Sunday, 25 November 2012

The virtual Battle

Hearing only one side of the chat
As you sit hunched up on your chair
Fingers flicking on your handset
With your eyes glued to the screen
A crash, a flash and a yell
As the enemy shoots you down
Shoot them, shoot them !!
You shout down the mic
As your team mate helps you
A muffled sound can be heard through your headset
Wow, it`s like another language !
As you fight your battle
With explosions flashing
The excitement in your voice
As your team is winning
In for the final kill !!
You scream out your victory
Then sit back in your chair
With a smug smile on your face
Now leaning forward again
To start your next battle
While chatting to your mate
In this one sided conversation !

Sat here working on my laptop while my son is playing on his xbox.  I find it funny listening to this one sided conversation as he battles with his mates to win the game.  The screen shows explosions and gun fire and he chats on.  It`s wonderful to watch.

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