Saturday, 29 September 2012


Autism is not something to be feared
it`s a state of mind that has no limits
persons parked diagonally in their parking space
they see the world in a wonderful way
that we can never truly understand
they're very loving and full of grace.

Unique people with so much to give
that society rejects through misconceptions
it takes a little sense to find some common ground
the simple side of life, we can all learn from
they`re individuals that are fun to be with
intelligent, inquisitive, they always astound.

Trusting and sometimes easily led
body language is hard for them to follow
they just want to be like all the rest
life seems to have served them an unfair lot
that we know they don`t deserve to have
yet as a friend,  they are truly blessed.

Inspirational in every way
their love for life should motivate us
and we must strive to work well together
don`t ever let this harsh world put them down
problems can be resolved through talking
humanity must accept one another.

Spontaneous, loving, fun to be with
they don`t hold grudges or hate anyone
accepting them with joy,  as they're so bright
eye contact appears to be hard for them
but they seem to get around that with our help
we are all special in our own right.

Misunderstood, they battle on in life
it`s not hard to be polite and caring
they have a right to a decent existence
treat them with the respect they deserve
they are not monsters to be afraid of
go say "Hello",  don`t keep your distance !

© Lissie Bull 2012

I have worked closely with the Autistic Society as I have two autistic children.
Having been through alot of pain watching my children and others suffer at the hands of people who don`t understand Autism, I decided to write this poem.
I hope people will learn from, respect and treat them as they themselves would wish to be treated.
The Tunnel

I feel I`m entering a tunnel
All dark, damp and bad
The sunshine has gone now
There`s only hard time`s to be had

With each step the darkness grows
Wrapping itself around my heart
The walls are closing in around me
It`s frightening that I`m falling apart

Happiness and laughter seem so far away
It`s cold and damp and dark in here
I`m tiptoeing forward carefully
Sounds are so muffled, nothing`s clear

What was sunny and bright around me
Is nothing more than illusions
Reaility has taken a hold
I now have to find solutions

Hoping there`s light at the end of the tunnel
I will tread slowly and with care
I need to get through this in one piece
Never more to dream...I swear !!

Dreaming doesnt always get you to your destination. 
Realilty has a habit of creeping up behind you
I found this out the hard way , now have to just get through this damn tunnel of dispair
and move on.
Through the door..........

Sat here waiting
Wondering whar will happen
Will I be able to go
Walk forward, will the door be open

Stood on the theshold
Studying all that`s before me
How will it help me to cope ?
Want to move onward and see

One foot forward
Stepping through into the light
Needing to see every thing
These rainbow colours are so bright

Through the door now
Standing here in this new place
A new beginning for me
Here in this wonderful space.

Sat in a waiting room, while my daughter was at her first job interview
I had this idea about passing through a door into a new beginning
This poem was the result

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Had enough !

The world feels like it`s rejecting me
It seems so unfair that this should be
Standing here I look up to the sky
Breathe deep, I yell to the heavens,  why??

Whatever I do seems to be so wrong
Try to hide myself within the throng
A heavy weight upon my sad heart
As this world is tearing me apart

I want to lay down and float away
Forget all the bad things people say
Take me please, just make me disappear
Dark waters coming, take me from here

To leave this misery far behind
This cruel world, for me, was never kind
For it smashed my back against the wall
Left me to die, so to hell with it all !!

This world can be such a cruel one, even if you are strong.  When its hits you, you can`t always get back up again. 

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Needled patterns covering the body
Like wearing a colourful second skin
Flowing with every movement you make
Mirroring the colours of your soul within

There are so many different kinds
Some are tiny and hiden from view
Others show them off for all to see
Bright colours from red. black. green to blue

Something that has a special meaning
Or in memory of a loved one
Maybe just for the hell of it all
What ever it is, tattoos are fun !!

I have always been fascinated by tattoos in all their different forms. 
I must confess I do not have one yet..!  I have many friends who do
and they are all very good.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The argument
Hot and angry
Rage and thunder
Tempers rising
What a blunder
Such an insult
Feel really hurt
Harsh words spoken
The tone was curt
Need time out now
Must walk away
Have to calm down
That`s all I`ll say.
I had a bit of a bust up with my daughter while out
and when we got back home, we were both still angry.
I sat down and wrote this poem and found that it helped me calm down.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Pain of War

A gunshot is heard through the pause in battle
a man cries out suddenly, then silence once more
as the realisation starts to sink into my mind
I know someones died because of this horrid war

A body lies crumpled amongst all the debris
blank eyes staring skyward, not seeing anything now
limbs splayed out in unnatural positions
a look of sheer shock lays across his pale brow.

He did not look as in peaceful slumber
more like an action figure, left discarded and broken
his wounds so severe, it takes his life force away
blood pooling on the ground, shocked but no words spoken

sorrow deep within our hearts, as we remember him
the pain tries to surface, but determination reigns
we cannot let the loss of our friend go unpunished
retribution now runs strongly through our veins.

News about all these wars is so horrific,  some thing I feel quite strongly about.
I find it easier to express my emotions through poetry and this poem is the result.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Child of War

He was a child of the universe
born into a hostile country
no mother or father to care
never knowing any love or pity

was found naked, hungry and cold
laying there on the dirt floor alone
gun fire could be heard all around
he was nothing but skin and bone

this child was given up for lost
for this place had the smell of death
flies everywhere, no comfort here
if left, he would take his last breath.

scooping him up into my arms
wrapping a dirty rag around him
saving the child from this horror
could give him a chance, however slim.

I am not sure where this poem came from, I was listening to an Eagle album. It flowed so smoothly, that I had to complete it there and then.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Muffled World

Waking up to total silence
A sense of bright deafness all around me
A world covered by a thick white duvet
That shines in through my bedroom window
Muffling all the every day sounds
Creating a stillness everywhere
A white blanket
Of cotton wool
All about me on this early morning

Stood on my back door threshold
Surveying the white scenery that greets me
This world still wrapped in its duvet
That covers right to the horizon
Suppressing the sounds from my senses
A calmness from all the stresses
A white softness
Of fluffy towels
Comforting me this early morning.

On a morning after the snow has fallen, you wake up to a brightness beaming throught the curtains, and you just know the world is all wrapped up in its snow duvet.  Muffled silence.   I just love that feeling.

© Lissie Bull 2012