Monday, 8 October 2012

Where did the love go.....?

Standing on the edge of this abyss
All hope for me has disappeared
Nothing to live for
My heart is so sore
I`m hurt to the core
It`s time for my slate to be cleared

You stood there and told me it was over
No remorse, only hatred in your eyes
Where did the love go?
I just want to know
As feeling so low
Was this just a complete pack of lies?

Standing here, remembering all the good times
Were you really so full of darkness?
Feeling so alone
Just false love was shown
I`m cut to the bone
Now I`m falling into this endless blackness

Not sure where this poem came fom, I wanted to sit down and write a cheerful poem.  This question popped i to my head and was followed by the poem.  had to see it through.

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