Monday, 29 October 2012

Jack Frost.....

My window is covered in ice
a white blanket engulfs everything
spiky branches silhouette the moon
as a mist can be seen all around
the howling winds swirl about
temperatures have dipped below zero
glistening spider webs span the plants
tiny foot prints across my path way
Jack Frost has been dancing here
he has left his mark for all to see

Its getting colder now as winter is tapping on my door
I remember stories of Jack Frost when I was a kid.

© Lissie Bull 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I`m on the brink of total despair
Everything is crashing down on me
Death is knocking loudly at my door
And all I want is to be set free

This great roar is getting louder now
All this pain and hurt is so unfair
Tried to do what`s good and right for me
It feels like no one could give a care

The light is fading by the hour
Total darkness starts to take a hold
Careful or I will get sucked under
Down into the depths so dark and cold

Please set me free from this torment
I`m drowning in my own salty tears
Someone take my hand and pull me out
Or I`ll descend to many nightmare fears

Not sure what to call this one,  I was feeling very angry, wounded and emotional when I wrote it,  Writing down my emotions really helps me to cope.

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Half Submerged

With raised alert eyes
Watching the world
Waiting for its prey to pass by
Looking like an abandoned log
Hard gnarled skin, like bark
Yellow, green pupils staring
Laying in ambush for its meal
Ready to spring at anything
Willing to wait for hours
But when it sees its prey
Oh boy, can it strike fast
As it launches forward
With impressive speed
Then into a death roll
For the final kill...

I saw a lovely picture of a Cuban Crocodile laying in wait for its supper and was struck by its impressive stance.

© Lissie Bull 2015
Image taken by  manwithashadow 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The corridors are quiet
Windows all boarded closed
Plaster falling off the walls
Bricks and mortar all exposed

Many rotten floor boards
Gaping holes all around
Littered with much rubbish
Hard to find solid ground

There`s scuttlings I hear
Must be the rats or mice
I`m nervious to look around
As this place is not so nice

There was once beauty here
With laughter to be heard
Drapes, carpets and pretty things
To see it now, is so absurd

I hope this house can be fixed
Repaired at any rate
There can be such beauty here
Bring it to it`s rightful state.

With all this recession, it`s sad to see some of our heritage being left to rot away.  I was watching a news item and was so saddened to see the decay.  We have so much history.  The thing that get me is that these building should be restored and used and then we wouldnt need all the houses built on green land.  That`s my thought for today lol.

Sunday, 21 October 2012 there anything it doesn`t go with??

Heinz tomato ketchup
Good on everything
Such a rich taste
Nought goes to waste
Because it gives the meal some zing !!

Breaded chicken, that`s ok
On my beef burger too
It tastes so good
We knew it would
Have heard it even in a stew !!

Great on haddock and chips
Not bad with cheese on toast
Been here for years
So no more tears
But Never Ever on my roast !!

I was set this question by my son , and had great fun doing it too.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

For a friend.....

Best friend you could ever have
Reliable, trustworthy and true
Inspirational in all he knows
Affectionate and caring too
Never a cross word to anyone

Christian through and though
Optimistic with everything in life
Xtra special hug from me to you !!

This was done for a friend of mine for fun and Im quite proud of it too,

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Sparkling Haddock

Through the dark recesses of the deep
A flicker of light can be seen
With a swish of his long fan tail
Like a shiny sleek submarine

He swims through the mucky waters
Sun reflecting off each scale
He was the meanest haddock in town
Thinking he`s as grand as a whale

Because he`s so bright and shiny
All the fish put their shades on
Even when the moon was out
It felt as though the sun shone

Haddock`s friends, they tried to cope
But his sparkling skin was so bright
It`s never too dark where he is here
With his wonderful scales of light

I was chatting with a friend and the subject of poetry came up.  He wanted to know what was my daftest poem had been.  After a while he set me a task.......write a poem about a fish with shiny scales....oh and it had to be a haddock too.   This was the result !!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Betrayal

In the cold light of the moon I stand here
Balanced right on the edge of an abyss
To deep for me to see the bottom line
Feel so betrayed by your tainted kiss

Just want this pain to stop crushing my heart
Feel so unwanted, unloved and very used
Thought we were special and it would last
You have left me hurt and confused

Can`t believe that what we had, has now gone
I see this world through this dark veil of tears
Wondering now how I will carry on with my life
All this happiness I had now dissappears

The flowers, ring and the other gifts you gave
Were not worth all the love I felt for you
Your false affections and smiles meant nothing
It was evil of you to be so untrue

In the cold light of reality I stand here
Looking over the edge of this abyss
Shaking with anger for you are a beast
Can`t believe that I was betrayed by a kiss

I have seen many of my friends betrayed and the hurt that follows.  It makes me so angry that this happens more than we would like to admit.  This is something very close to my heart.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Down in the depths of the forest
From what seems to be the heavens
Water cascades down with such force
Moving mountains as it goes
Pouring gallons over the edge
Deep into the bowels of the earth
White foaming masses of volume
Thundering past the solid rocks
Covering the area with fine spray
Crashing into the waters below
Roaring, pouring
Bashing, crashing
Thunderous sounds
Never ceasing, always flowing
The waterfall just keeps on going

I saw a lovely photo of a tall waterfall and found it fascinating.  Such power and beauty at the same time.  The movement and flow, yet so destructive too.

© Lis Bull 2012

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dawn should........

Dawn should awaken my sleepy soul
As night doesn`t always relax everything
Dreams flash before my eyes so vividly
I feel so damaged, like a broken wing

Dawn should be a happy time of the day
For some this is true, for others not so
For me, a reminder of the hardships
That I struggle through, making me feel low

Dawn should energise my whole being
After the darkness of the night before
Strengthen me for the whole day ahead
To enable me cope, this I implore

Dawn doesn`t always do that for me
I can feel drained, restless, downcast
My soul is damaged, I need to feel free
Fly with the angels, be happy at last.

I find that in some mornings, I am still tired and troubled, not much rest, I wonder if others feel the same.  It can be a struggle to get going and cope with the day ahead. Can feel broken and down.
This poem is about that feeling.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Stormy times ahead

Stormy times ahead so...
Batten down the hatches
Stock up the cupboards
Then seal all the latches
Cold winds blowing
Snow is coming
Hard rain lashing
Stormy times ahead

Block up the doorways
Check all windows as well
Logs ready for the fire
This`ll be the storm from hell
Windows rattling
Snow is pitching
Rivers swirling
Stormy times ahead

Huddled near the fire place
Winds howling all around
Settled in for the duration
As the storm hits the ground
Winds so freezing
Snow now falling
Fireside flazing
Stormy times are here !

I remember the storms in the winter when I was a child, we all stayed warm as my parents were prepared for them.  There was always food and a warm bed.   Was looking through some photos and so glad we don`t have to go through those again.  They were fun times though.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Lazy start to the day....

As the morning sun creeps across my wall
Leaving a trail of bright light along its way
Slowly opening my eyes on the world
Watching the colourful start to the day

My cat stretches out in the warm rays
Purring contently as I stroke her head
Her fur is static and soft to the touch
As she snoozes at the end of my bed

So cosy and snug here under my duvet
Do I really have to get out of bed now?
Want to watch the sun move round a bit more
No need to rush, just take it nice and slow.

I love waking up to the warm sun stretching across my bed,  It feels so good to lay there.
This poem is about that time of the day and a lazy start it is too.  Unfortunately I dont get many of them nowadays !!

Where did the love go.....?

Standing on the edge of this abyss
All hope for me has disappeared
Nothing to live for
My heart is so sore
I`m hurt to the core
It`s time for my slate to be cleared

You stood there and told me it was over
No remorse, only hatred in your eyes
Where did the love go?
I just want to know
As feeling so low
Was this just a complete pack of lies?

Standing here, remembering all the good times
Were you really so full of darkness?
Feeling so alone
Just false love was shown
I`m cut to the bone
Now I`m falling into this endless blackness

Not sure where this poem came fom, I wanted to sit down and write a cheerful poem.  This question popped i to my head and was followed by the poem.  had to see it through.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Joy and Wonderment
The little things in life
Things that mean so much
Bestow upon
Eyes open in full admoration
Working together
Companionship to each other
This poem came to me after I asked the question.....What is Joys of life ?