best!

© Lissie Bull 2014

I was commissioned to do this poem for a Christmas present.
They were very pleased with the poem and I framed it in a lovely pine frame :)

Dafter side of Christmas..!!

It must be Christmas time again
The latest toys are on the shelves
And the queues are getting longer
Santa`s lucky, he has his elves

Battling through the crowds again
Loads of shopping bags to carry
As I`m struggling with the car keys
Why can`t I have my own fairy?

Fought hard to put the tree up
Untangled many miles of lights
Wrapped presents sit under the tree now
Promising many joys and delights

Mistletoe hangs over the door
To catch the unsuspecting man
Carols played on the radio
As some snores are heard from nan

A jumble of cards on the mantle
Turkey`s nicely cooking away
The family`s crammed altogether
As we celebrate Christmas Day !

I love Christmas time very much, and I am pleased when Christmas day goes well.  However before that, there is so much going on and the stress and strain of the shopping, tree etc.  This poem tells that side.
Merry Christmas !

© Lis Bull 2012
Image by

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Our Christmas Tree.

Twinkling in the lights
Wrapped around the tree
Red and golden tinsel
A spectical to see

Different shapes and sizes
These baubles hanging there
Along with chocolate santas
All shimmering with flare

Lucious thick pines smelling strong
All pert and fresh to the eye
From the floor to the very top
Where an angel sits on high

There's a long string of colours
Also winding round the tree
Little bulbs that flash with joy
Makes our tree alight with glee

Placed all around its base
Many presents wrapped up bright
With bows, ribbons and labels
Our tree is an awesome sight

© Lissie Bull 2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

Tortured search

Within this dank tunnel
I search with no eyes
Hands stretched out before me
Seeking without sound
Timidly moving on

Tortured droplets felt
Shocks striking upon my skin
Sending shivers deep within my soul
Sounds echoing in my head
Treading carefully on

Heart trembling with fear
Great fear of the unknown
Feeling your presence so close
Yet never finding you here
Hoping prayers are answered

Terror pressing down
Wrapping me in darkness
And turning my soul to ice
Will I ever find you down here
Searching on endlessly

© Lissie Bull 2014

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Don't shed a tear......

My heart is full of pain
all I feel is anger this day
for loved ones that I trusted
have turned and walked away

There's such a void that's felt
its eating away at me
I'm dying on the inside
so its out of sight,  you see

Who do I turn to now
who's out there I can trust?
the feeling of abandonment
to be addressed is a must!

Loneliness like ivy creeps up
sheer weight of death in the air
slowly smothering everything
seems no one has a care

So when death comes to take me
please don't shed a tear
for I know its only self pity
and the inevitable,  you fear!!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

To be together.....

Its strange to think
After all this time
That I still love you
Is that a great crime?

Miss your tender touches
And all your loving care
Not to have you by my side
Is something hard to bare

Wishing I could see you
Feel your loving arms so strong
Wrapped around me tightly
Holding our whole life long

So you see, my dearest
I want you with me always
Build memories together
Be a couple all our days....!

©. Lissie Bull 2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sweet scented future...

all around
Trumpets ablast
delicious sound
Spirals of music
dancing there
notes turn to tunes
flowing with flare
lavender scented
a sense of peace
pink paper hearts
loving center piece
romance is here
long may it last
with bride and groom
memories amassed!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Poetry, poetry everywhere....

This year has been awesome, and it's just getting better and better!  Started my own craft business at the beginning of November and its starting to get noticed.
I have even received a few commissioned works too.

Can't wait to see what 2015 will bring.

Looking forward to the future 


Monday, 15 December 2014

Cat amongst the presents...

I see a little nose peeping through
All the wrapped presents under the tree
Pointed ears twitching through the bows
As your loud purrs are heard happily

It`s so funny to watch you pounce
Amongst all the torn wrappings
Your tail swishing as you jump around
The Christmas decorations and trappings

Tail in the air and your head on the ground
Bottom wiggling as you`re ready to pounce
Then there`s a flurry of fur darting by
As a bright coloured gift goes bounce

It`s funny to see all the fun you`ve had
Dashing and scurrying all around
But now you have tired yourself out
Looking through, there`s only a purring sound

Christmas is fun for us all and very amusing for our pets too.  I have two mischievous cats.  it`s so funny to watch them chase after all the presents and torn wrapping papers, until they tire themselves out and curl up asleep amongst the mess, purring contentivily.

© Lissie Bull 2012

The Bikers

They may look tough
in their biker gear
revving up their engines
instilling so much fear

Insigniers  enblazened
across their jacket backs
badges, tattoos, beards
and leather, their style nevers lacks

Clans, bands and family
their loyalty's so strong
as they gather in numbers
not sure they're here for long

Terrified, we watch them
strut in through the door
swagger around the area
we're rooted to the floor

With a large drink in hand
they look you in the face
then thank you for your kindness
oh and what a lovely place!!

Although they look so hard
Hells Angels are not always tough
there's a polite side to them
for they're happy to chat and laugh!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A New Day.

Each day is different
and that's how I like it
never knowing what will happen
mysteries are a great hit

Get up each day and wonder
what will be, will be, I know
let's get going and face the world
it's time to get up and go!

Meet and greet new people
with so many places to see
want to experience everything
then find out what I can be

So never me afraid to try
and expand your little world
wear a smile upon your face
and see new horizons unfurled

© Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Cheer!

It`s that time of year again
the excitement is growing
everyone has their secrets
there`s no sign of it slowing

Shopping bags and packages
sticky tape, and wrapping paper...
cards written and presents done
all this fun is such a caper

Decorations all in place
just love the atmosphere
raise you glass everyone

for Christmas time is here!

Christmas count down has started !!

© Lis Bull 2013
Nonsense of Life

When all is said and done
The final curtain`s down
Pick up your kit bag now
Come on and smile, don`t frown

The grass is greener there
At least that`s what I`m told
So I should go exploring
Travel before I`m too old

A pint full of goodness
To help me on my way
Humble pie to feed me
Thank you, is what I say

Have to spend to gain things
To give and not to ask
Your mission will start here
So please complete the task

To fight is to conquer
The battle can be won
So look on the bright side
Because life can be fun!!

This is a little nonsense poem using up some of the phrases I knew when I was younger 
They always make me laugh !

© Lissie Bull 2012

Friday, 12 December 2014

Master Penguin. 

This jolly little feathered friend
dressed up in black and white
with wings that won't let him fly
waddling through snow, quite a sight

Agile in these icy waters
seeking out his abundant food
as he dives amongst his group
like a playful kid in a happy mood

Huddled together through bad weather
protecting the next generation
snowy storms may rage about him
as he shows great dedication

This intrepid little penguin
smartly dressed in his fine attire
surviving in this snow bound landscape
with his great heart so full of fire!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mister Robin.

The muffled silence of this winter garden
Sparkling with ice on the branches of trees
The festive season is here once again
Wild life still thrives even through this freeze

For snow has settled on every surface
Paw prints make patterns in the deep crisp snow
There amongst the branches he sits watching
Mister Robin`s bright red waist coat for show

Looking smart as he`s dressed in his finest
His chest puffed out with pride for all to see
Singing his song as he views the garden
From way up high in his snow covered tree

With black beady eyes darting all around
There`s nothing he`ll miss from his world on high
From the fat house cat to the grey pigeon
He`s waiting his supper, he`s so sly !

Love that the festive season has started
For white powered snow is found everywhere
Mister Robin is perched on my apple tree
Looking like a very smart millionaire!             

I remember watching a little red robin in my parents garden, 
It use to sit the handle of my father`s spade.

 © Lis Bull 2013

The stillness of that moment
just before the first glimmer of light
when all are tucked up sleep
never seeing the dawn's colours bright

The world bathed in darkness
there's a peacefulness all around
before the sky is splashed with colours
as the sun pops its head above ground

With each passing minute
the sky is forever changing
like a giant artist's palet
colours are always rearranging

Long dark shadows stretching far
moving as the sun rises higher
as our world begins to wake up
accompanied by the dawn"s choir

© Lissie Bull 2014

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

On my Mind.....

Hidden through all this
desolate landscape
no one to speak to
the heat of the sun
that beats down on me
as you play on my mind

Deep down under ground
where it's cold and damp
no one to hug me
darkness all about
its seeping into my bones
but you're still on my mind

High up in the clouds
with the wind in my face
the sun shining bright
angels all around me
I see your awesome wings
as I join you in my mind....!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Times

Christmas time
season of joy and love
families coming together
laughter heard all about
but sadly for some
this is a hard time
losing a loved one
knocks you for six
loneliness sets in
hibernation feels better!

As the tree is decorated
cards given and rec'd
gifts all wrapped
with smiling faces
fires burning bright
mulled wine warming
but after the lost
of a special loved one
tugging at the heart strings
Christmas is not fun

© Lissie Bull 2014

Monday, 8 December 2014

  Precious Gift..

Our wonderful new born child
Who fills our hearts with love so deep
A tuft of fine blond curly hair
Laying there content in sleep

Bright blue eyes seeking my attention
Gurgles are the order of the day
Tiny fingers curled around my thumb
Humbling me in every way

Such soft gentle sensitive skin
From your head to petit feet
To see you dressed in pretty clothes
Smiling, wow! you look so sweet

Holding such a precious gift
Knowing how you`ll fill our hearts with glee
Sharing every moment together
We`re now a complete family.

                                                                        © Lissie Bull 2014

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Misty Morn

On this cold and frosty morn
with the clouds riding so low
an eerie mist lingers late
sun struggling to glow

A frosty start to this dull morn
as pale mist loiters in hollows
for winter has now appeared
setting tones for our tomorrows

Like a foaming sea rolling through
this cold, damp cloud rumbles in
weaving its way amongst buildings
whilst the sky begins to brighten

Our world wrapped up in a blanket
half submerged within thick grey mist
lingering for many an hour
wintry scene that seems to persist

So as the coldest season starts
this bleak weather is here to stay
thus wrap up warm before you go
and make the most of a wintry day

© Lissie Bull 2014

Birthday Wishes

My birthday wish is so special
A secret one for me to make
Close my eyes tight before I do
For once it`s make, it should not break

There are many things to wish for
Health, happiness and lots of fun
Maybe my book published next year
Or those earrings,  is a great one

It doesn`t matter what age I am
Love celebrating it this way
I`m excited to cast mine now
And make a wish on my birthday !

                                                      © Lissie Bull 2014

Saturday, 6 December 2014

After the Rain

In late afternoon sun
once the rains have ceased
life recovers from the down pour
as the clouds move off to the east

holding its head up high
amongst the droplets found
refreshed from its sweet shower
with beauty restored all around

tears fall from its petals
that`s caught up in the breeze
appears to dance in the air
with such elegance and ease

thus a swish of bright scarlet
fresh colours that are so bold
as nature reveals her secrets
sweetness of sight to behold

© Lissie Bull 2014

Inspired by an image titled "Lucid Dream"
Taken by arefin03  and found on DeviantArt.

Friday, 5 December 2014


There`s a word engraved
deep within my heart
a tender note to say
we`ll never be apart

For the love that we feel
so binds us together
through blissful summer
and stormy weather

This word is clearly seen
For it shines out brightly
Never be forgotten
Love to hold so tightly

United through our love
For a couple we'll stay
Remembrance is golden
In the eve of our day

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image by

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Season!

Its a joy to walk along the street
and wonder at all the festive lights
twinkly colours flash through the windows
brightening up these cold wintry nights

Christmas trees dressed in baubles and tinsel
tiny lights flickering for all to see
roaring log fire to keep the house warm
all enjoying the festivity

Late night shoppers hurry back home
past the displays to Christmas cheer
cascades of lights fall like snowflakes
soon to change with sales in the new year

So hurrying back to a warm home
the family all gathered around
a time to be all together
                                                         Christmas celebrations abound.

                                 © Lissie Bull 2014

World in a bubble

Trapped in a bubble
reflecting of the world
in every little detail
an image in miniature

yet something`s not right
though the content`s perfect
looking carefully I see..
 all within is upside down

for where there`s ancient rocks
is now a hazy sunset
merging oranges to blues
blending on the horizon

this bauble reflects a world
our world with all it`s creatures
and all it`s imperfections
nature`s awesome little treasures!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Image by Nini1965  titled A world within a world and found on DeviantArt

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Honesty is best

The feeling of not knowing
that`s gnawing at my guts
something that`s hard to bear
so fed up of "if`s" and "buts"

Lies are even worse for me
untruths are so very unkind
to think people do it willingly
really messes up my mind

why can`t everyone to honest
treat others in a proper way
cost nothing to be nice you know!
and therefore brighten up my day.

© Lissie Bull 2014

Monday, 1 December 2014

Puurfect Poetry Anthology

This new publication is all about the the interaction between felines 
and their cohabitation with us humans.
It is a lovely collection of poems looking into the mischief,
mayhem and companionship we have with cats.
Puurfect Poetry is published by Lost Tower Publications
and is their 2014 charity anthology.
10% of profits will go to The Headway Charity.

I am happy to confirm that two of my poems are to be found 
in this lovely publication.

Why not order your copy, 
it would make a wonderful Christmas Gift for any cat lover.
Click on the link below for further information.

Many thanks  Lissie.

Little Angels

Joy to our hearts
unique characters
caring and trusting
inquisitive minds
sharing their love
for they're our future

© Lissie Bull 2014
image from

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas Fayre

Bright lights and sparkling candles
sweet smell of scents in the air
as the festive season's started
it's time to wander around the fayre

all the stalls laid out to view
the atmosphere's electric
so much to see and take in
hustle and bustle, so hectic

people stop to take a look
all searching for a bargain
so much choice to be seen
may have to go around again

festive music can be heard
followed by a "Ho Ho Ho!!
Father Christmas has just popped in
kids are happy before they go

It's cold outside in the snow
but warm and inviting in here
so let's enjoy this memorable time
and give a Christmas cheer !!

© Lissie Bull 2014

Sugar Pink Delight

Soft pink candy
sugar sweet scent
pale in the sun
and heaven sent

velvety touch
 sweet to the eyes
swaying gently
as the air sighs

creamy tinged petals
among the green
shiny dark leaves
a picture seen

rose of my heart
giving pleasure
heavenly beauty
and nature`s treasure.

© Lis Bull 2014

Photo from   Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas is coming...!

For a unique Christmas present idea, 
why not check out

there`s a wide range of poems available
and commissions undertaken too.

Thanks for taking time to look




A moment in time
is all it takes
to let your pen flow
and a lifetime
of remembrance
to hold the words dear....


Through this misty morn, 
the ink of my pen still flows
painting pictures from my mind
     that bring colour to my world......

                                                                        © Lissie Bull 2014