Monday, 20 September 2021

Name verses are a great gift idea for all occasions from Birthday to Thanks You!
These were a lovely commission for two wonderful sisters and a pleasure to write. If you would like a Name Verse please feel free to message e on here on send a message to me on


Jovial and loving character
Always happy to help others
Yearns to explore the world
Not one to give up a fight
Energetic for life and friends

(C0 Lissie bull 2021


Caring and confident
Loves to help others
Always wears a bright smile
Inspired by everything around
Ready to take on the world
Ever eager to lend a hand

(C) Lissie Bull 2021

Saturday, 18 September 2021

   Sweet Aromas        

   warm invite  
         from the cold
   frozen winter
cold hands           
fire roaring
         curled up snug  
cuddling my cup      
       of hot coffee
all topped with cream
with sprinkles, so tasty
nibbling  on  chocolate
in the warmth  of a fire
so shut out winter
wrapped up in a 
cosy blanket
with a crumbly cookie is
most welcome!

(C) lissie Bull 2021



Birthdays come but once a year

and Danny, yours is here to cheer

chill and relax, your Xbox is ready to play

as Buddha watches over you today

you`re my brother you make me smile

so let`s celebrate this in great style

enjoy your gifts and don`t forget

you`re wished the best birthday yet!

© Lissie Bull 2021


Blacksmithing is an amazing skill that`s been around for hundreds of year.
making hand forged items from steel with hammer on anvil heated by their forge!

The Blacksmith

Fire, steel, rivets and hammer
dust, noise, red hot metal
anvil, tongs and sheer power
the blacksmith has it all

forge fired up and ready
with tools all standing by
leather apron now in place
anticipation is high

arc of sparks from the grinder
flash across the workshop
powering on through the day
working hard until you drop

hammer clashes down on metal
an air of expectation
as slowly the piece is formed
stand back and see his creation

© Lissie Bull 2021

Friday, 17 September 2021


Love is                     patient
love is kind               and gentle
it does not boast        or hurt anyone
love is not proud or rude love is not self 
seeking or keeps records of wrong doings
it`s tender and caring building memories
 together. Love is not blind, but sees all 
 that is true. Love is an unconditional 
commitment.  Love is a decision,
strong feeling a judgement.
Love is  a  promise to
honour each other
so  for eternity
I know I will

(C) Lissie Bull 2021


Recipe For The Day

start your day off with a cup of coffee
spoon in some happiness and love
add whipped cream of mystery
shake on chocolate from above

with this you should also have
a bowl of energy and fun
pour on the milk of strength and wit
for now your day has just begun

to really finish of this treat
you`ll need some hot and crunchy toast
spread with some caring harmony
with this you`ll reach the winning post!!

© Lissie Bull 2021


Jack O`Lantern

round face
orange face
staring out at me
carved face
lit face
shining out at me
gruesome face
bright eyes
candles lit to see
scary face
pumpkin face
my Jack O`Lantern be

(c) Lissie Bull 2021

I love autumn, all the bright colours on thee trees and fruit ripening, harvest time!!
The Winter is just around the corner followed by Christmas....yeah!!!

 Start of Autumn

September rumblings
autumn`s now on its way
the warmth has left the sun
cold blue skies here to stay

weather`s unpredictable
but that's how I like it
maybe we`ll have snow soon
it strengthens the spirit!

bright colours on the trees
they`re changing their attire
orange, reds and yellows
summer can now retire

it`s like another world
low lying misty mornings
everything is shrouded
sending winter warnings

crunchiness under foot
and a bite in the air
wrap up now and stay warm
it`s time to take good care

September`s a great month
marks a change in the year
for earth start to sleep
as winter will be here..

© Lissie Bull 2021