Thursday, 1 November 2012

I am hurt to the core
You felt you couldnt trust me
I thought we were so close
Now I see this is how it`s to be

We had such a tight bond
But you couldn`t show me trust
I trusted you with my life
Don`t like being the sleuth

You just could of told me
Instead of your best mate
Am I so scary to you?
Now I`m in such a state

We have all seen so much
Supported each other through all
But now I feel so alone
I should leave, you may call

You know we were such a team
But you don`t trust me now
Maybe it`s an end of and era
Should I trust you, show me how?

Things happen to us that we feel we can not talk about, but are able to put down on paper. This has always been the case for me.  Whether its anger, orsheer happiness.   This is an exapmle of anger but there are also ones of joys too.

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