Monday, 12 November 2012

When your plans go wrong

When all your plans go up in smoke
Feel you`re sinking into quick sand
The world has turned its back on you
Your happiness has now been banned

It has taken months of planning
With some flair and much ambition
Looking forward to showing us all
Hard work bringing it to fluition

On the morning of the day
You have a feeling in your gut
That everything`s not going to plan
You`ll end up falling into a rut

Piece by piece, it starts to unravel
As you see your plans fall apart
One problem leads to another
And you take this all to heart

Nobody reaslly know how you feel
For you force a smile upon your face
Your plans, they`ll have to start again
But for now you`ll be full of grace

I remember when my son make plans for a surprise. He wanted to show some friends something, and it looked like it was all going to plan, until the morning of the day and then it slowly started to unrabble.   This happens but if you can hold your head up high, you will be ok.

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