Saturday, 30 November 2013

My life song
Is it over then?  without a word you slip away
What was once so very strong, is over in a day
Hurting and wondering what went wrong
Its finished, the final verse of our song

I remember the very first verse we wrote
All the good intensions we wanted to promote
Memories for us to put away and treasure
Something that would give us so much pleasure

Our life song developed as we walked together
What life throw at us, we just managed to weather
Good times or bad, it didn`t really worry us
We were with each other. we didn't`t make a fuss
Our whole world would last us into old age
Sitting secure in our lovely ivory cage
Until that fateful day, when all was thrown into doubt
The life we had cherished was turned inside out

It`s a day that is burnt into my sad heart
For the Angels came and tore us apart
Left me standing in the midst of devastation
All of my world gone, nothing but desolation

Time is a great healer, I have been told
Memories will help me cope as I grow old
However I have found time for reflection
So I`m able to finish our song with affection.

As Christmas is approaching, I remember my life song and know
that it is still being written in the background,   the next verse is due!


© Lis Bull 2013


Friday, 29 November 2013

Breaking free

These tall dark walls of terror
Will not hold my life in check
Crashing through them is my goal
Getting back my self respect

Each brick is stacked against me
Representing all my pain
Built up high in front of me
Will all this effort be in vain

Knocking bricks down one by one
Until I see the road ahead
It`s time for me to take control
Stand back, I have wings to spread

After all the pain,  freedom beckons........

© Lis Bull 2013

Sleeping Feline

Soft fluffy patterned fur
Emanating  rhythmic purrs
Long stretched out limbs
Small pads touching my skin
Feeling comfortable next to me
As we relax here on the sofa
Subtle twitches from her dreams
Chasing mice around the house
Ears turn at far off sounds
An eye opens to look around
Then slowly closes
Once all is quiet again
Back to slumbering in peace
Curled up together
My cat and I!

Just love curling up on the sofa with my cat!

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Rope

Twisted rope
loosely entwined
coiled around its prey
tenderly tied
thick twine spiralled
wrapped up sweet and lovely
Is this for defence or protection?
all of it intricately twirled in place
twining seductively
curled deceptively 
touching skin
bounded together
closely bonded
this twisted rope

© Lis Bull 2013


This wise woman stands tall
Our world is at her feet
Her battle was a hard one
But she would not be beat

With smoke still in the air
She strides across the field
Triumphant from the day
She was not one to yield

Lost some friends by the wayside
This day has been so hard
It`s something she had to do
For her rights has been marred

Standing there victorious
She knew that she was right
Now her world was safe and sound
And she`d sleep sound tonight

Battles are hard but victories can be harder

© Lis Bull 2013

A life time !!

Though all the tides of time
Can be seen in his face,
His thick leathery skin
Shows it`s been a hard race

Tired sad hazels eyes
That have seem many a sight
Still with a twinkle in them
Because he knows what`s right

Tight tanned skin over his cheeks
Weathered from windy skies
For he has seen many things
Toughened him, made him wise

His lips are pale and thin
But his smile`s so sincere
He has many tales to tell
That you should sit and hear

Bare backed horses he rode
And smoked a peace pipe too
Feathers and harmony
He was always there for you

He may not run around
Or shout and cuss like us
Age means nothing to him
Just love him, don`t make a fuss

The wise man rules the day with his heart

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ghosts from the past

A sudden shiver hits me
Feels like a ghost has passed by
The air`s gone cold and clammy
Looking round I wonder why

The sensation wasn't pleasant
Felt like fingers across my face
A shiver runs down my spine
As I shrink back from this place

Feel a whisper close to me ear
This sets my heart pounding fast
Who has come back to haunt me now?
What have I disturbed from my past

No sooner had the air turned cold
The ghostly sensation was gone
My pounding heart was all that`s left
As this blast from the past moves on!!

Ghostly experiences effect us all in different ways, but they shouldn`t really scare us.


© Lis Bull 2013


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Path of life

Loneliness on the path of life
Feeling like a solitary tree
There`s miles and miles of road ahead
But nothing helpful here for me

Should I turn back or carry on
I`m not sure that i really care
Each way seems too barren to me
Stuck in the middle of nowhere

I just need a friend to talk to
An arm to lean on, once in a while
Someone to show me I`m ok
The courage to walk tall in style

My friend, oh friend take care of me
Let me rest here for a short time
When the strength is with me again
I`ll continue my journey`s rhyme.

Everybody has their own path to tread, each one is different, we meet people along the way, and all have our own goal to reach too.

© Lis Bull 2013

The home coming 

Winter is here in force now
Jack Frost has been out to play
He has left his mark everywhere
It`s going to be a cold day

The ground is glistening brightly
All crunchy under my feet
Can see my breath in the air
As I trudge on down the street

Windows all frozen with frost
Icicles hang from the eaves
Smoke blowing from chimneys
In the gutter dead brown leaves

Everyone is hurrying by
Needing their destination
Just want to be warm again
Not a day for exploration

So stepping through the door way
Back into the warmth again
Need to feel fingers and toes
Here is where I shall remain

It`s too cold to step outside
Here, there`s a roaring log fire
Great company and food too
I`ve found my place to retire

Staying warm in winter is so important, so the home coming is something to look forward too. Entering that cosy warm space and shutting the door in the cold feels so great.!

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

Archangel Michael The Protector

Stood there strong and yet angelic
Wings stretched out wide for all to see
Halo shining above his head
Bright eyes and a smile just for me

He held the mighty sword of truth
Cold hard steel gleaming in the sun
Hair flowing from under his helmet
The battle that`s waged will be won

A cloak of gold hangs from his shoulders
Muscles flexed as he strides forward
A man of God that fights evil
So righteousness can be restored

He also brings trust and honour
Peace and harmony for us all
So let him fight against our foes
For together we will stand tall

Archangel Michael
The Protector, guardian of all

© Lis Bull 2013


Riding high, racing through the sky
slip streaming, never asking why.
Floating, searing above the trees
Freedom to do just what I please.

Being tossed around the stars
Knowing that all I see is ours.

Somersaults and cartwheels
Knowing how true freedom feels.

Soft fluffy clouds to catch my fall
Wow, this is great to have it all !

I have no fears to worry me
For I have  peace and harmony.


© Lis Bull 2013

Life is what you make of it !

We`re told that life is a roller coaster
Taking us through the highs and lows
So why do we find that it`s all down hill
With trouble and strife for all the shows!

One step forward, followed by three back
Though we`re told, slow and steady wins the race
Never knew life was so complicated
All this fuss to put a smirk on ones face

You have to smile to get through the day
Showing that you`re better than most
You may be suffering inside yourself
But beats ending up looking like a ghost

So to end this poem with a high
Remember, life is what you make of it
With a skip to your step, smile on your face
Look to the future with true British grit

Life is a strange thing


© Lis Bull 2013



Sunday, 24 November 2013

Battling Families

When someone you trust, turns on you
Hits you hard just where you stand
Its hard to comprehend why
Not knowing that you were banned

Where did all that hate come from
The lies and misconceptions
Just add to all this hurt
Too many preconceptions

Why can`t we just forgive
Move on for everyone's sake
We only have one life to live
Lets put a stop to all that's fake

It still doesn`t take away the hurt
That may take more that sheer time
If this happened else where
You know that it would be a crime

The time has come to say enough
I can forgive if you are willing too
Live the rest of our life in peace
We stand to gain much more if we do.

Battle fields filled with family members is an awful sight!

© Lis Bull 2013

Healing Cats

It always amazes me,
How cats just know your moods
They come and show you love
When ever you need it most
Sad news or illness
They are always there
Warming up your lap,
Nuzzling you and purring
When you really need it most
They have this sixth sense
Its homes in on your needs
They are there like a shot
Healing you with all their love
Cats are amazing animals
They are there when it really counts
I so love my cats.....

© Lis Bull 2013

Changing Colours of the Sky

The day light changes as evening time draws near
The sky is ablaze with bright vivid hues
Dark shadows start to stretch across the garden
Oranges, purples and reds replace the blues

Landmarks silhouetted against the sky
And the sounds of day turn slowly to night
As the sun gently slides towards the horizon
A kaleidoscope of colours make up such a sight

Black buildings and trees stand out so strong
Against the changing patterns in the west
The night sky has slipped in unnoticed
As the sun finally dips away to rest

I love to watch sun sets, they are always different and very beautiful

© Lis Bull 2012

Saturday, 23 November 2013

It`s a cat`s life!
Curled up sleepy on the sofa
Taking no notice of anyone
Dreaming of chasing playful mice
After a great day having fun

Climbing trees while eyeing up birds
By the pond trying to catch fish
But best of all racing around
A cat completing every wish

Stretching out slowly, then yawning
Turning round to get more cosy
Cat napping is quite an art form
Future`s looking very rosy

Love the life of a cat, three quarters of their life time is sleeping!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 22 November 2013

My Battle Ground

I`m in a hole, a deep, deep hole
Suffocating with all this pain
I must find a way out of here
People say I can`t take the strain

Hell, you know, maybe they`re right
This mad life has done me over
My actions and words can be wrong
It`s time to duck and cover!

Miss the loved ones I have lost
All their wisdom, kindness and love
No one to turn to for guidance
Now they`re there with God up above

The Devil`s knocking at my door
I`ll try and keep it locked up tight
Sanctuary must be close by
I must be strong to win this fight!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Winter`s knocking !

Winter is knocking at my door
The cold is seeping under it
So stoking up the fire for warmth
As bones are chilling where I sit

The cat`s stretched out before the hearth
Quietly watching the mice run free
Rooms filled with the sound of whistling
Copper kettle boiling for me

The flicker from a lone candle
And spectacles perched on my nose
Makes it hard to see the stitches
Of this delicately sown rose

As the wind batters the stutters
The fire just about keeps me warm
The cat stirs for but a moment
We both know there`s to be a storm

For the night will be a harsh one
But we`ll be safe here together
My cat and I in our cottage
Nestled down here in the heather

As long as there`s a roof over my head, warmth and company I know I`ll be ok.

© Lis Bull 2013

A silent wish....

Your presence is all around
Now you`re gone there is no sound
But I still feel that your here
Your possessions bring a tear
Half expect you to walk in
But know that won`t happen again
Your cologne in the bathroom
On the shelf by my perfume
Photos of you are all about
I look at you reaching out
Oh my dear I miss you so
Sat here as tears begin to flow
We used to sit down and talk
But all I hear is the clock
Memories the house still holds
Tightly tucked among it`s folds
What I would give to hold you
Wishing this would happen too
A kiss to reassure me
Oh how happy I would be
But that is just a wish
My little silent wish....

Everyone has wishes, I know what mine are at this moment.....Do you?

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Guitarist

A lovingly crafted guitar
Six taut strings vibrating with sound
As fingers pluck out the rhythm
While others dance over the frets
For music fills the whole room
A sense of well being is found
Hands moving swiftly with each strum...
Creating wondrous melodies
Watching the pleasure of playing
Feeling the music in your soul
From lovely lilting serenades
To lively jazz and rock and roll
If music is the food of love
Then play on my dear musician

I was inspired by a wonderful photo I saw of a close up of a guitar being played
It made me think about the music, the guitar and the man,  all rolled into one!
© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Missing what we had

Holding each others hands
While we walk along the beach,
Curled up together on the sofa
With a drink just within reach

Holiday time together
Or watching a rugby game
We planned our whole future
So proud to carry your name

You were my whole life
Until that fateful day
When you gave up your battle
So the Angels carried you away

These are many things I remember
That we both did together
I do miss seeing you around
But must continue to endeavour

You fought a great battle
But I know you needed to rest
We will meet up again one day
For I know that you`re the best.

Remembering a very special man !

© Lis Bull 2013

Inner happiness

Happiness starts from deep down inside you
When you`re at peace with yourself, all is good
Need to delve deep within to find the strength
To move forward and live life as you should

For once you find that still place in your soul
The turmoil within you will start to abate
Then the whole picture comes into view
And you can see life can really be great

Shutting the door on all the bad times
And opening up to all the sunshine
Looking to the sky, feel the warmth on your face
Therefore your know all is going to be fine

Thank you Jon x

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sleeping swan

On this crisp sunny morning
Just as the mist clears away
A sleepy swan slowly wakes
Marking the start of her day

Enveloped in her white wings
Protected from the cold night
An orange beak peeping through
This bird is an awesome sight

A black beady eye watching
So aware of life around
Waiting for the time to swim
As she moves without a sound

Raising its head to the sky
Stretching her wings out wide
Slipping into the waters
No more need to sleep and hide

Swans are graceful and very beautiful birds,  pairing up for life  elegantly swimming across the lakes.

© Lissie Bull 2013

Nursery Rhyme Land - The Party

The owl and the pussy cat went to sea
They borrowed a yacht from the King of Hearts
Dear Jack Horner was happy to steer the ship
Doctor Foster agreed to read the charts

So then they partied with all of their friends
Everyone had an awesome time on board...
Miss Muffet served food, Mother Goose the drinks
While the dish and the spoon played a record

Humpty Dumpty danced with Little Bo Peep
Then the Three Blind mice sang their favourite song
As the moon came up Cow wanted to play
So she teased the Tinkling Stars all night long!

The old king of Hearts was very upset
When he found out his yacht had gone to sea
He called his Queen and then sent out his guards
As he really wanted to join in the party!

So with everyone now safely aboard
They partied on happily through the night
All dancing away to the light of the moon
In Nursery Rhyme land, what an awesome sight !!

© Lissie Bull 2013

Monday, 18 November 2013

Where land meets ocean

Beaches hold a special place in my heart
Where the land meets the tidal ocean
I love to walk along the tide line
Touched by the sea spray in the wind
Feeling the sand moving under my feet
As the tidal movement of the sea changes
Ebbing and flowing, frothing and foaming
Depositing its treasures for all to see
As the beach curves around the bay
I continue to walk along the sea edge
Climbing over the break waters
That divide up the beach
Keeping them for all to enjoy
So I stroll  along this path
Enjoying the meeting of land and ocean!
The sea will always be a special place for me !!

           © Lis Bull 2013

Blood Moon

It`s late here and should be dark
but there`s a brightness tonight
even though the sun has set
the Blood Moon`s an awesome sight
a large red disc in the sky
appearing through the hedgerow
hiding behind the black tree
giving off an eerie glow

it`s a great experience
driving along with this moon here
dark patches are visible
every crater is so clear

to see the large red round orb
brightly shining there by me
floating along the horizon
so glad I had a chance to see

I was driving down to my son`s college and saw this awesome sight , the red moon appeared to travel along with me from behind the hedgerow..

© Lis Bull 2013

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Snowdrops in the snow

Tiny shots peeping through the snow
The first signs of growth this year
Crisp in the morning sunshine
Just great to see them here

It feels like a new beginning
A fresh start towards the spring
Just love snowdrops bursting through
It really makes my heart sing

Little tiny flashes a green and white
They raise the tiny heads to the day
These flowers will be joined by others
As the snow slowly melts away

So when I see the first snowdrops
I know spring is just around the corner
That winter will soon be behind us
As the year starts to get warmer

I have always felt that to see the first snowdrop of the year peeping through the snow
is something very special.

© Lis Bull 2013

In life........

There are some many different levels
The high and low one, we all know
But the ones in between are different
There are many emotions
That we experience through life

And we don`t always learn from them
Pain of realisation
Sorrow of misfortune
Despair of rejection
The broken heart
Jealousy and envy.......

On a lighter note
Joy of helping
Pleasure of giving
New life
First steps........

These levels make us what we are
How we life and function
Never forget them
Cherish the moments......

But never forget who you are!!

© Lis Bull 2013

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The sitter

I love to sit and watch you
As you try to work things out
Concentrating oh so hard
For you never scream or shout

You tilt your head while pouting
And then twirl you hair around
While you try and study me
I sit there without a sound

With your paint brush in your hand
You make a great start with flair
Sizing up your work of art
Then you carry on with care

As you work on my features
I`m told to sit very still
I just can`t wait to see it
This is such a mighty thrill

Then you put down your brushes
And you turn to dismiss me
You need some time to finish
I will have to wait and see

But this waiting is so hard
Really want to see it now
Then you unveil your art work
And all I can say!!

Its so amazing how an artist can paint a portrait of someone from life.
I would love to have my portrait painted.

© Lis Bull 2013

Since you went away......

Sat here on the quay side
Waiting for your ship to dock
Been so many years away
You left me deep in shock

You suddenly departed
Never gave me an excuse
What was I suppose to think?
As I became a recluse

I spent my nights all alone
But kept a candle burning
Watched the sea from my window
Missing you and yearning

Many seasons came and went
But there was no sign of you
Winter, spring, summer or fall
Just had to muddle on through

I have picked up the pieces
And learnt to carry on
That was until this morning
When I saw you ship at dawn

I rushed down to the quayside
Just to see you standing there
Your arms wrapped round another
But I didn`t feel despair

You didn`t even see me
Stood there in the crowd
So I walked back up the hill
My head held high and proud

For while you`ve been away
I have become very strong
Found the man of my dreams
And didn`t need you all along

When people have to make the most of what`s been dealt them,
it`s amazing how well they can cope and make the best of it all.

© Lis Bull 2013 

Animals by numbers

The animals went in two by two
At least that`s what we`re told
The animals went in three by three
For some were really old

Great animals
Both big and small
Some fast or slow
We help them all

We have to save them, before they go extinct

We all have to save the animals
At least we have to try
We have really got to save them now
Before they say good bye

For if we don`t
We`ll loose them all
Then what`ll we do
But cry and bawl

We have to save them, before they go extinct

Animals, rain, Noah,  you get the picture lol

© Lis Bull 2013

Friday, 15 November 2013

Wintry Morning

So warm and snug here under my covers
Don`t really want to get out of bed
It`s dark and cold outside my window
Yet I have a busy day ahead

Down in the kitchen the kettle boils
Breakfast fills me up before I go
With hat, scarf and gloves, I step outside
A frosty white world, as the winds blow

Crunchy pathways and frozen windows
White cobwebs draped across the garden
Breathe visible as I walk along
For the winter has arrived again

Winter is coming again, the mornings are much colder, your breathe is seen in the air,
brrrrrr  here we go once more

© Lis Bull 2013
Your gift from the grave
While I was visiting your grave today
I saw an angel watching over you
He stood there smiling next to your head stone
It was such a welcoming sight to view

I tidied your grave and laid some flowers
Sat on my blanket placed on the grass
Then told you all about my busy week
The angel just watched, not making a fuss

I felt your presence sat beside me there
A peaceful sensation that felt so sound
All the tensions were lifted from my soul
Our angel was here on this hallowed ground

So whatever happens in life for me
You will be watching over all from above
You have sent down a gift of an angel
Which proves the strength of your wondrous love.

Angels are such a comfort for those that have lost some one so close, their presence helps you to cope.  Thank goodness for Angels.

© Lis Bull 2013

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The snow is silently falling
All around the landscapes turning white
I`m dressed up in mittens and scarf
In this surreal wilderness bright

Crunching through the fresh fallen snow
Now the sun`s up, it`s such a great sight
With icicles hanging from the eaves,
Feels very different from last night
As I`m walking through the country side
Trees stripped bare from all their greenery
Yet the branches blanketed in snow
Standing stark against the scenery

There`s a deep sense of tranquillity
For silence cannot be mistaken
The earth`s wrapped up warm through this season
Hibernating until spring`s awaken

© Lis Bull 2013


Tiny flickering lights
long spidery shadows
darkness in the corners
window shutters locked tight
clock ticking time away
flames dancing in the hearth
large sleepy dog stretched out
tall wooden rocking chair
the silence of the room
evening has come to call

© Lissie Bull 2013  

Kizzy and the Dragon
Chinese New Year can inspire you
With the colours, sounds and parade

For a little girl called Kizzy
It`s filled with awe and heaven made

To stand and watch the Dragon dance
Shimmering, shining for all to see

The colourful music, making her feet tap
Smiling from ear to ear with such glee

Later that evening as she`s ready for bed
All she can think of, is the Dragon

Long sleek body moving to the music
Kizzy falls asleep and dreams of fun

Now she`s flying through the air
On the back of this mystical creature

Feeling rather nervous of it
Not realising speech was a feature

The Dragon tells her of his life
And the wonderful places it goes

Soon she is feeling excited
Where will they end up?  nobody knows.


Kizzy and the Dragon land in a clearing
There are bright coloured plants all around

So much to see and experience
The Dragon watches, not making a sound.

Slowly other dragons come into view
They seem so shy and nervous at first

But soon find the courage to say "Hi"
Every colour, shape and size, so diverse.

They tell Kizzy all about themselves
All about their world and the things they do

They play games and have fun in the sun
She listens and learns all about them too

With these delights the days goes fast
Soon Kizzy is tired  and lays down to rest

So all the dragons look after her
She will remember this day as being the best

The dragons place Kizzy on her Dragon
And wave her off as she`s flown away

Across the sea and towns and home again
The Dragon had made this a special day


Kizzy is asleep when they return
So the Dragon tucks her up in bed

Kisses her so softly on her cheek
Flying out of the window. off he sped

In the morning Kizzy awakes
To find a feather most beautiful

It can from her great new friend
Thank you my Dragon, It`s wonderful !!

© Lis Bull 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

This precious child

That tiny doting smile that greets you each dawn
As you look into the cherub face of your child
Your heart is lifted with the wonder of it all
That you are blessed with one so gentle and mild

As you watch her slumber, what dreams fill her head
Her soft blonde curly hair on the pillow, you spy
How lucky you are to have this wonderful child
As you stand and watch her, you heave a deep sigh

For you know that soon she will start to wake
Gurgling and watching you with those big eyes
As you sweep her up into your loving arms
No matter what she gets up to, you can`t chastise

It`s at times like these, you know how lucky you are
To have a perfect little daughter to adore
No matter what life will throw at you along the way
One thing will keep you going, this child, nothing more!

A lot of my friends are having babies and that is so awesome, it has sparked off some poetry and I have really enjoyed exploring these poems.

© Lis Bull 2013

Red Steel Poppies

Tough hard unyielding steel
the raw ingredient here
to be used to great effect
where beauty can appear

roaring forge is heating
the steel is now red hot...
then hammered into shape
on anvil with great thought

all parts are formed and ready
assembly can now take place
for rare beauty can be seem
a steel creation to embrace

now the finishing touches
each one a different copy
red flower and shiny stem
our Remembrance Poppy

Just wanted to say well done to Jon on the great success for his red poppies for Remembrance Day

Lis Bull 2013

Nature is all around us
So entwined in all we do
Symbolizing our relationship
As we travel on through

For when we work together
Our health is reassured...
We complement each other
Therefore life is secured

Building on this foundation
We will all find harmony
Tolerance and compassion
The best recipe for life, you`ll see!!

Man and nature can work side by side for all the benefit

© Lis Bull 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dragon`s Gold

Lurking deep within their caves
all cosy, dark and very old
until it`s time to fly outside
dragons stay and guard their gold

they are very protective
because it`s taken time to get...
dragons lie on gold to sleep
as it stops them getting wet

they check their gold from time to time
so no one tries to steel it
if they do, they`ll roar with rage
then cook them on their fiery spit

dragons are not really mean
just protective of their gold
but if you ask them nicely
they`ll show you it, so I`m told!

I love dragons and find them fascinating creatures,  there must be more to them than the stories we have all grown up with !!

© Lissie Bull 2016
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Who we are.....

Our soul is what makes us who we are
Individuals in a mixed up world
Full of emotions to share or hide
So watch out as our lives are unfurled
All these senses rage through our bodies
Filling us with turmoil, will we cope?
We have to learn to understand it all
For what we really need now is hope

So many questions that should be asked
Who, what, how and why? are but a few
There are no wrong answers at this point
All you need is love and a giving heart....

Life is always developing and we should go with the flow, but also remember what is right too

12th November 2013

© Lis Bull 2013

Monday, 11 November 2013


Heaven is a place I would love to be
bright, tranquil, full of harmony
somewhere calm to rest my weary wings
amongst the clouds where an angel sings
white robes, bare footed and full of love
sat in God`s garden, there up above
looking down on earth so full of woe
glad I`m up there and not down below
the best bit of all is, I`d be with you
by your side all eternity through..

Missing all the loved ones that I have lost along lives way.......

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© Lis Bull 2013