Monday, 26 November 2012

Our memories

Our memories hold on to the past
So together we never forget
Remembering them for the future
For without them, we may regret

Our childhood always seemed better
Than our kids, as they grow up today
The carefree games and adventures
Were so real to us in every way

We`d be kart racers or explorers
Farmers, monsters and cowboys too
Our imagination knew no bounds
There was always something to do

The kids of today never do that
They`ve computers and mobiles to use
The only things to bug them now
Would be loss of internet or a fuse

So when we look back on our lives
Memories are so important to treasure
Make sure you create some to keep
For all to remember forever.

Going through some photographs of my childhood brought to mind all the good memories that I have, then I look at the way kids grow up today and I fear that they will have less memories than they should.

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