Saturday, 30 June 2012

Amongst the clouds

Riding high, racing through the sky
Slip streaming, never asking why

Floating, soaring above the trees
Freedom to do whatever I please

Being tossed around the stars
Knowing that all I see is ours

Somersaults and cartwheels
Knowing how true freedom feels

Soft fluffy clouds to stop my fall
Wow! this is great to have it all.

I have no fears to worry me
For I have peace and harmony

I have always enjoyed the feeling of floating, and really enjoyed my time piloting a glider, this is a memory that has stayed with me.  The peace and harmony with the eliments.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

That wonderful emotion of parenthood.

To hold your new born child in your arms
Mixed emotions swell from deep inside
This wonderful infant that you love
Fills you with happiness and pride.

The first few months seem terrifying
Struggling to cope with your new child
Learning how to be great parents
Noting when she`s gurgled or smiled.

All your time is taken up with her
Even sleep is non existent
Walking in the park together
You feel forefilled and content.

Before you know it, the year`s gone by
Your new born child has grown so fast
You feel more like a whole family now
Full of love that will always last.

Looking through some early photographs of my family,  I was reminded of those wonderful times.
I know many more families are feeling and remembering the same emotions too.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Ooh ! look ! How does that work?
How can I understand?
Why does it?
When does it?
Want knowledge in my hand.

Touch it, what will it do?
Tell me, will it harm me?
Scar me?
Kill me?
So got to know, have to see?

Can it move and grow then?
Will it show love to us?
Pamper it
Encourage it
Don`t think I`m making a fuss.

Can I make a profit?
Put money in my purse?
Will it?
Should it?
Well ! I`m just curious !!

I love finding out things, exploring, learning, asking questions.  Its the only way to gain knowledge.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Why, what for, what do you want?
It`s not up to me, I don`t care
Shut up, go! leave me alone
Understand, I am going no where.

You have to realise you hurt me
You have to pay for what you have done
What you did was so unkind
I hate you, life now is not much fun

Go away, you are not needed
I know I can cope on my own
You have done enough damage
I don`t want you to call or phone.

Leave me alone, just go away
I don`t need you now any more
You`re a scheming devil, a beast
Retreat or I`ll get you for sure!!

This poem was just a bit of fun, but has turned out to be so true of certain times and situations, that it has made me think things through much more.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Why is it, that when I try to be kind
All I am met with is anger and pain
I was taught to be open and caring
Now I seem to feel this was all in vain.

People seem to know what I am thinking
I see a fight, and step in to assist
It`s the way that I am, and everyone knows
I just have to help, I can not resist.

With my emotions, I wear a badge for all to see
It`s like looking through a window to my soul
I don`t appear to be able to hide it
It`s something I`m unable to control

My emotions are visible for all to see
It`s the way I am,  through and through
Why do I wear my heart on my sleeve?
Because I am me, honest and true.

I have thought about the phase, wearing your heart on your sleeve, this is how I see it.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Snoozing Cat  Sleep on

Soft fur slowly moving
as breathing contently
warm in the sunshine
feline resting quietly

ears always alert
breeze gently blowing
grass swaying to and fro
birds soaring on the wing

bees buzzing nearby
a splash of a tail
from the fish in the pond
 sticky trail of a snail!

still the feline sleeps on
alert to every thing
the day draws to an end
birds with their song to sing

all is as it should be
why cause any movement?
so relaxed, so happy
feline so content.

© Lissie Bull 2015

Monday, 4 June 2012

Family strengths

I`ve always believed
That famillies work together
When the chips are down
The bonds are tight
I know I`m right
I`m sure I am
But I`ve been proved wrong
They`re not always so strong

It is such a shame
When communication falls down
When it`s needed most
People get hurt
Their post, they desert
I know I`m right
But I`ve been proved wrong
They must carry on strong

When all`s said and done
Famillies should stick together
Tightening the bonds
Look`em in the eye
With your head held high
I`m sure that`s good
Please don`t prove me wrong
As we must remain strong.

This poem came about as a result of family problems and it felt that we were all beginning to split at the seams.
However we did make it and I feel we are stronger for it.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Evening Light

day light changes as evening time draws near
sky's ablaze with bright vivid hues
dark shadows start to stretch across the garden
oranges, purples and reds replace the blues

landmarks silhouetted against the sky
with the sounds of day slowly turn to night
as the sun gently slides towards the horizon
a kaleidoscope of colours create such a sight

black buildings and trees stand out so strong
against the changing patterns in the west
for night sky has slipped in unnoticed
as the sun finally dips away to rest

Watching such a beautiful sunset while sat in my garden made me feel so good and relaxed.

© Lissie Bull 2015

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