Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dawn should........

Dawn should awaken my sleepy soul
As night doesn`t always relax everything
Dreams flash before my eyes so vividly
I feel so damaged, like a broken wing

Dawn should be a happy time of the day
For some this is true, for others not so
For me, a reminder of the hardships
That I struggle through, making me feel low

Dawn should energise my whole being
After the darkness of the night before
Strengthen me for the whole day ahead
To enable me cope, this I implore

Dawn doesn`t always do that for me
I can feel drained, restless, downcast
My soul is damaged, I need to feel free
Fly with the angels, be happy at last.

I find that in some mornings, I am still tired and troubled, not much rest, I wonder if others feel the same.  It can be a struggle to get going and cope with the day ahead. Can feel broken and down.
This poem is about that feeling.

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