Sunday, 29 April 2012

The battle!

Darkness hanging over me
The good times seem so lean
Wish this burden could be lifted
Need to brighten up the scene.

The rain is lashing at the window
Howling winds beating at the door
I`m sat here listening to Mother Nature
Battle`s lost, judging by the score.

The hounds of doom are closing in
Winds of time wrapped around this place
What was once a thriving life
Is now a sad and lonely space.

My pathetic little fire
Will never keep the misery away
All I can do is wrap up warm
Pray the walls will keep it all at bay.

I pray that the Lord will see me through
Never to let me lose the fight
That I will watch another sun rise
The battle must be won tonight!

This poem came to me in a picture.  I could see a wooden shack standing all alone with the wind and rain beating down, and a small and pathetic fire inside.   The battle of life is raging all around.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Crumbling World

Dark times are a coming, the skies feel so heavy and black
Not sure that this will improve, but know that I have to try
People that I thought I could trust, and be there to support me
Just seem to leave me struck dumb and asking myself......why?

A wall of silence has appeared, where there was always comfort
A suspicious look, a steely stare, then backs turned towards me
I feel so alone,hurt and unwanted, no one there any more
All I want is to be loved again. What will happen? We shall see.

Cold darkness is closing in around me,suffercating me,
My candle of hope has been extinguished, no more light
Naked, unprotected, forlorn, don`t know where to turn to
Any point in carrying on, or should I just give up the fight?

All the love I felt for you, has disappeared from sight
The tender moments we shared together, are no more
The wonderful memories we had made as a couple
Just leave me saddened, lonely, bitter, upset and sore.

I had built my hopes around you, now they are destroyed
Life that has been completely ruined, not sure where to go
Rubble all about me, shattered dreams, there is no more
Trying to keep afloat here, though you sunk me very low.

I must pick myself up off the floor and carry on
Learn from the past, never forget it, but close the door
Hold my head up high, never ask... why?  but look forward
With my family and friends, I need never fear no more.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dream Fears

I am nervous to sleep
What will enter my dream cocoon
I am scared of the unknown
But have to venture forward soon.

The reoccurring dream
Haunts me through the night
Pain and fear engulf me
Fantasy comes, but is this right?

Wondering if this will come true
Praying peace will fall over me
Hoping I will know deep sleep
Harmony and love to set me free....

Over about 4 months, every night I slept, I have a reoccurring nightmare
All I wanted was to have sleepful rest but that was not to be..

When the world gets you down
And you find you`ve lot your crown
Put a smile upon your face
Happiness will find this place.

When the house needs a clean
And no help can be seen
Put a smile upon your face
Everything will slot into place.

When there`s nothing to be eaten
Never fear that you`ve be beaten
Put a smile upon your face
Turn the chore into a race

When the children get you down
Don`t you dare put on a frown
Wear a smile upon your face
They`re wonderful and full of grace.

This was a poem that I wrote after a really hectic day, where it seemed nothing went right with chores and children. I found that with a little music and a great beat, we could turn all the the work into some fun and it didn`t seem so bad !!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

No more...we`re through!!

Once was happiness and joy
When two people are together
All is fun and harmony
What ever happens, we will weather

Then something happens to our love
The atmosphere around us thickens
Where is the fun and harmony?
The love has gone, temper quickens

Oh...for the love to return
The peace to shine through again
The fun and harmony have gone
Nothing of our happiness regain

Retribution and fights are what`s left
Of our good relationship
Why did it have to end this way?
All you needed was companionship

The departing must happens now
Before I end up hating you
Please walk away from here today
I'm shouting at you now...We`re through!!!

Its so sad when a relationship ends in such bitterness !!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Can you ever have to many Albums?

Albums of all types to be found
Come on now feel the beat pound
Its great to listen to the sound.

Building up my collection fast
Knowing that it is here at last
Come now, lets give it a blast.

Shelf after shelf they`re there all neat
In easy reach, just turn on the heat
All ready to use, throb to the beat.

So many to choose from you know
I love to watch my collection grow
What ever is said, I love it so!!

Is there a limit to the amount I need?
Or am I just feeding my greed
All I know is, I want to succeed.

Well, can you have to many CD`s
People ask if it`s a disease?
But I love to have as many as I please!!

This poem was a challenge from my son, who loves his music so much.
he has a large collection of CD`s and I love to hear the music pounding out of his speakers.
the house is so quiet when he is away.
He wanted to know if you could have too many albums
I think the answer can have as many as you please!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Nonsense of Life

When all is said and done
The final curtain`s down
Pick up your kit bag now
Come on and smile, don`t frown

The grass is greener there
At least that`s what I`m told
So I should go exploring
Travel before I`m too old

A pint full of goodness
To help me on my way
Humble pie to feed me
Thank you, is what I say

Have to spend to gain things
To give and not to ask
Your mission will start here
So please complete the task

To fight is to conquer
The battle can be won
So look on the bright side
Because life can be fun!!

This is a little nonsense poem using up some of the phrases I knew when I was younger 
They always make me laugh !
Internet Dating

This dating lark is a funny old one
You never know who you will talk to next
Tall ones, young ones, hairy ones or bald
You feel confused, overwhelmed, perplexed

You`re shopping in a supermarket
All the guys set out before you now
Reading their different profiles
Where do you start, someone please show me how

When you find someone you really like
You pluck up the courage to send them a wink
And if you are lucky, they will send you one back
You could find yourself going out for a drink

Emails exchanged, photos are sent
You never knew this could be the one
You`re on the path to a brand new life
Getting to know them could be such good fun!

This poem came about after my boys decided that I should try out the dating sites!!
I found it all so confusing and they just found it all so funny!!

Friday, 13 April 2012


Sanctuary is safety
Whether from people or mind
Go and close the door after you
Leave all of your troubles behind

Peacefulness and tranquility
Somewhere so soothing and calm
Let them rage outside the door
Here is where you are safe from harm

Let the love flow over your body
Allowing you space to meditate
Cleansing you of all the hurt inside
Washing away all the pain and hate

Having somewhere to escape to
Being able to shut and lock the door
Sanctuary, safety  protection
Never to feel pain no more.