Thursday, 25 October 2012

The corridors are quiet
Windows all boarded closed
Plaster falling off the walls
Bricks and mortar all exposed

Many rotten floor boards
Gaping holes all around
Littered with much rubbish
Hard to find solid ground

There`s scuttlings I hear
Must be the rats or mice
I`m nervious to look around
As this place is not so nice

There was once beauty here
With laughter to be heard
Drapes, carpets and pretty things
To see it now, is so absurd

I hope this house can be fixed
Repaired at any rate
There can be such beauty here
Bring it to it`s rightful state.

With all this recession, it`s sad to see some of our heritage being left to rot away.  I was watching a news item and was so saddened to see the decay.  We have so much history.  The thing that get me is that these building should be restored and used and then we wouldnt need all the houses built on green land.  That`s my thought for today lol.

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