Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Betrayal

In the cold light of the moon I stand here
Balanced right on the edge of an abyss
To deep for me to see the bottom line
Feel so betrayed by your tainted kiss

Just want this pain to stop crushing my heart
Feel so unwanted, unloved and very used
Thought we were special and it would last
You have left me hurt and confused

Can`t believe that what we had, has now gone
I see this world through this dark veil of tears
Wondering now how I will carry on with my life
All this happiness I had now dissappears

The flowers, ring and the other gifts you gave
Were not worth all the love I felt for you
Your false affections and smiles meant nothing
It was evil of you to be so untrue

In the cold light of reality I stand here
Looking over the edge of this abyss
Shaking with anger for you are a beast
Can`t believe that I was betrayed by a kiss

I have seen many of my friends betrayed and the hurt that follows.  It makes me so angry that this happens more than we would like to admit.  This is something very close to my heart.

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