Monday, 26 November 2012

Our memories

Our memories hold on to the past
So together we never forget
Remembering them for the future
For without them, we may regret

Our childhood always seemed better
Than our kids, as they grow up today
The carefree games and adventures
Were so real to us in every way

We`d be kart racers or explorers
Farmers, monsters and cowboys too
Our imagination knew no bounds
There was always something to do

The kids of today never do that
They`ve computers and mobiles to use
The only things to bug them now
Would be loss of internet or a fuse

So when we look back on our lives
Memories are so important to treasure
Make sure you create some to keep
For all to remember forever.

Going through some photographs of my childhood brought to mind all the good memories that I have, then I look at the way kids grow up today and I fear that they will have less memories than they should.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The virtual Battle

Hearing only one side of the chat
As you sit hunched up on your chair
Fingers flicking on your handset
With your eyes glued to the screen
A crash, a flash and a yell
As the enemy shoots you down
Shoot them, shoot them !!
You shout down the mic
As your team mate helps you
A muffled sound can be heard through your headset
Wow, it`s like another language !
As you fight your battle
With explosions flashing
The excitement in your voice
As your team is winning
In for the final kill !!
You scream out your victory
Then sit back in your chair
With a smug smile on your face
Now leaning forward again
To start your next battle
While chatting to your mate
In this one sided conversation !

Sat here working on my laptop while my son is playing on his xbox.  I find it funny listening to this one sided conversation as he battles with his mates to win the game.  The screen shows explosions and gun fire and he chats on.  It`s wonderful to watch.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Alone on my boulder

Siting on my boulder
As I dip in my toe
Hidden from the sun light
Watching the water flow

Bubbling over the rocks
Clear water passing by
Some vegetation stirs
Is that a frog I spy?

Shadows move in the breeze
While I sit here and stare
As a leaf floats on down
Lingering in the air

Fish weave amongst the weeds
Seeking food as they swim
Flickering their tails as they go
As if it`s just a whim

Trickling of the water
Gurgling over the stone
Peaceful meditation
It`s good to be alone.

I love to find a quiet spot, sit and listen to the world. Sitting by a flowing stream is so relaxing and I can rest and meditate without any distractions.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Time for peace

I shut my eyes tight
To keep out the light
The pain is so great
Wonder is this my fate?

For I have seen pain
And know there`s no gain
In fighting the war
Can`t take it no more

When all`s said and done
We don`t need the gun
I wish this would cease
For we need this peace

We must all be meek
Show the other cheek
To walk away tall
Before there`s a fall

To love one another
Sister and brother
We all must unite
And give up this fight

Wars are happening all over the world and it is so sad to see how people are effected.
Why cant we be more loving towards others.  Love conquers all.

Monday, 12 November 2012

When your plans go wrong

When all your plans go up in smoke
Feel you`re sinking into quick sand
The world has turned its back on you
Your happiness has now been banned

It has taken months of planning
With some flair and much ambition
Looking forward to showing us all
Hard work bringing it to fluition

On the morning of the day
You have a feeling in your gut
That everything`s not going to plan
You`ll end up falling into a rut

Piece by piece, it starts to unravel
As you see your plans fall apart
One problem leads to another
And you take this all to heart

Nobody reaslly know how you feel
For you force a smile upon your face
Your plans, they`ll have to start again
But for now you`ll be full of grace

I remember when my son make plans for a surprise. He wanted to show some friends something, and it looked like it was all going to plan, until the morning of the day and then it slowly started to unrabble.   This happens but if you can hold your head up high, you will be ok.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Little rocket

Snug in a box
Stored under the stairs
Waiting for the moment
I can join all the flares
When the day arrives
We`re brought into the light
To be opened and checked
All ready for the night
The bonfire is burning
Such a crackling sound
The sparklers are lit
As people gather around
Now that the box is open
Feel a little unsteady
For we`re set up in place
As the show is now ready
Lots of bangs and colours
As the sky is lit up so bright
One by one we are send up
Fireworks on Bonfire night.

It`s that time of year again, when fireworks are ignited and the sky is full of bright flashes of light.
Great bangs and whizzing flares along with laughter can be heard.  Bonfire Night is here.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Awakening Flower

From a tiny oval seed
Comes a small speck of green
With the help of the life sun
Its shoots start to be seen
Creeping up towards the sky
As this life seeks the light
Its slender stem growing
What a wonderful sight
Tiny leaves unfurling
To catch the morning ray
Showing off its beauty
As it warms up for the day
Then it`s sweet bud stirs
Like a tiny delicate cup
Reaching up to the sun
Its bright petals open up

Spring is one of my favouite times of the year, watching the earth come to life after winter.
Grass grows, and flowers burst into bloom. So many colours. Such a wonderful sight !

Friday, 2 November 2012

Remembering our loved ones
Will always bring a tear
Though it needn`t be through sadness
As there`s much for us to cheer

Our memories keep them alive
Through images and sound
Their laughter and happiness
Is echoed all around

Photos of the great times
The family spent together
Holidays and outtings
Will remain with us forever

Just sitting down and talking
Is so good for the soul
It helps us to think things through
Instead of hiding in a hole

Expressing all our emotions
Helps each and everyone
That our lives will be better
And its not wrong to have fun.

Having lost my husband to cancer and other close relatives  recently too, life has been quite sad and hard to deal with.  But as the time moves on, we are starting to piece our lives togther again.  Talking and rememberng our loved ones is good for us and as the laughter and smiles are creeping back again,  it`s not wrong to have some fun.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I am hurt to the core
You felt you couldnt trust me
I thought we were so close
Now I see this is how it`s to be

We had such a tight bond
But you couldn`t show me trust
I trusted you with my life
Don`t like being the sleuth

You just could of told me
Instead of your best mate
Am I so scary to you?
Now I`m in such a state

We have all seen so much
Supported each other through all
But now I feel so alone
I should leave, you may call

You know we were such a team
But you don`t trust me now
Maybe it`s an end of and era
Should I trust you, show me how?

Things happen to us that we feel we can not talk about, but are able to put down on paper. This has always been the case for me.  Whether its anger, orsheer happiness.   This is an exapmle of anger but there are also ones of joys too.