Friday, 31 January 2014

Broken Faith and Trust

can faith and trust be restored once broken?
when the heart bleeds from it`s deep lacerations
this piercing pain that grips this beating organ
is choked with remorse and consternation

for the very deeds that were inflicted
so harshly on this innocent soul
have left scars that cut through its central nerve
thus leaving a sensation of lost control

even the mere spoken vulgarity
has sent shock waves echoing around
can faith and trust be restored once broken ?
time will tell, if hope eternal is found

a fragile situation that with hope may well be repaired through effort and time

© Lis Bull 2014

Forgiveness on both sides

If I've upset you, I'm sorry
I didn`t mean to yell at you
I try to bite my lip, and then
A voice in my head tells me too

Where we go from here, I don`t know
You make me so angry inside
I want to scream and shout you see
These strong emotions, I can`t abide

Quickly, I regret all that`s been said
Stuck here, tears running down my face
Caught up between anger and pain
I am in a very strange place

Need to feel I'm part of your life
Not discarded along the way
Through this pain, we can be happy
And look forward to a new day!

Feelings felt after an argument ....

© Lis Bull 2014
Lost trust

When trust is broken
your hand slips away
confidence is crushed
there`s nothing more to say

Trusted you with my life
and now I've been betrayed
no one else to turn to
though I wish you had stayed

Sadly you let me fall
I'm slumped here on the ground
broken, bruised and battered
once you go, there`s no sound

What`s the use carrying on?
now you've left me to die
I'm here with one question
After all we've been through......why?

Lost trust is so hard to earn back....

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Feelings of belonging

sat here thinking
hoping and longing
that one day I`ll feel part of this
want strong feelings of belonging

feeling so lonely
want to scream and shout
over whelming need for company
even though there are people about

need to be wanted
anger all around me
atmosphere is thick with tension
slicing through, there must be calm you see

want companionship
people to talk too
to feel wanted, needed and loved
that`s the one thing I ask of you

there are times in our lives when we feel alone even though there people all around us......

© Lis Bull 2014

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I love you.....

Little laughter
just to break the ice
strokes of feet
underneath the table
touch of hands
caress with fingers
our eyes meet
across the plates
little gestures
to show affections
emotions high
so need to hug you
a gentle kiss
to say"I love you"

love is in the air........

© Lis Bull 2014
Clearing out the house

De-cluttering is good for the soul
at least this is what I was told
discarding all the trash in my life
throwing out the unwanted and old

Recycling the unnecessary
shredding documents not needed
sorting and stacking all so neatly
when all is done, you've succeeded

Then off to find a car boot sale
for me to turn my trash into gold
so hunting through to see where`s best
for all my items to be sold

So now my home is looking good
all de-cluttered and  cleared out
for harmony has been restored
transformation ! without a doubt

So it`s out with the old and unwanted to make more room and some money for the next project.

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

To my sweet daughter....

To my sweet daughter
just want to sent to you
many Birthday wishes
now you`re twenty two!

bouquet of scented flowers
to brighten up your day
chocolate cake for afters
celebrations all the way!

may your day be happy
full of fun and laughter
your wishes to come true
now and ever after

Happy Birthday Carolyn!

© Lis Bull 2014

curled up on my sofa
emotions flooding through
not quite sure what happened
but I feeling rather blue

a tear runs down my cheek
tracing lines on my face
there`s so much going on
not sure about this place

there`s silence all around
an eerie feeling here
loneliness of the heart
want this to disappear

if only I could smile
and take this pain away
I will win this battle
and live another day

emotions come and go  and we all have to cope with them...:)

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 27 January 2014


his eyes focused on the small screen
fingers moving fast while in combat
the concentration for his game
a contrast to the sleeping cat

her head resting on long limbs, she sleeps
stretched out across his comfy lap
her breathing, the only movement
a contrast from this gaming chap

only sound is constant clicking
as his game play gets more frantic
pounding fingers on the console
a contrast from her resting tactic

though aware of what he`s doing
she carries on sleeping happily
so content to dream away
cat and gamer in harmony

watching son on his console with the cat sleeping on his lap,  both content in their own worlds

© Lis Bull 2014

What are you thinking Mr Cat..?

What are you thinking Mr Cat ?
as you stare through the window pane
your eyes caught by an object far
concentration, anticipation
as you continue to watch
can see your face reflected
in the window glass
ears pricked forwards
listening to any sound
sitting perfectly still
and so aware of everything
if something moved outside
would you jump to catch it?
not sure about the glass
but sure that you will ask
"may I go out please"
just love you Mr Cat.....!
whiskers testing the air
eyes brightly focused
just love the way you watch
"may I watch with you?"
we can stare out the window
together we may study the world

Cats are so observant its wonderful to watch them watching the world ...!

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 26 January 2014

When love is gone.....

no texts, no messages
just silence as usual
this is not working at all
you`re not very faithful

you say that you sent them
but my inbox is empty
sadly there is nothing
just silence a plenty

what more can I say to you
there`s no communication
so there`s no relationship
just a lack of information

Can`t carry on this way now
you`re just a sad lonely guy
time for me to slip away
I just rang to say goodbye

nothing more needs to be said.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 25 January 2014

My loving little Angel

I have this little angel
he sits and watches me
his wings are only tiny
but he`s as sweet as can be

With his big bright eyes
watching where ever I go
a little twitch of his nose
no way he`ll leave me now

Soft white feathery wings
my angel warms my heart
a loving kiss to calm me
promises we`ll never part

With gently soft paws
he`s curled up on my lap
purring so happily
as we both enjoy a nap

Love my little angel
he fills my heart with glee
showing that he really cares
my little kitten and me

Found this awesome photo  and it brought back memories of my sweet pets.....

© Lis Bull 2014

A Tender Moment

Stood in the rain sharing a brolly
huddled up close together
with winds howling all around us
in this wet and horrid weather

Looking up into your eyes
I spy a very cheeky grin
as drops of rain run down your face            
and then drip off your handsome chin

So let us just forget this brolly
wrap ourselves in each others arms
I know we`ll be alright here
as you can woo me with your charms

This storm`s soaking us completely
as we kiss under the lamp light
a tender moment just for us
standing there well into the night

moments together create memories and strengthen the bonds

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 24 January 2014

Sneaked Hug

Strolling hand in hand
along the ocean`s edge
sea spray in our faces
for the  tide, we try to dodge
with bodies so relaxed
and tender looks of love
so catching your eye
we sneak a little hug
while smiling brightly........
we continue along
between sand and sea
tide tickling our toes
as we walk the beach
stealing a second hug
as we laugh together
enjoying a tender moment
sneaking a kiss for good measure
loving you more.......!

tender moment help to make a relationship better,  building memories to treasure!

© Lis Bull 2014

Morning Kiss

Deep in slumber
safe in your embrace
pleasant dreams
knowing we`re safe
laying skin to skin
snuggled together
as the sun peeps through
the gap in the shutter
birds are singing
at the sun comes up
morning is here.......
I feel a tender kiss
as I stir from sleep
soft as a feather
upon my cheek
is this a dream
should I wake up?
turning toward you
I feel your lips
searching for mine
a morning kiss
to greet the new day.....!

best way to wake up and start a new day.......!

© Lis Bull 2014

Sun Rays and Coffee

Sunlight streaming through the window
bathing the whole room in light
patterns appear across the table
creating such a wonderful sight

Blue skies and sun start off the day
shadows shifting across the room
following along the sun`s path
sweeping away the nights gloom

Cut flowers reflected in the glass
bobbing buds that seem to whisper
so vibrant with many colours
each little petal seems much crisper

Sat there at the kitchen table
with a mug of coffee in hand
the sun shining through the window
for me, my day has all been planned

Flecks of dust hovering in the air
as the light shimmers all around
everything seems much better now
the best start to the day is found

Mornings are a great time in the bright sun shine..........

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cuddles in Bed

There is a warm feeling in my heart
as I watch you beside me sleeping
with your face so peaceful there
wonder what secrets you are keeping

Your eyes flicker with your dreams
I'm curious to know, so take care!
offering you a penny for those thoughts
as I softly stroke your hair

Hearing your steady breathing
snoozing away so gently
I love to see you so relaxed
as you lay there contently

The warmth that you generate
soothing away my aches and pains
thus easing us both into deep sleep
releasing all the days strains

Drifting off into peaceful slumber
wrapped up in your arms so strong
safe in the knowledge that you are there
protecting and loving me all night long

Cuddles aids a great night of dreaming.....

© Lis Bull 2014
Image found on

Missing my rock..

sat here hugging my mug of coffee
wondering why you had to leave
a single tear runs down my cheek
as I'm left here to sit and grieve

you were my rock, my stead fast mate
together we had ruled our destiny
and therefore made new memories
leaving behind us a great legacy

so I find myself left here alone
to ponder how I should move on
trying to come to terms with my loss
and pick myself up, now you`re gone!

Missing my love, my rock.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My magical place

There`s this magical place I love to go
steps of stone spiralling down below
mystical arches to walk on through
my secret place is hidden from view
strolling through its open hallowed halls
with green moss slowly covering the walls
a cool atmosphere to calm the soul
as I relax here, yet stay in control
walking through tunnels, I love the sound
round and round as I descend to the ground
walls decorated with arches and niches
hinting a history of wondrous riches
but deep in this place there`s nothing to fear
of bygone times to be found down here
enjoying the peace of this special space
my  mystical, magical secret place

secret hiding places are the best, full of mysteries and wonder.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Life shouldn't be.......

The pain of living, losing or hurting
gets to all of us in time
just needing to be loved and happy
this certainly isn't a crime

Every day can be a struggle
no matter how we try to cope
this circle of despair grows
all that we really want is hope

This feeling in the pit of my stomach
fills me with a strange fear
of loneliness and depression
I'm just wishing it to disappear

Hate the idea of being left alone
no one to talk things through
to try and start all over again
have to make a start, it`s true

So looking to the future
as this pain can not be right
take the bull by the horns
I need to move towards the light

Life shouldn't be full of pain or a struggle,  it should be full of friends and love....

© Lis Bull 2014

The quiet pool

pale blue silk rippling gently
a mirror reflecting the clouds
hiding the depths down below
all drifting behind a shroud

lapping against the land`s edge
an almost silent slash is heard
increasing circles across the water
this moving fluid that's stirred

as the sun brushes the surface
leaving patterns for me to see
with the shadows moving slowly
creating such tranquillity

Love to sit quietly by a pool amongst the trees

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014

Unexpected pain......

hate being shouted at
don`t know what I've done
been there when you needed help
now I'm the hated one

the look in your eyes
tells it all for me
don't want me around no more
I'm just the bad banshee

your voice is so harsh
the words are just spat out
and your body language too
you leave me in no doubt

I'm hurt to the core
so I will leave you be
sorry to have bothered you
I`ll take my leave sadly

pain can come from the most unexpected places......

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Glory all the way

The excitement of the occasion
beats steadily in my heart
pounding through my veins
tearing me apart

This need just stumps me
my world is spinning round
the adrenaline is high
Running as I hit the ground!

Bright lights and action
the beat is really fast
tension there, is showing
this will be a blast

Moving onto glory
This will be a wonderful day
Accomplishing so much
Excitement all the way!!

With heart beat and the adrenalin racing there is excitement in the air........

© Lis Bull 2014

I love you

The gentle touch of a hand
the gesture of a loving heart
a brush of lips across my cheek
I love the way you play your part

Whispering tender nothings in my ear
could make me blush some what
run my fingers through your hair
That always hits the spot

A glance can say so much
it lets me know you care
a smile lights up my world
because I know you`re there

To watch you across a room
feeling my heart skip so lightly
as you smile in my direction
I want to hold you tightly

for this love that we have
is our special secret

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Eternal Rose

A red rose for you my love
to show how much I care
from a tiny little bud
peeping through the mists of time
growing slowly with each day
as tender love is shown
fed with kindness
as the petals start to open
pure beauty is seen within
promising much treasure
through the sun light
releasing such a sweet fragrance
the flower opens completely
Such an awesome sight
expressing my love
in this rich red rose
my eternal love
I love you

A rose can say so much more than
I love you!

© Lis Bull 2014


A house full of people
Yet I feel so alone
Closed in by sadness
For my despair has grown

Feeling so weighed down
Hearing laughter somewhere
I'm in this living hell
Must escape this nightmare

No sunshine to be found
Dark colours do I see
Biting draft whipping through
Coldness all around me

A feeling of despair
Hanging over my head
Walls closing in on me
A sensation of dread

Huddled in the corner
Wondering how I`ll cope
Need to feel loved again
That would give me hope!

Oh, for a loving hug
Someone to hold me tight
Comforting and guiding
Then steer me to the light

Emotions can cause so many different states of mind......

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 17 January 2014

Missing you Mum.....

It seems so unfair
that you were taken
for there`s now a hole in my life
I'm sure the angels were mistaken!
You always had a smile
a cheerful word to say
and lit up my whole world
each and every day
Still God called you to his side
and they gave you your wings
then took you far away
where cherub and angel sings
Three years have passed by
find I'm missing you more lately
we who are left to remember
feel the burden greatly
Your wisdom and encouragement
in everything I have achieved
is missing from my life now
all the love that I received
For now there`s only memories
of everything gone by
the sadness of my loss
just hate saying goodbye
You will always remain in my heart
though I know you need your rest
you will always be so missed
Mum..... you are the best

Love and miss you always

© Lis Bull 2014

Hidden beauty

Reflective light
caught by the sun trapped by the sea
Shimmering to the eye
Some what plain on the outside
but stunningly beautiful within
Never judge something 
by it`s cover, turn the pages
and see what`s inside.....
This is the same.....really
What looks dull
can be exciting...!
With a hidden gem to find
Beautiful colours
pinks, silvers and blues
shining in the light
Mesmerizing the soul
Awesome to the heart
This Mother of Pearl
smelling of the sea
Exposing its treasure
as it lays there on the sand
given up by the sea
Waiting to be discovered....!

Just love to discover the gem of the sea.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 16 January 2014


With sleek lean body crouched in the undergrowth
Ears pricked and eyes so bright watching for its prey
Blending into the surrounding habitat
Its unsuspecting meal`s not too far way

Watching and waiting for the right moment
Its eyes darting back and forth cunningly
Eyeing up the next victim, its next meal
Then once chosen, it moves in so stunningly

Crouched low to the ground, moving silently
Following every movement through the darkness
Its prey unaware of its presence close by
At the right time, it leaps out of the blackness

With its unique speed, the prey stands no chance
So adapted with its eyes, ears and coat
The leopard attacks with its claws out stretched
Suffocating its prey with a bite to the throat

After only a short space of time for the kill
The wilderness in plunged back into silence
With its meal safely dispatched up a tree
The leopard helps to keep nature in balance

I have a great love for the big cats and their way of life,  long may we still be able to see them.

© Lissie Bull 2014 

Trapped within my mind.....

Oh no I'm trapped within my own mind,
Clambering hard to get back outside
As my world is turning in on me
I'm feeling so close to suicide

This emptiness I find myself in
Absorbing my entire existence
Losing these feelings of being wanted
Numb from all sound, there`s only silence

Cocooned, wrapped up, entombed in this place
Trapped in here with no hope of escape
Fear with no hope, just suffocating
Pleading to get out of the landscape

So cold, bleak and unyielding down here
There`s sounds of water dripping with time
This rhythm is soothing to the heart
I'm here but don`t know what was my crime

I have lots of time to contemplate
To think things through and then understand
How I came to be in this awful place
I know now, I need to take command!

We all feel moments like this but it`s how we deal with them that counts.
Remember there is always hope in life and it`s good to ask for help..

© Lis Bull 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


To sit and contemplate
is good for the soul
Clearing one`s mind
of all that`s unnecessary
Feeling up lifted
Whether sat cross legged
or comfortably on a chair
As long as it helps
Who cares..........?

Lilting soft music
a gentle beat
rr sheer silence
Does it matter.....?

The steady rhythm of walking
can calm the mind
Send you into a trance
gentle beating of the march
Is this still meditation.....?

Yet for some
moving a warm disc
With the power of the mind
around the body
Warming along its route
Channelling the mind
Does this work.....? 

There are as many ways
to meditate
As there are different
That all work the mind
thus calming the soul......!

Meditation heals the mind and calms the soul........

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Feathered Samurai 

This stunning kestrel watches all
Missing nothing with his keen sight
Chest puffed out with sheer pride
A coiled spring,  all ready for flight

Such an awesome bird to behold
He has the strength to over power
Then bring down his enemy
This magnificent warrior

Dressed so smartly in rustic red
Head cap and wings a deep slate blue
Dark beady eyes and sharp hooked beak
Brings fear to all who come into view

With long sharp menacing talons
As his most striking feature
He`s mastered all that he surveys
This powerful cunning creature

It`s a wonderful privilege
To watch him glide high in the sky
And to hear his call on the wind
As he dives down to his prey with flair

Fly free with the wind dear kestrel
Soar high above the countryside
Smartly dressed in your fine colours
Knowing your there, fills us with pride!

© Lis Bull 2014

Image by FeatheredSamuraititles "Atlas"

Monday, 13 January 2014

Words and thorns

There is power to be found in the word
love and affection felt with tenderness
experienced through the ink of the pen
raw emotions in the harsh wilderness

this blood filed pen, pierces like the sharp thorn
that staunchly protects the fragrant red rose
warning off unsuitable pursuers
a moment in time, blood and thorn now shows

dripping with the sheer desire to survive
each word oozes with a need to be read
spoken with passion and authority
not to linger in an old book `til dead

likewise the rose`s need to stay untouched
to grow tall with elegance and beauty
therefore these fearfully sharp thorns comply
protecting these flowers are their duty

the enriched wonder of the word and thorn
sealed with think ink, are entwined together
for the realization of their existence
their power will remain with us for ever

Ink, blood, words and protective thorns,  they are all linked in a powerful image for me

© Lis Bull 2014
Image found on pinterest

Sunday, 12 January 2014

How can this be..?

I can do nothing right
I say the wrong words
Do the wrong things
Hurt the ones I love
Maybe I shouldn't be here
Having an opinion is bad
Speaking out loud.... risky
As the words come rushing out
I have so much love to give
But it just floats away
The walls are closing in on me
Crushing my existence
Suffocating my heart
There`s a wall growing up
Blocking out the sun
I'm drowning  in darkness
Spiked through the heart
Is this an existence?
Questions I must ask
God please hear my prayer

12th January 2014

© Lis Bull 2013

A Grey World

This grey on grey world around me
All colour has been extracted
Giving weird sensations to see
Objects crisper, nothing distracted

Grey skies intermittent with clouds
Hang over a greyish landscape
Every thing`s still there in detail
Crystal clear in every shape

Even though devoid of colour
There are different greys to behold
Warmth is still felt here through the streets
As the sun`s rays heat up the cold

Grey curtains hang in grey windows
Dark grey shadows hide in places
Black car parked by grey cobble stones
As children play with smiling faces

Music is heard from a distance
A steady beat is felt throughout
Colour doesn't change anything
Love life, that`s what it`s all about

Black, white or grey, they are only colours, what matters is how we live our lives.....

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winged Archangels

Winged archangels
Sent from heaven
Floating throughout our world
Awesome white wings
Offering protection
Spreading their love
A messenger from God
Uplifting our hearts
When they`re around
Soft pale skin
Glowing in the sun
Speaking to our souls
Heart felt love
Surrounding us always
A swish of silk fabric
And a golden halo!
They`re on the wind
In the low mists
Deep in the oceans
Among the forests
Believe in archangels
As they`re everywhere
Among us, within us
Above and beyond
Never doubt them
They feed our souls
Protecting, guiding
Loving us all
Winged archangels

I find pictures inspire me and this poem is no exception......

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 10 January 2014

Expanding workshop

You have your workshop Jon
Your forge, hammer and anvil
Large doors and concrete floors
So why my house as well?

Large pieces of wood appear
Paste and laminate spray
Old pillar drill and other things
All seem to find their way

My car has carried so much
From forge to fly press
Thought that was all ended
When you set up your business

How wrong was I to be
Seems there`s an understanding
Was thought but never voiced
Workshop was expanding

Some how we all manage
To squeeze it all inside
Step over or stack it up
We take it in our stride

Here`s hoping you will soon find
A larger working place
To relieve this bulging home
Then we`ll regain our space !

Just saying...Jon!!

10th January 2014

© Lis Bull 2014

The colours of our world

Blacks spin and mix, creating new colours
Blues and greys add a new dimension too
Swirling together merging with such power
Many dark greens can join with the blue

With the colour wheel that keep on turning
Mixing new colours can be a lot of fun
Reds are added to create some new hues
Not forgetting yellows. colours of the sun

Swirls of colours creating new colours
Violets, pinks leading to new creations
All these great hues are exciting to see
Like watching oils making revelations

Splashes of magenta and then turquoise too
These awesome colours help you to feel good
Painting our world in vibrant mixtures
With rainbows and sunsets, just as you should

Our world is a wonderful place to be
The different seasons with their many hues
A kaleidoscope of many colours
Air, sea and earth, this planet and it`s jewels.......

We are so lucky to have such a wonderfully colourful world around us....

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Life`s paths

Circles of life spinning around
From birth to death, it`s there to be found

Whizzing about, darting here and there
Dashing high or low, but please take care

Remember there`s a goal for everyone
But hard to know what`s to be done

Finding the path that you should follow
Over the mountains or through the hollow

Can`t choose your family I know that`s true
Be wise with  friends they`ll look after you

Your path in life is not carved in stone
Its all up to you to set the tone

Your route through life can not be seen
Only part visible, is where you`ve been

It can be very challenging to find your path in life, but great to know it`s your choice to make....

© Lis Bull 2014

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cats Eyes

Darkness all around
Shadows, black on black
Silence here, no sound
Blind to an attack

Feel claustrophobic
Nothing there to see
Blackness everywhere
Closing in on me

Feeling insecure
Need to see some light
My torch I secure
What comes into sight?

Two bright orbs staring
They`re all I can see
Bright cats eyes flaring
Flashing there at me

Cats eyes bright eyes, just love the way they light up!

© Lis Bull 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Exploring mysteries 

Though the entrance was small and dark
What lay within was full of mystery
At first it all looked dank and stark
But it`s really full of history

Over the threshold then down below
To explore the wonders we`ll find
As the slant of the sun will show
These treasures left by past mankind

Standing there in total wonderment
As we spin there slowly around
Our hearts beating with excitement
For all the relics that we've found

Through the slant of bright sun light
Colours reflected in the pool
Feeling humbled by such a sight
This quiet tranquil cave so cool

But the best thing that I can see
Is the sheer beauty of this place
The colours reflecting eerily
Giving the illusion of space

Sheer awe of this forgotten cave
This huge cathedral of beauty
Silence through it`s majestic nave
Treating this in reverent duty

So here let us take a moment
To think of all that`s gone before
It`s destruction we must prevent
And this protect it evermore.

Mysterious cave hold treasures from our past!

© Lis Bull 2014

The Stormy Journey

Setting off in trepidation
We make our way down the street
All warm and dry in our vehicle
This isn't going to be a treat

Buffeted by this torrent
Winds are howling all around
We`re all cocooned in our car
Splashed through puddles on the ground

Surface water across the road
Reflected in other head lights
Wipers going on full power
Making it hard to see the sights

As we travel on our way
From city roads to countryside
The weather is getting worse
Ending up in a flood tide

With fields all under water
Splashing along the highway
Thus reaching our destination
What pure horrors that end this day!

Rain, winds, floods and blaring lights......not a pleasant journey!

© Lis Bull 2014

Monday, 6 January 2014

Circles on the water

A pebble drops from above
Splashes then spirals outward
Leaving marks on the waters
Ever increasing circles,
Expanding out to the edge
Continually moving
Spinning round and round
Changing the the surface tension
Reflects this simple movement
These circles on their journey
Wonder where their travels end?

Such a simple action create a moving reaction!

© Lis Bull 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sleepy Winter Forests

A soft patter of snow as it falls
Gently floating down out of the sky
Landing silently on all nature
A pleasing sight to the naked eye

The more it falls the whiter the land
All muffled in a blanket of snow
A feathered effect drifting on air
So light to the touch, easy to blow

All through the ancient forest the snow
Settling everywhere on the ground
But under the great boughs all is bare
No creature is heard, there`s no sound

High up in the fir tree canopy
Through the light snow flakes descending there
Each little pine needle is covered
Wrapped up snugly from the cold air.

As the landscape sleeps under the snow
All protected from the wind and cold
Winter amongst these wonderful trees
Is such an awesome sight to behold

Winter time, though bleak and cold, is still a wonderful season, creating awesome scenery for all to enjoy.

© Lis Bull 2014

 January Sales!!

Christmas has now been and gone
Decorations have come down
The last angels` been boxes up
With the shiny golden crown

After all the celebrations
The house is looking very bare
For all the sparkling tinsel
Has now gone until next year

All the seasonal humour
Has been replayed with the sales
Rushing round the town centre
Grabbing clothes from the shop rails

Where there was once peace and love
Sheer warfare is found throughout
Festive music`s been replaced
With boisterous women that shout

I hate the start of the sales
Crowds racing around the shops
Buying up all the bargains
Shoes and consorts, games and tops

But by the end of the day
The shop floor has been wiped clean
These sales bring out the madness
In every bargain king and queen!

Another round of sales has begun lol!!

© Lis Bull 2014

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sea and sand

I hear the dark sea lapping at the sand
Slowly ebbing and flowing in rhythm
As the moon`s influence commands it so
I found myself filled with heavenly wisdom

Wonderful links between heaven and earth
This coming together of sea and land
Amazing powers beyond our control
Unpredictable this water and sand

The dark wet grains sinking under my feet
As I walk bare footed along the beach
Leaving a small line of prints in my wake
As white crested waves appear out of reach

The two different elements work well
And both of them flow in their own way
Come together in this wonderful zone
That changes with the seasons every day

So as I continue to walk along
With sun on my back and spray in my face
I feel so at peace with each element
Enjoying all that`s offered in this space

© Lis Bull 2013                

Just memories now.......

While I was young you were always there
I remember times we spent together
Your strong hand was there to guide me
Pick me up as if I was a feather

We would walk and talk for hours
Discussing so many topics
Oh we would put the world to rights
From wrestling. art to politics

I would always look up to you
You were my rock and inspiration
Someone I`d go to when times were tough
To Strive on a strong foundation

Then things started to unravel
You didn`t appear to be so strong
No more advise or comfort given
Just a lonely road, far to long

Miss your gentle wisdom these days
Sadly you`re no longer by my side
I am not sure where you really are
But miss keeping up with your stride

Lost memories are still important to treasure!

© Lis Bull 2014

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year`s Resolution!!

A new year....a new start
Making the best of it
Standing tall before the world
This time not going to quit

Holding my head up high
Know I can make the grade
Now to take a steady stride
So not going to be afraid!

Don`t try......I won`t get anywhere
Have been through too much strife
A deep I go!
I am now ready for life

What more is there to say.......bring it on!!!

© Lis Bull 2014

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A year In Rhyme

January was cold and wet

Can`t believe it`s a new year
So much here to celebrate
Let`s start it off with a cheer

February is much the same

Though there was Valentine`s day
Mother earth is waking up
Which means spring is on its way

March is the month for Easter

Where spring should now appear
Away with the winter blues
An egg hunt is happening here

April is the month for fools

Sill pranks are all around
Puts a smile upon your face
For there`s happiness abound

May dances in with such flair

Songs and merriment too
Farm hands are working so hard
As crops begin to peep through

June then leaps in with flowers

As the garden`s in full bloom
It`s great to welcome summer
Lazy times here we assume

July can be a stressful month
Exams are now in full swing
Soon there`ll be the holidays
And beach boys will then be king

August brings hot summer days
Six weeks off from all the schools
Foreign travel to distant parts
Barbecues and swimming pools

September hails term again
It`s back to education
Though the weather is still warm
After that great vacation!

October and now autumn`s here
The nights are getting shorter
Reds, oranges and yellows
We`re into the fourth quarter

November means fire works
And Remembrance Sunday too
The trees are stripped of their leaves
And Jack Frost has skipped on through

December brings in winter
It has been an awesome year
Merry Christmas one and all
Hope the next is full of cheer!!

Happy New Year

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mum`s Painting

The painting of you hangs on my wall
A moment in time held eternal
The art work painted by your father
It makes me feel so sentimental

You look so beautiful and happy
Dressed so smartly in pale blue and white
Your hair style typical of that time
Red lipstick and hazel eyes so bright

You look so radiant watching me
There on the wall smiling every day
The angels came and gave you your wings
Missing you mum, since you went away

Now all I have are my memories
This painting and your photographs too
One day we will be reunited
Until that time, I will always miss you.

© Lis Bull 2013